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  1. lol I like that there are at least 3 threads about the upcoming civil war.
  2. That was pretty awesome. I love how everyone hung out at the top, waiting for last chair. Where was he goin in the gondola at the end? One more private run?
  3. I wondered who was hogging all of the sex dolls. 15 or so years ago I worked on a renovation project for a housing authority. One of the apartments that I had to survey was of a hoarder woman who had died within. No joke...when you entered the front door you would travel through a maze of stacked newspapers (stacked as high as this woman could reach up to stack...just short of 6 feet or so). Around various corners of the maze would be nodes where a table may be buried, or a tight space for a chair, or an arm of a couch would be sticking out. This went all through the living room, and eventually the rest of the 2 bedroom apartment, with the maze stopping at narrow hallways, then continuing into the bedrooms, and even the kitchen. Sh.it was insane. ...Oh, and there were dead cats, feces, food, and of course the place smelled like death.
  4. Bayside. My daughter was in there Junior year...moved off campus senior year.
  5. Do you generate your own power, for your own house, or did you get sucked into one of those fly-by-night solar companies that "rent your roof", where the power you make goes back into the grid, and you're responsible for all of the upkeep, with the benefits back to you dwindling every few years until you're stuck having to replace an outdated or weather worn beat up solar panel system.
  6. Fun store as far as grocery stores go.
  7. Heat loss for sure in those spaces.
  8. I don't see the need to do it up for a few warm days this week. I will hold off until May.
  9. I've waited until June 1st before. This does not look to be one of those years though.
  10. Yeah. He makes a point of taking advantage of the snow when it's there, and travel as much as he can during the day. He is good at pointing out that during what can seem like crappy conditions (shoulder trails along the roads are sparse, etc), but deep in the woods if you are willing to trailer in a bit you can find miles of trails still. Technically trails close up there by April 15th, but I doubt there was much good riding past this weekend.
  11. Looks like some were able to push snowmobiling to the limit, and have one more rip in the central Adirondacks over the past weekend. https://ilsnow.com/2023/04/07/almost-done-snowmobiling/?fbclid=IwAR2eEM5ahR4jBUiRoAY15dE0jDP1-isXEdtFaLky8lzI8dftjKXJvhZ56ss
  12. lol. Earliest AC power-up in memory for you?
  13. Dude is out there watering plants in early April. lol
  14. That's Kevin's dream storm right there...Ice Damage for miles and miles.
  15. Unreal That video of the lift barely brushing over the top of the snow is insane. 900" season possible there?
  16. 100x's better than torch talk.
  17. Holy shit. That escalated quickly. It seems that tornados don't just target trailer parks.
  18. Since winter weather is finished for most on the forum (for many it was finished in mid-January), with the exception for places like Moose Knuckle, Maine, Deer Toe, Vermont, and Bear Claw, NH, it’s time to recap. The grades (all items are equally weighted) Overall Seasonal Snowfall: F (farce) With a paltry 11” total for the season I didn’t even come close to my seasonal average. This is the first time in my life that I have lived in an area that received less than a foot of snow for a season. This includes 4 winters in the mid-Atlantic, and 5 winters in R.I. Snow vs. Rain: F (futility) There were so many rain events I lost count. Staying power/ (number of days) of pack: F (forlorn) Pack? Pack my bags and moving to the Sierra Nevada’s for winter next winter…or possibly next week to capitalize on what continues to be a beyond epic winter for that region. Local winter enjoyment: F (foolish) Cold days with zero walkable ice on the lake, and now on the ground made for a miserable depressing, brown landscape of death and despair. Temperature: C There were plenty of cold days, but with bad system timing, and atmospheric dynamics (is such even a thing?), any cold was pretty much useless. Snowstorms/ events (quality/ quantity): F (feeble) 2 events brought about 4” each (mid dec, and late feb). Big fu.cking deal. Overall Grade: F (f.uck you winter 22/23) The pros here will say that there was so much potential…I say, fuc.k potential. It’s all about results. Potential is like hiring the fresh-out-of-school kid because the hiring team sees so much potential in him, By the time his 90-day probationary period is over they find out that he was hanging out at his desk watching gamer girls on Twich play video games in hot tubs, and goat porn most of the time. But it’s too late because the days, weeks, and months were lost, having zero production.
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