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  1. Quote of the year, and the year just started.
  2. Send them to me. At least I would have snow.
  3. Frogs and geckos running around the lawn, slowly being poisoned by last year's Lesco treatments.
  4. yup. It's awful out there. Utter winter misery.
  5. Getting pelted with these lovely, spring rains. Long live winter.
  6. Ring in the new year with ticks and, beer...
  7. And clean the board between measurements.
  8. It's over. In 2+ weeks the past will be just like today's present. This same scene will persist well into winters future.
  9. ...Pickles out in Buffalo, heading back to his car with a MILF that he dug out of a singles bar last night.
  10. ...and congrats to those losing power who wish for it. Sometimes the Grinch does give to those who are persistent.
  11. Tame here. Heard wind overnight, but really didn't seem like a big deal. Will assess the "damage" in a few minutes. Power went out for 30 seconds.
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