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  1. Meanwhile in the Adirondacks... This guy is an avid snowmobiler and lives on the eastern edge of Tug Hill in the Adirondacks. He lives and breaths riding, and normally puts out in-depth trail reports. Mailing it in on Feb 9th.
  2. Nah...Just run it off the dock over here right into lava lake.
  3. Couldn't happen. Damn thing doesn't work anyway...even after the tune up and work done to it 14 months ago. Luckily there's been no use for it since 2022.
  4. All is good. It's just snow. I'm rooting for a second year of futility at this point.
  5. ...I found snow not too far from me. It's still white like I remember it.
  6. Snow? Whats that? Still at around 8" for the season for me. Every once in a while I see a pile of snow in a parking lot.
  7. lol. It's like getting hold of a genie in a bottle and wishing for a bowl of chicken soup.
  8. ...misremembering...misgendering...misdemeanor...misfit.
  9. How can there be gravy without a main course to put it on? ...I'm still waiting on the main course, or at least a dried out chicken wing appetizer that's been sitting under the heat lamp for a few days.
  10. Plenty of time for that if we get an early February torch.
  11. Indeed. After I lost my brother to suicide people would apologize to me if there was some off the cuff suicide reference or joke in a movie, or stand-up comedy, and more recently, meme. None of it bothers me. If it's funny to me I laugh. I was always asking @amarshall to throw up the tailpipe in the window image (we could probably use it right about now), and I make Tobin jumping cracks, toaster bath references all the time. I even have a long, drawn out post around here somewhere on this forum where I fake my own death via snow thrower. I flow with dark humor...all kinds of humor. But, that's just me. It's a very personal thing, so to each his/ her own in how they accept/ or not accept comedy/ humor as it relates to personal history.
  12. Thaws upon thaws, and thaws that compete with other thaws. I guarantee my thaws will be more thawier than your thaws.
  13. About 1" at home on Lava lake. Ride to work was fine. Roads have been overly treated with metal eating salt. Season total @ 7.75"
  14. 1/2" maybe. Sh.it will disappear faster than my hair did after college once it gets into the 40s and 50s
  15. Woke up to a frozen lake yesterday morning ...All so it can slowly melt away over the coming days. (The underground lava river must have temporarily stopped flowing)
  16. Don't forget my area with the 6.25" so far. I am on par to hopefully not beat last year's winter of 11". Fingers crossed for torches and rain all the way through March.
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