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  1. ...Saturday takes a shunt on us, and next week will be the ever so vague, inland threat. This is my super non-scientific, but fairly acurate, way off-base guess.
  2. Connecticut news stations are touting the good ole' winter mix for this weekend. I'm no dummy...This season for me this means cold rain, with a chance for a teeny, tiny bit of snow.
  3. I left a trail of bread crumbs.
  4. This big snow thrower sits outside my office at work, and always looks so sad, lonely, and unloved.
  5. Driveway is bare, but the woods are loaded up. Busting out the snowshoes this afternoon.
  6. Story of my life this winter...But "inland" is always so vague.
  7. ...on the bright side I have not had to use my snowblower once this year. I kind of figured that would be the case since I had an extensive tune up and some repairs done last fall. I have not shoveled either. Back saving, and gas saving winter FTW.
  8. Lakeside...Still about an inch left. Winds are howlin'
  9. Picked up maybe 1.5, but as expected it's almost all washed away. Mommy, I want off of this ride. No more.
  10. If someone can post the most obscure, low budget model that shows the most southern solution with the most snow, just for laughs it would be most appreciated, and greatly boost my hopes. Thanks in advance.
  11. Would work out perfectly if I could pick up 40+ inches. This would get me to my yearly average. Fingers crossed.
  12. That is great. Sums up the pain and agony and gives it one last prayer before kicking it on its way.
  13. And just like that it's gone...
  14. Ahhh. Yes. That area is closer to me, but has better snow than me...probably most of the time this winter.
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