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  1. I will be there later in the afternoon this Saturday. I can't do the 9th. I will try and make Clarkes as well...Anticipating the Monday before Christmas as has been in the past.
  2. If this happens, I will make the effort. That's a fun time too.
  3. lol. Didn't you have a few weeks to get the sitter lined up?
  4. Why do certain times of the day with modeling outputs show crazy stuff like this? What is the reasoning?
  5. I hope so as well. I need a place to keep track of my <12" of snow again.
  6. ...I will try to make the date...As always, if the date works for me, I go, if not then I don't. Right now it's a 50/50 mainly because I only have half of my Saturday's during the year free due to helping my elderly parents every other weekend.
  7. I think it was more about the language of his post. He literally said, "his house". Maybe if he mentioned the town, I might cut him some slack.
  8. What an odd, narcissistic post. Who the hell cares how how much snow one particular guy has in his own backyard...enough that it requires a poll?
  9. lol. Yeah, it's a fun place if you handle getting in the right way. I am a big Halloween/ horror fan so I like the cheesiness of it all. We take the train from a few towns south. Makes life much easier. I think the cast are actually going to be signing autographs in Salem Common on Saturday. Right now Saturday doesn't look to great weatherwise, but that can obviously change between now and then.
  10. Salem, Ma? It will be a sh.it show regardless of the rain. The usual 10's of 1000's of people for an October weekend, plus most of the cast of the movie Hocus Pocus will be in town Friday night and Saturday.
  11. My 11" from last season will look like the Sierra Nevada 22/23 season compared to what's coming this season. We fret, and fear the ratter.
  12. Awesome. Saw those guys a long time ago. Such a good show.
  13. The river of despair was running so high at my spot last year, that I can't see last year's futility being topped.
  14. The Chinese are always looking to buy U.S. land.
  15. So many of them here. The most I've ever seen...But part of the issue may be that the neighbor relocates all of the squirrels now so they don't eat the bird seed.
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