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  1. ...I guess I had my share of snow for the year. Time to take CT out of the picture again. I've enjoyed my less than 10" for the season.
  2. Being a kid going to Woodstock Academy, CT (the town high school) sucks for more reason than one, but the suckiest reason is that they don't have snow days like the old days. They go right to online learning.
  3. Every storm has been a loser for me...Everyone to the north, west, east, and south receives more than me. I am just north of Brooklyn now, and only clocked in with 4". I am in the WORST spot in NE Connecticut.
  4. Ended up with the low end of Ryan's 4-8 forecast from last night. 4". Whatever else falls probably won't be significant enough to add to that total. Still haven't reached double digits this season.
  5. Yup...Heavy, and Big flakes here. About .25 otg.
  6. The "heavy snow" in my previous forecast by BOX has been revised to just, "snow"
  7. ...lol. I woke up to my first warning of the season...February 27th.
  8. Looks wintry out there. Lake even freezing up a bit.
  9. No idea what the Waffle House index is and am afraid to look it up. Sounds like a computer virus waiting to happen as soon as I click the link.
  10. How did I miss this thread? lolz upon lolz reading this one.
  11. Another 0.0 to add to my season total of 4.75. Not even any ice. 33 and rain driving all the way to work. Some towns along the way had ice on the trees. Meh and meh all the way. The only good thing is that I am another day closer to June.
  12. 41F, and some sparsely placed large, wet-azz-flakes falling here in Manchester. Looking forward to more WAP! WAP! WAP! (wet-a.ss-precipitation) tomorrow.
  13. Kind of like the alien ship from the movie, Independence Day Resurgence, making it's own gravity?
  14. I like hearing all of the "Epic Midwest Storm" talk on the news. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
  15. Yeah. I posted too quickly without reading down the thread.
  16. Oh, no. What did he do now? I haven't been listening to sports radio for a while now. Edit: Never mind. I caught up with the news story.
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