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  1. Thanks. Same to you. Been a snow lover all my life, but with the new location, and just the overall way things have gone over the past year+, I just don't care. ...Looking ahead to multiple rainers after a few inches doesn't do it for me. I hope others cash in. It's been brutal so far.
  2. No. My spot specifically just doesn't get snow. I moved there 2 years ago, and everyone around me gets more snow. I suppose due to the lake, or the 100foot pine trees that surround me. Either way it's not a place for snow.
  3. Merry Torchmas and a firey new year.
  4. She took the first group shot of us, then jumped in while her colleague took the other. We did the same for them (minus the photobombing)
  5. Just a mere 30F degrees lower and this could have been white Christmas for all. Sh.it pattern with May temps FTL.
  6. When all you have are memories...
  7. I will buy that. We will be lucky to salvage Late January at this rate. God save the ski resorts.
  8. I've been checked out since late last season, and don't plan on checking back in anytime soon. I hope do for the sake of your own sanity that the pattern changes for you and that you see snow. I know it will make you happy, and for that... I am rooting for you. I want you to smile, and be able to make snow angels, and drink hot chocolate with your family while gazing out into the winter wonderland beyond your walls.
  9. It's pretty sad that I am partially looking forward to the winds that you tout. normally I don't care.
  10. I'd rather Stein, than rainy. No one wants their torchy holiday week, with burgers grilling, and hacky sack games a-flowing disrupted by rain.
  11. I'm hoping to leave work a bit early (3 or so). Without traffic it's under 2 hours, but I will figure 2.5 for the time of day.
  12. Do you have any house pics to show?
  13. I'm glad that some eastern weenies are grabbing some snow. Lucky for me I am content on not getting snow this year. I have come to terms with winter rains sandwiched between bouts of cold, and an overall dreadful, incoming season. Late May and early June can't come soon enough. The only months I welcome are June, September and October
  14. East of 2 rivers, where I am is a snow lovers curse.
  15. Clown map over 2 weeks out. Stop.
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