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  1. Just .30” here today. Got shafted on every rainfall this month here. Widespread 1-2” of rain across the whole state today besides some localized pockets that missed out.
  2. Headed to Misquamicut, Tuesday through Thursday. Curious to how much cooler it is this time of year. Just inland as we know 85-95 is forecast however, Euro is forecasting 60s all week with maybe some 70s Wednesday. Is it really that much cooler this time of year? I was expecting 70s.
  3. Rest In Peace James.
  4. Ya it’s been fine here, grass is nice and green 3.97” this month.
  5. Ya that’s why we don’t use the weather channel app for verification. Kevin and Stein FTW for CT yesterday.
  6. I wouldn’t trust a weather channel app for rainfall observations, the official final obs from weather stations are .08 to .15 the highest in Southington. My final was .06”.
  7. Idk where your buddy lives just checked like 10 stations in Southington all between .08 and .12 today. .06” here storm total. Pretty spotty and convective in southern CT.
  8. Ya I was just digging deeper, it can definitely turn ugly this week with clouds, drizzle, and cool air winning out and maybe only a few hours of warmth Wednesday. Really annoying, had visions of finishing up the mulch beds under ideal conditions also have a busy baseball week with the kids, I don't mind 55-65 at all if it's sunny like today, but that doesn't seem to be the case the rest of the week. Wednesday reminds me of a poor man's version of last May towards the end of the month we had a Friday where it was foggy, cloudy and dewy out, we finally made it to 78 with dews around 70 and minimal sun late in the day.
  9. Enjoy it will be mostly cloudy to overcast the rest of the week it seems.
  10. Most of CT is in the .45-.65” range with isolated higher amounts based on observations I’m seeing through local weather stations (a bit less NW CT). Looks like our nice warm stretch is losing steam unfortunately and it’s just seasonable mid spring weather here with plenty of rain chances and temps in the 50s,60s,70s.
  11. Glad we don’t live there, sunny and warm under the sun here!
  12. Thanks! Would be nice to get us all in on the action and to “See more snow” as well as some “Damage in Tolland”