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  1. Damn GFS says Kevin is right again. 80-85 Wednesday through Monday then heat wave starts June 9th.
  2. I was thinking the same thing, only at 1.5" for the month here ...
  3. 47 and heavy rain on my wife's birthday Tuesday. Great.. 3-9" of rain for the NYC metro over the course of the week.
  4. the area of greatest tornado threat has been increased and also expanded south to include CT on the latest SPC update, interesting....
  5. Really? I’m about 600’ here and it’s always a huge difference just down the hill. Especially these marginal late season storms.
  6. Clown maps don’t look meager lol they are 12-24” for all of eastern New England.
  7. It definitely was more of a thread the needle solution down here. After the EURO tease for a few runs and especially on the 06z run showing a potent nor'easter earlier this winter ONLY 60-72 hours out only to completely take it away at 12z there on out, I'm not getting invested until like day 2 lol
  8. Yes, I guess that's why everyone is so dejected. The smallest shift upstairs causes a massive change in sensible weather for everyone up to CNE.. With the tenor of the season of getting burned, people just expect it to trend warmer. Still plenty of time left, lets see what today brings.
  9. Yes, it's much colder than the op, we hope.. If it's going to torch I'd rather have all sun and no rain.
  10. Lol EURO and GFS both changed quite a bit for us southeners. Instead of looking at several inches of snow sleet then freezing rain with a muted warm up. Now its maybe a coating of snow sleet Thursday AM while the rest of the week has highs of 50+ approaching 60 Thursday afternoon and Friday.
  11. I live in this area and the weather is much different than the NYC metro,. The Danbury area averages much more snowfall that 25-50 miles West of NYC.. This is the map from NWS UPTON NY, seasonal snowfall average. You have to go well north and west of the city 75+ miles to get the same snow climo.
  12. I think he meant the cold push is further south.
  13. Classic - small flake and massive flake, thats how you knew the it was really going to snow. I was only 9 at the time.