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  1. I’m dropping fert and lime tomorrow morning.
  2. Pretty big diurnal range for cloudy with east winds.
  3. 64 already! We are shooting for 75 before the afternoon sea breeze gets everyone!
  4. Yes me and you know it’s more than just the NAO thats a culprit for our weather
  5. 69 and sunny. -NAO ftw . No leaves yet in interior SWCT.
  6. 60-70 all this week and sunny with a -NAO
  7. It doesn't look horrible after Monday, don't see any warm torches besides maybe 1 day on GFS. As long as it's sunny with light winds, 57-64 for highs will be just fine first half of April, especially with the increasing sun angle. Yesterday under full sun with an annoying wind felt very warm with a high of 58.
  8. 78 here.. low 80s in Fairfield county. AMOUT
  9. Wow very strong wording in the Tornado Watch, I was reading on twitter they don't use the words Violent Tornado's too often.
  10. Suns finally out, off to the races! 64/59
  11. You are sick! Who loves cool spring weather ??
  12. Lol no the point is that this is late March and this could easily move well north of us. Especially NYC. It’s been wintry with highs in the low 30s the past 4 days.
  13. Gefs just moved north about 200 miles from 12z lol congrats CNE