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  1. Guidance converging on a 1-3 maybe 2-4" type deal Thursday AM for southern areas of SNE. Timing looks like 1-11am from west to east. However, surface temps look borderline to start, with temperatures 35-40 late Wednesday evening, this is likely to be a wet snow at first before temps really drop. Let's see how things trend today, 6z Euro finally getting on board for something light, while GFS and NAM are the most aggressive.
  2. Will, what do you think of the 3km and HRRR being so cold, big difference down here in CT as well...
  3. I actually enjoy your day 6 threads, keep them coming!
  4. Euro snow depth algorithm says you keep 2-4" of pack.. It's forecasting 6" tomorrow night for you though, but it has you starting with just .1 today, I'm sure you have more than that glacierized since we have about 50% coverage up to an 2" here.
  5. Seems like 9z would be a good cutoff for frozen for southern CT maybe 10-12z by the time you get to NE corner?
  6. Ya, anything is better than all rain especially if we can mute the heavy rain to less than a quarter of an inch, and keep from torching..
  7. GFS verbatim is mostly snow for Kevin, only .1 to .25" qpf as rain.. again thats just 12z gfs verbatim
  8. If you toggle back and forth on the 12z run every single feature in the country moved west 25-50 miles… that is really weird…
  9. Ha yes of course, I like the recent consistency and general agreement on ensembles for the long range.
  10. Yes, I saw that, I think people as far east have you should have some hope for Friday..
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