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  1. that's cold for late June wow, 56 here for the low a few miles away.
  2. Ya that’s really the only reason I care about rain, I can just water my vegetables but the beautiful green turf needs actual rain.
  3. No prolonged heat in sight after our two day taste of summer this weekend.
  4. Ended up with 1.12” High of 61. 6.13” of rain on the month somehow.
  5. would be nice a nice day full of mood flakes around the holidays
  6. Nice drink of water in the New Haven area this morning .75 to 1.25" of rain.. Steined here with only .29" but better than nothing.. Edit up to .41" after that last batch we take before the weekend heat..
  7. I'm starting to lose faith in any heat this month.. All I want is 85-90 everyday with some humidity, is that too much to ask for?
  8. Low clouds and marine influence will probably back west to about Tolland county and stall.
  9. Definitely some bust potential with the weekend forecast. 12z Gfs is chilly for many on Saturday temps drop to 40s and 50s Saturday afternoon and evening. Only 45-50 for highs Sunday out East!
  10. Ya going to have to water the new shrubs and garden and break out the sprinklers for the lawn.. Fairfield county is going to get a good soaking though..
  11. Unreal looks like I’m going to miss about an inch of much needed rain by a few miles. Don’t see much rain the next week or so that will be 2 weeks without rain.
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