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  1. Yes sorry, I’m not talking about next week.
  2. Kevin melts mean snow is coming! Keep it coming Kevin!
  3. Same here only a few hours below 22 degrees this month. Low is 19.9.
  4. It can be much worse we were 74 on this day last year and had several days in 50s and 60s those years. Last 9 days have been below 37 here which is not horrible for southern CT.
  5. I’m in southern CT but it’s much colder here than BDL highest temp is 36.9 since Jan 2nd.
  6. Ya just looked +4.2 at orh this month on highs +8.5 on lows.
  7. Seems to me like its been more overnight lows making the daily departures look so warm, highs haven’t been too bad, it’s mostly felt like winter besides the Christmas torch.
  8. No you are about as inland as can be in CT. I’m inland SWCT but only 12 miles on a straight line.
  9. Ya probably 1 beer its about 35-40 miles on a straight line from Northern Tolland.
  10. Ya everything is right on track lol. Today was always a bonus, sucks that it will miss, next weekend is still a long ways away so let’s see how that trends. Besides the really favorable pattern has been looking like it will set up post Jan 10 for a while now. .
  11. It's been much better this year with that, as Ray said it wasn't nearly far enough NW with 12/17.