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  1. Take a look at the difference in some of the model output..
  2. Tornado and wind probs reduced per latest midday update as Wiz thought.
  3. Im noticing some clearing moving in south of Long Island as well, we hope, it's miserable right now.
  4. Heavy mist, meh.. I wonder if southern CT breaks into the warm sun today or stays locked into 60s and mist..
  5. Black liner, small pool 14x26.. pool only cooled off to 75 overnight..
  6. It’s awesome out, first dip in the new pool after a few hours of working on the landscaping around it! Up to 79 degrees in the pool, didn’t even have to heat it up.
  7. Yes in eastern areas it doesn't look warm at all this week. This warm-up is really being tempered big time.. 6z euro and gfs keeps ct in the 60s/70s all week compared to 80s/90s in earlier guidance
  8. I’m 6a/6b while nyc is 7b.. and the elevation up here makes a big difference. But ya just a few miles away it’s 7a in the lower elevations of southern new haven county which are much different than here. Nyc is just another animal with the urban heat effect.
  9. Ya not as good for here though too close to water probably stuck in 70s. But could have been 90s inland and 80s down here the summer wave has definitely been tempered.
  10. This end of the week summer like period is fading faster then March snowfall. Looks like 70s only, I’ll take it as long as it’s sunny.
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