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  1. Who had the .1 in Killingly? I call foul.
  2. ...Sunrise (no) surprise of 0.0 to add to my season total of 4.75, giving me 4.75.for the season.
  3. Meh. Good luck to the northern folks again. For the below the CT/ Mass border people, only fools, clowns, and suckers, have continued to follow this charade of a "winter".
  4. Boy who cried wolf. I was just thinking that the other day. Or Lucy pulling the football out from Charlie Brown. I conceded to futile mid January and am sticking to that. Currently 37 and sleet.
  5. Meh. This is like someone watching porn in the other room, and describing what's happening over the phone to someone.
  6. ...But you would be cooler if your avatar had red, met creds under it, and I would be jealous, envious and sad.
  7. I guess we can always start low, and increase the snow chances from there.
  8. lol. 5 years? The Walmart of Satellites, or purchased in bulk through Alibaba. Dispose of properly, but do so in the next galaxy. Does the manufacturer offer a 5 year service plan, and if you forego this option does it die after 1 year, or if you do purchase the maintenance plan, does it die exactly 1 day after the plan expires like most microwaves and fridges do? Don't we have satellites that were launched decades ago still sending back images from space?
  9. lol. Where is that forecast for...at 10 days out?
  10. Awsesome...Lets make this a stale place where mets just talk science all day, and refrain from lively conversation. ...Might as well cancel all of the non-mets from the forum.
  11. I am glad that I am going to experience that 68F...Now, I won't have to go chasing heat. Praying for a bust, and we get to 70F
  12. ...More conversations from the gym... Today, a guy was telling me how warm it is going to be today, and tomorrow, followed by, "I can't imagine how hot it is going to be the summer", and, additional global warming talk. I told him, "I don't think it works that way", then went back to minding my own business (tying my shoe, and pretending to be on my phone). He caught the next guy's ear and said, "Just think, if we go up another 10 degrees each month we will be at 110 degrees for July, and more for August". The other guy said, "Well, it might get cold again in a few weeks". The first guy responds, "Well, that's just my math, and I will change it if I need to, but right now, the summer looks to be really hot"
  13. lol. Where's the rest of it after hour 240? You know, the part that shows the heavy rains for SNE?
  14. Congrats to SNE on continued winter futility. I may take a drive over to New Bedford so that I can bask in 61F.
  15. This is the future, and the future is now.
  16. These are awesome. I am a huge fan of all kinds of maps, and I would definitely have a place for these.
  17. I agree. Mid January I was more upset, and in anger mode. Not now. Just laughing at this point. ...Pics of Daffodils coming in northern Virginia in the mid Atlantic thread. Soon we will have the same scene here.
  18. Congrats. Drink it in, and enjoy the torch.
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