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  1. It's cheaper for us to get our oil from Rhode Island, than in CT.
  2. Design snow loads are much higher than here. I am sure some crappy designed structures have gone down, but not ones that have been designed to code.
  3. Some Cali Picks. @Ginx snewx ... heavenly drifts.
  4. At least you've got a date. My 11" season won't even get me a date.
  5. At least I am in good company with Baltimore with that look.
  6. More paint by numbers created by Satan. (not saying that Noyes is Satan...I'm talking about the actual devil)
  7. What about Uconn players livin' it up too much in Vegas prior to game time this week? Number of Uconn starters puking all night after an evening of debauchery at the Crazy Horse ...Over/ Under = 3
  8. Indeed. I apparently did not work as hard for my snow as Dendrite did for his. I need to get back to basic skills, and technique training prior to next winter.
  9. Powderfreak up there skiing and grinnin'...skiing and grinnin' all the way into June.
  10. The south will rise again! We will get what's owed to us!
  11. Dude, that is really f.ucking offensive. ...You forgot about the 2 or 3 dozen moose that truly give a sh.it.
  12. Agreed, F.uck technology, it's a burden and more of an eyesore than geese.
  13. My favorite Irish Folk band from Canada.
  14. Isn't the max. allowable, like July 1st?
  15. F.uck you and enjoy sitting in the classroom until near the end of June with all of those snow days that you have to make up.
  16. Can you put a circle of white in the Killingly/ Dayville area to indicate the 0.0 that I received. Thanks in advance for your continued recording of this disaster of a season.
  17. Congrats, brothers in futility we are.
  18. lol...But you're in a mid Atlantic climate zone.
  19. Looks nice. I will live vicariously through you and the rest of new England who received snow.
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