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  1. With or without rain, yes, Luke Combs will probably be a disaster, at least in the crowd of drunk country fans.
  2. Heavy rains with all of the bells and whistles ripping through Manchester just now. Storms upon storms.
  3. Nice gusts came over the lake between 11 and midnight. Neighbors were shuffling to secure table umbrellas and a 10x10 canopy from flying off of their deck.
  4. I had no idea how detailed the phone weather app sh.it had become until seeing it on my girlfriend's new iphone. She was so excited to see it "forecast" down to the minute, complete with colorful, and fancy looking graphics. We were standing outside one day last week and she says, "It's going to rain in 16 minutes". I was like, "really?" I stood and waited, and nothing materialized. Same thing on Sunday. Her phone said there would be showers from around 2:32 - 3:39 or something like that. Sadly, it never came to fruition. People at parties are doing the same thing...Calling out the impending rain that sometimes happens, or not.
  5. How is it looking right now? Seems like it's rolling right over our 'hoods. Obviously nothing special out here at work.
  6. ...Before I leave work today I will put on swim shorts...drive home...get out of my car, and walk directly to the dock and dive into the lake.
  7. That is pretty awesome. I am usually thinking of drones, and footage looking down, or out over landscapes on sunny days, but there is definitely a place for them to view awesome weather events in the sky.
  8. With such a jagged, freeform state outline, and rough topography, I didn't realize so many town borders are orthogonal looking.
  9. He likes to watch the damage from the comfort of his home.
  10. This weather has been perfect for me. I know it's too good to last forever, but at least most of June is done before any mega heat and humidity settles in.
  11. Yeah, I can see the tag lines now. I picture a post like this...Canadian smoke and mirrors show purposely distracting us from the "Big Picture".
  12. Fisher Cats make the ultimate bizarre noise.
  13. ...The lake where our place is in the Adirondacks...If you look carefully you might be able to see our house.
  14. Gonna hold out and try not to install before these incoming couple of 90 days.
  15. ...severe has left the building. Looks like a great 3-day incoming.
  16. Not fantastic, but decent. That last week was not too good. Not horrible, but not good. Overall, April gets a C+/B- this year.
  17. I can't shoot the message, so I must shoot the messenger.
  18. I still did not received more than 12 as that map shows.
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