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  1. Lol. You got a real issue with New Yorkers, huh?
  2. Radar estimates per RadarScope showing over 24" of rain well offshore and climbing. If that makes it onshore there's going to be some serious problems.
  3. You mean a Greek named storm is so bad that it needs to be retired? I think they would retire it and just not replace it. Like I said though, I think....
  4. Really? The CMC? Granted, I haven't followed and analyzed the models for verification this year when it comes to tropical systems but just going by how it performed for Laura, I wouldn't exactly say the Canadian is the go-to model. I'm not saying/trying to downplay anything out there like some people on here. Just questioning the model of choice.
  5. Ahhhh, the old Cat 1 into Kentucky and the Ohio Valley. Being that it's 2020, this seems normal and would expect this to happen lol
  6. Well clearly it did not initialize correctly. I'll side with the pros on this one Maybe following the hurricane models will be the right play with this one, as rare as that is
  7. Didn't we know we had a correctly yet lol. Meaning where the NHC has it or SW of there?
  8. Think they kicked out that lab guy who was trolling in the main thread all week.
  9. If that ends up being the case, there will be serious wind issues far inland like those areas have never seen before from a tropical system. I mean, that's a legit Cat 1-2 in SE Oklahoma the Euro has
  10. I was a swimming pool technician in my previous career (still do some side work), so if anybody has any questions about their pool just shoot me a message, free of charge
  11. Honestly, I think I speak for everyone when I say I think it's time for you to stop. You were saying the same exact thing earlier this week about the 2 systems that will impact the SE US next week and were wrong. You're clearly giving your best trolling attempt
  12. Overnight 'low' temp in Death Valley was 105! Can't even imagine getting that as a high temp Currently making another run at 130
  13. You can always tell when summer's nearing an end when you start getting 'cool' overnight lows at the coast (low 60's). That was a long stretch of heat and humidity, glad it's basically ovah!
  14. SFO hit 99 and OAK was over 100. Both of those must be records. Both also reporting dewpoints in the mid-40's so it's probably very enjoyable