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  1. Had just under 3” half an hour ago. 4” gonna be a close call but satisfied either way
  2. That is coming up fast. Nothing that wasn't expected but don't these SWFE usually end/stop earlier than expected?
  3. Yes, meant KNYC aka Central Park. Maybe not now, we'll see
  4. Absolutely epic Nick, congrats! I would think that some of those totals are very hard to measure accurately with all the wind creating drifts. Some of those pics Hazey posted of completely covered streets are all-timers!
  5. Liked the trend of this thing just shutting off and not a changeover to rain the past few days. Hopefully things will start swinging our way with the models as the winter goes on. Think OKX see's more than BOS in this one. Hoping for a solid 3" here at least. Sad that hoping for that is what this winter has come to haha
  6. Make the most out of this cause it probably won't happen again for a very long time. I'm sure you're on cloud 9 anyway. These are totals you only see in the Sierra's or Rockies and usually even those don't come with winds you're experiencing. Can't wait to see more pics/videos and official totals after this one. Pretty cool that you got to see it in a lot of daylight too.
  7. Absolutely. Forget about 1 in 10-20 year like someone said before. Widespread 3'-4' with those winds! I assume YYT is shutdown. Impressive being that they rarely shutdown
  8. This is turning into a nothing event for almost everyone. I think it's safe to close this tab out
  9. Me thinks the 8th threat will follow the same fate this Sunday's system has gone. No scientific backing but just a feeling going by how these "threats" have gone this year save 12/1-12/3/19. Things don't exactly look rosy for a while aftger the 8th either. The next 3 weeks and maybe more are going to suck and be frustrating. Hopefully the last week and February can deliver ala 2015 and what's seemed like every year since then with all these "backloaded winters".
  10. Not sure if it was mentioned in this thread before as I did not read every single post but at one point yesterday Northern Worcester County was under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning and an Ice Storm Warning simultaneously . Has this happened before around here?
  11. Sleet/rain mix continues. Untreated sidewalks and road are starting to get covered
  12. On the ORH subject, for some reason I've found it fascinating for years that airport is at the highest elevation within the Worcester city limits. What a weenie spot to have an ASOS taking records for a major city. To Will and other ORH'ers with knowledge, is having that airport a lot higher up than say downtown Worcester have major differences in weather like snowstorm totals? I would think just maybe radiational cooling nights it would be a lot different between the airport and downtown Worcester
  13. Yes sir! Officially a 7 spot for the city now. This was the first storm since I moved here that I've seen the Logan spotter actually be consistent and similar to my measurements. It actually feels accurate after years of under measuring. Who was it (Jay, maybe?) that said BOX was looking for a new Logan spotter and they were emailing them? Seems like they finally found a competent person that does it right. Measurements for the rest of the season will be interesting