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  1. Spring Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    Does anybody know why and how many record lows there were in 1888 for Boston? I was just wondering because it seems like everytime I watch the news lately, the record low for the date always seems to be 1888. I know we had the great blizzard that year but how why and how many daily record lows were set then? Was it just a one-off, super cold anomaly year?
  2. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Honestly, it was the right call. It's opening day so people were getting there early and the roads/traffic was still bad at 10-11am. Yes, it's easy to say baseball could of been played to when it's all melted, by 5pm! There was the stands to clean up, the field to clean up and it wasn't getting done by 1pm. All it takes is one person slipping and then they got lawsuits comin from everywhere. Now if you want to say why couldn't they push back the start time to like 4pm then that would make sense
  3. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Over 5in here in Tenafly, NJ. Much more than I was thinking. Everything covered. Great for April
  4. April 2nd Snow Wave

    What will it take to not have a "nowcast" situation? Complete model consensus 6 hours out with the same amount of precip for all on each model?
  5. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Honestly, when is it NOT a nowcast situation? I literally hear someone say that for every single storm.
  6. April 2nd Snow Wave

    Not to nitpick but it was actually Charlie Steiner on the radio call paired with the famous John Sterling. I have childhood memories of them calling games even though it was only a couple of years but it was some of the best years with the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry. Not sure who Charlie Rosen is.
  7. March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    Same. What's the new avatar? Sandy?
  8. March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    Seems like parts of LI will finish with over 20" if these bands keep up over them which it looks like they will. Storm moving very slowly
  9. March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    I don't really understand what your deal is and maybe it's because I'm new to the area. You seem to always think and imply that a major snowstorm is coming even when models and common sense tell everyone otherwise and when there is a big storm hitting the area you always seem to double the forecast amounts to unrealistic numbers even though not one model has them and are always wrong. Please tell me you're not an amateur forecaster. I'm not trying to be mean but seriously asking the question
  10. Snow bomb obs March 21

    So what exactly does SNINCR 5/12 mean?
  11. March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    Boy that dryslot/subsidence zone in southern westchester back into NE Bergen county is just brutal. Seems like it's been there all day and just won't budge
  12. March 20th-22nd Not So Suppressed Storm Obs

    I don't understand all the "this is a waste of a snowday for schools" comments. I'll guarantee you that on march 21st this will be the last day of the school year that schools will be cancelled baring some widespread power outage. There will be no more "snow days". If they have one available they might as well have used it which it looks like most did
  13. Thank you. It's all relative
  14. Same crap every storm. Honestly, when does he not think snow forecasts are overdone? If Mt. Holly was going conservative and warmer he would be all over here quoting about it and them
  15. Lol some things never change in this forum. 1-There will always be the pessimistic debbie downers trying to downplay things with snow trying to find and hang onto the model with the least amount of snow or some other issue (rates/sunangle) and it's always the usual suspects and 2-Franklin will ask how much for northern coastal Monmouth county. Every storm lol