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  1. BombsAway1288

    19-May-2019 Severe Event

    All relative. NYC north and east has had some pretty good lightning strikes but mainly just heavy rain now
  2. BombsAway1288

    19-May-2019 Severe Event

    Mt. Holly had that warning in a strange area of Monmouth. It was all the way down by Belmar. Storms were no where close
  3. BombsAway1288

    19-May-2019 Severe Event

    Are these storms verifying severe? Upton seems to be holding back
  4. Thanks Don. About half of NYC average. No thank you
  5. It really does settle in much faster. Anybody know what DC's average last snowfall is and what the latest recorded snowfall is?
  6. It really is night and day down there compared to NYC/BOS. They always, at least recently, seem to have super warm and above average temps on any given day after April 1st, even in late March sometimes. Not to mention the constant screw jobs they get in the winter while the NE gets buried. Too much warmth year round for me. Glad we don't live there.
  7. Absolutely. It can go extremes either way in this general region (Northeast) well into spring. I actually didn't understand all the complaining in the NE forum like a month ago about why it is so cold and where's all the warmth types of posts. It's all pretty normal for the time of the year
  8. Bingo! It could always be worse, even for the fine folk on LI. Could be up in Maine where this recent type of weather usually lasts until June and only 2 months later starts to get cool again, at least at night, in September.
  9. No, I meant backdoors. Yes, seabreezes cool things off also but one can get them all summer long right on the coast. I am talking about a legit backdoor. Although not common at all and most years they won't get that far SW in June or late June but I have seen it happen. Maybe more of a divide right over Central Jersey, just south of NYC. Backdoors seem to settle right there in any spring month
  10. They're usually weaker and start to become less frequent yes, but they are still very possible down to the Jersey Shore as deep as late June. If you lived in The Canadian Maritimes or Newfoundland then there's def justification to complain (not saying you're doing that) about backdoors that can ruin a whole summer if the correct conditions are there and the pattern favors it. It's spring in the NE, anything can happen really
  11. BombsAway1288

    90 Degree Days

    With all due respect, I hope you're wrong temp wise and the 90's lack this year. I'm sure they won't and you'll be right. We'll see.
  12. BombsAway1288

    AT’s Weather Forecast for Rest of Year

    I see you're really going out on a limb with that summer forecast. Good luck!!!
  13. Some great radiational cooling last night/this morning. 33 here at my old permenant place in Tenafly. Not bad for April 29th
  14. Tell that to the folks on LI
  15. BombsAway1288

    April Discussion

    NBC10 Boston. Lock your doors and enjoy the snow!