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  1. Sounds like this is heading toward a whole lot of nothing in the end. On to warmer things.
  2. In terms of long term cold/wintery pattern, this is probably it. Nothing exciting to finish out February. March can def deliver a blockbuster storm (I have no idea what the indices are showing for it though) but in terms of long deep cold, snowpack sticking around etc... yeah it's probably done on that level. But hey, I'm just an amateur
  3. Boooo! KBOS should of been 6". Maybe they were throwing the NWS a bone by not having a WSW end up verifying
  4. I think it does. 6.5" final here and I'm basically next to Logan.
  5. It really is. No city like it with snowfall. Picturesque and pure New England. Very happy I moved here even though NNJ wasn't that bad either.
  6. They don't believe me. Will send pic and attempt to post on here.
  7. Relocate or just visiting family/friends/work?
  8. Ratio’s through the roof in this last band. Awesome last 36-40 hours of just snow falling. Even if most of it fell today.
  9. 4.5" here. Hoping that last band pushes us over 5". Logan should report between 3"-4" going by their last report. We've had steady OES pretty much all afternoon
  10. 3.5” in Eastie and coming down pretty good. Should easily break 4” and maybe 5”
  11. I measured about 2.4" around 1045 and been coming down in spurts thanks the OES. Could easily see BOS getting to 4"-5" if the RAP has any merit.
  12. I'll happily take that. Immediate coastline has been getting the screw job all of 2021 with the east flow events
  13. Yeah that's insane but pretty cool at the same time. A lot of cities are going smash their low-max and low temps