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  1. Probably should of specified a marginal airmass within a couple miles of the coast. Yeah, anywhere west of Boston should be good temp wise in the upper 20's. As for the coast, there's no chance of good accumulation when temps are near freezing and the precip is light
  2. Does anyone think this will actually accumulate very good with light intensity and a relatively marginal airmass? I certainly don't expect much if any accumulation in my new urban setting. Think it's a lot of white rain for folks along the immediate coast. On a side note, good to hear that Jerry is doing better and nothing serious. From one NJ transplant to another, here's to good health!
  3. Gotta think the GFS and ensembles make a major move towards other guidance by 12z Sunday. No support from anything else
  4. Heavy graupel in northern Bergen County. Place looks like a fertilizer truck spilt his load.
  5. Yes, NYC usually does get something but it's just that, something. They always seem to be late/delayed in developing and if there is a fast flow, which has really been prevalent in recent times, SNE is where you want to be. Kind of hard to really get pumped up for them when Central Park gets 3" and Boston gets 12"-18" but yeah NYC usually doesn't end up with 0. DC-Philly is exactly not where you want to be with Miller B's. They're snow climo is the worst for cold weather cities and only getting worse.
  6. Think that's going to be the theme going forward with this one unfortunately. Miller B's usually develop too late for the NYC area. Most likely a Connecticut River on east for the highest impact. Really wish I wasn't visiting family in NJ until Tuesday
  7. Does the 12z show anything for the 28-30 timeframe?
  8. 3 overlapping tornado warnings right over Providence. That's something you don't see everyday around here
  9. No. Just seen your posts throughout the years. I think most would agree. Done.
  10. I would just ignore everything that guy says. He's a known troll in the NYC forum and is 5 posted because of it. Just posts in here to shit on Anthony or cause some 300hr+ GFS run shows a ridge while most have been talking cold and snow. Anything to go against cold and snow.
  11. Thanks. Of course the temp difference could of been a result of some colder years and not necessarily a warm 1980's. 2011 and 2012 were the super cold years after the October snowstorm and Sandy respectively, I think
  12. Interesting that the mean temp for 10/31 went down in the most recent set of averages. Must have been some warm Halloween's in the 80's.
  13. Wind threat wasn't there with Ida, just copious amounts of rain in like a 4 hour period. If the winds deliver on this one there will be tree problems, maybe not so much in the city cause its the city but in surrounding suburbs where there are more trees then there could be problems
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