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  1. Sunny and 68 late in the afternoon on July 4th with the sea breeze kicking. Probably the coolest 4th of July under sunny skies for me since I can remember Enjoy everyone!
  2. Yeah, boy did that change on a dime for next weekend. Went from highs in the upper 80's-near 90 to low 60's-upper 50's. Theme of the summer?..... What's the GFS have?
  3. Any prolonged heat in the extended long-term? Most forecast numbers seem to show just normal-slightly below normal temps through the next 2 weeks.
  4. It really is bad this year. I'm in Northern NJ visiting family this week and most of the pollen is all finished here so probably another week or 2 left for it in NE, hopefully.
  5. It really does seem that the pollen season is extra long this year. I can't remember it being around consistently like this.
  6. Def a good show going on. Merged with that pop-up Will got. Core of it looks to be going toward South Boston-Braintree area.
  7. I fully expect this also. Kind of surprised a STW was hoisted. Velocities aren't that impressive per radarscope but I defer to the experts in Taunton/Norton
  8. Big downpours here. We’ll see what Logan reports
  9. Awesome drone shot. Saw it on NECN also. Def. was a big deal up there
  10. They did a news story on the slide there on NBC10 Boston. Vermont reporter did the report. Don;t have a link but I'm sure you can find if you wanted to
  11. Gonna try to hold off on the install this week right here at the coast. Don't think I've ever held off until June before. Next week looks a lot cooler and very, very comfortable!
  12. Yeah interior def does better in the temp department. Hopefully these cold nights also start warming.
  13. Maybe not in Tolland but Eastern Mass/New England will certainly be staying in the 60's Sunday and overcast with spotty showers and temps in the 50's on Saturday. That 68 degree high Fisher had for Saturday will happen in the morning with miserable temps in the 50's/40's in the afternoon, like Will said Monday/Tuesday the warming trend does commence though, thank god
  14. Were there any record lows this morning at any of the Mass ASOS sites? Saw TAN got down to 30 and MVY down to 27!!! What an amazing radiational cooling spot there, MVY must be some kind of record with a 27?
  15. Only mid-50's right here on the water but have full, beautiful sunshine. Tomorrow and Friday will be the real winners for coasties