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  1. Yes sir! Officially a 7 spot for the city now. This was the first storm since I moved here that I've seen the Logan spotter actually be consistent and similar to my measurements. It actually feels accurate after years of under measuring. Who was it (Jay, maybe?) that said BOX was looking for a new Logan spotter and they were emailing them? Seems like they finally found a competent person that does it right. Measurements for the rest of the season will be interesting
  2. Thanks! If you could do this one that would be great! At least until I figure out how to log on. Username I assume is bombsaway1288, what would the password be for the first time I log on?
  3. Correct. NYC Nickeled and dimed their way to an above average season. Think there was some type of storm almost every week that year though. Extremely active. Earliest memories of snow!
  4. HAHA, there you go, remember these graphics well from that storm. I'm sure you remember the same stuff on TWC I do from the whole lead up to it. Think the big amounts were still in the forecast for NYC as soon as 12-18 hours out. Ended up with 6" in NE Bergen County and a Monday off from school that wasn't necessary lol
  5. That it was. It was driving me nuts. Thank you!
  6. That was the classic storm that ended up clobbering Upstate NY- New England. Remember the Weather Channel had Kocin sitting there infront of a map that had all of PA-NJ-NYC-SNE in the dark purple saying "Widespread 2-3 Feet". I think that's when panic ensued and why a lot of people consider it and remember it as a huge bust. The area's that did get those amounts weren't exactly populated. Think ORH pulled a 30"+ spot though. That was the storm that hurt/ruined a lot of on-air mets in the big markets. I think one met (can't remember his name but he worked in NYC at some point in the 2000's) was literally run out of Philadelphia because they ended up with nothing after the 2' predictions
  7. Spot on. Remember getting 14" in NE Bergen County when all was said and done on the morning of the 7th. Giants played the Redskins I think it was at the Meadowlands after it got dumped on with like a foot and a half of snow. Remember BIG piles on the sidelines One of the only times I felt like I got the highest amounts as a kid in that area. Got most of it from the EWR mega band. Think they ended up with something like 14" too
  8. You can add me in Kevin if you like. I just don't have a log in and password. Thanks! 6.8" Storm Total. Round 1: 1" Round 2: 5.8"
  9. West Hanover, Ma with a 17.5" Anybody close to there can confirm?
  10. Out of the whole widespread 2'+ numbers in the Capital District of Albany the biggest number on that map is Peru, Ma with the 28". That place/Savoy never fails to be the most. Amazing numbers in NY State for sure though, all-timer
  11. I remember that one in NNJ. It was a 2 part storm also if I'm not mistaken but I remember the Sunday after it all stopped, watching football with over 14". Best early storm I had there I can remember until October 2011. Final here: Round 1: 1" Round 2: 5.8" Total: 6.8"
  12. In the thick of it here. I'm close to 7" now storm total. If it can hold over Logan long enough they'll probably get close to 7" also. Either way it goes down in the Boston books of early 6" storms. I assume there hasn't been many before 12/5
  13. Logan reports 5.9” at 1pm. They’ll def end up over 6” and verify many people forecasts!
  14. Last weenie band setting up over Eastern Mass inside 495. Going out with a bang it looks like