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  1. Only in Massachusetts. Smh
  2. So much for the 'heat' that was being forecasted Monday and Tuesday. People were all saying high 80's as recent as Sunday. Yesterday was low 80's and today was mid 70's at best. We might get one day tomorrow with a temp near 90 then it's back to the same. I think we need to really stop the wishcasting of heat and 90's until it actually happens because it's been going on all summer and we really have nothing to show for it.
  3. Wow. Wash, rinse, repeat. Met summer is over 3 weeks after that. Bring on fall!!!
  4. Thank you! Maybe he should try forecasting since he's telling them what they should be doing. I never hear him calling out mets when temps overperform. Honestly, I think the real joke is him.
  5. Still at 62 here in central Massachusetts. Just moved up here for a job. Yesterday was 56-57 all day. I've never felt that in late July before. Felt like October
  6. Agreed. Every time I hear "models showing hints of heights building east in the LR" it never materializes or just end up with one or two days of 90 degrees. Not even 95. Sounds like wishcasting if you ask me. Looks as though any extended heat will be muted this year, at least for the first half of summer. Now that I've posted this watch the models show a record heatwave the rest of the summer. Time will tell
  7. Just a few showers, huh?
  8. Storms just missing to my east. Did the split here with the line and got screwed. NYC looks ground zero for the storms now and everything SW of it
  9. Honestly, we're not going to know anything until 2-3 before the 4th. Last year leading up to it everyone was touting warm and sunny conditions all weekend. Turned out to be crappy, cloudy and rainy. The previous 2 years to that were in the 70's with Hurricane Arthur just offshore in 2014. It's all nice and good to be optimistic if you want hot and sunny weather but going by our luck with Memorial Day and this general unsettled pattern we're in I'm expecting some type of rain but we just won't know anything for weeks from now
  10. That must have been a miserable 3 days/4 nights for you. Didn't you say that it was 96 and humid in your place?
  11. They consider Central Park official. That's the number they put on the screen for the daily hi/low temperature and current conditions. I know that at least Lee Goldberg mentions LGA's temperature when it's warranted, like it was on Tuesday. I watch his newscast everyday and to be honest, he really doesn't bash the Central Park temperature discrepancy imo. I don't really know about the other stations. I don't like any of them tbh
  12. Of course there's a happy medium but this is what people wanted. Hot dry weather. They get it but now it's too much. It will happen again on Friday when we stay in the 60's those same people will say I want the heat we had on Monday and Tuesday after just complaining about it today. Maybe it bothers me so much because it doesn't work that way in the winter usually. If it's a mild winter people will complain that it's not cold enough but when we finally go into a deep freeze those same people don't complain that it's too cold. It's fine if you like the heat in the summer and complain if it's cool but then don't just turn around and complain that it's so hot when we finally get to the 90's. Pick one!!! Ok I'm done
  13. You nailed it
  14. People out there really know how to complain and contradict themselves. Watching the news all I see is people complaining that it's hot. These are the same people that complained a lot last week about how cold it is and how they want the heat so bad. Now we get it and they just complain saying it's too hot. Again, not people in this forum but general people on the news. Just a pet peeve of mine. Sorry for the rant
  15. Yeah honestly I like him but I don't know how he can say that when Monday afternoon hasn't even happened yet