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  1. 2 of the worst busts I've ever been apart of living in NE NJ. Such disappointment in 2001 when I was a kid expecting 2-3 feet of snow and barely ending up with 6 inches. I can still picture that Weather Channel graphic with a huge area of purple covering pretty much all of the Mid-Atlantic into SNE saying "widespread 2-3+ feet" and Paul Kocin honking hard. Jan 15' was like 50 miles too far west with the big snows but because it's one of the most populated 50 mile areas in the country, it was a big deal. Pretty sure it was a discussion out of the NO NWS or NHC for Katrina.
  2. Lol. Was this one of the discussions put out by the New Orleans NWS prior to Katrina? I remember that ‘high rise buildings will sway dangerously. A few to the point of total collapse’ line.
  3. To be fair, this isn't your run of the mill storm coming up the coast. It's a slow/stalled system that's wobbling. Very hard to accurately predict where and how much the heavy rain bands will be in the days leading up to this. Still, the models did a poor job in the days leading up to this relatively. Hopefully this isn't a bad sign for winter forecasting. If so, we're going to be in for a long frustrating winter.
  4. Isn't that the saying for New England except instead of waiting 5 mins it's "wait 24 hours"?
  5. Cashed in on the old get a downpour with less than a 10% chance forecast. Logan should report some precip in both reporting hours
  6. Do you have the link for whatever site it is that you can look up and create this information?
  7. Speaking of heavy rain, the GFS continues to show that FROPA at the end of next week, the latest 12z was just the strongest yet. Timing of it as of now shows it coming through just in time for an appropriate temperature intro to Game 1 of the ALDS in the Bronx. It'll feel like Fall for sure! Can't wait and I know a lot of others here can't either.
  8. I think we all were lol. I just couldn't help myself anymore
  9. . I think everyone is referring to your 7.20"/year rate mistake instead of what you probably meant with 7.20"/hr rate. Appreciate the effort though to prove your point lol.
  10. If these anomolies were around in Dec or Jan I think everyone (almost everyone) would be raged. This time of year it's welcoming. Why not? We're not getting any snow in any systems anyways
  11. Heat today all the way up to the depths of New England relative to average. Def a torch period region-wide
  12. The color on the Brownville, ME cam has really started to pop too out of nowhere. Midweek last week it was a lot of dark green still
  13. It really is, especially the last decade or so. They catch the nice banding of all the late developing nor'easter while still being cold enough on the North Shore to be all snow while the southern half of LI would rain/mix or accumulate a lot worse. Same thing for western Monmouth County in the northern part of the Jersey Shore. Always caching those well placed bands. Isotherm can attest to this.
  14. I don't think any of them are saying this is Sandy wire to wire. We all know that nothing will probably rival that storm in our lifetimes but Sandy is the first thought when I saw that also. Yes, not as big nor slow but anytime the models have a storm consistently like they've been having, it's probably happening. Just going to be a question of where does it track? It is a great setup for an EC threat.
  15. I'm not, and I don't think anyone else when it comes to a Northeast landfall/impacts a week+ out. Just implying that it looks like its going to be an active period next month so anything can happen. One well-timed trough or build in of a ridge and things could get interesting up the EC. First ingredient is there, waves off Africa with lots of coming activity