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  1. Getting very gusty here. 40-50 maybe? I just go by what Logan is reporting which was 47 mph about 10 minutes ago Lots of small debris on the road. Waiting to see what that line brings
  2. Thanks for bolstering my argument and teaching the knowledge you have that my brain couldn't muster up enough as an 18 y/o going into college. Exactly. Good point about clear-out Sandy did. Certainly took out most of/all of the weaker tree's in my hometown in NE Bergen County when I was still living there. Never forget that storm
  3. I honestly don't get how there isn't more concern for the wind impact on LI, especially along the immediate south shore by most people/media outlets. Yes, those Euro/UK maps are waaaaay overdone but with the wind direction coming straight off the Atlantic thanks to the western track, LI could really get slammed here.
  4. Euro has been garbage with this thing the entire time. Remember when it had it plowing into FL, SOUTH of Miami!? Not the Euro's storm
  5. Models, at least the Euro and UK have been pretty consistent in showing the heaviest rain NE-SW from the Worcester Hills down through the Connecticut River Valley down to NYC/NENJ. Obviously any track change will shift that axis of heaviest rain
  6. Wow. That's what, 3-6 members out of 51 that track offshore up here? Inland runner?
  7. Lets see what this looks like on Saturday. Think the models are a bit all over the place with the initialization which in turn impacts track and intensity downstream. Obviously, implications to SNE impact. Quite the 12z suite across the board though
  8. Euro (OP and ENS) seem to shred this thing and completely lose it Be funny is this becomes a complete non-event
  9. Def a hot next 7 days incoming. Any hints at a regression to normal in the LR (7+ days out), pattern change up?
  10. That is some unbelievable agreement this far out. Still a threat but a recurve OTS is favored, for now.
  11. Clearly this needs to be watched by everyone on the EC. 12z GFS does an inland recurve and brings remnants to us. 12z Op Euro has it at the same latitude, just 200 miles off the GA-FL coast
  12. Potent little thing. Def had a good look to it velocity/rotation wise. Looks to be toning down though as I type
  13. What's up with the mid 80's-2000? Did the ASOS just have a broken sensor for a decade and a half?
  14. Upper West Side (near Central Park ASOS?) looks to be the bullseye with accumulated rain per the radarscope OKX feed. Any updated official rain totals?
  15. Sunny and 68 late in the afternoon on July 4th with the sea breeze kicking. Probably the coolest 4th of July under sunny skies for me since I can remember Enjoy everyone!
  16. Yeah, boy did that change on a dime for next weekend. Went from highs in the upper 80's-near 90 to low 60's-upper 50's. Theme of the summer?..... What's the GFS have?
  17. Any prolonged heat in the extended long-term? Most forecast numbers seem to show just normal-slightly below normal temps through the next 2 weeks.
  18. It really is bad this year. I'm in Northern NJ visiting family this week and most of the pollen is all finished here so probably another week or 2 left for it in NE, hopefully.
  19. It really does seem that the pollen season is extra long this year. I can't remember it being around consistently like this.
  20. Def a good show going on. Merged with that pop-up Will got. Core of it looks to be going toward South Boston-Braintree area.
  21. I fully expect this also. Kind of surprised a STW was hoisted. Velocities aren't that impressive per radarscope but I defer to the experts in Taunton/Norton
  22. Big downpours here. We’ll see what Logan reports
  23. Awesome drone shot. Saw it on NECN also. Def. was a big deal up there
  24. They did a news story on the slide there on NBC10 Boston. Vermont reporter did the report. Don;t have a link but I'm sure you can find if you wanted to
  25. Gonna try to hold off on the install this week right here at the coast. Don't think I've ever held off until June before. Next week looks a lot cooler and very, very comfortable!