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  1. It was warm a day or two before the storm…And that was the problem, it was hard to believe a blizzard was on the doorstep..due to the nice weather already in place. But she was a coming for sure. Great memories. Sensational storm in ‘82. Congrats to the folks that picked up 18-22” yesterday…that was April 1982 in SNE 42 years ago, but colder and 4 days later to boot.
  2. 1982 I was 14..it was awesome. Legit Blizzard conditions with powder, no wet stuff.… cold/frigid airmass. 20 inches plus. Out of school for 3 days.
  3. Thats what he said…17-18 was great for you guys.
  4. Ya..wow, that’s a serious pack for sure! Looks like January 1996, and January 2011, and Feb13, and Feb 15 here.
  5. That’s a big storm! 20” is no joke. Nice way to go out….on an otherwise lousy year. And gorgeous house bro…love it!
  6. Let’s keep it going…maybe you guys can get to 50% of the state out..!
  7. How long before those pines blow down onto your house Hippy? Or are they far enough away that if they fall, they miss the house?
  8. Yup 33 degrees here too and some snow falling.
  9. The Lewiston area, and Lava rock area seemed to be the jackpot. And that’s where all modeling had it for days. Yet no where near the modeled amounts in the low to mid twenties(and some times even in the upper twenties were modeled). The southern NH and Northeast Mass areas seem to be a bust for the most part. The precip shield never really came together for those areas. Further north and east it is(Jeff’s area and Brian’s and Lava’s), but substantially lower than the huge amounts that were forecasted…At least the way it looks at the moment.
  10. Some light snow here now…completely meh overall though.
  11. I hope for the sake of the NNE’ers, this precipitation starts to blossoms later on.
  12. If your tools are(Locked) in the garage…you’re shit out of luck.
  13. All banded crap now…looks like trash coming up. Not even a solid shield. Get this crap the hell out of here.
  14. Ya that’s true too…I guess we’ll see in the morning.
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