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  1. Oh ok. Your neighbors showed 5.5” that’s why I asked. Understood.
  2. So you round down a Whole inch? That ruler is showing 5.5”. I can see maybe rounding down a half inch, but a whole inch?
  3. All Snow here for the last 15 minutes or so
  4. Lol...that’d be great. Thanks Eric. Still need the temp to drop some more here. I wasn’t expecting it to be coming from the south like that? Was thinking more of it developing in from the west. But ya that stuff coming up looks healthy and expanding too.
  5. Actually it looks very nice building from the south. I think he was looking at it coming from the west...?
  6. Ya...I guess we’ll see. Maybe it doesn’t snow at all? I’m fully ready for that possibility too?
  7. Since when do we need a flash freeze to have snow accumulate(even if it’s wet before) when the rates are heavy enough? Or were you being facetious? Lol
  8. Lmao, Now that’s some funny Sh*t right there.
  9. Yup...too dam bad this wasn't coming along then.