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  1. You'll take your 1-3 and simmer down now. Lol.
  2. I just see folks compare him to Harvey, and say he’s not very good. So I was just asking?
  3. Isn't he a not so good MET...
  4. Gotta another half of the month to go...maybe it improves? And surpasses 2012.
  5. Scoots didn’t comment on the least not here?
  6. Nice! Thank you for the response Sey-Mour.
  7. Yup it’s exactly mid month today...and hey we’re talking about a couple snow chances this week right. Not to shabby imo.
  8. Kim Carnes? Or Betty Davis?
  9. Ahh the raspy voice of Kim Carnes.
  10. Lisa Ann showing him the way I guess...
  11. So you’re seeing the whites of their eyes?
  12. Good points... Maybe you’re right? Nobody knows. But go back and read the January’15 thread. Eerily familiar.