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  1. 38 redux would frighten the sh*t out of most everybody....that thing was the real deal, at least as far as New England standards are concerned. My grandfather used to tell me the stories and I was mesmerized by his accounts...most impressive.
  2. Lmao, haven’t checked in in quite a while...and laughed hard when I saw this. Good one Luke. Would be fun to get a lil TS action up this way Friday night.
  3. Some buds in St Agatha and Sinclair sent pictures of Guys burning on Long lake yesterday too...going real late yet again this year way up North. Im just looking forward to next season now...hasn't been a good winter in more ways than one here. Let’s move on with Spring and summer already is my feeling.
  4. Personally, that May 9th date is 3 weeks from now, that is super impressive imo.
  5. Lol I thought my eyes were is dizzying.
  6. Lol..that is Always the case.
  7. Heavy snow..all Non paved surfaces covered..driveway starting to cave and accumulate now.
  8. Yes sir...March 2012 has been here since mid February according to him...and there was the guarantee of no more snow. My how Mother Nature has fooled him.
  9. What a shitty model that thing is....absolutely pathetic to say the least.
  10. Moderate snow here all of a sudden..very good snow growth now.
  11. Didn’t you say back in early Feb no more snow, and 2012 incoming??
  12. Considering there are 20 more days in the better get real real warm again, and stay that way for the next 20 days then.
  13. BS in Tolland still trying to twist and Spin lol.
  14. Perfectly put. In other words...gross exaggeration of what is actually happening currently lol. That's how the posts have to be taken.
  15. And more boring sh*t here lol. Although yesterday was just stellar..I'll take more of that please.