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  1. That got it wrong big time last night for most of CT. Don’t bet on it.
  2. Yes. The rain with this is very impressive.
  3. Lol CT getting drowned…Flash flooding everywhere. Phin says only benign weather in CT though. Then he says site anything severe this century? Hmmm How bout 7/9/21 Phin. Guy needs to stay back in DE, he silly.
  4. I think you’re going to be correct. Good call. Radar looks impressive getting ready to rotate up through here the next 3-5 hrs.
  5. No wind issues for most of us(unless you’re down in Groton/Stonington) just rain and quite a bit of it it looks like. Pouring here now..(been raining since about 3 pm) with quite a bit more to come.
  6. Yes sir. I already gave Phin all of those…and I specifically gave him the Octobomb as an incredible example. Been many examples this century. Radar is impressive coming up this way..lots of water.
  7. What the heck are you talking about? I gave you several super legit examples the last decade. I’m not saying this T.S. Coming is bad at all. I gave you examples/facts about severe and damaging weather this century as you asked. So your comment about mostly benign weather all the time in CT was quite inaccurate.
  8. It was in 1989, and then again a few years ago..both were very bad. F-3 in 89, and close to that a couple years back too. There’s been quite a few very damaging events the last decade alone Phin. Octobomb was historic! So was Superstorm/Hurricane Sandy! So was Isaias. These storms were devastating here…legitimately so. The Hamden tornado damage a few years back was very impressive in its own right for SNE. So you asked for examples, and I gave you quite a list over the last 10 years. even if our infrastructure/power grid was fabulous..these storms would have still been historic/very severe. So we’ve had our share of late of severe/damaging weather.
  9. Hamden got destroyed a couple years back my friend. Tornadoes criss-crossing this state the last few years destroying many homes/infrastructure. Isaias just a lil over 10 months ago did a job on this state. Octobomb of 2011…10-12” of solid cement snow on the 29th that destroyed power and trees everywhere, no power fir 10-20 days. Sandy the very next year destroyed even more stuff!! And that’s just the last decade. Shall we go on? Or is that enough to chew on for a while. Winter is a whiole nother story as well. You need to stay up on this stuff pal.
  10. Exactly! Don’t know what Phin is talking about? He doesn’t either.
  11. Lol…what is Phin talking about?? Ya and his area is so severely active lol.
  12. Lol..you’re already loosing time/daylight. But you/we have the height of summer still ahead of you/us. Lots of heat and humidity yet to come 512. Today was the First Day here in central CT where the sun went down one minute earlier than it did last night. The latest sunset is 8:29 pm here..it’s been holding at that 8:29 time since the 21st of June/solstice, until tonight. Tonight it was 8:28. Although we’ve lost about 5-6 minutes already in the morning since the solstice.
  13. Nice. You guys definitely needed it up that way. Glad you’re getting some.
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