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  1. 50" of less snow would still be a good year lol!!
  2. BRING IT!!!
  3. Exactly was a response to Runnaway. I'm enjoying the beautiful mild weather. That's all. I'm fine with warmth right now...it'll cool off soon enough. Sorry if I'm not appreciating the meteorology as much as you, or as much as you think I should be.
  4. Exactly! Today is fabulous. I'll take this for another couple weeks. Just gorgeous weather. And nobody wants winter to come more than me, but I can wait another month, when it should start to get cold...and it starts to matter. What good is cold/below normal now?? In fact it just sucks. Around 60 is fine for the next few weeks. And these days where we are in the 70's..I have no issues with them. A month from now I will..but not now.
  5. 64 is beautiful weather for any place...enjoy. It's gorgeous here in SNE today...temp is 71. Was around 70 yesterday too, and will be again tomorrow and through the weekend. This is nice stuff.
  6. Our first frost here this Autumn too. Beautiful Morning it was though.
  7. Yes it does feel very much like Autumn today..quite cool to be honest...almost early November like since we've been talking about November so much. Although, I found yesterday's mild temps to be fine too.
  8. And I Can too...but as you stated it's a mental thing, and as I stated it's a Perceived thing/notion...that most times is just not really all that accurate. But I guess if it gives a good feeling to one inside...then that's what matters to them.
  9. And that's what I mean..in terms of our weather. Just like back in the early part of the decade of the 2000's...wasn't it Al Gore and his followers saying that by after 2008 or something like that...snow/big snow events would be hard to come by in the Mid Atlantic and New England? And then we all know what happened after he said that lol.
  10. If it snows in November(and not just flurries) and accumulates...it's a bonus for the area/SNE. Back in November of 12, we had a decent event just after Election day that year...it was a good lil event for the area. But more times than not...November is not very wintry for the most part...especially the first 3/4 of it on average. Yes it can be grey...no doubt, and it gets dark early, but if it's mild and or wet...not a whole lot of fun.
  11. Lmao....dark and grey is the deciding factor.
  12. Perfect Example of a situation where "Perception is Reality!"
  13. You must be one of those that is very concerned with climate change.....Here's a word of advice...don't be.
  14. After hearing on the local news that this was supposed to be a great foliage year here in SNE/CT due to the moist spring and summer, I do agree with those who think the dry weather and heat of "late" has damaged our potential great foliage year. A lot of the trees that would be really lighting up now, are just drying up with more of a brown shriveled look, than a red/orange bright look....a shame really. Things have gotten a bit better after the rain on Monday, but nothing like what was expected for the area. Just goes to show, that a few week period of dry and heat this time of the year can put the screws to the foliage look, after a great fall was forecasted just a few weeks to a month ago. Still a ways to go here...so who knows what the next week or two brings with regard to color(maybe it makes a come back???)...but not looking all to spectacular as of today....
  15. 90F for what lol?? I'm not understanding your post? Today is perfect...I'll take this any day for the next month or so.