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  1. If it trends into something significant for SNE(doubt it highly), then that would be cool. But at this point, I am so fine if it is just some rain too. In fact, I'd rather have it be 65 and sunny. But we'll see if the winter has one more trick up its sleeve for us in SNE.
  2. Absolutely...I mean 25-30 inches is easy to come by at anytime during the winter..and even easier in April...most of us in SNE should be close to a 100 inches after this potential event. Lmao...holy crap you can't make that sh*t up. Rain..maybe a lil mix for most in SNE is a good bet at this point. Worcester latitude and North might be a different story. Not buying at all for most of SNE at this point.
  3. Hey, it's been fun gentlemen...some of the action this winter was great...was glad to have been able to participate and follow along. Looking forward to a good winter next season starting in late November(maybe)... Thanks again. Who knows..maybe we manage to get a tropical entity of some sort this year??? Or not lol.
  4. OMG that gave a good laugh. Nice!!
  5. Actually I never even looked at it lol. Maybe I'll check it out. Thanks Berg :-).
  6. No, not using his numbers at all. Was only implying that Kevin adds up everything(as he should), and so did I. I can PM you with the days and amounts if you are incredulous on the amount. But I assure you there was no slant sticking of any kind...I don't operate like that. My season started in October when I had a half inch of snow on the 27th. The next snow wasn't until the 21st of November when an inch fell. Etc Etc... Also did very well on the 31st of January, actually my general area pretty much Jackpotted that lil event, where more than 4 inches fell(I only recorded the 4 inches however). I also think I did better than your area in the January 7th snow event, where I received 6.5 inches in that one(SE Mass got like 16-18 inches out of that). There are some of the differences right there that might make for the differences in the totals???
  7. You might have not added up all the lil events(half inch here, quarter inch there, 3 inches of sleet in another etc etc.), they add up. DIT is 70 inches or over. So ya, I'm at 65.25" on the season. GFS Sucks A*S. Was afraid of this.
  8. Lol..not angry Berg..I had a good winter here..65 plus inches is darn good. I'll gear up for next year. Bring on the nice weather 50's and 60's.
  9. You have no room to criticize anybody Mr. Flip Flopper. We have a spring banter thread..that's my only point. Knock yourselves out with the Bug and Deet talk then!
  10. Yes it's windy for sure. Enough of the bugs and screened in porch stuff..put it in the banter thread. I get it, not much going on but let's get back to the modeling in here.
  11. Maybe the Euro will look more spring like? It's coming out now.
  12. Being that the weekend is rather close, I think it bears a little watching. But April is 11 days away...that is just the long range GFS showing it's usual snow event in it's fantasy range.
  13. No it isn't going to cut it I agree. But you were more enthused with it yesterday, and according to Will it looks better today. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense when you think about it. But anyway, let's hope it misses, and we have a decent day.
  14. Holy crap, why is he constantly wrong when he gives his take on what the modeling shows??? I mean if it wasn't for you guys forever correcting him....??? But I do agree with him that the usual April weather usually sucks, and I'm not looking forward to that either. I'm not thinking a whole lot of excitement for Sunday in most places of SNE...in fact I'd rather it just go away and be in the 50's(like yesterday...yesterday was a gorgeous day), but thats not looking to likely at this point either.
  15. He meant sorry Sis....lol!