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  1. Lol nothing like saying one thing(saying you may end up with less snow) then saying the exact opposite in the same post(Several large blizzards in March). #inconsistentjames
  2. Oh God's a pipe dream for sure. This winter sucks you in with a decent look...then pulls the rug out from under you, and then wraps you up in it and throws you in the dumpster as it starts to close in on go time.
  3. Toss it'll be happy you did! And it'll feel better to call it what it really is...a POS. LOL.
  4. Snow88 says no cold air for that one....and to be honest that fits the tenor so far.
  5. Almost a mirror image of 2012...we had One 6-7" snowfall in Jan that year, and that was the end of it for the rest of the winter. It could go that route this year as well. We had about 4" in town on Saturday, and 2012's January storm was almost twice that amount this is going worse than 2012 currently. What a Sh*t show.
  6. JC-CT said the GFS was looking decent in the longer range, and so did Snow88. Whether you believe the model or not is another story?
  7. Lol and as soon as you move...the Miller A's that bomb the west crowd will be back. Or you'll get suppression depression cuz the NAO will dive big time Neggy, and push everything south of your new location.
  8. I’ll Believe it when that look is in the 5 day range or less. This year is so volatile even in the medium range.
  9. Yes, but that's the thing with Lousy winters, you just can't get the ingredients to all come together; and this season can't seem to boil water, let alone put a few ingredients together. Not good. And not looking good going forward either currently. Disappointing.
  10. Lol....I'd be worried about my call if I were you. I think there's a much better chance we Rat out going forward, than flip to anything decent. I appreciate your work and dedication in putting out your LR Forecast, so I hope your Feb call works out for you, and for all of us. But I'm very skeptical now....the Ratter season is very Close imo. Hope I'm wrong and you're right though.
  11. The whole thing from the beginning was a shot in the dark, period! The storm is POS. The whole season to date is a POS. Stupid to say, but I'm ready for spring(at least in SNE..keep NNE getting the goods so we can Sled) on Jan 22nd already. This reminds me totally of the 80's. This is how it always was...something looks half way decent from afar, but then goes to crap as it draws closer. Personally I have a bad feeling Feb doesn't really improve either. The Rat is Back unfortunately. Those who think Feb is going to improve...I'd be worried of another busted seasonal outlook? This season just aint got it in SNE. Hope I'm wrong, but it just has that taste.
  12. Lol this will be close to that by the end I bet.
  13. lol...The Rat is creeping in. And now we’re at the second week of Feb before this even looks to change ....holy smokes. Completely reminds me of 11-12 with the continued pushing out of the better pattern, and then it goes to crap anyway and never makes it.
  14. live a piss length from NH, most of SNE is south and west of’s over for most of us except a few up high or way north in SNE. And I say this because this season can’t hold on to anything of significance since Dec 2nd. It’s a lousy season for most of us. Doesn’t look to change anytime soon either.
  15. Lol..this is over for SNE. But I appreciated your enthusiasm the last couple days, but this was always a very delicate situation. And it’s over now for us. This winter is heading to Rat city it looks! Next! If there is a next? 11-12 knocking on the door.