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  1. Getting real cold up there now..by the weekend highs in the mid teens and lows down near zero…here we go.
  2. Ahh ok, I see. Wow, I Thought that hit your area well too. Ya we got about 10” from that thing. Was certainly one to remember.
  3. What about the Norlun of Jan 2011…that was fabulous.
  4. You’ve been quite the pessimist the last year. You and T-Flizz hanging out?
  5. Lol…well at 5 days out(Saturday) we knew that was coming.
  6. They might have had a lil more than that. I know it skipped to the east with the real huge amounts, but I had 13-14” here, which compared to eastern CT paled in comparison obviously. But in ‘13 Hamden jackpotted and was totally buried with the big 40” total from the February 2013 Blizzard.
  7. Ya, that was the same system for sure Dave. But I remember the ones Will mentioned…especially the twin Feb 94 systems. 93-94 was a record breaking and special winter though, so it fit the narrative that season for sure. They do happen, so ya can’t say they never happen, but as Ray said it’s rare. And you can certainly hedge your bets against anything like that happening most of the time. But one of these times it will happen again.
  8. Lol yup. And that Jan 15 first one was supposed to be it, cuz the models completely lost the big one a couple days before, and we figured it was gonzo. Until the night of it snowing(Friday late night) the Euro brought it back at 0z.
  9. Going away again? You were gone for the get together last week too.
  10. Yup, we gotta be patient this time, and see what things look like in a couple more days?
  11. Looks active…there will be some chances. That’s the positive take away at the moment.
  12. Well we on the board for the season here, picked up about .25” of snow this morning. Just cloudy damp and cold here now, 34 degrees.
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