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  1. Lol, and 5 days later it’ll be all melted.
  2. What a clown that guy is....just plain sad.
  3. ya it won’t be unless something really changes. Lol 6 hours ago he wasn’t feeling anything he’s thinking it may be special. But that’s Par for the course.
  4. Ya saw that. It’s an incredible long shot for sure this time of year. Not buying in at all. But hey, if nothing else, at least it’s made things interesting for a few days at a boring time of year for weather.
  5. It won’t take much to convey if the 12z suite continues towards the NAM. If there is caving towards the NAM idea, it’s game on for most. Still Hard to take it seriously...but with this run continuing the gets a lil harder to blow it off each cycle. And if the other majors continue/or move towards it...then oh boy.
  6. It’s happened’ll happen again. It’s just a question of whether this is the time?
  7. Ginxy and Ryan mentioned at 18z it was looking like the 3k NAM was gonna go nuts like 12k did if given another couple frames. I guess the 3k is starting to show just that now at 0z. Interesting that both NAMS are showing this potential bomb now for back to back runs....would certainly be historic to say the least.
  8. Lol..yup he’s cooked. What a fantasizing Mega weenie.
  9. Are you for real? Lmfao...holy smokes.
  10. Pope says no go. It’s a northern mid Atlantic and Upstate New York deal according to him.
  11. Thanks for the info. But I’m thinking Canadian and Alaskan browns/Grizzlies/Kodiaks do more of a hibernation type of thing...??? Due to the incredibly harsh/long winters.... No?
  12. Since when? Never heard that before. Are you just talking about black bears? Grizzlies certainly hibernate. Ironically, I Saw a nice black bear yesterday morning cross right in front of my truck as I was pulling into a local park here in town. Got a few decent pictures of him.
  13. Berg and I will do much better than .3. So will most areas. No drought concerns here. Glad we don’t live East of the river.