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  1. Those models that projected the apocalyptic numbers were absolutely horrible...horribly wrong! And that’s the good news here! I never bought into any of those nonsense numbers anyway. They must be related to the NAM in the weather world!
  2. He subscribed to a lot of alternative medicine (which Is why many say he is a quack), but to each their own. I was just saying he said the humidity And warmth won’t affect this virus.
  3. From what I can tell..he seems to be doing a lot of studying on this..but whatever. I get what you’re saying too.
  4. No worries Mark. Keeping the social distancing up should keep helping imo. Thanks for the info.
  5. This was said by the woman on the Carona virus task force that’s on every day..she was the one tonight who said the modeling was way out of whack. Dr. Oz Is a very respected cardio thoracic Surgeon/physician.. I think he knows a little something about this virus, and what he said was also backed up by other physicians as well.
  6. That wingnut must be related to the guy who took fish tank cleaner cuz he thought it was the experimental drug, and died from poisoning himself. Lots of silly folks out there...
  7. According to some doctors(Dr. Oz) he said the humidity and warmth will not matter. He said this virus doesn’t swell up and get weighted down by the humidity like some others. Good news is, a lot of the modeled projections are now realized to be way off (they were way to high) on how many will get infected and how many will both Britain and in the U.S. So some good news there.
  8. Heavy snow..all Non paved surfaces covered..driveway starting to cave and accumulate now.
  9. Yes sir...March 2012 has been here since mid February according to him...and there was the guarantee of no more snow. My how Mother Nature has fooled him.
  10. What a shitty model that thing is....absolutely pathetic to say the least.
  11. Moderate snow here all of a sudden..very good snow growth now.
  12. Didn’t you say back in early Feb no more snow, and 2012 incoming??
  13. You have to realize that Italy is very small compared to the United States. Each year in the United States, 30,000-60,000 people die of the flu. Nobody bats an eye about that though. This spreads faster than the I get the importance of shutting things down and trying to curb the spread of this, so as not to overwhelm the health care system. But the virus itself (thank goodness) is not Even in the same league as the Spanish flu was a 100 years ago...that would be a true disaster. This is much less deadly than that there is some perspective and optimism with regards to that.
  14. Lol yup. On a more serious note, We gotta hang tough for a few more weeks ...things should start improving after that with all the precautions that we now have in place.
  15. Fed Government is coming to the rescue...for small and larger businesses as well. The Feds won’t let most of these businesses fail. imo...things are gonna turn out much better than most think. Stay positive.