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  1. Guys, what time do you think the rain starts tomorrow in Central CT??? Late afternoon? Noon?? Have a big event at school, and wondering if we get it in??? Or do we postpone til Friday?? But Friday isn't looking to good either in the morning????
  2. Ok that's cool.
  3. Tip, tried to private message you about a guy who is a big Disc Golf player here in CT. I told him I knew a guy on my weather forum who loves Disc Golf! But it says you can't receive PM'S ?? If you're interested in contacting this guy about the game, let me know. And maybe I can give you his info, if you're interested. WinterWolf.
  4. And Long Lake in Sinclair and St. Agatha still has Ice on much of the lake lol!!
  5. Very good post Wxsniss. It's a tough tough science fur sure!! The more I learn from the pros and very talented hobbyists here..the more I realize that the science is still very much evolving..and there is so much we still have to learn. Certainly Humbling.
  6. Good post Ray.
  7. I have to give you credit on this one J. You warned alot of people about the problems this could have...and I think your ideas were more right than wrong with this system. Nice Job imo.
  8. I agree 100%.
  9. Two systems in a row that showed big hits for eastern and northeast mass...this one looks to turn out similar to the last one..which is a big under performance compared to modeling. I mean even at 2:00 this morning, the Euro gave that area a big hit...don't think that's going to pan out again.
  10. OMG wait for it to melt!!
  11. Does anybody really think eastern Mass has another six hours of precipitation left to go with this? I think from the looks of it...it'll be over in half that time? At least the heavy stuff anyway. I don't think 6-10 is happening there?
  12. Boston still raining? Looks to be?
  13. Flipping to snow here now..maybe I'll pick up an inch to add to the seasonal total?? To those in the favored spots with this one..enjoy guys!!
  14. Actually Kev, it is all sleet now...probably cuz it's heavier.
  15. I wouldn't say all sleet...but it's pinging off my hood and clothes...rain mixed in with it. i figured I might see some sleet later tonight or overnight, but am kind of surprised to see it now.