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  1. Agree that some systems of the last few yrs seem to struggle longer early on(doubt it has anything to do with any AGW just my opinion). And this one is struggling too. Long way to go to see where and what this does. Modeling Will continue to Flip flop -flip flop a while more.
  2. Is comical as you read through some posts saying how good he looked yesterday and Friday night, and how it should be a Hurricane soon, its gonna be off the to the races, etc etc…. Bottom line is he’s deteriorated and is struggling. The Euro is already more correct with the slow to develop idea. Toss the current GFS idea hard. Long way to go for Ian to become anything formidable in his current deteriorated state.
  3. Seems that it has a long Long way to go to compare with the ‘38 Beast in SNE?
  4. Hmmm..I guess we’ll see. Katrina weekend significantly…the thing was…it was a Monster cat 5, and weekend to a strong cat 3 on approach. Good thing that happened or N.O. wouldn’t exist.
  5. Have a feeling this is gonna disappoint as far as pressure, and wind for you, compared to forecasts? hope I’m wrong? Maybe you get it good on the back side..?
  6. Weather has a super sense of irony…don’t be surprised if this thing fails to deliver anything. Wound t be the first time.,
  7. It won’t…Tampa never gets hit directly. But There ya go, I just jinxed it so you’ll get a thrashing there in Tampa. You’re welcome
  8. Let’s see what the euro comes with in 90 minutes?
  9. Everything is in play at this juncture…lots of moving parts that aren’t being sampled correctly yet.
  10. Thank you. What other planet is that other guy on? Lol.
  11. Huh? That makes no sense. Charley, Michael, Andrew..I think Katrina…shall we go on?
  12. Yup. Nova Scotia will be sent back to the age of the Vikings…we get a breezy rainy day at best. Ahh we’ll take what we can get I guess.
  13. Ya it’s a joke track for high end T.S. force winds…and zero chance of a bonafide Cane so nothing exciting there. But at this boring point..I’ll take a heavy rain nor’easter in a hot second, so bring that.
  14. Isn’t the convection “west” of the exposed center?
  15. Hope not…that thing was a big nothing/miss. But you’re probably right Jerry…it is the Most likely scenario anyway.
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