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  1. April can bring the heat when it wants too was what I was meaning …a couple days here or there is meh.
  2. Yup…it can do just about anything.
  3. It happens though in April…but it’s a scorcher for sure.
  4. Well the first 3 days of next week look to be in the 50’s as of this time…that’s not summer lol. Later next week upper 60’s looking likely. However the last 3 days have certainly been summertime feeling.
  5. 90 here…And we’re not done yet.
  6. Truck was reading 93 when I headed to New Haven yesterday afternoon at 3:30 to meet some buds for dinner….figured when I got to New Haven it would be cooler. It was, by about 7 degrees, but was still 86 degrees. Impressive heat for April. 80 here already today too…
  7. Last day of school today for 10 days…looks to be a beaut of a Spring Break Clark.
  8. Way over a foot…20 inches
  9. Ya, something cooling you off there.? No marine influence here.
  10. 830” …that’s 69 feet. WTF? Hard to even imagine.
  11. Lol…what is funny and ironic is that it wasn’t long ago that the mantra was they’d never recover…it was gonna become a dust bowl/drought region. Funny how it all seems to balance out after all…
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