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  1. Wow that’s impressive. You’re 15 degrees warmer than here. That’s quite the difference.
  2. Yes sir...that’ll be what it is.
  3. Bet against that. That’ll change by late tonight or tmrw to a cold rain.
  4. Lmao... RAMBLE ON...Led Zeppelins song applies.
  5. Sun is out here..temp starting to respond a bit, up to 33 now. Was forecast to be cloudy all day..but the sun is out nonetheless.
  6. He’s Higgins from Magnum PI reincarnated..
  7. Ant...go up to Caribou and see if Caribou P.D. Is hiring? Nice little town...but has everything you’d want. Presque Isle is just south of Caribou, but it’s a lil bigger town..Presque Isle is known as the “hub of Aroostook County.” Both those towns are big enough where they have their own PD’s. And in southern Aroostook county, there’s Houlton; and they have their own PD, and a decent sized one for that area. Or there’s always the Border Patrol agency up there as well. Once north of there, the State police cover the little Northern Aroostook towns; except for Fort Kent and Madawaska, they have their own PD’s. You want Cold..and I mean Absolute brutal cold that’s the place to go. And Snow...well they get buried up there. There’s Almost a foot on the ground from yesterday’s system in N. Aroostook county, Maine.
  8. 19 here already...if the clouds hold off..we’re gonna crush last nights low of 16 degrees. Impressive cold for this early in the season for sure.
  9. That buck in the video there didn’t look to have a mark on him..quite the impact though! Although wonder what type of injuries it sustained? Ive seen a few where there is blood everywhere from the initial impact.
  10. Probably because it wasn’t always like this in November growing saying this is what November’s of “Yore” are like, Is not exactly accurate. But if you think so...I’m glad it makes you happy. Yesterday was’s that for Yore? And Friday it’ll be 50 plus again...and around 50 most of next week(save for sat and Sunday)
  11. Ya that was exactly my point earlier today when we discussed this idea. He was saying how Brutal it was going to be, and hoped that this would be the coldest weather we’d see all winter. So that’s when I said what you just’s seasonable for January...but not mid November. But other than that...imo it’s not all that brutal.
  12. Nice for you guys. We saw about 10 flakes over this way...but they were there. So first flakes was accurate..but just barely.
  13. Hey Wiz, Ryan H. kind of Just echoed the idea that tonight and tomorrow aren’t anything that brutal or unusual for SNE, but what is unusual(as we talked about) is the calendar date. These are garden variety winter time temps in late December through mid Feb. He also said this will be tame in comparison to some of the Arctic blasts we’ll face going forward in actual winter. So better get those arms in shape to ward off the potential cramping. Start drinking more really helps.
  14. Ryan was just on here..according to his radar..Chatham was still rain..but Martha’s Vinyard and Nantucket were snow. That outer arm was rain according to the radar...but who knows if it’s that accurate?