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  1. Yes he would have. What a sad thing and shame. He would have been giddy with excitement. So sad he’s gone and missed it.
  2. Yes I think they did too. Great call on this one by them.
  3. You should have yesterday Kevin. He was correct on this for our area/Most of CT. Gotta give some credit there bro.
  4. Take the under from now on on winds for the most part. You’ll be much better off. Runaway and Ken tried to tell ya.
  5. Yes you’re correct. After I posted that I said to myself we’re still in DST, so it may only be 4 hrs behind, instead of 5 hrs during EST??? Thanks for the clarification.
  6. Some good precip backing in this way from the east. So more rain coming to add to the totals today.
  7. I mean I always take the under for winds inland on these, but I mean we should see 40 mph imo. But maybe it underwhelms here? That happens a lot, so Wouldn’t be surprised.
  8. They have no 40 mph gusts for Hartford or BDL lol.
  9. Ya ok I see what you mean. And you’re right, that was a lousy job writing that out.
  10. To be fair, Bridgeport is not even close to being southeast CT though.
  11. If they still had the concord he’d be home by noon.
  12. Been raining mod to heavy for hrs, with Lots more rain heading in from the south and East.
  13. Ya henri was a joke for the most part here…a non event.
  14. Things getting a lil more serious perhaps? Could this be a next level event for SNE?
  15. Ya he just Ginxed the whole wind idea for sure. Pun intended
  16. Ya that’s a marked increase in precip for sure for a lot of areas. Thanks for posting. And thanks to Kevin for asking you to do so lol.
  17. Never could break into that warm sector. In fact it got cooler as the day went on. 52 degrees now with mist. Sucks.
  18. Cool and overcast, very grey and sitting at 55 degrees.
  19. So it’s an ’easter instead of a nor’easter I guess on the CMC. lol. Unless you live along the immediate coast of SE CT, RI and Mass, this is probably a yawner for most everyone else, unless this gets really tugged back to the west, and those 5-7” rains pan out for a large area. Which is still possible, but we have guidance still disagreeing on how this evolves with regard to track and capture. Captures are always precarious for SNE, most times they don’t work out so well for most it seems. But at least there’s some interesting weather to track regardless of how it shakes out.
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