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  1. …it waited until the last few hrs, but it’s roaring out there, with a line of heavy showers about to come through. The out like a butterfly didn’t pan out.
  2. Everybody’s temps for their home is super subjective. If I’m relaxing in the house 68-69 is comfortable for me. Anything colder than that, and it’s a lil chilly for my liking if I’m just lounging around. Night time 65-67 range is perfect for me.
  3. I missed that melt…so I’m at a loss for what was said.
  4. Ya, we knew that was a fake narrative, and a pipe dream for those touting it.
  5. That isn’t happening…and nobody wants any of that now anyway.
  6. I’m fine crazed71, just glad it’s gone and over, cuz it was very frustrating and nothing could/would work out for most. And it was true to itself(a sucker) right to the end. Mail it in..it’s done.
  7. Story of this wretched winter…..what a POS, glad it’s OVER.
  8. Fabulous…let’s bring it. Good riddance winter 21-22, don’t let the door hit you in the a$$.
  9. Any Green up is done for a while….killed! There was Very lil green here to start anyway, so really no loss, we start trying from the next mild days. Peepers frozen like peepsicles…
  10. Cheshire is a nice town…nicely located. Good schools, and athletics. But Come north 8-10 miles, and settle In SOUTHINGTON…it’s even better here. Great schools….and fabulous athletics!
  11. Hey…sun trying to come back out here, maybe we salvage the afternoon. See, no complaining just some good old optimism for ya Davis.
  12. We’ll that’s the point..first half…May through first half of June can be dicey if you’re looking for real summertime, that’s the only point being made. And None of us had a problem being in a pool in June growing up..cuz we were kids. Lol.
  13. This is my point. Thanks. And I’m not complaining(Davis saying I’m complaining), just saying the way it is most years. Sure some years ya get the real warmth to come in earlier, and it’s great. But not usually.
  14. Hey..it’s sucked. I’m not the only one complaining. Plenty of others have been too.
  15. I’m ready too. And yes, Monday will blow chow. If we had a chance at some wintry weather with that cold, I agree it would be different. But we don’t, and who needs/wants that crap now..nobody. And yes, most of the weather between now and mid June will be lousy. We’ll have our nice days, and some warmth/heat will make appearances, but a good chunk of it will not be to good…like today is right now.
  16. THIS. And thank you. Everybody rushing seasons all the time. May and first half of June are cool and wet much more on average than not. But cuz a few think otherwise they’ll force it down everybody else’s throat. Not buying any of that BS. Anyway…shitty afternoon here..raining/drizzle and a cool 50 degrees.
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