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  1. HimoorWx

    February 2019 Discussion I

    I thought that was the last one, but entirely possible that my old brain is misremembering.
  2. HimoorWx

    February 2019 Discussion I

    Yeah, I remember Ginx tracking the upper level low dropping down and Messenger doing the PBP that evening. Also remember how that one came in two waves and how Saturday evening you could actually see the moonshine and a lot of folks were calling bust. My avatar is from that Sunday afternoon and at that point you could not even see the 42" fence at the back of our yard.
  3. HimoorWx

    February 2019 Discussion I

    Wow! I forgot how EMA centered that last blizzard in the series was. We had about 18" in that one, but with the wind and what was already on the ground it was almost impossible to tell really.
  4. HimoorWx

    February 2019 Discussion I

    Give me a foot or give me spring!
  5. 4 years ago . . . winter of yore!
  6. HimoorWx

    February 2019 Discussion I

    I'm perfectly fine if it is over. This winter has just been annoying, and I am really ready for spring. Never would have said this years ago, but I've now lived thru the Blizzard of 78 and the 2015 Snowpocalypse . . . ground zero for both. Almost 65 now, and for me I either want the big storm or nothing at all. 4 inches of snow, sleet and freezing rain time after time does nothing for me. My only fear now is that this year's big one will arrive on March 7th when I am flying to England.
  7. HimoorWx

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    Yeah, my 3+ inches of snow and sleet was already down to about 2 inches of snow and slush this morning after overnight rain with temps in mid to upper 30s. Didn't even bother to clear the driveway, and could already see the pavement thru the slush in some spots. Gonna go fast south of Boston!
  8. HimoorWx

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    For this miserable winter you need stronger stuff . . . I'd go with a good single malt and some early Richard Thompson to get you in the mood.
  9. HimoorWx

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    Took 1:30 train out of the city. Roads south of Boston were already snow covered an hour ago. Traffic looks horrendous now. Over an inch now in Randolph. Sent from my SM-T713 using Tapatalk
  10. Now even Hawaii is stealing our snow!
  11. HimoorWx

    February 12th-14 Redeveloper Nowcast/Obs

    Was surprised to wake up to 16 degrees at 5:30. Effective cold drain overnight.
  12. HimoorWx

    February 2019 Discussion I

  13. Updated . . . Editing Help Needed! If the price is legit and your skills are complete, I need an editor to go through my posts on AmericanWX and ground them in reality, there are sometimes 293 posts per day if there is a chance of flurries on Cape Cod, MA, USA, so it is legit fantasy.
  14. HimoorWx

    Feb 6-7 icing

    I've got no problem with salt when needed, especially on some of the roads I drive on. However, in our area they have been dumping tons of salt when it was obvious that either there was going to be no snow or the precip was going to be liquid not frozen. I have to wonder where some of the cities and towns are getting their forecasts as they are wasting money and resources.