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  1. I hope to god that nobody lived their lives thinking animals were not emotional beings. Well you learn something new every day. Our destination is arriving before us but are we willing to accept the error of our ways or depart this exercise in futility?
  2. The pattern advertised is more along the lines of "chaotic neutral" that is our pattern. Without going full on Chuck it's finally happening.
  3. I don't know about your perspective but the only place not torching is the arctic. That's exactly why this is happening... common sense people it cannot be warm everywhere at the same time. As much as I hate to admit it it's not 2050 or 2100.
  4. Newest GEFS suite seems problematic too many factors at play to say for sure that it's fishing. Henri also moved SW all of the big ones trek southwestward is indicative of other factors.
  5. You got it backwards. What was it before with the sudden weakening
  6. Just a bonus storm. Should of never existed anyway in a sense I will take it.
  7. That's a bad thing if you don't want impacts. It's slowing the storm down there is no organized structure... yet
  8. Going by that logic we should of kept orange dust around. Just enjoy the storm don't over-analyze the situation. There will be more to come.
  9. Category 2 is nothing. Really easily doable... have you guys lived through a category 2? A well-build cabin can withstand those conditions. It's insulting to say that we cannot reach it we are a cane town now just watch. We lost the snow but we gained the cane. Cancels out...
  10. The center is very elongated and south of there and this storm is still crawling. It may not make it to your latitude per say.
  11. It's ovah' guys. Worst model dumpster fire in recent memory.
  12. It does good but in really hardcore borderline situations like this it falls apart.
  13. I see you have a very unruly gut. May want to get that checked out
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