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  1. Now we transition to a warm season board. That's a good way to start the decade.
  2. I would wager there is less to burn per acre? Thoughts? On a positive note the moistening trend should move from West Australia to the deep south going forward.
  3. The air is super dry. My god man.... this winter is garbage shit. I will miss the rockin' 2010s.
  4. A.) Why are we not headed towards disaster? B.) Why is global warming a non-threat? Quite the contrary it appears to be a threat multiplier at a time when we are most vulnerable.
  5. Well better get back into the hall and steer this ship away from disaster.
  6. Right but for the wrong reasons. Curtailing overpopulation through personal decisions just serves as palliative care for your posterity at this juncture will not turn our trajectory away from resource overshoot or rather for the more sensible among us - extinction. Have fun whistling past your 2030 graveyard because dieing in 2050 will just be that much better.
  7. LMAO 36F+ temperature anomaly on the shores of Hudson Bay.
  8. She now lives in my basement. I shit you not.
  9. There is always a new way to fail when you live in the Mid-Atlantic.
  10. That's what happens when your primary is in Minnesota.