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  1. Crush job here. My backyard is more or less a pond in the making. Much stronger winds during the March coastal (rivaled even Sandy winds). Crazy year thus far.
  2. Here are some pics from earlier to do this event justice. The cover is like the book right. Enjoy guys.
  3. This is what you would call a tropical slam dunk (or in general a meteorological slam dunk). This is precious for this region and also the first to experience an early season record.
  4. it's been desert-level dry in the MDR for almost a decade+ now. Just think of this as a reversion to the mean. The only problem here is that we have scraped out some robust years like 2017 with a very poor MDR. Often back-to-back as well. The GHG warming is moving the tropical developments further north thus reducing the importance of the MDR as a ACE generator.
  5. NHC is popping the proverbial tropical cherry for all of us. It's happening. Also NAM decided not to fringe you guys.
  6. YES but I got fringed some weeks back. It all averages out in the end.
  7. Sea levels looking a little elevated. No? Just messin' great pic here.
  8. Nobody eats better than the Mid-Atlantic. True story and probably drinks better as well.
  9. Nervous stress most likely. Take care brother.
  10. Winter is dead. It's like 100 degrees in New Brunswick, Canada....
  11. Off the charts severe wx. I hope it verifies.