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  1. I strongly doubt it man. They will just end up stuck in Greenland with a raging positive NAO. Nothing kills winter faster than cold Octobers.
  2. The model is performing very badly. Not sure it means anything at this juncture.
  3. That's how they do it down there. It's the deep south done right.
  4. having these PWATS at 40N is kind of ridiculous. It's the only place in the world with such conditions.
  5. The soup kitchen is gone at last but will it return? You don't need need rain for that.... this region is nutty but nothing like Colorado I suppose.
  6. Homebrew right offshore? Let's roll out for the king.
  7. How is the 12z EPS doing? Hearing it's a bit nutty like the operational.
  8. Our worst fail to date. That would of dethroned Sandy massively.
  9. Just too sick. Deep tropical right into the Delaware Capes. Bob'esque