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  1. Vice-Regent

    Climate Emergency

    Role playing a narcissistic psychopathic James Hansen who wants to destroy civilization. xD
  2. Vice-Regent

    Climate Emergency

    Ship tracks
  3. Vice-Regent

    Climate Emergency

    https://newscenter.lbl.gov/2012/10/17/elevated-indoor-carbon-dioxide-impairs-decision-making-performance/ Student volunteers enlisted by the team engaged in the game-like simulation, working at desks in a chamber sealed tightly with a door like that on a refrigerator. Over three short trials, they breathed air containing 600, 1,000 and 2,500 ppm of carbon dioxide. The results astounded Mendell. Indoor air experts generally don’t consider carbon dioxide to be a health problem unless breathed at levels far higher, at which point it causes respiration changes. “I didn’t know what to think,” he says. There were “moderate” declines in decision making performance at 1,000 ppm compared to 600 ppm. At 2,500 ppm, the drop in mental capacity was “astonishingly large.” The scientists published their results in 2012, in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives. In June 2016, a team of Harvard researchers (also collaborating with Satish at Syracuse) published a paper that roughly confirmed these findings, again in Environmental Health Perspectives. The Harvard group measured a 15 percent decline of cognitive ability scores at 950 ppm and 50 percent declines at 1,400 ppm. “We were really surprised,” says the new paper’s lead author, Joseph Allen, a professor at Harvard’s School of Public Health. Mendell says that his team received inquiries from officials at the Navy and NASA, concerned about crews in sealed subs and spacecraft. “They were shocked that there might be big effects at 2,500 ppm,” he recalls.
  4. Vice-Regent

    Climate Emergency

    Does anyone here actually realize how damaging geoengineering is in the long-run (75-500 years) without legislated reduction in resource consumption? One of the quickest paths to extinction with no possibility of recovery.
  5. Vice-Regent

    Climate Emergency

    I think Dane Wigington is aware of the future impact of geoengineering on climate policy and has had the foresight to derail such measures by generating a malicious picture for the public consumption. 50/50 chance that aerosols are never dispersed into the stratosphere largely due to a combination of political barriers and conspiracy theories. With that said. It's ever more important to lower carbon emissions and resource consumption especially since we are wasting decades and various rare Earth minerals needed for a functional transition.
  6. Vice-Regent

    Tropical Storm Chris

    I am taking it seriously and I live at 74W. That should give you pause. My DP and humidity is already creeping back up.
  7. Vice-Regent

    UV Increasing?

    Activity has picked up in this forum since the conspiracy threads started so +1. If that's what it takes to get AGW into the public domain then it was worth it.
  8. Vice-Regent

    Tropical Storm Chris

    Canadian ensemble is of considerable interest hinting at many possibilities. Also notice how wide the NHC forecast cone is.
  9. Vice-Regent

    Tropical Storm Chris

    There is a little piece of energy over N MD at 96. Get that to dig south and you could conceivably Sandy it into our shore.
  10. Vice-Regent


    Either that or Gaia hypothesis is correct. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaia_hypothesis
  11. Vice-Regent

    2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    Locals are pumped. You should be too. 12z GFS coming out. Can we bring her (Invest 96L) home?
  12. Vice-Regent


    The very active East PAC and tropical cyclones such as Hurricane Fabio. I am not ready to declare this a valid theory but fits in well with the geoengineering argument. We know that MJOs over warmer than average waters can work the magic.
  13. Vice-Regent


    This is the kind of stuff that makes you wonder. New plan as of late has been to use tropical cyclones to mix out heat content from the ocean surface layer. It comes at a huge cost. There is no guarantee this will go harmlessly out to sea without causing massive beach erosion.
  14. Vice-Regent

    Arctic Sea Ice Extent, Area, and Volume

    The AMOC is slow enough to stop further catastrophic melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet but fast enough to cause extreme heat events in Europe (and the US?). That can't be a good thing. As well we know Antarctica holds 5x the fresh water content of Greenland. Maybe it's just a natural variability and revision to the mean but I would say it's not a good sign. We still have tremendous heat transport in the Atlantic. This can't hold for much longer without causing massive damage to something/somebody. If you thought Sandy and Harvey was bad just wait a few years.
  15. Vice-Regent


    The too big to fail mentality extends to the geoengineering domain. Color me surprised.