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  1. That high pressure gradient was roaring in near white-out conditions if not outright momentarily. Unreal storm for us that Jan 3rd. Not to boast but It was actually too violent to be enjoyable.
  2. Real talk Alex. I find the appeal of this one much greater since it is occurring during the day and should be less windy versus Jan 3rd. Some prefer the wind but nasomuch here.
  3. Go home NAM you are drunk. Still going to be remarkable regardless.
  4. Locally it would possibly dethrone 1899. The sea level pressure on the Euro looks all wrong.
  5. One or two solutions appear to stall off the VA Capes for 2 days? Jeez man
  6. I like where we stand as of now. BOS will rain possibly in the end but the earlier phasing is kind of removing that from the equation. A dry slot will also suffice. If you hate BOS the trends are in your favor. I have been waiting for a year where I defeat Boston in seasonal snowfall.
  7. You are positioned well for this storm the only downside is it will be a fast mover without any blocking.
  8. There's your GFS and model cold bias hard at work setting up @clskinsfan for a mauling. This has rainstorm written all over it just like Chuck said.
  9. Just too silly. Let's get back on track brother we celebrate each other's victories in here. Not sure how they roll at your place/sub-forum.
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