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  1. Yeah once you go to that place you see the writing on the grave. Between the fake climatology and fake outs from global warming you hate it even more.
  2. It's got this weird thing going on with the Atlantic height anomalies causing the flow to be less progressive than it is.
  3. Blended mean solutions, lower resolution, etc.
  4. There is nothing to show for it. The usual suspects get theirs as usual.
  5. It's not going to deliver south of 41N or so. Even the historic Madrid snows occurred north of us and that was a perfect setup. In regards to the snow in Lousiana.. we won't be able to repeat that insane blocking so there's that. Strato PV thoroughly recycled and probably somewhat crippled.
  6. Among the greater deceptions of modern times. Canada was once a bastion of hope for many but the corporate reach is unprecedented.
  7. As @FPizz pointed out. It's all over-valued and over-developed garbage land that is at risk. Cape May may be a rare exception but yeah. The only people who stand to lose much are the super wealthy. However the loss of mangroves and wetlands will entail an extinction threat for some species of birds and fish. The way we live is completely wrong. Coastlines are the most valuable assets you could ever maintain because they protect you from oceanic pollution/overfishing and storm surge. Most coastlines should be human exclusion zones period. Only allowed for aesthetic and rewilding reasons.
  8. If only we loved the girls as much as we love the snow.
  9. Let the idiots pay for it. They tend to be concentrated on the coastlines at any rate.
  10. We will need weenie tribunals en masse. WxWatcher007 will be the head administration of the Truth and Reconciliation department.
  11. Death by "too much" blocking. One would expect this to happen eventually because the flow becomes too meridional on the North America side locking the cold air into Siberia/Europe.
  12. People stopped tracking tropical too? I will remember this.