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  1. World-ending death ridge on the long range Euro in the year 2022.
  2. I would trade tropical cyclone hell for extended heat domes. Area is not like it used to be cannot handle large storm surges because of background SLR. It is my understanding that one significant TC could wipe us out if coinciding with the tides.
  3. Winters are super warm and summers are cloudy and cold. Really bizarre situation but kind of fits the bill of what to expect. When your air-mass is constantly advecting from the ocean there is no chance of massive heat domes. That means the Northeastern US is one of the most resilient in the world towards climate change. But we will pay the price in other areas like the precipitation and tropical cyclone department.
  4. That is how we roll on the East Coast/Mid-Atlantic. High precipitable water content and thicc CG strikes. A monster hailer rolled through here yesterday but the core missed by a mere quarter mile.
  5. France is getting their own version of this at the moment. The heat hits like a truck up around 50N because of the longer days during the solstice. It is unreal in many regards and makes us rethink what the future may look like. By the numbers: Spain's meteorological agency said Friday that it was the earliest heat wave in over 40 years, while France's weather service said it was the earliest ever to hit the country. Biarritz, France, broke its all-time heat record on Saturday with a high of 109.2°F (42.9°C), according to meteorologist Scott Duncan. That exceeded its previous all time record by 4.14°F, which itself is unusual, since typically such long-term records are broken by smaller margins. On Saturday, a staggering 203 monthly high temperature records were beaten or tied in France, along with 18 records for the hottest temperature observed for any day of the year, according to extreme weather specialist Maximiliano Herrera. The nation's hottest temperature on Saturday was 110.1°F (43.4°C) at Pissos, in southwestern France where "red" warnings were in place for extreme heat.
  6. It's eating my coastline bro. Getting sea level rises that are 30 years ahead of predictions because some aspects were not considered. Prior to 2000s it was not even known that sea level was lower on the windward side of ocean currents therefore creating the illusion that our coastlines are more resilient or stable than they are.
  7. Probably another residual of the AMOC situation because the Gulf of Mexico relies on oceanic transport to reduce it's heat content and the climate of Galveston is highly correlated with sea surface temperature.
  8. Maybe next time chief. It's like a global warming royale.
  9. It may not ever happen again because of the extreme changes in Rosby Wave patterns in the summer. Another possibility is our Hurricane Season could lengthen to be year-around and open the door to 1938s again.
  10. It's actually the opposite. Hurricane intensity is decreasing in the MDR and increasing in the mid-latitudes and is in line with climate models. Eventually the MDR will shift hundreds of miles north in our lifetime. Also some of that apparent decrease in intensity can be attributed to the slower forward motion of mid-latitude cyclones in the summer. That was where 1938 derived most of it's impacts from. In any case whatever is happening is likely to be a temporary respite from the reality ahead of us.
  11. Did we not have one last year? Also as LibertyBell mentions the Northeastern strike frequency is ticking down and Mid-Atlantic/Gulf-Coast is ticking up. I imagine as a result of some changes in the Rosby Wave depth.
  12. This could be the "year" of sweeping significant changes that determines our weather patterns for years to come.
  13. I am on it I know my region has a lot of potential to become a model for many of us in North America going forward.
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