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  1. 2018 Mid-Atlantic General Severe Discussion

    June 2012 Derecho part 2? A man can dream.
  2. 2018 Atlantic Hurricane Season Tracking Thread

    Seems true more or less every year since 2015. The lack of strong hurricanes at the proper longitude is the only reason the NE has avoided a hurricane strike since then IMO. Irma was close - a few pieces were derailed by the maritimes LP.
  3. HAARP

    Let's be honest. If we had tech that could control mesoscale weather patterns we would not have 99% of the problems that exist in society. There is only room for more hubris. Weather and climate control is a dead end road.
  4. Events in New Maximum

  5. May Discobs Thread

    +1 for transparency. You have become a solid poster in my book.
  6. April Mid/Long Range & Disco

    90s setup
  7. Events in New Maximum

  8. HAARP

    Scientists on Amwx? I have seen Joe Bastardi posted on this board more often than HAARP.
  9. HAARP

    It's like we're going back in time to the HCO period and Eemian. If we can do that in 25 years imagine what we can do in 200 years. Food for thought.
  10. April Banter

    Robust evidence of arctic amplification.
  11. The Ice Storn Cometh

  12. HAARP

    The initial stages of climate change will not present with an equable climate. Since there are now extremes in both directions (hot and cold) the public has become utterly confused. HAARP or not - it is very dangerous for public policy. The damage from AGW is accumulating at a rate of 5 hiroshima bombs (up from 3.5 in 2008) a second spread across the Earth - mostly on the sun-facing side. Do you realize how much energy that is? That's a civilization ending event. Rest easy.
  13. April Banter

    You would think they are making a particle that eats CO2 - something like Snowpiercer on steroids. Highly recommended movie. Really fits the era we are heading towards. As for global warming and overpopulation. You would be hard-pressed to call it a subjective realization. There are alot of lunatics and bad actors in the world.
  14. April Banter

    Ultimately it's up to the individual (nobody can convince or coerce you). I am surprised people eagerly accept such a society with open arms unquestioningly. I think change won't come fast enough for most due to the inertia of overpopulation. However I think it's more related to people being confined into cities and losing the connection with nature. Just use me as an example - I live in a rural coastal community and eagerly connect with nature. I always enjoy sharing my experiences and realizations with Amwx in the hope that it will make you turn towards nature (which is a massive benefit for you). To borrow a term from my idol - "A social experiment in high strangeness". Climate activism groups are just echo chambers. Those who shall not be named that are mostly in the doomsday club. Cities and overshoot are the pathway to destruction. You can be certain. It doesn't really connect with the narrative we've come accustomed to. It may now be possible to have a rich connected-ness and culture without the utilization of cities. In regards to overpopulation - less is more.
  15. April Banter