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  1. Can someone post the 0z EPS members? I feel like this one is slipping away due to the extreme blocking over Scandinavia.
  2. Token frontal enhancement, I will take it. Keep it shifting west for the DC crew.
  3. I hope the stalled TCs in our hood is not the new normal. Stuff is driving me crazy.
  4. Cool Story?
  5. So true, it's best not to fight biology unless you want a one-way trip to extinction for your genetic line and also your species.
  6. Another contradiction would be the idea that cities are somehow more sustainable and the path forward versus rural living. So-called mega cities that run on green technology and public transportation. It just seems like the right and left are scamming people to foster their particular vision for the future. Felt that way for a long time, maybe even since 2009. But really, what the individual needs is nothing complex. The lack of respect for the individual is the cause of all our problems. Such phrases as "consumer" or "voter" are degrading terms for the individual.
  7. What I don't understand is the lack of acknowledgement regarding living standards. Poor people in Africa and India will aspire towards first world living standards, they won't stop at some ideal interim between poverty and middle class where they no longer use biofuels but also don't commute and fly long distances. It goes againist the laws of capitalism to have that mentality, this is the kind of irrationalism i'm drawing attention towards. However, the article is correct in that we must change the lifestyles of the affluent before we raise the world's poor out of poverty. In addition, we cannot raise up the poor using fossil fuels.
  8. Is protecting the environment incompatible with social justice? https://www.theguardian.com/environment/georgemonbiot/2012/feb/13/protecting-environment-social-justice
  9. Why I believe the progressive social justice movements are more dangerous or as dangerous as nationalism/conservatism. Like Nazi Socialism, they don't take into account the logistical resources needed to accomplish goals. The end result is what you see, a lack of coherency and an irrational concept of progress, in addition to a sh**load of people demand a quality of living that is unattainable and draining down resources. I know the 1% love this kind of mantra, they will need to go away as well. The culture of expectations is killing the planet. Unlike the 1940s, the whole world is the "bad guy". Which is why we probably won't get thru it and have capitalism and democracy on the other side. I don't advocate these systems, i'm just letting people know what they are comitting to by participating in industrial civilization.
  10. Thank you sir, the downfalls of technology are well-known. Unabomber wrote extensively on the problems plagueing industrial civilization. Highly recommended to read his manifesto in full.
  11. Most fundamental is that relying on fantasy technology like interstellar space travel and magical carbon sequestration that will magically appear in 2040 is a dangerous gamble. The time is now.
  12. It's simply not possible, the last human would die in a bunker.