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  1. Such actions would result in the death of millions. I don't think that much blood should be payed for civilization but if it was going to happen anyway I guess go for it.
  2. The IEA reports: Global energy demand is set to increase by 4.6% in 2021 – led by emerging markets and developing economies – pushing it above its 2019 level. Demand for all fossil fuels is on course to grow significantly in 2021, with both coal and gas set to rise above their 2019 levels. Oil is also rebounding strongly but is expected to stay below its 2019 peak, as the aviation sector remains under pressure. The expected rise in coal use dwarfs that of renewables by almost 60%, despite accelerating demand for renewables. More than 80% of the projected growth in coal demand in 2021 is set to come from Asia, led by China. Coal use in the United States and the European Union is also on course to increase but will remain well below pre-crisis levels.
  3. Don't want to dig a deeper hole for my posterity. I know for certain that civilization is destined to go into terminal overshoot.
  4. Too many liabilities for too few people. I am ready to dump my investment in civilization. It's no different you seem pretty capitalist minded.
  5. We are losing the ability to mass mobilize on an industrial scale in part due to COVID and resource shortages which are soon to be real shortages quantitatively. Economic prosperity is extinguishable. Just burying enough CO2 to keep CO2 concentrations stable is not enough. We would lose all coastal cities to rapid sea level rise. Put simply ... we waited too long and as a civilization we are losing the ability to provide people with a decent quality of life which negates the whole purpose of a civilization.
  6. You may be able to find something outside of the US with such a rare occurrence. There will be none in 2020-2030 as far as I am concerned.
  7. 2.4-2.6 is the range that comes to mind when you look at Paleo-climate. However the datasets are always contested and people opt for the other thing.
  8. Hold we are not done yet. The Earth is about to put you on ignore so I would tread lightly. Civilization is a high risk low return game for the vast majority of humanity and future generations.
  9. It doesn't matter but I won't torment you on this beautiful day. I would suggest keeping the vaccine talk out of banter. The mindset must be we need everyone on board but the damage is done dude. It doesn't matter the status quo is not coming back and COVID wasn't likely to kill anyone on this forum anyway. From a purely selfish perspective there is no incentive and there is nobody out there worth dieing for and there is much more downside risk than can ever be justified. I will make an exception for you if you were vaccinated due to travel or occupational reasons.
  10. Between the oceanic heat burial and the aerosols this is how a disaster can sneak up on a civilization. At it's core civilization is fundamentally unsustainable anyway.
  11. You are a strange one. I think the COVID shot will make you stranger.
  12. In my mind this is a subtle form of climate denial because believe it or not the climate changes will take these creatures out in the long-run. The best thing we can do is stop the bleeding and prevent the things we have control over.
  13. It will never happen as they produce the products that the American economy depends on and backtracking on offshoring would move the ecological costs of production back to the states. It is the main reason why they pulled out of all the stops to get Biden into the White House. Trump wanted to create an economy based on national autarky.