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  1. Local mets are all over the place with rain for the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. Is it possible to get a good handle on the amounts we could see in northern NJ?
  2. If you're not a meteo then don't speak with this kind of authoritative tone. Seems like a garbage post to me.
  3. How about "not happening" Uh, how about ROTFLMAO.
  4. Shouldn't this last question be asked or speculated about elsewhere? This is about Jose, not potential tropical systems that are 10+ days out from anything.
  5. Thanks for this. Sandy was freak situation and it's kind of odd and bizarre that some posters seem to be wishing that something like that would happen. Another poster called Sandy a "garbage storm", which is pretty much utter and total B.S. because it ruined people's lives. I thought that this forum was better moderated and maintained than the Accuweather one, but apparently anyone can just put up non-cited, non-researched garbage up here. I thought that there was a banter thread for crappy conversation, and that the storm threads were for discussion of the models, trends, and forecasts with cited scientific or meteorological data. User donaldsutherland1 should be everyone's model. Moderators?
  6. Isn't that language a bit strong? I mean you don't want to scare anyone.
  7. Thanks, I thought it was that. But in tropical systems I didn't know if it meant sweet spot for a Mid-Atlantic hurricane strike. Sandy was enough for me, and NJ (and no one) really needs another strike.
  8. What is the 40/70 benchmark? I think I know but I don't want to vocalize my ignorance if I don't.
  9. I don't know if this helps you, but here's the end of the most recent Forecast Discussion from the Mt. Holly/Philadelphia office regarding marine conditions in the NJ/DE area: .MARINE... No marine headlines through Thursday. Patchy fog possible tonight. Otherwise, leftover showers should end this evening. Long period 3-4 foot se swells continue on the Atlantic waters. OUTLOOK... Thursday night-Friday night...Generally sub Small Craft Advisory conditions expected. Seas forecast to be 3-4 feet. Saturday-Monday...Conditions may reach Small Craft Advisory levels as seas may build to 5 feet. Sct afternoon showers. Rip Currents... This evening...Moderate except added HIGH risk of RC to 3 NJ counties for the remainder of this afternoon...our calculator has no more than moderate risk but a report of lifeguard concern prompted the issuance. Thursday: Moderate risk for the formation of dangerous rip currents. Long- period (10-14 sec) southeasterly swells from Hurricane Jose continue. Looking ahead...a low or moderate risk is expected Friday then larger longer period swells from tropical cyclone Jose should arrives this weekend and we expect moderate or high risk days from Saturday through at least next Tuesday with swells building to 5 to 6 feet and period lengthening to near 15 seconds. Even surfers can suffer injury from wave slam and certainly swimmers are asked to follow lifeguard and other official advice... and in my opinion...in these upcoming conditions its not worth the risk. The link to the full discussion is here if you're interested. I hope you get to go and that you have a great time!
  10. This tweet is 3 hours old as of 9:17 p.m. EST, but I thought it was interesting. https://twitter.com/NWSEastern/status/908088487311802368 The NHC Advisory is not this strong, but I really and truly hope that this is how it pans out!
  11. I really enjoy your statistical analyses and level head. Thanks for all of the extra work you do to teach the public that visits this forum. You're the best.
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