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  1. You guys have been posting those snowmaps since 2017.
  2. After historic -PNA March like this will be, kind of good for severe storms
  3. It's going to be historic -PNA March. April of 5 matching analogs. fwiw the Winter after is -NAO (these are La Nina -PNA March's the year before)
  4. ^Good post. The La Nina in 2007-09 is a bit of an anomaly.
  5. It's kind of windy, and deep-gray clouds lol.
  6. I want it to get warm. It's kind of warm today. I can't really feel -NAO anymore though..
  7. my theory is that we are few years behind in arctic ice melt.
  8. Do you know that we are at a record now of cold 10mb It usually goes right to +AO, no lag.
  9. I cant really find a time where we had almost +5c anomaly in the western subsurface NOW Here are the Strong Nino's though
  10. It will probably go Neutral or weak El Nino.
  11. Analogs They went 3 same - 1 neutral - 3 different later in the year.
  12. We are a little colder than recent years This warm lat area will probably settle into Cape Verde storms season, at least early.