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  1. +3 hitting the central subsurface, it's going to be a Moderate El Nino. :)
  2. Yeah, it doesn't really get hot in the Summer anymore. I noticed a trend of snow here in April, and even said as much when it was in the 70s early in the month, It snowed April 22nd. The biggest difference I think recently is Tropical storms forming closer to Europe. (Could be hard to do some real big Winter -NAO without reverse-conditions occurring before or after.)
  3. I don't know why the peark is casting swine but in jan 2022 we will know if it's still El Nino or going into La Nina.
  4. Yeah, they did spaghetti in 2004 but it was an El Nino pattern.
  5. You can see the transition in the first post on this page. Like always, the Hemisphere will transition too.
  6. Pick a date for next winter and I'll tell you the 500mb pattern
  7. The ENSO subsurface configuration looks like a La Nina pattern will redevelop in the central subsurface, so that trend is usually associated with -PNA. I think the above map looks good.
  8. Yeah, you could see it was coming by March 2018 (wasted Jan)