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  1. I was thinking raindance knows some good relevant Winter correlations to major snowfall early this far south.. it's been a great localization experience.
  2. I haven't looked, but I think it comes in around -0.60 for Dec-Mar......... I think it will bust.
  3. Oct -NAO to Nov +NAO is +NAO for the Winter 60% of the time.
  4. I just don't see signs for a SE-ridge. That would mean the pattern is more than weak.
  5. I would say the NAO difference is within random error range.
  6. Never seen 75% on the CPC's 3-month Winter before. (edit: that was before). continues to play behind on the most basic weather-observation sense.. I doubt the NW will verify this Winter.
  7. meh, I'm not really impressed by this
  8. It actually warmed up significantly to positive
  9. I found a better correlation to May-Sept SSTs in the NOrth Atlantic, vs actual NAO. It was like 0.75 vs 0.58. It hasn't worked the last Winter though so...
  10. 2 weeks from now is different from now, arctic sea ice extent pattern. That one doesn't get to 100dm anywhere anyway.
  11. Jet stream is just too far north. It would take a miracle.
  12. I feel like it's all digital snow at this point-what's that 2 years since 11/15/18 with like 5" of snow (0" last Winter)?
  13. Intuitively, the modeled strengthening Nina doesn't correlate to other things. We'll see, I guess. Even if the Nina strengthens, my guess is there will be lack of -PNA-strong, or PNA descending.
  14. I really hate the setup, October NAO is inversely correlated to the Winter. Then we have a 3-part ridge over the Arctic circle and northern gulf of alaska too. Ugly imo.