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  1. Yeah, ? Realnice +AO/+EPO coming up this Winter, what do you want to do, spin it?
  2. Kind of like to see the -NAO on 6zGFS ensembles at 384, +150dm-Nov11, wonder if it's just warm Canada lagging..
  3. Yeah, we have this horrible Canadian ridge.. focus only on Canada, greatest anomalies of the whole Hemisphere, for 15+days http://www.meteo.psu.edu/fxg1/ENSHGTAVGNH_18z/ensloopmref.html Say what you want about indexes, that's a 3SD Canada, 1SD everywhere else
  4. I think we'll carry a -PNA into the Spring. Check this out.. I made a diverse cold pressure South America composite of 20analogs.. Some El Nino's, some Neutral's, mostly Nina's Cold water South America, 20 analogs https://ibb.co/xjmJKtw https://ibb.co/tZ3k5ZK 2 years later it's a strong El Nino signal! https://ibb.co/0ZLs4T9 Classic Peruvian fisherman study the wind, and predict global weather for 2 years ahead. Also, it's a ridiculous -PNA composite for the Winter https://ibb.co/R9Sk75d
  5. Yeah, pretty solid +PNA on 18z GFS ensembles, but I bet this over the US wins though (I said watch more -PNA trend as we get closer) https://ibb.co/n0PR8B1 And here's a big pattern setting up at D15 https://ibb.co/BKgh8dr
  6. It seems like a good planet for someone to hide.
  7. I have a feeling it will be different than20-21, same long range patterns though: pacific jet500 miles north,etc.
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_dollar
  9. Cold wind off of South America, 20 analogs https://ibb.co/xjmJKtw Cold South America coast pressure/wind(now) https://ibb.co/tZ3k5ZK I diversified, including Strong Nino's of 72 and 65 as(neg-ENSO), and Neutral analogs https://ibb.co/R9Sk75d ^That's for the Winter. It's still -PNA, alot Through next July https://ibb.co/qChknGG
  10. We had warm water off the N.A /S.A coasts before all 3 Strong El Nino's. Started in 90-91... all the way to 97-98 Started in 79-80.. to 82-83 High pressure off the Westcoast U.S. 2013-2015, to 15-16 68-69 to 72-73 El Nino https://ibb.co/DVKGS4N
  11. Last 2 and 4 years https://ibb.co/mc4jMDV https://ibb.co/zQzFmnD Cold South America coast pressure/wind https://ibb.co/tZ3k5ZK We'll call it the 2016~7-2021 regime.
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