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  1. If June is cool July August September will likely be hot/above average
  2. Last year we were hot in June, then cooler in July-August-September. I think there is a lot of heat potential these days in May-June, so since May is cooler, June could be like +5. ^June 3 builds -PNA, which is 80s/90s automatically at 15day, mid90s max + 3days
  3. Retrograding NPH ->to -PNA by June 3.. we might hold ENSO Neutral into the Winter.
  4. An ongoing theme: 1983, 2012, 2016, 2018, 2022 (since 1948). That is, the beginning of a big Nino 3.4 SST shift in late May-June-July-Aug. 1/64, then 5/10.
  5. 1983 was the only other year (opposite) *No years from start1948-1982 match.
  6. Let's see if the West drought busts. It might be a 1-year thing.
  7. 1863 I don't think the model pick up will amount to much.
  8. Nah.., we are using Los Angeles ridge only/primarily.. -WPO and kind of +PNA pattern around that time should keep it down, but like I said we are busting the Hadley cell High pressure right now so it might be 90+ anyway.
  9. May-Sept, 12-4 since inception in 2005, right now we are favoring -NAO for the Winter.. It goes through Sept, but the anomaly state fluctuates between now and then less than volatility average. At least it wont be strong +NAO Winter.
  10. We are at like 54 beams of response, military, by this same man. These can also melt the body. sorry for those with kids, but it's too stupid.
  11. 35 beams of heavy weight, responses to 2-posts here, worth like 5 words an hour ago. These are military responses, 42 beams around my computer screen, what isn't responding here or something.. psycho
  12. I also think we have a higher chance for El Nino in the coming Winter's, 5/9 (warm,neutral,cold).. unless the -pool streak continues, which it might, +5-year streak or something (See Dec2010 vs DEc 2021 research). [2000 was start of cold, 2005 was start of cold, 2010 was start of cold. <They are like "puts" in the GW.]
  13. Still pushing this thing into +ENSO territory.. the Summer cap is going to correlate with rapidly rising ENSO surface SSTs.
  14. That's pretty cool, it's not a La Nina across the world right now. Surface will not be negative much into the Summer.
  15. Anyway, this is regarding the rotation of the Earth, we go from -AAM to +AAM real quick -AAM, 7 days, is LaNina, +AAM, 11 days, is ElNino-like
  16. Weak El Nino coming for Hurricane Season I saw this last year there was a statistical anomaly/point, let's see if it carries this year.
  17. Well, root for my N. Atlantic SST index (May-Sep)to go deeply negative, we are going into a Weak-Moderate El Nino for the Winter.
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