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  1. One or two solutions appear to stall off the VA Capes for 2 days? Jeez man
  2. I like where we stand as of now. BOS will rain possibly in the end but the earlier phasing is kind of removing that from the equation. A dry slot will also suffice. If you hate BOS the trends are in your favor. I have been waiting for a year where I defeat Boston in seasonal snowfall.
  3. You are positioned well for this storm the only downside is it will be a fast mover without any blocking.
  4. There's your GFS and model cold bias hard at work setting up @clskinsfan for a mauling. This has rainstorm written all over it just like Chuck said.
  5. Just too silly. Let's get back on track brother we celebrate each other's victories in here. Not sure how they roll at your place/sub-forum.
  6. Well said brother it's a counter-intuitive relationship but we have established for a long time that warmer oceans lead to colder and snowier coastlines if certain conditions are met. I don't consider Cape May a land area though. We are more or less in the ocean which is why I am expecting rain here.
  7. In other words the blocking creates an opposite reaction downstream in the atmosphere. I know this is not my storm but you have many reasons to keep tracking it. Good luck @clskinsfan
  8. When Pensacola is snowing I am pretty sure everyone else is raining. That is kind of part of the deal. The heat don't go away boys it just goes somewhere else.
  9. This might be your best ever. It's a good post you guys have an inferiority complex going on. Sometimes the best is simple yet clever.
  10. Interesting theory brother. I suppose when the Southern Hemisphere is colder we torch harder.
  11. Oh I don't think the main appeal of this storm is the snowfall. That was obvious some days back. For those concerned. I have gotten really good at reading these models. I know I am out of the game DC is not at least not entirely.
  12. Very much the case it's more in-line with it's ensembles now as expected. 18z was an odd run for sure.
  13. The Lower Mid-Atlantic is the Southeast guys. Infact the Southeast begins around or just south of VA Beach. That's how far south we are.
  14. It runs cold brother. Once you adjust for that it's an incredible model for all forecast ranges.
  15. Luckily it won't happen but only because AGW destroyed Pittsburgh instead of DC. I prefer to keep my house and electricity.
  16. Don't be frustrated. We can nickle and dime our way to victory. I am just saying verbatim the Euro is out to lunch... god's honest truth.
  17. The red meat is always 10 days away. Let us not entertain these fantastical notions until we get closer. However if it verifies then Stormtracker's day 10 threat actually is HECS material. This is the kind of anecdotal airmass that delivers the goods.
  18. We be chasing another phantom ... again just for different reasons. Yall must be hurtin' after all of those historic years stuff like that doesn't cut it anymore. It's just like Bob Chill said. We rarely time the big dogs we are reliant entirely on extended cold to get HECS.
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