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  1. You guys got fringed twice. I know tropical is not really your thing but someone is always fringed. The fishes are happy about the track. Looking forward to more. Bring on the tropical but with everyone included. We need a up the bay track (SE to NW).
  2. It probably got swallowed up by the east side. All along it's been nutty with the easterlies running up against Isaias.
  3. I don't know guys. I think that kind of sinking dry air would kill a Major cane and the shear vector is from the SW. it's like could it get any worse? Probably not. It's probably going to thrive in the mid-latitudes once it clears the graveyard.
  4. Comparatively speaking most storms that straddle the North coast of DR are permanently damaged. This one is doing good actually.
  5. As many have mentioned. The 50s were in a different league than people are used to.
  6. Many are mssing the forest for the trees. Any warm-cored entity that gets caught up in the mid-latitudes will cause problems. This track hasn't happened in a long time and Irene was a comparatively slow mover.
  7. Probably another center relocation in the cards. The SE quadrant is completely different now.
  8. Good question brother but is way beyond the scope of arctic sea ice discussion. To bring some closure we were already on a bad path with or without global warming.
  9. No big deal. Intensity is just entertainment or depression value. No real-world implications.
  10. That blob of convection in the southern circulation is actually destroying the circulation there. It's wind-shear forced and not circulation forced. Stuff is about to uptick in a big way.
  11. People keep saying south but it's clearly wrapping up around Virgin Islands. The southern LLC is a rotating vortice that hasn't moved at all because it's captured.
  12. Sadly it's already too far SW for that. You need something coming at us from north of the Hebert Box without recurving which is a tall order. I thought Irma was going to finally get the job done but we remain deprived... so far.
  13. The weenie folder is complete. 2020 is doing it's thing.
  14. We still get them just in Spring and Fall. Probably more so fall in regards to the classic squall.
  15. Welcome to my world. It happened here 2-3 years earlier despite the small difference in latitude. Anybody who cares about meteorology knows the truth. The old climate is gone.
  16. Seems like stuff doesn't recurve anymore or it goes way north deep into the conus and dies. Hope this storm breaks that trend because wow.
  17. 92L is our baby. Pay attention to 'Irma Reborn' aka compensation.
  18. Gonzalo is not our baby sadly. The previous Gonzalo leveled Bermuda and probably should of been retired.
  19. it's 86 here at KWWD. We can def get that because water temps have risen to about 80 degrees.
  20. Crush job here. My backyard is more or less a pond in the making. Much stronger winds during the March coastal (rivaled even Sandy winds). Crazy year thus far.
  21. Here are some pics from earlier to do this event justice. The cover is like the book right. Enjoy guys.