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  1. God willing this madhouse will be foreclosed soon and we can get on with our lives tracking weather without UHIs and Global Warming.
  2. No respite here. This is the 5th day of the wedge but I have lost count as it all seems to bleed into one.
  3. The wedge is still a thing here. SE wind ... giphy.mp4
  4. Rght? I feel you brother but we burn together for capitalism and the profit motive.
  5. Bro why are you cropping out yours truly and Prestige Worldwide? Not cool.
  6. Quite substantial down here. Looks like the "action" was forced south of my favorite poster.
  7. How is the loss of global dimming working out for you? You have been living in a false dichotomy believing the climate is not as sensitive as it would be. Who knows what garbage has been floating around in the atmosphere. Nobody knows to a certainty other than it is to our detriment.
  8. If true this area is finished indefinitely if hurricane climatology comes in line with temps.
  9. That's why it's incredible to go from that to almost nothing.
  10. Be the change you want to see.
  11. I call bullshit. Our snow climatology is completely changed. It's gotten so ridiculous that Manchester in the hills is looking at one warning criteria snowfall a decade.
  12. Not anymore. Sad but true.
  13. Wow why can't we get the front to clear from the midweek storm. That's most depressing thing I've seen this year Dude you got like 28C waters off your shore. What else could happen? The times are changin'...
  14. Now we transition to a warm season board. That's a good way to start the decade.
  15. I would wager there is less to burn per acre? Thoughts? On a positive note the moistening trend should move from West Australia to the deep south going forward.
  16. The air is super dry. My god man.... this winter is garbage shit. I will miss the rockin' 2010s.
  17. A.) Why are we not headed towards disaster? B.) Why is global warming a non-threat? Quite the contrary it appears to be a threat multiplier at a time when we are most vulnerable.
  18. Well better get back into the hall and steer this ship away from disaster.