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  1. I have already jumped but there was one time where I falsely jumped. Alaska was like 70 degrees in February.
  2. The Chukchi Sea thing has climate change plastered all over it. We can't even get a good pattern with something insane like that. Our days are numbered for sure.
  3. Not even. Just as much can be accomplished by removing the platform from which bad genes sustain and profligate. This is where I differ from my early 20th century brethren. Believe me we have been doing that for a long time. It just didn't arrive into most people's awareness.
  4. I am willing to genetically manipulate the species to make us compatible with a commune-like existence. Most people are unwilling to explore outside of a certain boundary and the disasters of the World Wars were sure to lock in a profligate and greed-based society and prior to that the rampant colonialism throughout the world and profligate exploitation. The lack of trust among people and in institutions is astounding to the point of psychotic breaks from reality. The trauma flowing like blood from the soul of humanity and into the machine. Fueling it's short-term ephemeral existence and destroying an incalculable number of species in the process. Including our own. What you are implying here is that humans have no chance of ever being a viable species (due to the tool manipulator factor and Jevons Paradox) but I am not sure that you understand the outcome of your own thoughts. The perils of exceptionally high levels of IQ and greatly diminished or equal EQ (Emotional Intelligence). Remember the psychopath has the highest survival to death ratio in civilization. Civilization is an invention of psychopathic humans. There are a plethora of additional traits that come to the fore such as lethargy and depression which are considered as natural adaptations to civilization. This is a perfect combination for exploitation of the many by the few. Most species are not self-terminating. They simply succumb to scarcity limits and die out and they fail to adapt fast enough to changing conditions. Humans are very unique in this regard and to just give up when alternatives exist is very unacceptable. I am familiar with your kind - fatalistically hopeless. "The world's in a bad way, my man, And bound to be worse before it mends; Better lie up in the mountain here Four or five centuries, While the stars go over the lonely ocean, Said the old father of wild pigs, Plowing the fallow on Mal Paso Mountain." "Keep clear of the dupes that talk democracy And the dogs that talk revolution, Drunk with talk, liars and believers. I believe in my tusks. Long live freedom and damn the ideologies, Said the gamey black-maned boar Tusking the turf on Mal Paso Mountain"
  5. As far as I am concerned PVs and renewables allow additional and faster exploitation of the environment and thus I am opposed to anything but the complete replacement of global industrial civilization with locally based sustenance communities. Ecologists have known about the problems associated with renewables for some time. The Jevons Paradox cannot be discounted on this matter as is commonly cited by pro-renewable proponents. We will be reaching peak oil shortly (circa 2035) and thus you will come to understand why governments push and subsidize renewables. Same game different circumstances. The land use of solar PV will occupy regions better utilized for farming and forestry. (Most installations will not be rooftop solar) This is how they operate by driving up the cost of living for everyone else they intend to depopulate the world while the rich reap all the rewards on a dieing planet. Plunder the world until there is nothing left
  6. Slip sliding' away... as usual. There is no moral high ground only cause and effect which happens to follow the laws of universal karma. In other news the Pope has outlawed environmental exploitation. Religion comes to the fore at the final hour but it's too late now. The enemy is us Not to be deluded by dreams. To know that great civilizations have broken down into violence, and their tyrants come, many times before. When open violence appears, to avoid it with honor or choose the least ugly faction; these evils are essential. By dreams of universal justice or happiness. These dreams will not be fulfilled. Robinson Jeffers 1936 Oh cracked and twilight mirrors ever to catch One color, one glinting flash, of the splendor of things. I think, here is your emblem To hang in the future sky...
  7. Gaia will self-regulate the excess heat by destroying your house and flooding global civilization. Are you still enthusiastic about your prospects?
  8. I thought you were joking. LMAO ...
  9. I am bringing my Bernie 2020 shirt to the fore. It's time to bring out the big guns.
  10. and considering the mass-exploitation of people worldwide is no different than the dieng Amazon rainforest or the bleaching corals. I think opposition comes to the fore immediately it's just that people are placated by this cheap entertainment and food. I have some fire left in me. I just need time to find the chessboard.
  11. Its just for show. I am surprised that you think I was serious. Look this is nobodies fault. Our collective actions have lead us to this place over the last 5,000+ years. I wish I wasn't so full of hubris. I don't have it figured out and I am not the best role model and I won't try to bring people to the fore for this reason. No single politician candidate or individual can lead us out of this predicament nor can technology. With one possible caveat. Trump is an accelerator. Politics cannot do good but it can do harm. It really should be avoided and left out of the discourse. I was never alive when politics was capable of doing more good than harm and it's possible that it never happened. Some people will contest that belief to their deathbed. Mostly older folks.
  12. Even then it's not guaranteed. Remember we have only seen 40% of the warming from a 400ppm climate due to the transient climate response function. That should increase to 70% in 20 years and so on. If the above was true we wouldn't need to worry about carbon sequestration and geoengineering. I prefer to separate the saving the civilization narrative from the science. I have no interest in seeing a continuation of this paradign and the science is far more interesting. Earth > Humans. We are Earth.
  13. It is a bit extreme to the point where you wonder if the Chem trailers are correct. I will keep an open mind on the subject. I suspect it's tied to the cold stratosphere which is an expected effect of global warming. The only problem is you need perfect conditions to bring those temperatures to the surface. This is not a negative feedback.