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  1. Thanks for posting that. I was heading south on rt. 3 just north of exit 1 where you can look out over the Lowe's to the east and saw that plume of smoke on Saturday between 5 and 6. It was pretty impressive and definitely made be do a double take.
  2. raked all day on Winnisquam - it is very dry up there and the trees are ready to blow up next week. easily 2 weeks ahead of schedule right now. Beautiful day today. and NO black flies!
  3. heading over to the CVS right now for my #2
  4. Pico is a great mountain, gets great snow and everyone goes to Killington instead. The only problem is my daughter doesn't like it for some reason.
  5. Wow, I just saw the tweet by Gray that ice out was declared on Moosehead on Friday, I didn't think was possible!
  6. Hiked the kinsman ridge yesterday from the south, up the AT. I can report there is still a lot of snow in the woods from about 2,800' and up. I was frankly astounded by the depth. the snow is rotten but we were going down to our hips before slipping on the snowshoes. Estimate 8-10" that fell from this past storm, snowed all day at elevation. Saving grace was the air temperature was moderate and there were not strong winds.
  7. @tamaracksnowing pretty good at SLoaf. They just announced ski and golf next weekend btw. windy here in concord, ma - has been for last 2 hours.
  8. left concord a little after 6am. first traces of snow around shirley, had to pull off at rt. 12 in fitchburg for gas, once back on rt. 2 and going up hill from there, it starts snowing. 3-4" at bottom of WaWa, got up to about 1,600' and there was 8" (all eyeball) and it was dumping. Poor dog could hardly walk he had so much snow in his was comical. snowing all the way back to concord when I arrived at 9:20ish. calling it 1/2" right now.
  9. I had tentatively planned to come up and start raking this weekend. Earliest ever, huh!
  10. 9 days ago, my son and I walked to the Cambridge/Stowe town line...maybe 8/10ths of a mile in from the gate. There wasn't much snow on the road then, surprised it wasn't open sooner.
  11. Wildcat closes at EOD for season. Obviously the past 4 weeks of weather kind of, sort of gets them off the hook but still.
  12. Skied Cannon today. Had a lot of fun, beautiful day but they will pushing some snow to keep going thru Sunday. Plenty of snow off trails serviced by the profile lift, although the area around the immediate summit is thin. But the trails connecting the top to bottom are in tough shape. Middle Cannon is shot, bypass closed so you need to drop down and ski spookie b/c middle ravine is in tough shape. The front 5 are now 3 and none are in great shape. zoomer was disconnected yesterday but they pushed snow and gary's and rocket aren't deep but should make it. Due to lack of snowy, there isn't a bump on hill which is what I like to ski but it beat work. Hopefully not the last day of season but very could have been.
  13. Another fun day at Stowe, arrived to Santa Ana winds in the parking lot this AM which was strange b/c there was no sign of wind in downtown Stowe nor up on the hill in Waterbury. Only the triple was running due to wind so we lapped available terrain. Sometime around noon, they dropped the rope to Hayride and we were among the first to take a couple nice runs top to bottom before the masses got there. From then on, we called it a day at 2, we alternated skiing gulch which had some nice bumps but had been closed earlier and Hayride. A nice two days of skiing, won't be renewing my Epic pass and will miss skiing Stowe. On the way out of town took a couple pictures of the mountain with fields in the foreground, very picturesque. My son was going to snap a picture of me standing on one of the picnic tables on the summit today, oh well. edit: btw: it was my son's bday yesterday and with every scan, we got to hear The Beatles' Birthday - I hope Vail is paying Apple Corp a royalty.
  14. Good day at Stowe. Skied the Spruce lift from 9 to 11. Friend joined us who'd skied yesterday and said it never softened. After a couple of runs off the foreunner lift, we jumped into hayride and discovered it was soft snow top to bottom. We only skied lifeline and national once. We were laughing that you get fixated on skiing goat, lifeline, national, starr & lookout and overlook the rest of the mountain. Lots of snow left on the mountain. Back tomorrow.
  15. Probably wasting way too much time giving this any consideration but this kind of skiing in the Spring I find quite enjoyable. By the end of the season, with your ski fitness at a maximum and your mechanics fine tuned, picking your way down a slope avoiding rocks and roots on a warm sunny day is fun...a bit of a puzzle to be solved. You can't ski soft, deep troughed bumps every run! I find VT in general is better for this b/c its' slopes aren't as rocky.