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  1. dropped the skis off for the tune today!
  2. I'm of the opinion that Covid is going to make those small-medium size areas much busier as people seek some physical distance thinking they can escape lift lines, et cetera. As I said,= in this thread earlier when I bought my epic pass a month ago, I will ski the Okemo, Mt. Snow, Stowe areas mid-week when things in theory are less busy, Crotched at nite and Wildcat on weekends to avoid crowds. I guess one of my hopes is we have a good spring and I get lots of days in that a lot of nordic at the height of winter.
  3. Son and I hike N. And S. Percy today in the Nash Stream Forest - Coos county NH. Beautiful hike with great views. Left metrowest in early AM and arrived there to find most of the leaves have fallen. We were laughing most of hike about the impressive snowfalls the elevated areas around there must get. Definitely plan to do more exploring next summer. We were aware of the late afternoon storm threats so kept an eye out - there was some haze but we could make out saddleback approximately 50 miles to our east clearly.
  4. heard today that WaWa is now sold out.
  5. speaking with a MRG shareholder this morning and we both agreed the map is outstanding. We skied Telluride a few years back -2014 - nice mountain. I have only skied there and wolf creek in CO. We drove from Albuquerque after it stopped snowing at Taos in January that year. Stay in the town. You need to do some research ahead of time to know where to ski - some of the difficult fun terrain is obvious, other areas not so much. The Telluride airport is crazy. My son and eye drove down on way out of town to check it out.
  6. I have a # of physician friends who like me are for our age (50's) extremely fit with no pre-existing underlying health issues. Collectively, they have treated COVID patients, are cardiologists and/or are very familiar with vaccine development, et cetera - they uniformly say the long term effects are definitely worrisome. One of these friends was a fan of the herd immunity strategy and more specifically the Swedish model, they have backed way off of that position given some of the documented LT issues.
  7. I would need to go find the autobiography Orr wrote a few years back but I recall it was 5%. I started playing youth hockey '71-72 and it is hard for people nowadays to understand how hugely popular the Bruins were during the 70's and really into the early to mid-80's (when the Bird led Celtics became the toast of the town). They owned the city in the '70's. During the other 3 seasons when there wasn't pond ice, we played street hockey. To your point, Orr had the ability to completely dominate a game. What strikes me about him too is he was thick, body-wise like a modern hockey player. If you go back and watch 60's and 70's professional games in any sport those athletes don't look like what's out on the field or ice today. Orr is different.
  8. If I remember correctly, #4 would have been a Bruin for life and owned a % of the Bruins if Alan Eagleson had ever made Orr aware of the Bruin's offer. I think he looted the players retirement program too. A bad guy.
  9. Brunswick is by far the nicest of the towns - Lewiston, Waterville and Brunswick. Colby sits above the city on a hill but is in the process of investing $$ in the downtown and actively trying to recruit cos. to revitalize the town. The Colby art museum is something to behold. I'm not an 'art' person but if you are up there, I'd budget 3-4 hours to walk through. If you are an art person, plan to incorporate a day in Rockland too. Going back 40 years, I visited Colby and Bowdoin on back to back days in early January. Waterville had received something like 12-18" fresh while Brunswick had gotten slop due to proximity to coast. Bowdoin definitely has the highest rating of the three schools but they are all elite. My daughter looked at Colby last year due to some family connections. She came away surprisingly impressed with curriculum and the school in general. I've had a bunch of friend's children start at Colby the last couple of years and they all like it very much.
  10. I believe all three schools are need based only financial aid. @tamarack those pines are magnificent but I thought you would prefer Colby based upon the arboretum. One hundred twenty-eight acres of Colby’s 714-acre campus are designated as the Perkins Arboretum and Bird Sanctuary.
  11. It is one of the top liberal arts colleges in the country. Brunswick is a very nice community. Not much more to say. If their curriculum is what she's interested in, can't go wrong.
  12. Hiked Mount Washington yesterday via Tuckerman's route, at elevation there is some serious leaf colors. Unfortunately, the summit was in the clouds. On the summit cone came across some guy who I initially thought had fallen and hurt himself. He was just disoriented in the clouds. Got him back on track and stayed with to the summit parking lot.
  13. More news from Saddleback Saddleback is very pleased to be able to announce that we are lowering the prices for the following season pass categories in response to the long conversations we have had with some of you affected by current circumstances. From now through Thanksgiving, the Junior and College Passes will now be only $324.00 (down from 449.00) and the Casablanca Pass will now be $399.00 (down from $599.00).
  14. that whole area of winter's way, bubblecuffer, & white nitro is great - again with caveat of with snow! I've jumped in there a few times and was lucky to survive between ice, rocks and stumps!
  15. Bought my NE Epic pass last nite so I will be skiing a lot of Wildcat if everything goes according to plan and maybe the VT resorts midweek to avoid crowds. When the snow is right, Sugarloaf is the best resort in the NE. Note: I've not skied two places that could competed - Jay and Whiteface. As I've documented here, I dismissed the Burnt Mtn/Bracket Basin tree skiing thing as a marketing strategy and not an actual product but skiing there two seasons ago in mid -April was a revelation. With that said, the terrain and exposure make Sugarloaf and Wildcat pretty boney when nature is not cooperating.