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  1. They were hosting an alpine touring race this weekend. Following on Instagram but I believe the guy who won ended up skiing & skinning for 33+ hours. Good mountain.
  2. Skied Crotched yesterday PM into the evening with my 9-yo nephew from DC. Talking to folks on the lifts, lots of NYers doing the Crotched, Sunapee, Mt. Snow loop over the 3-day weekend with their "Vail" pass. Thank goodness for snowmaking. Crotched doesn't have the most character but the snow product is consistent and it's a real nice asset in the local community. Noticed the nordic races went off in Dublin NH - just southwest of Crotched - yesterday with enough natural coverage. Only 3 days of alpine this season but all have over-delivered based upon expectations.
  3. for immediate metrowest boston, this has been a weird winter, just based upon unscientific observation. We began with the December storm which isn't terribly uncommon but most of December felt like what mid-November normally should. Then winter deserted us completely with the crazy above average temps in January. But with that all said, I would be willing to bet we are just bit above average right now if we were to measure winter by any amount of snow/ice on the ground. We get an inch, two inches of snow, slush - it hangs around for a few days, followed by bare lawns and then repeat. It's been weird that way. Nothing I've been able to recreate with - a few days of nordic skiing on natural snow in early December but nothing since. I haven't skated on local ponds (or lakes), probably could have but ice was marginal at best. It's been a crappy winter here in Concord but doesn't compare to 2011-12 which was all time bad.
  4. I move west to east looking at webcams, last evening around 9, I started at MRG, then Wildcat and finally Sugarloaf. It was pouring snow at MRG and Wildcat but couldn't see a flake at Sugarloaf. Found a webcam at Sunday River's base and it looked to be coming down pretty good there, too. My son drove up early this morning to ski either Attitash or Wildcat.
  5. For sure, Sugarloaf especially got skunked.
  6. There was a mill in Mexico but it was pretty modern. I don't think it is open any more though. I think you are thinking of Rumford.
  7. Like many things, going across Knife Edge by yourself is fine if you don't have a fear of heights. You just step carefully and there is typically a 3-4' of crown most of the way, you definitely use your hands for scrambling; however, when I took my then 14 year old across - it freaked me out. Kept grabbing him or telling him to be careful - which started us arguing with each other half way across! Probably not best time for that sort of thing. We summitted Kings Peak (Utah's highest peak) when he was 11 - a huge physical effort - and he kept approaching and trying to look over what was essentially a sheer several thousand foot drop - that was horrifying as a parent! That whole part of Maine is magnificent and remote. I find the whole lumber ecosystem - maine timber going to Canadian mills to be fascinating. I've heard that they import Quebec crews to harvest the lumber b/c the Mainers no longer want to spend time out in the logging camps - not sure if this is true.
  8. Skied at Bretton Woods today. Good size crowds and they stayed all day. Chose BW instead of Cannon and was the right choice. Very good coverage on man-made trails. Even skied some lower angle wood and natural snow trails and they were manageable. The gondola is nice - took two trips up at end of day after lines had abated. BW isn't my thing terrain wise but they do a really nice job for their customer. Fun day.
  9. Quarry Roads , Waterville Maine Friday Brunswick Maine around just opened trails cut on the old Naval base Saturday Weston Ski track today... Just reinforced what a tough winter it has been for everyone.
  10. I need to get out to BEast this season.
  11. Strangely, I have no recollection of that storm living in Lexington. The video of Nantasket Beach reminded me of a storm my father drove me down to when I was a young kid - probably early 70's - standing right around where the waves were breaking over the sea wall in the video and the storm surge was almost to the top of the wall. I can recall being both in awe and a little frightened. My grandparents had a summer home on the other side of the hill on Atlantic Ave in Hull towards Cohasset. There was a hurricane in the late 60's which resulted in the fortification and essentially the destruction of a beach that ran parallel to Atlantic Ave called Crescent Beach. I dimly recall the beach but it now all rock and cement. This area is a favorite for the Boston news media to capture waves breaking over rooftops during big storms. Great video.
  12. Much better than expected at Cannon today. They have done a good job recovering from last weekend. The front 5 part of mountain was being pounded by snow making to point it was nearly impossible to ski due to visibility. First day on downhill skis - felt good.
  13. headed to Cannon tomorrow. Son sent me a Reddit thread about today's lines - yikes, some of the pictures posted were horrible.
  14. Looking at those pictures reminded me that during the '78 Blizzard, we didn't really hurry to shovel our driveways b/c there was no place to drive! My parents neighborhood basically just went home to home and shoveled each other out. I was a freshman in high school. Somewhere in the vicinity of two weeks off - it was all-time awesomeness. some of the video posted last night was crazy.
  15. planning on alpine skiing for first time this season on Sunday or Monday - really hoping these two events deliver in the notch. The thought of skiing a bunch of ice is unappealing for my first day out of season. This has to be the latest start to my season in 15 seasons.