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  1. I would really like to buy an AT setup. I have difficulty spending $2K for boots, bindings and skis. I've been thinking of purchasing the Epic Northeast pass and just skiing weekdays. I hope we get some persistent snow coverage in SNE because going around and around a man-made ski loop, Nordic skiing is probably not the best way to limit exposure.
  2. Moose Pond has Shawnee Peak (aka Pleasant Mountain) located at the northern end. It is a pretty spot. My cousin went first as a camper and then as a counselor to a boys camp - Winona - for years. Watching a beautiful sunrise over our lake as I type...maybe I should put the phone down!
  3. Looking at the snow arch in the pictures, the idea crossed my mind....yup, it collasped and luckily the person was only hurt not killed. Been in Iceland and Norway and watched people stand under melting glaciers and just shook my head.
  4. I think it is very good. There is a small brewery in Bristol who sells growlers and that's not bad either. A nice young man who grew up in our neighborhood now works at Schillings. It is an impressive operation. Coincidentally have gone to their Traverse City location many, many times when stayed there for work.
  5. I agree. Winnisquam right now is silly warm. Hiked Tripyramid yesterday from the Kancamagus and cars were parked all along the road with people in the Swift River.
  6. Got me thinking about the Tuckerman snow arch... which I googled and found an image from 1860's but no exact date but this came up...
  7. I have my skis up here in Meredith and have been eyeing the snow but won't make it up. Definitely on the high side for 4th of July. Snow is usually not visible from the wildcat cam by now - definitely not case this year.
  8. In Meredith for past two weeks and the much needed rain over past few days didn't fall heavy enough to cause any beach erosion but last nite a band of intense rain and lightning came thru around 1am. The beach is a mess! On a side note, very much enjoying lake life - working from here but really only going out for groceries. Have noticed the mask wearing is in places pretty lax.
  9. I grew up on the south shore - born 1963, the Worcester tornado was the Blizzard of '78 back when I was a child. Spoken about in awe. My father's side of family had relatives in Shrewsbury who experienced it first hand. Another similar event was the Hurricane of '38, my grandmother was literally spooked by thunder storms and high winds to the end of her life given the trauma of that event.
  10. I hiked up from Pinkham Notch last Memorial Day to the summit and just compared my photos to the webcam. probably a good 400' of skiing in upper snowfield. I only took run before sliding and hiking over to left gully. it is a gentle slope and fun party atmosphere.
  11. so you recommend the shift binding but went full tech binding (the dynafit beasts)? Can you elaborate. I would probably want a dedicated ski/boot/binding for ski touring. Along with downhill skiing, I'm a 50+ day a year nordic guy too. My big concern would be the boot. I'm a now middle-aged, broken down former competitive distance runner so fit and comfort of boot is super important to me.
  12. What would be your binding recommendation? Giving some thought to a purchase of a AT setup
  13. Today felt like labor day weekend with temps and winds but I did manage to swam across the lake yesterday several weeks earlier than I've ever done before.
  14. 20 minute swim in Winnisquam late this afternoon. Very rare for water to be this warm, first weekend of June. Beautiful evening here.
  15. Was that Gary's? Wow, if yes, lots of snow disappeared in 24+ hours. And going op Gary's I was impressed by the depth. Anyway, nice to see you got up there.