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  1. Yikes, see my comment a few nights ago regarding those trail runners in NH! How stupid do you get driving a trunk out onto any ice given the winter we've had so far. Can you even file an insurance claim for something like that?
  2. @wxeyeNH how is the ice building on newfound? i'm planning on spending the weekend on winnisquam and would love to get some shore line skating if it freezes sufficiently. thanks if you have any insight.
  3. the football program at UMass is a mess but I have a memory - early 70's when BC & UMASS played annually - of being out there in late Fall and the parking was on grass fields around the stadium. There must have been a big rain storm because cars were getting stuck in the mud and the field was just torn up...see it was weather related.
  4. This is the second incident I've heard of involving trail runners in last week, a trail runner got disoriented on the lion's head trail on washington last week and had to call in help. I didn't read the incident report carefully but the person was completely unprepared for the weather. this is just amazingly stupid, and you see lots of stupid in the NH mountains in the winter.
  5. I drove from Boston to St. Louis and back via Nashville and Washington DC - leaving Thursday morning and returning yesterday at noon - 2,700 miles. I don't think I saw a single cloud! I assumed when I planned my route a few weeks ago, I would encounter a couple of storms!
  6. I would wait to ski wildcat or get an unbiased snow report. The reports of winds from the weekend will have completely scoured the slopes. On a related note, got a text from a friend who skied Wildcat on Thursday and Friday and it was his #1 & 2 days of year. Of course, he also took a wrong turn and had to ski down a boulder field which he could not understand why it was open.
  7. The issue at Cannon is the notch just channels the warm southerly winds during a rain storm just eroding the pack. Cannon turns to rain before Wildcat all the time. With that said, Cannon and Wildcat have best terrain in NH by far. I once read some history of Cannon and the location of the ski area went against the recommendation of ...Sel Hannah maybe? Friend posted some video skiing glades today at BW, looked great. I love how the glades at BW can open with so little snow depth It is funny bc I am already contemplating a Indy and Cannon pass next year due my dissatisfaction with Wildcat. Cannon is also a shorter drive for me.
  8. I was the perfect age for the Blizzard of 78 - 14 soon to turn 15. Just enough independence. Two weeks of no school. One day decided to walk 9, 10, 11 miles to my friend's home in Hingham, thankfully deciding that crossing an ice strewn Hingham Harbor was not the safest short cut to his house. Took most of the day to get there, just walking down the middle of a normally heavily trafficked state road (228) occasionally stepping aside as emergency vehicles headed to Hull. Called my parents to tell them I wouldn't be coming home for a few days and they didn't much care. Everyone in the neighborhood just pulled together and shoveled each others driveways. The roads were all snow covered so you couldn't drive anywhere. A few years back, a now retired colleague and I were talking about the storm in the office with a bunch of young people present. He abandoned his car on 128 around the Burlington/Lexington line and hiked into an adjacent neighborhood and essentially knocked on a strangers door and asked for shelter. He lived there with the family for 3 or days. Our younger colleagues thought we were joking. The stories of people getting stuck in the old boston garden post beanpot are legend. When the stores opened there wasn't anything in them after the first hour so my Mom just made bread which we ate with butter for two weeks along with some rationed food. I think the best thing about the Blizzard was the absolute insanity it created for the next two decades everytime a weather forecast said 'heavy snow.' People rushing to the store, emptying shelves, sheer panic. My family had just started skiing so my siblings and I would put our skis on everyday and just "ski" around in the woods behind our house - there was nothing else to do - and the landscape had been totally transformed - all the vegetation had been bent over and covered in snow. We lost power for a few days, then it was restored; but at some point, we lost it again and I have this vague memory of my father absolutely losing it on the phone with some poor electric company representative. LOL. My Mother probably shooed us out the room! Good times.
  9. You've mentioned that 40" rule - that seems like a good rule of thumb. I saw people skiing Starr Line and Feline on Saturday which is littered with 3-4' plus boulders with 12-18" of snow on it which is just asking to get hurt or break a ski or board...If someone wants to ruin their equipment I don't care but I feel bad for ski patrol who would have to hike up and carry the knucklehead off the mountain if there was an accident. I would be pissed.
  10. that looks great but I always worry about skiing in stuff like that if I don't know what's underneath - I'm very cautious. I saw a couple a skiers eject headfirst at high speed at Wildcat on Saturday and land really hard as they came blazing down the slope and caught something under the snow. One guy who I thought had seriously hurt himself, pulled himself off the mat and his friend standing next to me said something like 'you got to chill or you're going to seriously hurt yourself.' he just laughed.
  11. Remember driving up 128 with my Dad after that storm and there were abandoned cars on the side of the road buried in snow. We lost all our snow - I remember being pissed! and started the Blizzard with bare ground or barely nothing. After the Blizzard there were repeated 'rumors' of other big storms but I don't much remember any substantial snow or rain for the rest of February. We maintained that snow well into March though. I was a freshman in HS and remember going out for the spring track and coming back from distance runs in mid-late march and lying down in the snow afterwards to cool off!
  12. @HIPPYVALLEYI grew up on the S. Shore and had a few friend's Dads working at the shipyard. As a kid in the early-mid 70's , I literally watched that shipyard fold. The fathers all went out on furlough, seemed to continue to get paid for what seemed like years and then just retired. They were all union guys. I remember driving over the Fore River bridge watching the LNG tankers being build. Of course, you didn't realize what was going on. An amazing history.
  13. Covid reality has set in for me and I will pursue my original strategy of skiing the VT areas on weekdays and skiing Wildcat on Sundays and Crotched on weekday nights occasionally. I will disregard the quarantine rules in VT rationalizing that I'm not setting foot inside a building, eating outside and riding a chair either alone or with only one other person (in the case of the quad). Hopefully, there is a snowmaking budget at Wildcat and it's the above average temps you've suggested which has prevented wildcat from making snow; and between snowmaking and natural snow, Wildcat will be able to make their normal push into the last weekend of April.
  14. Yeah, b/c everyone from eastern Massachusetts was at Attitash and Wildcat! I like that double - the top of Lookout trail has a nice old school vibe, narrow, steep, big bumps and the chair hangs low to ground.
  15. Skied at wildcat today. Turned to rain briefly in base area - never made it up very far up hill. Good base snow.