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    Land Purchase

    If you are a Nordic skier as well as a alpine, look around Craftsbury.
  2. this from .... Should I be tested? If you are a close contact of someone with COVID-19 or you are a resident in a community where there is ongoing spread of COVID-19 and develop symptoms of COVID-19, call your healthcare provider and tell them about your symptoms and your exposure. They will decide whether you need to be tested, but keep in mind that there is no treatment for COVID-19 and people who are mildly ill may be able to isolate and care for themselves at home. For detailed information, visit the CDC’s webpage: Testing for COVID-19 You can also call 2-1-1, a 24-hour state-supported telephone hotline. Not sure if this has been posted today. But the # of false lab results is now being assumed to be about 30%.
  3. From nytimes coverage of wh conference. “What would have happened if we did nothing? Because there was a group that said, ‘let’s just ride it out,’” Mr. Trump said, without saying what “group” he was referring to. Mr. Trump said that as many as 2.2 million people “would have died if we did nothing, if we just carried on with our life.” “You would have seen people dying on airplanes, you would have seen people dying in hotel lobbies. You would have seen death all over,” Mr. Trump said. By comparison, he said, a potential death toll of 100,000 “is a very low number.”
  4. folks have been predicting metro Detroit is going to be bad. I just googled two hospital systems that serve the area - Detroit Medical Ctr and Beaumont Health - and they have been near capacity for a while...a third of the city lives at/below poverty.
  5. I suspect that when folks in Massachusetts see the hospitalization and mortality #s out of some of the other state, those who might have been feeling 'antsy' will be feeling a bit more relaxed.
  6. I hope this was said in jest. That is an ugly thing to say. And apologies in advance, if I missed the joke.
  7. What should be interesting is if the baseball season ever begins...I can't believe it would start before July and they could be playing in empty stadiums. You then roll into Fall and you have both college and professional football. I follow the Big XII and the commissioner and school ADs are already contemplating no football. & then without the revenue associated with football, college sports begin to list due to lack of funding. this will be a sign of how our consumer based economy is doing.
  8. Not something I follow so really can't speak coherently about Chinese economic restart but given they are an export driven economy without huge percentage consumer spending not surprising - their primary customer, the rest of the world is not buying. Again, not my area of interest or knowledge, but China could be real loser in all of this...between the ill will generated by their lack of transparency, search to diversify supply chains by countries, and all the overseas lending they have done to LDC countries that will not get paid, it may really have big effects.
  9. Seen a few but vast majority in the Boston 'burbs are not.
  10. I think I may have read that people's 'cause of death' who are dying at home of Covid-19 in Italy are not being accounted in the Covid-19 death count. Like everything, lack of identical definition adds some variation to all these statistics.
  11. folks at sugarloaf said they got about 7" last night.
  12. So the chart of ICD-10 disease categorization is really good - by the way, it's how disease is classified and actually is the underlying reimbursement mechanism for our healthcare system. Almost everyone of these leading causes of death is a comorbidity that puts a person who contracts covid-19 at greater risk of death; and by the way, many are lifestyle diseases among younger people especially. Many of these diseases are now considered chronic conditions and can be managed over the long haul today.
  13. Lightning in metrowest Boston, Concord specifically.
  14. that's what wildcat seems to have done on their base cam. hasn't been working for a week plus at this point.
  15. Nope. They have even put on their website no uphill travel. Of course, according to locals, that's to discourage out of towners. The closest hospitals are skowhegan and Farmington - both small and not equipped to handle this stuff - both 1 plus hours away. The grocery in Kingfield is a glorified convenience store. I've read locals complaining about folks from Portland coming up.