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  1. Cool. Live in town next to Sudbury. Interestingly, work right along masspike in Framingham, south Sudbury is frequently the battle ground between frozen and non-frozen precipitation in winter.
  2. went to the boston ski show last night - hadn't gone in years and was looking for something to get me out of the house last nite. Yes, I lead a very dull life! I wasn't really checking areas off a list but I'm not sure if I saw Stowe there?? But the reason I'm typing this is I noticed there were no Massachusetts ski areas exhibiting west of Wachusett. In previous year threads, we've discussed how BE, Jiminy, Catamount , Otis, Bousquet, etc - western Massachusetts areas don't even look for traffic from the eastern half of state. I am impressed that Berkshire East is opening this early. Great area.
  3. You have to get up pretty early to beat Sugarloaf1989. The dog woke me up at 2:15 this morning to go out and when I came back in and checked my phone, the story popped up. I went to post but Sugarloaf1989 had beat me to it by about 40 minutes or so! Of course, I beat him to Sugarloaf by 7 years - Jan 1982, if moniker is indicative of his first time there. Saddleback is a great mountain. I've skied there when only the t-bar was running and had a great time. The Kennabago quad which was installed by the Barry's can be reached via a long traverse from the t-bar but the 'normal' customer wouldn't do it. The new chairlift which will replace to old double really makes the whole mountain easily accessible. I know the locals have been pruning and keeping at least some of the glades thinned out but suspect the glades will take some time to recover from 4 years of inattention. Great mountain, great for the W. Maine region and also provides an alternative to/and some competition to Sugarloaf which is good.
  4. Just saw the NENSA Rollerski race has been cancelled in Stowe. NENSA posted a picture of some pretty serious erosion.
  5. i love BV. it is a great mid-size mountain with a real mix of terrain, great snow and you get a lot of skiing in during the day due to lack of crowds. Although rare, if I spend a weekend up in that neck of the woods - I'll ski MRG, Stowe or Sugarbush really hard 1 day of weekend and spend the 2nd day at BV. Speaking of lift lines, when I ski at Sugarbush, I spend most of the peak ski day over at glen ellen - there are rarely lines and some great terrain.
  6. Wow, the new gondola and summit restaurant dominate BW. I drove by yesterday and took quick glance.
  7. Drove up to Meredith this morning after dropping wife/daughter at Logan. What a spectacular day on lake. Water still feels quite comfortable, will be taking midday dip. Hiking in Presidentials tomorrow.
  8. sad to see missing roof shingles at the Saddleback base lodge. There was a flurry of news about two weeks ago but heard nothing since. That's a beautiful part of Maine.
  9. Not to be a stickler, but I'd argue it's exit 23 - Meredith/New Hampton which is where snow builds in winter. This was definitely re-enforced last winter.
  10. We have a European chestnut...suck to pick up in Fall. Friend of mine who is a forestry professor had acreage in Maine that was growing a hybrid American- Euro that was blight resistant. We have Ash trees that have been nearly killed by same blight that killed the Elms.
  11. Cool night at the lake. Definite feel of late summer last nite and this morning. Air is spectacular right now.
  12. Big roller ski (nordic) race tomorrow at MRG. Thinking I might take out my roller skis over weekend and re-awaken the muscles!
  13. Really about Siberia? I thought Siberia has seen warming because I see news items of the area being an example of the runaway feedback loop that makes scientist really worry, permafrost melts releasing more CO2 thus accelerating warming. Is what I've read more of the hypothetical? Every once in a while I see a Woolly Mammoth being dug up in Siberia and press coverage points to temperature increases. And I'm not trolling, I'm a man-made warming earth believer!
  14. woke up in metrowest this morning to overcast and a bit of humidity and drove to Meredith. Now sitting on lake with clear sky, refreshing wind and very comfortable temps.