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  1. Over the years, I've made a couple of stupid decisions relative to lack of gear, terrain choice and generally not appropriately planning for contingencies during the summer months in the presidentials and thankfully none of them have ended badly but the experience has definitely made me far more cautious especially as I've gotten older and my margin for error has shrunk. The issue over the weekend is that nobody should have been hiking alone given the weather; and frankly, I can't think of why you'd attempt a presidential traverse given the weather found just in the parking lot. Again, retrospective analysis is easy - I've been standing with a compass in my hand at the intersection of the AT and Lowe's Path just off the Adam's summit trying to confirm my route due to visibility of only 5-6' and totally disoriented. Sad and frustrating part of all this is that by any criteria, this past weekend was not a good time to be on the higher elevations of NNE and NNY state.
  2. 53 male from Andover Massachusetts, did not survive. sad.
  3. Nuts, will be interesting to read the final reports about hiker preparedness. The weather conditions at elevation could not have been better forecast or communicated. Kudos to the rescue teams.
  4. But what do I know... https://twitter.com/KillingtonMtn/status/1532463157586845700?s=20&t=PVgC1glIq4q_PYN0t4X0ZQ
  5. just looked at the SuperStar webcam - not sure how that's going to work Saturday.
  6. PF nailed it, it's a party. I've been there in early May when there are a few more options open and when your legs are in peak skiing shape and you just crush bumps all day but I think for most folks now, it's casually roll-in, take a some runs, hang with friends, and tailgate. Nice to see them get to June too. Hiked Franconia Ridge yesterday morning. The attendants in the Falling Water/Bridal Path parking lot said Saturday and Sunday were crazy busy. Lake water definitely jumped a 3-4 degrees between Friday and yesterday as well. I floated around for an extended length of time yesterday.
  7. Kudos to Killington - everything looks pretty good. https://www.killington.com/the-mountain/webcams/mountain/superstar-cam
  8. Wow. Spent a bunch of time in Gaylord for work. Actually a great snow area. They can get a lot of snow off Lake Michigan - further west towards the lake which has some elevation is better but been there with easy 4-5' of settled snow on the ground.
  9. Jay just announced they are going another weekend. Friend at Sugarloaf yesterday said it was perfect spring day. Sugarloaf is done.
  10. Pleasant day on top of Mt. Washington - 13 degrees. Snowing at Sugarloaf. 21 degrees on summit of saddleback.
  11. Season done? Probably. Skied at Jay Peak for first time ever Friday. I have now seen the 'Jay cloud' in action. Snowed on and off hard all day - really a lot of graupel. Because I was alone, I didn't venture into the woods which were still skiable. Can definitely see the appeal of mountain with mid-winter powder. From there, I drove to Sugarloaf and planned to ski both yesterday and today. Woke up at 530ish yesterday morning and checked the weather stations at saddleback and saw it was 16 degrees at their summit and kind of knew deep down what was in store for the day! Anything that wasn't groomed overnight never softened and was unskiable on the upper mountain. That unfortunately was a lot of the terrain I really like to ski. It was still fun and they have a ton of snow on the hill - in fact, I have now skied there 3 of last 5 weekends and in that stretch the amount of snow loss has been minimum. Amazingly, Winter's Way and Bubblecuffer are still open but I wasn't going to venture down. Skied gondi line probably a half dozen times and although it has a deep base, with the lack of softening it wasn't great and had lots of big chunks of ice that had been busted up by the groomers. Anyway, at the end of the day thinking today would be more of the same - I decided to drive home and rake leaves today...after I go for a bike ride! It has been a good season! So, knowing the cold start, I drove up Eustis Ridge and took a few pictures - spectacular as both @tamarackand @uncletim said.
  12. check out the saddleback webcams https://www.saddlebackmaine.com/webcams/
  13. I don't think even the most diehard Sugarloafer would argue that Saddleback gets the best snow and has better retention than Sugarloaf. They are reporting something like 30-40" more snow for the season than Sugarloaf. Of course, any reported snow falls on a ski mountain is subject to review! I think the base lodge at Saddleback is advertised to be around 2,400' - Sugarloaf's base area is probably 1,600'.
  14. try this too... https://www.maine.gov/dacf/parksearch/PropertyGuides/PDF_GUIDE/bigelow-preserve-flagstaff-lake.pdf I also have friends who shore camp on Lower and Upper Richardson lakes and believe that offers similar experience.
  15. I was in Portland Saturday night and friends had a mailer on their table, houses listed for $600-$700K were selling over ask by $100K. Nuts. Rumor in my neighborhood is a multi-million dollar listing sold for 25% over ask. Insane. Friends in adjacent town have a tear down across the street, on less than 1/4 acre built out to maximum extent, no backyard, supposedly going on market for $3.5mm. I lack an adjective. Right now, life science stock options seem to be leading the charge but I always wonder about the % down payment on these homes - are the banks allowing a higher % of income to be directed to mortgage - or is it just folks with lots of home equity moving up? I pay no attention to this stuff given I'm want to downsize in 2024 and will probably leave the area.
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