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  1. Angus

    September Weather Discussion 2019

    sad to see missing roof shingles at the Saddleback base lodge. There was a flurry of news about two weeks ago but heard nothing since. That's a beautiful part of Maine.
  2. Angus

    September Weather Discussion 2019

    Not to be a stickler, but I'd argue it's exit 23 - Meredith/New Hampton which is where snow builds in winter. This was definitely re-enforced last winter.
  3. Angus

    Summer 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    I stand corrected!
  4. Angus

    Summer 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    We have a European chestnut...suck to pick up in Fall. Friend of mine who is a forestry professor had acreage in Maine that was growing a hybrid American- Euro that was blight resistant. We have Ash trees that have been nearly killed by same blight that killed the Elms.
  5. Angus

    NNE Warm Season Thread

    Cool night at the lake. Definite feel of late summer last nite and this morning. Air is spectacular right now.
  6. Angus

    The 2019-2020 Ski Season Thread

    Big roller ski (nordic) race tomorrow at MRG. Thinking I might take out my roller skis over weekend and re-awaken the muscles!
  7. Angus

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    Really about Siberia? I thought Siberia has seen warming because I see news items of the area being an example of the runaway feedback loop that makes scientist really worry, permafrost melts releasing more CO2 thus accelerating warming. Is what I've read more of the hypothetical? Every once in a while I see a Woolly Mammoth being dug up in Siberia and press coverage points to temperature increases. And I'm not trolling, I'm a man-made warming earth believer!
  8. Angus

    NNE Warm Season Thread

    woke up in metrowest this morning to overcast and a bit of humidity and drove to Meredith. Now sitting on lake with clear sky, refreshing wind and very comfortable temps.
  9. Angus

    NNE Warm Season Thread

    Still a couple good strips of snow to be seen in Tuckerman Ravine from the Wildcat webcam. I had given some thought to skiing last weekend so I could check off July as 'skied in New England' but just went for a hike instead. Water temps in NH lake region - Winnisquam for me - is perfect. I stopped by the Tilton brewery today and bought some cans, pretty good.
  10. Angus

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    I was in Gilmanton last evening before sunset and there was very clear boundary to the north with very ominous clouds. Sometime between 9:30-10PM, very heavy rain moved into Meredith with some great lightning. Was stunned when I woke up around 6:15 this morning to mostly clear skies. The lake water temperature finally got into the comfortable range this week.
  11. Angus

    June 29-30 2019 Thunderstorms

    Between crappy weekend weather, the 'honey-due' list, and trying to find some down time during my weekend, I've started to out-source my lawn mowing to a hard-working, industrious young man/next door neighbor.
  12. Angus

    Spring 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    LOL. Drove north this morning to Lake Como to escape the heat in Parma which reached 104ish. Here, 92-93. We drove up to 3,700' above lake and car thermometer didn't budge. The temps have been rising for the 10 days we've been here. Watching the sun set now against the mountains (7-8K), asking my wife about her favorite places for lobster rolls. A little less connectivity wouldn't be a bad thing! She confirms there is a lot of meat in a Red's roll. Personally, I've seen the line and nothing is that good!
  13. Angus

    The 2018-2019 Ski Season Thread

    I don't know when the summit snow fields normally melt out. From what I could tell from internet banter, there was more snow and more vertical this year than normal on Memorial Day. Literally, you park your car either in the summit parking lots or along the auto road and simply walk and/or down climb to the snow. I know the various MT. Washington advocacy groups this year have been asking people to be careful not to destroy the alpine flora and fauna by trampling over it. I'm guessing this a result of growing popularity of driving up and skiing when the auto road opens. I've skied in the ravine in late June once and I know there is typically a strip of snow that can be and does get skied on July 4th. There is still quite a bit of snow in the ravine and left gully which is safest option this time of year had plenty of snow last time I looked at a webcam. I find increasingly the down climbing with my gear on my back makes for a sore body the next day especially as I get older!
  14. Angus

    Spring 2019 New England Banter and Disco

    Who is Mandy Moore?
  15. Angus

    May 2019 Discussion

    Part of problem is poor guide services. In past, from I've read in the usual assortment of recently popular mountaineering books, the guide services would compete, yet coordinate ascents so as to mitigate back ups on summit. There are now a # of new outfitters which appear to be low quality. They are local Nepalese outfits that take anyone. Also, there has been allegations that thr bottled oxygen recharging has been faulty. Reading a book at moment about Mallory's attempt post WWI. Kind of sad when you consider that the mountain, considered sacred by the locals, is being trashed all in the name of hard foreign currency.