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  1. Texas heat...arrived in Austin on August of 1986 at the old Mueller airport. Walked outside in mid-day heat and can only compare it to working as a pizza maker around gas fired ovens. I assumed there would be relief found under a tree in the shade but there was no discernable temperature difference. Assumed that the evenings would cool, minimally. Texas summer heat was nothing that a guy who had spent his life in NE could comprehend. Upon my return to NE, I found my first couple of winters to be intolerable.
  2. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    Great day at Wildcat. Guessing I took in vicinity of 30+ runs which would put me at 60K feet of vertical. Got on lift at 8:30 and skied groomers until things softened around 11:30ish. From then on, it was skiing bumps. Finished at 3:58. Pretty much the whole mountain was open with some sections of trails closed due to ice. Lower trails that don't have snowmaking showing some bare spots but some of that is a function of traffic funneling due to natural features...boulders. Parking lot was jammed packed. Told that the Saturday crowd was just as large. Can't seem to upload any pics but Washington is loaded with snow. After next weekend, word is they will open one day in May to claim May skiing and that will be it.
  3. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    Friend sent me pic from Sugarloaf today taken from Bracket Basin area...report was silly amount of snow. Snowfields looked fantastic. Headed to Wildcat in early AM.
  4. Pounding snow in Pinkham Notch right now. Wildcat is 100% open. Temps have cooled a bit for weekend but Sunday should be good.
  5. heavy snow at Sugarloaf right now.
  6. summer of 1976 as part of Quincy Race Week (sailing), a one mile open water swim race was held. We swam from one of the club piers out to a buoy and back. I was in the water less than 20 minutes and came out covered in slime/oil...in hindsight absolutely gross but as a 13 year old thought the fact we could draw happy faces on our stomachs was cool. It was a sewer.
  7. Mt. Snow, KMart, Okemo, Sugarbush, Jay Peak, Wildcat, Sunday River (weekend only) and Sugarloaf all running lifts this week.
  8. Maybe stealing someone's thunder but ariof finished in 3:02 and change. I was out at mile 8 for the elite runners and first wave of general runners and it was strong head winds and at times torrential rain. Amazing effort on a brutal day. Congrats
  9. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    Sunapee had planned to be open this weekend. Just sent email that end of season is 4PM today given incoming weather.
  10. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    MRG just announced they are done for season.
  11. NNE Winter Thread

    ice on newfound looks pretty consistent. I've been monitoring the ice retreat on Winnisquam via the marina and steele hill webcams. Looks like ice out will be average - week or two away.
  12. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    Skied at Mt. Snow today with my son - a board participant here. Thought today looked like the best opportunity get spring conditions - soft snow and blue skies - for the foreseeable future. The mountain has a ton a snow. Arrived hoping to lap the north side lift and ski soft bumps but temps at higher elevations and clouds coming in after lunch kept the snow more mid-winter, crusty & grippy for the duration. The main face softened more but the terrain is not as interesting or challenging. We went into woods on the main face - found coverage adequate but debris was starting to stick out so got out pretty quickly. Woods on north side looked like better coverage. All in all a good day. No corn has developed.
  13. In '85, came down Heartbreak Hill and quads cramped up and was reduced to a shuffle/walk...before I could work the cramps out, I turned onto Beacon Street at Cleveland Circle and was hit by a dramatic temperature drop and mist...somewhere between Washington Square and Coolidge Corner I had to drop out because I was shivering so badly.
  14. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    Closes tomorrow.
  15. The 2017-18 Ski Season Thread

    I'm just waiting for warm weather and sunny days before I head out again. Skiing frozen granular in the second week of April doesn't have much appeal. Of course, after April 15th there will only be six ski areas operating daily in NE.