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  1. 2010-2011 was a La Niña, but it was accompanied by a strong -NAO. 2005-2006 was a mild winter, but featured significant winter storms in each month, December-March, including the epic February ‘06 blizzard.
  2. 12z models show midweek coastal storm staying to the south of New England.
  3. 12Z GEFS are west of OP
  4. Retired chief meteorologist from NBC CT
  5. CT actually had a significant ice storm in January 2009. There were some power outages and a few fatalities.
  6. Ice Storm Warning criteria is 1/2" or more of ice.
  7. 12z GFS/CMC/ICON all show significant icing for interior SNE on the Tuesday event.
  8. Yeah it actually looks like the mean is off the New Jersey coast.
  9. Steady, light to moderate snow in Waterbury for the last hour. Roads are becoming slushy and snow-covered.
  10. Fwiw, 12z JMA has a 989mb low south of Long Island at 12z Monday.
  11. 12z GGEM looks like mainly sleet and freezing rain for most of SNE.
  12. 12z UKMET shows 5”-10” of rain across NY, CT, and RI on Thursday. 12z EURO has 1”-3” of rain across the same area. 12z GFS has scattered showers.