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  1. I would think so. This virus is getting into the inner cities too and doing a lot of damage on the lower socioeconomic citizens. I’m not necessarily claiming a correlation with the just got me curious.
  2. Just read a story about african americans getting COVID 19 and dying from it at higher rates. It reminded me of something I saw in my DNA data. The OAS1 variant gene at rs2660 (G allele) is protective for SARS-1. I actually have a pair of the variants (GG). In limited ethnicity data, very few SW african americans had the GG pair and no Yoruban people in Nigeria had any G alleles. So the African ancestry is heavy in the nonprotective version of this gene. In this graph, red is AA, green is AG, and black is GG. CEU is caucasian people of european descent, ASW is SW US african americans, and YRI is Yoruban Nigerians.
  3. The 40k+ was just one province. China has sucked more than this winter.
  4. Paywall for ginxy
  5. I feel like something else was going around here. There were a lot of negative tests in NH and you could only get a test if you had symptoms.
  6. Looks like SNE will win the rest of the afternoon. Hit 54F here, but back to mostly cloudy.
  7. Well aware of those risks. I thought about it for weeks before pulling the trigger. Pulled it. No regrets.
  8. Not worried about it. I don't live in fear about that stuff. I like to learn about what makes me me. I've already been able to tailor my diet more toward my genetics. I guess I'm lucky that I have no glaring issues other than higher odds for macular degeneration, but even if I did, I'd rather know what I'm susceptible to and try to account for that in my life rather than worry about some extra dollars down the road. I understand why some would be hesitant. And like I said, you can always go with a smaller private company that will provide more security over your information. Different folks, different strokes.
  9. I would love to see an army of me.
  10. That was one of the theories about kids having immunity. They pass around so many coronavirus colds that it made them immune.
  11. Genetic Life Hacks is the site that references studies related to other viruses. Again, we really don't know much about this one yet, but it does have some simmilarities to SARS-1. As for my DNA, I just had it done with 23andme. However, not all of the genes listed on that Genetic Life Hacks site were sequenced by 23andme. My wife, did the basic DNA testing from and when she downloaded her raw DNA data from there, they sequenced all of the ones listed on the site. If you're worried about privacy, you can pay more through a secure private company/doctor and get everything sequenced. I just find it kinda fun and don't worry too much about my DNA privacy. If the data gets out and somebody in Russia wants to clone me they can feel free.