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  1. -11° for AFN this morning. I wonder if they’ve ever been the coldest in the state on a strong rad night in winter.
  2. I do love me some hoar frost on a frigid morning. Nothing beats driving through diamond dust though.
  3. SNE steals it! SNE stole the snow!
  4. CON and ASH -2° Pushing -10° at EEN and AFN
  5. Deep pack. BED radiates and LWM doesn’t.
  6. heh...I had a few of these "sunny" SHSN in the afternoon too. It'll be interesting to see how much we dam. The models seem to be getting the 50F dews in here rather easily.
  7. Just melted down 0.09” about 17:1 ratios.
  8. 27.0° -SN/SN Maybe an inch and a half out there? I’ll measure in a bit. Looks like it should be done within an hour.