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  1. I'll take Mowvember, Dewcember, Tanuary, Feverary and coast on into Morch and Napril.
  2. 30.5° meh Have had a few upper 20s already. It’s time for something a little colder.
  3. What about 5" at ORH, an unofficial 3" at Logan, and a sloppy 1/2" in Winthrop at obs time?
  4. What’s the threshold for October snow in order to cancel winter?
  5. Nov '50? We need a 10kft range right along the shore so we can downslope these LLJs right to the surface.
  6. Pic of the annies. The center one looks like an aerovane from RM Young.
  7. This would've been the Final Destination result for Teena Marie if she kept framed pictures off of her walls.
  8. You probably don't have it reduced to sea level. I'd bet that's actual station pressure. ASH had a min station pressure of 28.57" but the altimeter fell to 28.76".
  9. 28.719” may be it. 972.5mb Good call Euro.