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  1. Today wasn’t that enjoyable down here except if you’re by a cool body of water.
  2. Really? I don’t feel like it’s that rare around here.
  3. GFS has had a bit more of a southerly component down there and the max 850s are near here...so maybe he ends up close to today. We'll see. It won't take much of a westerly component to blow that furnace back in.
  4. TAN has already hit 89F today.
  5. dendrite

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    Yeah I can literally walk up the hill to it. North side of the hill like me except up around 775ft. Who knows...maybe there's more up there? I found the location on streetview and there was a lot of brush around it whenever that time was so it looks like they knew what to keep since the chestnut is front and center in the pic I took. https://goo.gl/maps/H8wvA6UvNE12
  6. dendrite

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    Wow. Pretty cool. Does that tree look large enough to be dropping seeds yet? Maybe I'll have to take a walk by there and see if there's any saplings around. Maybe they'll let me root prune one and then transplant it in the fall. I wonder if the owners even know what it is.
  7. dendrite

    9th annual Lawn Thread 2018

    Saw this tree on my road tonight and grabbed a pic from the truck. The leaves looked interesting... Is this some variety of chestnut?
  8. dendrite

    Coldest wind chill by state

    I hit a roadblock at state selection just now. Maybe they’re having temporary issues.
  9. Those days the air almost feels worse. The clouds reradiate IR/longwave rad back down on you and the air just feels dead. The nights are worse too...probably 80F type mins for DCA.
  10. 95/68 in a non-AC school is still terribly miserable.
  11. Yeah just saw sat for the first time today. Lots of mid-upper level cloudiness, but still filtered sunshine. Up to 78F here.
  12. GFS has been bumping the core of the highest 850 temps northward. +20C to +21C now over most of S NH on Mon afternoon. With W flow off the Monads that smells like ~100F for the CON-MHT-ASH area.
  13. Low dews will be nice but mid/upper 80s is starting to creep out of COC territory.
  14. It doesn’t take much to total a car. Do you have RWD or FWD? If you have any frame damage or rear axle damage that repair figure will climb quickly.