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  1. For me I look at the weather. When a lengthy stretch of heat and/or dews are progged I'll install the window units. Some years they never go in. Some years they don't go in until July or August.
  2. 1st annual installation thread?
  3. This critter got in the house too. Cats had fun playing with it.
  4. Had this on the suet yesterday afternoon
  5. Picked this guy out of the garden today
  6. Real but not representative. Fakersville is improper measuring methods.
  7. Tomorrow could be another day here with a high in the 40s. It's been a beautiful weekend though.
  8. All of the home mesos on the island were upper 30s or 40s...and that's about 6-8 additional stations on WU. MVY's 31F definitely sticks out.
  9. 69.3F with sun. We drop.
  10. Oops...missed the BOX talk in this thread. Congrats all on the HW.
  11. I think BOS touched 90F. Many consecutive 32C 5-min obs.
  12. Could be 87 or 88 so far based on the 31C obs. They had enough 31C obs that it probably hit 88 despite the drop back to 87 at the hourly. Either way, they're going to need one more "push" upward.
  13. It takes a day like this...post frontal downslope here with a full morning of upslope garbage there.