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  1. When they stopped the obs at the airport and went to the coop for snow obs I noticed the CON numbers creeping up higher than usual with respect to me and other obs. So I think you’ll see them go up with relation to the other sites the next two decadal normal updates. SNE has been on a hell of a streak in the past decade though.
  2. He's starting and taking the taunton posters and james with him.
  3. 55F with full sun is nice in March. On May 6 it sucks.
  4. Too far out there for my liking. Early May was looking nice in that time frame a couple weeks ago too.
  5. Looks like they were accidentally looking at some AUG 81-2010 numbers when making the comparison to some of the new CON ones. The September 81-10 for AUG was 69.6/50.5/60.0. That would give you the exact changes they listed for CON when comparing to the new CON numbers.
  6. Here's the edits I made using the couple of sources I found for the 81-2010 normals.
  7. Another day, another 1”+. Still pouring and 1.04” in the tipper. Wx2fish up to 1.52”
  8. Some of those changes in the normals don’t add up with the 81-2010 normals they have on their page. I thought it looked strange seeing Sep +4 for highs and -2 for mins.
  9. Yeah…so the next time someone says we’re running 3” behind on the year we can just say it would’ve been a wet year 30 years ago.
  10. Compared to the normals 30 years ago. +1/+3/+2 on temps. Almost 6” wetter.
  11. He’s living in Andy Kaufman’s basement.
  12. Sun coming out in CON now. We'll take what we can get.