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  1. Foliage has been looking epic around here.
  2. Euro op and weeklies bad? Euro seasonal snowfall good?
  3. Same with getting a wx station online.
  4. Your avatar is sorta how I imagine the walls being made.
  5. Yeah all of those rocks left in moraines from the last glacial maximum became property boundaries all around New England. lol
  6. That was when Northfield was known as Southfield. It will rise again.
  7. Lots of stonewalls around here too. We have one out in the back woods, but it's seen better days.
  8. Yeah I was thinking that. SNE peeps coming up to the Kanc on Columbus Day weekend only seeing sticks.
  9. There's a couple of really nice stretches of color right now on 93 north, north of CON. Especially around the Northfield rest area and a bit before exit 19. It was pretty impressive on my ride home last night. I feel like it usually looks like this around the first week of October.
  10. I started a nasty cough last night and my wife started it this morning. No other symptoms.