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  1. Tue night will see the closed low over the GReat Lakes to start making a little better progress to the NE, but it will still be a slow go. This will push the sfc front ewd into NH after midnight. Ahead of the front, expecting a line of convection to form as strong low level jet will be in place just ahead of the front. With the deep moisture ahead of the front, this convection will produce heavy rain, and the possibility of TSRA. Any TSRA could also help mix down the winds from the jet, and good see some gusts approaching severe levels. Currently, this line should be somewhere in the vicinity of the NH/ME border around daybreak on Wed, and will continue across ME Wed morning. This line will likely be responsible for a large part of the rain that falls and could produce an inch to inch and a half in several hours.
  2. They come in 3's so the 3rd may be Nov 1950esque.
  3. Some dude passes him on the right screaming out his window while flipping him the bird and Wizzy just keeps his head straight forward, unaware of it, with his eyes on the road and his hands at 10 and 2 while listening to his Miley Cyrus casette.
  4. Don't forget the huge rear spoiler to keep them from flying off the ground like an Indycar.
  5. Damn Sunday night M***holes.
  6. Move over. Be happy someone is willing to go faster than you. You want to look like Dick Trickle on the highway...not Jeff Gordon. Let them attract the cops.
  7. Agree. Move the F over.
  8. tamarack or anyone else... Do you have any experience on cold hardy clumping bamboo? I don't want to give tamarack a heart attack, but I would definitely only use clumping and I'd put a barrier a few feet down. My plan is to try some in the chicken run since it's fast growing and would give them some much needed shade. The running bamboo is obviously an invasive no-no, and I'm not even sure how well it would do in our zone anyway. I had my eye on this guy supposedly hardy down to -20F.
  9. 60F and mostly sunny. Awesome day.
  10. Someone is going to get a lot of rain Tue/Wed.
  11. Tom Brady is not intimidated.
  12. Tell her we said to get back in the kitchen.
  13. Legbar and leaves
  14. Not trippin. I'm pretty sure frozen precip has been reported in Tolland in the 60s before. CT can be a special place.