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  1. Well they’re different climate classifications.
  2. Yeah we’ll see. Kinda “cold” sectored here with 60° right now.
  3. Finally some rain moving in. All of these +1 days have left me Steiny.
  4. 56° with spits. Let’s get some rain. 0.03” so far.
  5. Trace of rain overnight…looking forward to some tomorrow. 77/47 yesterday…a beaut.
  6. Getting a little Steiny here. Looking forward to a little rain. The watermark sensor is up to 45cb. I’m not used to being over 25cb. Min 53…refreshing
  7. My wife heard no thunder. That’s almost over my house.
  8. Better chance of the Bruins still coming back to beat the Panthers.
  9. I should post my lawn right now. It’s more like a meadow.
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