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  1. Could be an office thing. GYX has put out a few this winter. I can’t speak for BOX.
  2. Agree. It was a good run for the 9ers. They just ran into a buzzsaw.
  3. AQAs are pretty common in the valleys this time of year.
  4. There’s nothing worse than wasting lots of snow on the major megalopolis cities.
  5. Unable to wishcast a snow storm during peak winter and ending winter in late Feb. You may as well retire and move to Florida now.
  6. It’s been like New Diego up here this month.
  7. CON with 17F for a low. So I guess the EC was the closest, but a blend would've worked out better.
  8. Same deal here. Lots of trapped haze just north of CON on my way home yesterday. It cleared up as I got home, but the smoke made it my way before I cooped the birds up in the evening.
  9. You downslope on strong E flow, right?
  10. A light breeze and mixed skies are keeping the temp up in the upper 20s. Hopefully we don't have the bottom fall out again overnight or at least mi casa is above the inversion. MET/MAV for CON are 10F and 11F for CON tomorrow morning, but ECM MOS is much warmer at 21F. It'll be interesting to see which side is closer. 27F there are of 00z.
  11. Actually warmer here (41F) than CON (38F) this afternoon...rare, especially for this time of year. Very little mixing under the high today...just enough for here, but not enough in time for the rad pits.