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  1. 10/13 sounds more like lavarock.
  2. CON is 9/27 and it used to be a week earlier with the 61-90 normals. SFM has to be up there with CON and I know LEW radiates decently.
  3. There's no way your avg is that late.
  4. You've had a ton this summer. You're fine.
  5. Meanwhile NNE has had sun for like a week straight. lol
  6. 0.22" going back to Tue night. Stein is alive regionally up here, but my little microclimate is okay.
  7. I thought I asked you weeks ago in a thread what you wanted. What do you want it changed to?
  8. Leading off all of these games to get extra ABs to break the record, yet Boone can't let Severino go another 2 IP for a no-no.
  9. Yeah, no. That’s averaged precip rate over the previous 6hrs with current thicknesses.
  10. It was much colder here yesterday morning than this morning.
  11. Another beautiful day though. Loving the sun.
  12. I started the pellet stove for the first time last night too.
  13. Min of 33.1F here. Nice lake breeze at LCI to keep it torchy there.
  14. CON down to 31 so far. Still 34 here although I’m seeing some frost outside.
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