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  1. Heh. What’s ironic is I was just going through the 12/17 obs thread over the past hour.
  2. 35F and overcast...this blows.
  3. Just close enough to VT to get their orographic puke.
  4. Finally warming up with a little mixing. Up to 25F from 18F an hour ago. Too bad the cold has to return for the weekend.
  5. It’s 53° there at FVE. But yeah, day 10 and all.
  6. Really nice editing to erase PF from that Feb 2015 vid.
  7. I mean that mid level front on the op just rots over us for 3 days before finally pushing NE. Color me not optimistic.
  8. PF digging up the SREF plumes from the grave after they were buried in 2017.
  9. At least you got some anomalous cold this year...too bad it was March and not January.
  10. eh...I don't think there was much sublimation in a handful of hours. It was scoured right out of here. Heck we had RH high enough for flurries and squalls most of the night.
  11. Lost a few big oak branches, but what surprised me was the blue spruce debris all over the yard.
  12. Haha...we had like a half inch of snow last night and it’s completely gone this morning. Windswept into the gulf of Maine. There is literally no trace of it.
  13. CON hit 60mph a couple hours ago. 4/-10 here and roaring. I think I got 2hrs of sleep.
  14. Damn wind keeps waking me up. Had another boundary come through because the t/td are rapidly dropping. 9.9/-9
  15. He texted me. His greenhouse may have blown to MYR. I just can’t believe my anny is working again. It hasn’t reported wind speed since last fall even though the cups spin.