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  1. Meanwhile I will struggle to hit 50F tomorrow.
  2. I think I agree though and that I'd hedge a little cooler at 2m and dewier. Maybe 95/65s instead of 98/58s. But it's going to be a scorcher of a weekend regardless. We're just nitpicking how we get to the oppressiveness.
  3. The EC has 21C over S NH 18z Sun. Goofus is 21C over much of S NH and E MA.
  4. I mean we've seen this before recently where models overdo the BL mixing and dews stay up higher than progged and so thermodynamically we don't meet the expected warming potential. But it's early in the season, we've been dry, and the evapotranspiration is just beginning. If the mixing pans out there's potential there for 17-18C on top of the 850s.
  5. Models are hotter on Sunday for the Merrimack River Valley...SW flow downsloping off the high terrain and mixed out BL with dews down into the 50s.
  6. I'd prefer the 75-80 back. It's a little chilly when we lose the sun today. 62/44 with the breeze isn't cutting it for me.
  7. I answered the dew question in the post right behind mine.
  8. Heh. Decent wind and rain, but the line kinda split through the area. Whatev.
  9. Nice gusher there. Is your rain gauge plugged?
  10. Vicious sounding lightning to my west. Looks like we’ll get some rain, but miss the heavies.
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