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  1. Is that the real deal fermented kind or the vinegar laden kraut in a bag? I like kraut, but I'm more of a kimchi fan.
  2. Yeah that’s fine by me. No need to be cold and dry up here while it snows in Metuchen.
  3. 38F inside and far Even put Lisa in the coop.
  4. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Stay safe out there.
  5. 32.3/31. -RA, but started as a period of -ZR. For those traveling up here early watch out for slick spots. NHDOT sucks in the early season before the roads finally accumulate some salt.
  6. 31/25 and overcast Only made it up to 32.3F today.
  7. Yeah...deeper CAD and they’re fine. When it turns into one of those shallow in-situ deals they will probably mix out a bit before Gene and I. But it’s not like it’s going to cost them much...maybe a little less freezing drizzle in some events.
  8. Actually it looks a lot like this one.
  9. So I’ve been having an animal digging under my gate to my run off and on the past few weeks. My outdoor cam has caught a whitish animal a few nights, but I could never make it out clearly. It looked like the size of a skunk, but lighter like an opossum. I even wondered if it was an ermine, but I figured they could get in between the chain links of the gate and wouldn’t dig. Anyway, I setup a trail cam and we found the guilty party. Has anyone seen a skunk this white before?