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  1. Siting change at the ASOS? I'd like to see the comparable departures between the stations over time.
  2. Good find Steve.
  3. What about the seeds though? They look completely different. I figured some kind of hops tree but it's about 30ft tall.
  4. Maple leaf viburnum instead of black maple?
  5. Unknown tree. Interesting bark. black maple?
  6. Ditto the mint. I grew the 6 herbs best for chickens and they touch none of it and all of it is growing out of control. Mint, bee balm, oregano, thyme, sage, and parsley. I have to keep cutting the mint runners back to keep it out of the other stuff. Everything grew well except my spinach. Second year in a row where it bolted early for the heavens. I need to figure that out. My cabbage is growing well, but no cabbage "ball" yet. Just a crap ton of large leaves.
  7. I'm going to try to transplant a small black maple seedling. I'll get a pic of that and the unknown tree. Of course I saw no caterpillars yesterday so the pic is on hiatus. If I see another one I'll get a pic for sure. To keep this on topic my zoysia patch is growing like crazy.
  8. I need tamarack to return from Scandinavia. He'd be so proud of the tree weenie in me.
  9. I also have a cluster of maple seedlings which appear to be 3-lobed and very fuzzy. I'm assuming black maple?
  10. The seed pods look quite a bit different compared to what I see on google images...unless the pod isn't mature yet?
  11. This is now a tree trread. Can anyone ID this? It's an actual tree not a vine. Looks like hops. I'm pretty sure I correctly ID'd the other one I was looking at (hophornbeam).
  12. That SFM 40F kinda sticks out like a sore thumb. The OWD of SW ME?
  13. 47.9F First 40s in forever.
  14. 59/48 with a slight breeze. We chill.
  15. A couple days of heat and then boom goes the cold front. That's a tast eof fall there in the 8-10.