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  1. 51.8° Looks like MWN tickled 32°
  2. You still up at the lake? I’m in the shadows already and it’s time for a hoodie. 66/51 but I see LCI has dipped into the 40s already. It feels like early September.
  3. Probably more likely to see the low 40s late morning with some deeper mixing. So I won’t take that bet. It’ll have to be an official ASOS dew too. Not your Davis with spring water flowing out beneath it.
  4. Should be a nice run tomorrow morning.
  5. Man what a nice airmass behind that front. 69/56 and breezy.
  6. 2.93” Up to 12.96” on the month.
  7. Gah. Easily the worst flooding I’ve had in the run. Digging trenches around the perimeter now. Soaked.
  8. 1.43” here. Lining up from you to me like 12/17.
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