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  1. Pretty sure I only tossed it here since we didn’t have the dynamics and I woke up to 34° rain.
  2. haha...I am literally the only snowless spot on that map over that large area of cover. Payback for December.
  3. I’m sure there will be no unwanted consequences with this....
  4. 42F with peeks of blue. I don't know what this snow stuff is that you guys are talking about. We green here in North Lauderdale.
  5.’re still getting flakes? 39° and rain showers here.
  6. Nope. It didn’t even try to stick.
  7. I think my forsythia is actually ahead of yours...but then again I live in the tropics now.
  8. Trust me I love the outcome. I just mean it feels weird to have it snowing literally everywhere around me while I pour rain on the hill. Just kinda have to laugh.
  9. That just means more BN years once regression kicks in.
  10. So much for the elongated POS low the 18z NAMs had yesterday afternoon.