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  1. Bush League high ?
  2. Spot on Ginx. CEF had 46" going into Tuesday and with it's much debated 21.7" is closing in on 70.
  3. Measured a little over 14 here a mile or so as the crow flies from CEF. Springfield and West Springfield also reported 14. The 21.7 does seem high.
  4. That puts them pretty close to if not over 70" for the season. Not bad for this area.
  5. Same here I'm close to 60" now for the season. Not bad for these parts.
  6. Nope. My kids are 32 and 27 and doing reasonably well. Medicare is beckoning in September.Tempus Fugit.
  7. Count me in as one of those folks.
  8. I believe that he's a moderator on SKIMRG's frigid franks board but I've been unable to access said board lately.
  9. Was this fine for a violation of a town ordinance or were they actually charged in the court system ?
  10. 68* even at ORH. Wonder if they've ever had 3 straight days over 60 in Feb. ? They've got a least a chance at it tomorrow anyways.
  11. Makes for a great start to the weekend. Up to 72 here. Enjoy !
  12. 70* unlimited sunshine. Not sure that even the pack in Hippy Valley's bucolic digs survives another 24 hours of this onslaught.
  13. 63 on car thermo while in Springfield on 91. 59 when I arrived home 8 miles up the road. Pack down to about 3-4 " at best .
  14. Figured I post this here for memory's sake since this has been noted in these spaces in the past. http://thecomeback.com/pop-culture/zima-is-coming-back.html
  15. CEF has over 46. I'm just shy of 48 and according to ABC 40 climo here is 50.