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  1. 2 day total here was 17". 7 and 10 respectively.
  2. 2" here. Still all snow but not for much longer I'd say
  3. 1.6" so far at CEF all of which has been liquid.
  4. 49 and 1.3" here. Good day to watch football with your beverage of choice.
  5. Maybe J. Flacco will snap out of it.
  6. 67/65 ATTM here in the lower valley.
  7. 57 for the opening night of the Big E.
  8. I remember them from days of yore. I believe we called them horse chestnuts back then.
  9. I would take it that Glens Falls would top both ORH and Troy in that department ? For sure they would top Chicopee Falls
  10. Thanks for the advice on it. I may be going down that road myself in a bit. It probably will depend on what the streaming option's are and their cost in the near future.