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  1. I kinda lucked out a bit as my wife worked in the industry at the time and was able to get waivers for the CBS, ABC, and FOX affiliates in NYC. They took the FOX 5 in NYC away but apparently was grandfathered in to CBS 2 and ABC 7.
  2. I've had Directv since 1996. I find it is the best option if you're a professional sports enthusiast with their games packages. Obviously a pricey proposition and not for everybody but as Orh-wxman alluded to their are other options on the internet if you're careful and have a good adblocker and use Firefox.
  3. CEF and BAF leadin the pack w 94. No surprise there.
  4. Bogus as Bakersville ?
  5. CEF with a 90 at 3pm. Joins the BDL club.
  6. Looks like the Chamber will be called into session for the foreseeable future.
  7. Even 80+ for MPM today ?
  8. CEF BDL and BAF all sitting at 93 as of 3pm.
  9. Cantore's heading to the $100.00 window.
  10. Bit of a bust here. Only .52 at CEF over the last 24 hrs. TV Met here was calling for 1.3-1.6 in the lower valley.
  11. CEF came in with 88. No surprise there.
  12. Counting this sleet slop I'm at 65" for the season. I usually get a foot or so less than you so your total seems about right.
  13. Bush League high ?
  14. Spot on Ginx. CEF had 46" going into Tuesday and with it's much debated 21.7" is closing in on 70.