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  1. 68* even at ORH. Wonder if they've ever had 3 straight days over 60 in Feb. ? They've got a least a chance at it tomorrow anyways.
  2. Makes for a great start to the weekend. Up to 72 here. Enjoy !
  3. 70* unlimited sunshine. Not sure that even the pack in Hippy Valley's bucolic digs survives another 24 hours of this onslaught.
  4. 63 on car thermo while in Springfield on 91. 59 when I arrived home 8 miles up the road. Pack down to about 3-4 " at best .
  5. Figured I post this here for memory's sake since this has been noted in these spaces in the past. http://thecomeback.com/pop-culture/zima-is-coming-back.html
  6. CEF has over 46. I'm just shy of 48 and according to ABC 40 climo here is 50.
  7. Looks like my 10" pack is history by next weekend
  8. It even looks that way here. 6.3 new.
  9. About 12" here. Letting up now so it looks like were pretty much done.
  10. Halfway to my original call for Springfield. Looks like we'll beat it.
  11. Yep. It's giving Lunenburg a run for its money.
  12. Light snow here attm
  13. Damn straight. Nothing else comparable.
  14. Still going on here in river city.
  15. Just about an inch of sleet here. Looks like Sterling was the jack.