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  1. Bogus as Bakersville ?
  2. CEF with a 90 at 3pm. Joins the BDL club.
  3. Looks like the Chamber will be called into session for the foreseeable future.
  4. Even 80+ for MPM today ?
  5. CEF BDL and BAF all sitting at 93 as of 3pm.
  6. Cantore's heading to the $100.00 window.
  7. Bit of a bust here. Only .52 at CEF over the last 24 hrs. TV Met here was calling for 1.3-1.6 in the lower valley.
  8. CEF came in with 88. No surprise there.
  9. Counting this sleet slop I'm at 65" for the season. I usually get a foot or so less than you so your total seems about right.
  10. Bush League high ?
  11. Spot on Ginx. CEF had 46" going into Tuesday and with it's much debated 21.7" is closing in on 70.
  12. Measured a little over 14 here a mile or so as the crow flies from CEF. Springfield and West Springfield also reported 14. The 21.7 does seem high.
  13. That puts them pretty close to if not over 70" for the season. Not bad for this area.
  14. Same here I'm close to 60" now for the season. Not bad for these parts.