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  1. Portends.
  2. Yes. Route 2 West off 91 then left at Shelburne Center Road to Barnard Rd. Nice country.
  3. Up at the 50th Anniversary party In Shelburne. Gotta admit one helluva view up here. No shawl needed. Tees and shorts predominantly. Good libations to be had. Temp here 69 per phone. Was 76 when left CEF
  4. In Shelburne. Apparently it's Barnard Rd. might be in the Falls.
  5. Heading up to ur hood today for an Anniversary party on Barnyard Rd (sp). Will be leaving here in Tee and shorts but I fear a shawl might be necessary for later on. Libations are expected to be abundant.
  6. Record today at CEF is 76*. Got a shot at it.
  7. Ditto
  8. CEF and ORE both with a 36*. Might get close to a 40* swing this afternoon at CEF anyways.
  9. Well the WU Obs under ur post said 73 when i looked yesterday. Says 71 now. Maybe that's from the Falls ?
  10. Not here. 78/64. Don't think we hit 80 but BDL might have. Even MPM put up a 73 according to Wunderground.
  11. CEF was 33 but unlikely to hit 73 I'd say.
  12. Spot on. Case in point walking around the Big E tonight actually felt a little cool when Smashmouth came out on stage and it's fair to say that no one will confuse the West Side with Shelbourne or Met Herb Land.
  13. 70 at best in MPM's digs ?
  14. Yeah . The Gas Station where the Powerball ticket was sold went from 2.19 on that date to 2.69 as of today.
  15. 1.04 at mi casa. Looks like .93 so far at CEF.