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  1. 67/65 ATTM here in the lower valley.
  2. 57 for the opening night of the Big E.
  3. I remember them from days of yore. I believe we called them horse chestnuts back then.
  4. I would take it that Glens Falls would top both ORH and Troy in that department ? For sure they would top Chicopee Falls
  5. Thanks for the advice on it. I may be going down that road myself in a bit. It probably will depend on what the streaming option's are and their cost in the near future.
  6. Checked it out for my ZIP near CEF. On the list was ABC 7 from NYC. That's a stretch even for HFD though i may have been reading it wrong.
  7. The only reason I stay with DIRECTV is NFL Sunday Ticket and that was with the caveat of a healthy price discount on it. Since AT&T took over said discount is being greatly reduced or simply eliminated. I’ll make my yearly call to their retention Dept next week and see what happens. If unsatisfactory I will be out the door in January.
  8. 92/69 at mia casa. Summer swelter.
  9. CEF could put up a 45 or so if the breeze dies down.