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  1. 4.27” at CEF. Might be more than the normal monthly but several places had more from what I read here.
  2. 88 in Syracuse today. Whether that makes it into Western Mass tomorrow is somewhat problematical.
  3. 4.19" since 7pm Thursday.
  4. $1.38 a gallon at the local Walmart and Aldi's.
  5. About 11" here. 13 in Westfield.
  6. 4.25" here in the city per Western Mass News. Forecast here was 6-10. Should get close to the over on that I'd say.
  7. True but there were 90,000+ fans in attendance probably close to 60,000 of which were Rams fans. in Tampa where will be 22,500 that will probably be a roughly even split.
  8. The Rams played the Steelers in the Rose Bowl. All things considered that is more of an advantage than the Bucs are going to have.
  9. Tony Soprano's swan song.
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