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  1. Talk about a place where no one lives. Makes it impossible to say "Glad i don't live there" LOL
  2. They really need to replace it. I'm less than a mile from there as the buzzards fly and also over an inch.
  3. Still 86/72 here in downtown Springfield. Not for much longer from what I gather in these spaces.
  4. Thanks Ginx. Ended up at Tony C's. Looks like I'm the oldest dude in the house, Oh well the kids are here so all is good.
  5. Hope this stuff ends by evening for Fla-Ga Line and BSB at Fenway . Libations at Game On beforehand.
  6. Can it handle Windows 10 ?
  7. And the trees in God's Country will have attained " Leathery Leaf status ".
  8. I kinda lucked out a bit as my wife worked in the industry at the time and was able to get waivers for the CBS, ABC, and FOX affiliates in NYC. They took the FOX 5 in NYC away but apparently was grandfathered in to CBS 2 and ABC 7.
  9. I've had Directv since 1996. I find it is the best option if you're a professional sports enthusiast with their games packages. Obviously a pricey proposition and not for everybody but as Orh-wxman alluded to their are other options on the internet if you're careful and have a good adblocker and use Firefox.
  10. CEF and BAF leadin the pack w 94. No surprise there.
  11. Bogus as Bakersville ?
  12. CEF with a 90 at 3pm. Joins the BDL club.
  13. Looks like the Chamber will be called into session for the foreseeable future.