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  1. 2.24" here. Metro Springfield did well.
  2. 1.21" here as of 7pm. Rain has lightened up a bit.
  3. J Spin's and PF's hoods.
  4. Riverfront Park or on the West Side ?
  5. This gonna affect NYY @ CLE tonight ? Bieber v Cole is a helluva pitching matchup.
  6. Alan Eagleson ? If so he was convicted of several things.
  7. A friend of mine thinks that if Trump wins the Election and unemployment remains high while the market soars there will be a second occupy Wall Street protest. I disagree with him but if it does happen it might last longer that its predecessor.
  8. Tamarack's first 90F in a long time ?
  9. KBAF 87 at 1pm. Could be a candidate.
  10. 68 at CEF today. Could be 70+ tomorrow and Sunday. Bout time.