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  1. 4.8" here. Lt. snow continues
  2. Close to 3" here. Might eek out a coupla more per Ryan H.
  3. Not a bad idea but don't think you'd get anybody living east of Sturbridge to show.
  4. Table and Vine or Yankee Spirits ?
  5. 19 at mi casa. 18 at CEF. Record there is 14.
  6. Kind of like that summer night a few years ago when ORH didn't drop below 80 or has that been debunked ?
  7. Might have to turn the heat on for the first time as well.
  8. 3.94" most of which fell after 10pm.
  9. Primarily affecting the area east of 495 ?
  10. CEF with a whopping .17 so far. Meh.
  11. Portends.
  12. Yes. Route 2 West off 91 then left at Shelburne Center Road to Barnard Rd. Nice country.
  13. Up at the 50th Anniversary party In Shelburne. Gotta admit one helluva view up here. No shawl needed. Tees and shorts predominantly. Good libations to be had. Temp here 69 per phone. Was 76 when left CEF