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  1. Tony Soprano's swan song.
  2. Not to worry. Jspin wiil double or triple those totals.
  3. 58/52. Swiss cheese and piles is about all that remains. Merry Christmas to all and hopefully the New Year will mean better days are ahead.
  4. Rain and 38 attm. Local mets calling for 2-4 here. Might be closer to the 2.
  5. Chicopee could give them a good run but is only in the early stages of getting going with an ISP. Interesting to see how it turns out.
  6. 6 days in a row per Western Mass News.
  7. CEF chimed in with 76 off of 77 yesterday.
  8. How about J Spin’s stake in the hollow?
  9. Exit 24 to the right going to Rt. 5 north ?
  10. 2.24" here. Metro Springfield did well.
  11. 1.21" here as of 7pm. Rain has lightened up a bit.
  12. J Spin's and PF's hoods.
  13. This gonna affect NYY @ CLE tonight ? Bieber v Cole is a helluva pitching matchup.