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  1. yes it was a nice surprise to see white out there this morning. we picked up the same, less than 1/2 inch definitely, but enough that the ground and cars are covered. I drove about 30 seconds down the hill and there was no snow
  2. same here, snowing and ground is covered again
  3. Some flurries and 18 degrees in West Topsham right now. Wife sent me this picture from this morning.
  4. thermometer outside at 7:30 showed 12 degrees, not sure if it got any colder than that or not
  5. Another light dusting early this morning and my wife sent me a video of one of my daughters playing in falling light snow around 10 a.m.
  6. light dusting of snow at the house this morning
  7. Had some flakes mixing in this morning, nothing stuck at the house though. Had to go up the hill to around 1600-1700 feet and there was a light dusting up there. Nice to see.
  8. Some photos this morning. Beautiful colors this year
  9. one shot of some of our old maples this morning and afternoon shot yesterday
  10. 60 at 4 pm, not sure what the low was as I leave for work at 3 am. need to eventually get some kind of digital weather station.
  11. Thank you everyone for the welcoming, I am looking forward to the forum and the observations. I am currently at 46 in West Topsham, VT at 7 pm. Air feels crisp.
  12. Yes that is exactly correct. We own about 20 acres, mostly forested except about 4 acres cleared right around the house, which may help the radiation as well.