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  1. Right at 1.5" from the rain
  2. Highest I saw yesterday was 84 and so far today 87.
  3. I haven't installed our window unit yet but this morning feels like we might need it this weekend.
  4. Were there any reports of frost last night? Came close here.
  5. Perfect Northern New England warm season weather
  6. I was surprised when I saw 59 on the thermometer. Whenever we get our first warm spell I am always worrying it's gonna be miserable lol. I really shouldn't be surprised though cause this specific location cools down so quickly.
  7. 81 when I got home at 4pm. Down to 59 at 9pm and I'm pretty surprised it cooled down so quickly. Got the windows open with box fan blowing in the night air. Hung out outside until dusk when little flying insects started getting too annoying. Weather-wise felt great though
  8. 80° at 4pm when i got home. Trees have progressed at lightning speed since this weekend
  9. Beautiful picture. We started at 23 yesterday morning and around 4 we were at 66. My kids wanted to go inside because it was "too hot out" lol. That sun is strong right now.
  10. I got home from work at 4 and it's been snowing here since then, nothing sticking though
  11. Some ice pellets falling when I pulled in from work at 4pm
  12. Flurries under mostly blue skies. Windy
  13. Big fluffy flakes falling for the last hour
  14. This is from yesterday afternoon. Measuring around 9" here this morning but hard to tell with the wind
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