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  1. Yes it was, but bright sunshine now and the roof is melting off already.
  2. 22 at 7 when I headed outside, was a clear night here.
  3. I went outside at 5:45, beautiful morning with the bright moon and stars, also some clouds here and there lit up by the moon. Was 25 at that time. Went back out at 7 and was 24.
  4. Was a pretty good day to start moving the wood into the barn until showers moved in. Got to help a tourist from Arizona with some directions so that was good, was glad to be outside. Leaf drop is becoming more noticeable.
  5. Just wanted to report frost on the windshield at 3 am. Thermometer is behind the house and my vehicle doesn't have one so I'm not sure what the temperature was.
  6. Great pictures. Love how bright the night sky is around here. Have actually been thinking of buying some books about constellations, planets, stuff like that which can be visible. I look up there and have no idea what I'm even looking at sometimes.
  7. Was there any talk of possible frost chances last night? Had a couple plants that looked and felt like they had frost on them. Maybe they were right on the verge of frost or a light frost, if that is a term.
  8. Was cooler this morning than I expected it was gonna be. Headed out to try and get rid of a wasp nest around 5:30 and it was 39, that coupled with wet sneakers from the dew felt a little chilly.
  9. That does help a lot. Just being near some flowing water is cooler. Down to 39 this morning.
  10. I can understand that as well. It can be draining at times, especially when the sun is so strong like it is around here in the summer.
  11. It is crispy out, can see my breath lol. Love it. I am becoming less and less of a summer person. I bet that'll change as I get older though.
  12. About 2/3" today from the rain. Feels especially cool out there tonight with everything wet. 48 at 8pm
  13. Had just under 2.5" in the bucket yesterday that I flip over before rain events lol
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