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  1. since I got home at 3 it has been snowing, not accumulating much but still some snow on the ground from yesterday.
  2. I've got between 3 and 4 on the ground and it was still snowing pretty good when I left the house at 3 this morning
  3. Dusting on the ground, lightly coming down now and windy
  4. Flurries here at the moment, can't tell how much total has fallen these last couple of days due to the wind. Is about 4 inches fresh in some spots and just an inch in others. My outdoor thermometer is at 0.
  5. nothing falling the last couple of hours but snowed most of the morning, white out conditions at times.
  6. Got a little bit coming down again
  7. Looks like an inch overnight here
  8. Party is over. Cars are covered up with fresh white.
  9. I just happened to step outside, happened to be looking to my northwest and that thing flew by and fizzled out. I didn't hear any explosion but it was bright as hell. Just dumb luck timing on my part but cool to see.
  10. I was surprised to get that much, of course I can't be 100% sure because of the wind, but that was the constant across a wide area. It snowed a little in the morning, stopped and then started up again around 2:30 and was still going at 10 when I hit the sack.
  11. Down to 12 degrees and looking like 3-4 inches
  12. Snowing good right now, would call it a squall