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  1. Heavy rain and thunder/lightening right now. Had about 3/4" overnight
  2. 55° at 8:30pm, feels great. Must be at or below dew point as the grass is wet
  3. I flipped over an empty bucket outside on Saturday morning and have 3.25" in it right now, not sure how accurate that is but we did get a lot of rain
  4. I was up that way earlier myself and saw some breaks of sun, was raining quite good here when I left
  5. I understand and agree that is a cool feeling to be outside so late and still have daylight. Kind of mystical at times or something. I start my commute at 3:15 am and can see the distant glow of the sun before 4 and I think I enjoy that more than the sun being up so late, cause you can start outside work so early. I lived in Saint Louis for 6 years and the relentless heat/humidity out there just made me dread the sun eventually. I love it when we're socked in with clouds, fog and rain.
  6. Lol no I doubt they would. I would not like this while camping either.
  7. Drizzle and light rain for the last hour or two. Looking forward to the rain and cool temperatures the next couple days. This beats the sunshine for me haha. Get sick of the sun after a while and it feels like we've had a lot of sunny hot days this past year.
  8. The highest I saw today was 85, right now down to 71 at 8:45. Muggy as hell though.
  9. Thank you so much for the link. Exactly what I need. That's funny about the random 2". Was there actually any liquid in the gauge in the morning?
  10. I'm not sure the final low, I leave for work at 3am and my thermometer is back by my garden shed, so I don't walk right by it as I leave in the morning and I drive an older vehicle with no thermometer built in lol. I need to invest in a digital station for more accuracy. I have noticed I have gotten frosts before where the higher and lower elevations around me did not. I'm set-up basically like you described as a bowl, but a 3 sided bowl. West, east and north are higher up and due south is lower elevation. The trees are also cleared out around the house so that may help some.
  11. Yes it was a nice evening. It was calm and clear here like you said. The hills directly behind my house top out around 1800 so maybe that helps with my cooling. I am about 500' lower than them.
  12. I'm at 42° at 10:30 according to my thermometer. Can easily see your breath
  13. Cool, I need to invest in one of those sometime soon.
  14. Beautiful in our area as well, my thermometer is reading 48 at 9 pm. I can smell a fire outside. Can you see your home station online?
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