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  1. I was surprised to get that much, of course I can't be 100% sure because of the wind, but that was the constant across a wide area. It snowed a little in the morning, stopped and then started up again around 2:30 and was still going at 10 when I hit the sack.
  2. Down to 12 degrees and looking like 3-4 inches
  3. Snowing good right now, would call it a squall
  4. Been snowing here for about an hour now
  5. Wife says it's snowing at the house right now
  6. Was 32 and some light snow when I got home at 4. Still snowing now but not adding up to hardly anything, looks like a half inch at most
  7. About 2 inches so far today I'd guess
  8. Snowing pretty good at the moment, around 12 degrees
  9. Yes there comes a point where it is just time to go brand new. Between time and money spent working on a machine, it is nice to just go outside and fire it up. And it is nice to have something new for a change haha. I doubt you'll miss those 2 extra inches, you might not even notice if your hands are more comfortable.
  10. Looks about the same here, coming down pretty good too. I also got a snowblower this year
  11. Looks like a mix of sleet and snow coming down at 6 am
  12. I think it's great to have all that insulation, some people just really understand insulation and air sealing. I'm in the icicle club myself, house built in 1820 and does need some help in the attic area with in insulation.
  13. I don't see any gutters on the houses around where I live, but I would not see any issue with them if you were well insulated like jspin is and didn't have any kind of ice dam issues. I think the problem would be an ice build up eventually pulling them down. I have a garden shed out back and there is an icicle extending from the roof (maybe 8 feet tall) all the way into the snow lol.