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  1. wx2fish

    March 22-23 Storm Thread: Cabins and Pony-Os?

    Basically an isothermal snow sounding almost to LWM for a time tomorrow morning
  2. wx2fish

    March 22-23 Storm Thread: Cabins and Pony-Os?

    Hrrr has definitely been getting colder each run for elevated areas of NH, right down into the monads tomorrow morning
  3. wx2fish

    NNE Winter Thread

    They upslope pretty well. Not quite the N Greens but plenty of surprise 5-10" events, but the gradient has been sharp regardless
  4. wx2fish

    NNE Winter Thread

    What's you season total? John up in Pittsburg is at 195". Awesome winter up there
  5. wx2fish

    March 10 2019 Snow to Mix Event

    3.3" w/ light snow grains
  6. wx2fish

    March 10 2019 Snow to Mix Event

    Snow/sleet. Keeps flipping back under heavy echoes. 3"
  7. wx2fish

    NE snow event March 4th

    Yeah I'm pretty close to both of you and I've been thinking 6-9".
  8. wx2fish

    Midweek event, Yah or Nah? February 27-28th Clipper

    3.5" with a few flakes still coming down
  9. I've been there a couple times while passing through. Beers and food are both pretty good
  10. wx2fish

    Damaging Wind With Forests Leveled

    Lost power and I dont think weve hit 40mph yet
  11. wx2fish

    Feb 6-7 icing

    Decent glaze still on the trees. Been rotting around 32F all morning
  12. wx2fish

    Feb 6-7 icing

    30.8/26 steady zr
  13. wx2fish

    Feb 6-7 icing

    My gut says your mainly ip, but well see. Warm layer seems to wash out a bit up there by 4-5z
  14. wx2fish

    Feb 6-7 icing

    Down to 32/23 on an east wind. Definetely an odd temp map
  15. wx2fish

    Feb 6-7 icing

    2008 was less of an elevation around here in SE NH closer to the source region. It helped but damage was widespread and even extended parts of Haverhill near the border