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  1. 85.5 with the thickest cirrus all day. Gonna be tough for high end numbers across SNH today unless we get more sun pretty quickly.
  2. Feel like they've been running high for the last month or 2 but who knows. Only 88 ASH
  3. wx2fish

    Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    From what I've noticed the silvers go first then the reds, sugars are always last to bud. I've seen bigger buds in March on some of the reds/silvers around here but they are starting to really pop fast now.
  4. wx2fish

    Late Saturday 3/24 - Sunday 3/25 Light Event

    Burst of some monster flakes. Temp dropped pretty quick down to 33F
  5. wx2fish

    Snow bomb obs March 21

    2.0" with steady light snow. This band salvaged the wintry appeal this morning
  6. wx2fish

    Snow bomb obs March 21

    Steady light snow, just enough to coat the driveway.
  7. Its actually pretty good here. DGZ is high, but so is the lift (550-600mb). But we may have to worry about being on the northern extent of the precip
  8. -28F at the First CT Lake
  9. wx2fish

    NNE Winter Thread

    Looks like some decent squalls up there by midday
  10. That would explain why they seem lower in powder/windier events. This stuff compacted pretty quick. I measured twice 22" and then another 3.5" the next morning, but my new depth was only like 22.5" by morning. Pittsburg fluff where it has to snow 3"/day to maintain depth.
  11. MHT seems to be low from the last event. Looks like its 17.3" on the F6. I feel like they come in low in alot of powder storms, maybe they measure in an exposed area. They spent more time in that band than CON who came in with 17.1". All the reports near the airport were 22"+. I am only 7-8 miles SE of the airport and I am at 42.5" for the month. The Hudson COOP a few miles west of me is at 46.0", while the Hampstead COOP a few miles east is at 44.0", Epping COOP 39.0". I know we've maxed to the south and east of MHT the last 2 events, but 31.0" seems low...oh well it is what it is
  12. wx2fish

    March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    Closest 2 COOPs to me pulled 17-18:1 ratios...Hudson NH pulled 26.3" on 1.43 LEQ / W Hampstead NH 26.2" on 1.57 LEQ
  13. wx2fish

    March 12/13/14 Blizzard/Winter Storm/WWA etc

    KASH has to be close to 2', though a Coworker in Milford had 10" at 9pm last night just outside that band