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  1. 37F on johns site near the 1st. I'm sure the freezing level is hitting ridges on the east side of the lake
  2. 2.25" so far with steady rain. Only need another quarter inch to match my total for the last 2 months
  3. I've started to really enjoy warm Septembers. After labor day the boat and 93 traffic dies down. We get to take back NH after the summer.
  4. Definitely a little boundary pressing WSW, pseudo sea breeze/backdoor type. Winds gone ENE here and the temp is slipped a couple degrees and the dew jumped.
  5. I was ready to burn it all down all earlier. May have chucked a few frozen weenies at Scott's accord when he drove by exit 3
  6. 0.0" today, 0.64" on the month. Unreal. Couldn't be any more different than last summer when seemingly every CB dropped over an inch
  7. Been an unreal series of screwgies from you up to my area. Hopefully I can lock in a month under 0.75" after today
  8. Not sure a out the length, only weighed it
  9. And 50 miles miles north you I'm growing cactus and tumbleweeds. 0.62" mtd and an anemic radar upstream. Just hate to see it.
  10. He got me too...0.17" here so far. Comical at this point. We'll see what this batch brings but I have a feeling the best will be SW.
  11. Trick worm on a dropshot
  12. Had a great day on Winnisquam yesterday. Picked up my biggest one of the year so far at 6-3
  13. That cell west of Nashua is hammering. Parts of Hollis near 2". Meanwhile, I'm still at .09" a few miles away
  14. I'm at 0.34" in August. MHT has to be close to the regional min at 0.10".
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