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  1. Lack of radiating in that cold blast mustve hurt CON. Looks like MHT was -1.8 going into today
  2. Permethrin ftw. Works really well on clothes after it dries. They curl up and fall off
  3. 6.2" some of the heavier snow of the morning at the moment. Still accumulating but not all that efficiently
  4. How much in ash? I've got 5" here so far. Probably half sleet but it added up overnight. Don't think 8" is out the question if it rips for a few hours
  5. 3.0". Mix of sleet and snow grains now. The vis was noticably lower with more flakes mixed in once I got above the MA/NH border on my way home on 93
  6. Progression of the sleet line has pretty much stopped for the time being, even washing out a bit. Its been back and forth some in Andover, but it looks like mainly snow at the moment
  7. Wouldnt surprise me if we sleet for a while. Even the NAM soundings are so close though I could see it going either way. Should be in a decent spot once the CCB starts to take over later tonight into tomorrow morning
  8. CAR set their record for consecutive 12"+ days today
  9. Moderate snow with a coating on everything but pavement. Definitely a little dynamic help with more consistent heavier echos
  10. Decent burst of snow now. All snow for the past 15 min or so
  11. Mixing over the snow at times during the heavier bursts. Pretty nasty day.
  12. 13.5" total. Seems like most of the Cocorahs reports coming in so far in SNH are 6-8:1. Some serious meat it
  13. 12.8" with a little glaze on everything. Can hear it on the trees when the wind blows
  14. 12" the best I can measure. Still ripping
  15. measured 9.8" at work in Andover