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  1. Figuring out the mixing level and using mid level temps you can definitely excel in the wx challenge. Mos is generally decent, but you can find certain instances where you can really beat mos. Competing in wx challenge was alot of fun
  2. 2.8" roads were a mess when I left for work at 430
  3. Flipped -SN a few minutes ago. 32.9 and falling
  4. The gradient on the 4km between Rockingham and Hillsborough is insane. Flurries to 1"qpf over 15 miles
  5. Yeah I guess I was more referring to the peak when it really gets cranking which isnt until after 00z
  6. It doesnt really come together until after 00z tonight
  7. A liittle east of you. Maybe wolfboro up to N Conway
  8. Euro is still definitely sw of gfs. Looks like the 1" qpf line hits Newburyport and eastern Rockingham county
  9. 10.5" on 1.17" qpf. ~9:1 ratio
  10. 6.8". -SN but really Good SG. Stacking up pretty well at the moment
  11. Yep that's the only reason I posted it. Weird its coming out on some sites on not on others...still looks pretty good in your area
  12. Its been coming in on some sites...here is 24 hr qpf ending at 03z tomorrow
  13. Yeah I do think we fill in a bit for a little while atleast, the 0z NAM has like another 0.4-0.5" qpf for eastern/southeastern NH after 03z (which still may be overdone) ... but the flags were there for the widespread 12+ totals, as you and others have pointed out over the past day or so
  14. 5.5" SN 26F
  15. Looks like the CF is dropping back south a bit. Salem DOT station popped up to 33F now back to 29F. Great snowgrowth right now