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  1. I heard there were still pockets of 40s mid lake on champlain last week
  2. Looks like its mixing on the Dublin stream
  3. All snow. Coating on the grass
  4. Pelting with more flakes starting to mix in
  5. LGA went from 77 to 52 in about an hour
  6. Seems to be the theme across alot of NH. Meanwhile, down here I've gotten more sap out of my trees than last year. Shorter than normal season, but alot of sap when it ran
  7. John was only 1F, hes right near the lake but up a hill a couple hundred feet. Some serious fake cold
  8. John in Pittsburg is up to 213". I think hes the cocorahs report on that list. Not sure why it's only 187", must be missing a few days in the database. Hes been keeping records since 05 and his max is 220". Good chance thatll be eclipsed this season
  9. Basically an isothermal snow sounding almost to LWM for a time tomorrow morning
  10. Hrrr has definitely been getting colder each run for elevated areas of NH, right down into the monads tomorrow morning
  11. They upslope pretty well. Not quite the N Greens but plenty of surprise 5-10" events, but the gradient has been sharp regardless
  12. What's you season total? John up in Pittsburg is at 195". Awesome winter up there
  13. Snow/sleet. Keeps flipping back under heavy echoes. 3"
  14. Yeah I'm pretty close to both of you and I've been thinking 6-9".