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  1. I can't remember if it was last July or 2018, but I was up in Pittsburg and drove down to fish Umbagog one morning. There was patchy frost outside of Errol
  2. Those local difference really show up on the winter with a good snowpack. I've seen the First Lake coop run 10-15+ lower than johnsnhweather. Hes less than a mile away and about 150' higher. Looks like his house is for sale too, which is too bad. Quite the weenie spot and a nice house.
  3. The pictures ive seen in my area from the early 1900s look like the midwest. Pretty wild to think alot the stone walls we have scattered about were once hedgerows for fields
  4. Yeah it definitely is more effective for snow/ice, with the amount of trees in NE wind is always gonna be a big issue
  5. Virtually all of the trimming I see eversource doing around here seems to be on whatever side the powerlines are on
  6. Still a little weird. I get better winds in my sheltered yard than the airport does on southerly winds at times. I just had some of the biggest gusts of the day in the past hour, MHT popped a 43kt
  7. That's wild. Wouldnt be keeping the boat in with that southerly fetch. Even the small lake near me a pontoon broke lose from a mooring with a 1/2 mile fetch.
  8. Seems like SE winds are the worst for that siting. Always lower than MHT. My Davis at like 10ft off the ground surrounded by trees managed 25mph.
  9. 38kt at mht and afn. Ramping up a bit. Ash remains a pit on se winds.
  10. Little cell popped just east and dropped a quick .3" here, 79/78 with the sun coming out. Let's see if I can get an 80 dew on the Davis
  11. Kinda meh locally. Lots or cirrus, only managed 86 on my home station
  12. Had a quick downpour, now sun. Dew up to 78 on the Davis. We wipe
  13. My davis gets quite a bit of sun and my highs are still almost always colder than ash/mht
  14. I'd second any of those SNH stops as well. All close to where I live. Schilling is close to where your headed, so I figured I'd mention it. It's one of my favorite to stop at if I'm headed up to northern NH
  15. Depends on the route your taking but Schilling in Littleton, NH is worth a stop