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  1. Still ripping up there. Looks like atleast a couple inches
  2. Burst of snow grains, down to 37
  3. I've seen a few mosquitos over the past 2 days...36 hours after low of 24F. Peepers are also out in full force tonight. Looking like an early end to the maple season, atleast in S NH.
  4. Stopped by the lake today not expecting to see much yet, but saw several bass up enjoying the sun in less than a foot of water. Caught one about 2 3/4. Certainly off to an early start this year.
  5. Hard to ignore the min temps in the 20s at ASH for most of this stretch so far
  6. Heck of squall up at the First CT Lake on the webcams
  7. Can't say I love that high in Quebec on the euro op, but hopefully we torch
  8. It's been hammering for an hour or 2 on the Pittsburg webcams. Looks like atleast a couple inch depth increase already
  9. Pittsburg stations 56-60 too, elevations torching. BML still trapped below the inversion
  10. Peaked at 36, since dipped back to 32. Anything untreated is slick
  11. 1". Huge aggregates, but looks like the mix line is racing across N MA now
  12. Mod snow, vis about 1/2 mile. 27
  13. That one north of the Second Lake is interesting. It seems like it's near East Inlet rd or maybe the snowmobile warming hut near Deer Mountain campround. Other than a few camps near Second Lake there's nothing else up there. It wouldn't surprise me if that area and up near the border has 2x the pack of the First Lake based on what I've seen when I've been up there.
  14. Yeah my brother lives in Derry around 400' and said he got like 3-3.5". A few miles and couple hundred feet.
  15. Trying to flip back to sloppy snow here. Its unfortunate we lost the lift after the initial burst and that was pretty much it. I wonder if the hilltops just north of me are doing better.