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  1. Quite the difference in temps up there between the upslope/downslope regions today. Cold is definitely deeper to the north, but its pretty wild. Mid-upper 30s south of the Whites, mid 20s at BML, and down to 15 in Pittsburg.
  2. Mines on there as Ministerial Rd. Windham
  3. Mean looked decent to me, but I didn't look at the individual members
  4. That map excludes most of the earlier stuff. UK looked like an advisory type event for most of SNE
  5. Still letting the high slip too far east. Regardless, it's a pretty quick shot of precip, typical of a swfe. Gonna be hard to get big icing over big area. Maybe a narrow area gets a decent icing event, but were not talking about a ton of qpf
  6. Wild. I'm not sure if the coop had any scraps left this morning, but the web cams are just piles now.
  7. Brown Christmas at the First CT Lake, can't imagine there are too many of those.
  8. What pristine pack, not even a track. Love it
  9. Your area would try to CAD through a Tip Sonoran heat release, so I'm sure you'll have something left
  10. Brutal pack up in Pittsburg. Trails won't be opening anytime soon. Snowmobile club posted like 6-8" at 2k. The screwgie of NNE so far this year, along with NVT.
  11. It'll be interesting so see how your area does on those sneaky NW flow uplsope events. I'm guessing pretty well. Its Pittsburg's bread and butter. I'm sure your location is better synoptocally, but they do really well on the surprise 6-12"+ powderfreak specials. The type of pattern where every fropa drops 3-6"+
  12. Yeah like I said in the NNE thread, my uncle is basically on the east side of Ragged and he had a pretty crazy pack. If measured every 6hr I suppose its possible, but it does seem to stand out.