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  1. Sat could be a sneaky downslope dandy if the front clears in the morning. Euro has lingering 850s around 10-12C and west flow
  2. 90F at the First CT Lake. That's some high end heat for them
  3. It looks warm everywhere, but initially on Tues/wed it has an over the top look with the warmest 850s across NNE
  4. Cloudless but dropping, down to 59F with gusty E wind
  5. Couple nice ones. The stretch of the Nashua River behind stellos has surprisingly good fishing too. I've caught a couple in the 5-6lb range in there.
  6. The lake by my house is small, only about 350 acres, max depth about 60ft. Temp is only mid 50s, but still a few smallmouth moving up. Simlar to what youve seen at the Quabbin, the bigger lakes Ive fished up in the lakes region winni,newfound, ext seem to average late may through June for the smallmouth spawn
  7. The bass spawn is definetely behind schedule locally. There were a few smallies on beds today at my local lake, but it's just starting. I've seen them on beds there in late April during warmer springs. I also saw plenty of largemouth cruising up shallow after a couple warmer days.
  8. Big differences in small elevation changes around here. Here's a pic from near Warner Hill in Derry.
  9. Pounding, decent coating above about 300'
  10. Saw pics of 2-4" up in Pittsburg too this morning
  11. If I remember right it was more mid to late morning here
  12. Gfs looks good from central/ne MA ma into S NH
  13. That's awesome. What did that thing weigh?