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  1. Northfield, the Lunenburg of Merrimack Co
  2. Up to 32.5f but still snowing pretty good. All surfaces covered
  3. Shows it well. Definetely "fake cold", John's nh station is maybe a mile from the first lake coop and a couple hundred feet higher and he's -18f
  4. Didnt see this before I posted the temps. They sure can radiate, but theres alot of upslope cloud contamination most of the time. The first lake station is across from the dam on a sloped lawn, I'm sure closer to the river drops even more
  5. First lake and Lk Francis -28F by 11pm
  6. Some hints of an upper level deck around 9z, but if that stays north we should see some -30s again in the coldest spots
  7. I just left North Coway. Its below normal for sure, but they have maybe 8-12" around the outlets. So it atleast looks like winter. Theres a pretty deep pack up toward Jackson
  8. Around 3" at home, but I'm up in N. Conway and theres an inch at best
  9. Href mean likes the high terrain in MA
  10. -28F at the first CT lake and SLK
  11. Its either some version or the wrf or just some kind of model blend is my guess
  12. Some scattered outages popping up now with the ice/wind combo
  13. Pretty heavy glaze locally, but short of damage. Hilltops are close to 1/4", maybe a little more in spots. Looks nice anyway topped off with a coating of snow
  14. Looks like CC is crashing through Hillsborough county, but itll be a race with the back edge