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  1. Moderate snow with a coating on everything but pavement. Definitely a little dynamic help with more consistent heavier echos
  2. Decent burst of snow now. All snow for the past 15 min or so
  3. Mixing over the snow at times during the heavier bursts. Pretty nasty day.
  4. 13.5" total. Seems like most of the Cocorahs reports coming in so far in SNH are 6-8:1. Some serious meat it
  5. 12.8" with a little glaze on everything. Can hear it on the trees when the wind blows
  6. 12" the best I can measure. Still ripping
  7. measured 9.8" at work in Andover
  8. 4-5 strikes showing up over 495 near Westford
  9. 2.2" all from the squalls. Sun shining through -SN as it ends
  10. Back to moderate SN
  11. 1" out of the squalls. Tapering off
  12. +SN with awesome SG. Roads coated up quick.
  13. Its so sensitive to the weather in any particular year its impossible to show a steady decrease like that. Maybe if you cherry picked 2000 and 2016, but thats not a trend. Who even knows if they are using the same amount of taps as 2000 because it doesn't say. Im sure you know it well but, in 2015 I didn't even tap until March 10th because it was so cold. Then last year the season was largely over by March 10th. You need to adapt to each year, knowing long range modeling is a huge help. I like also this.... Sen. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire fears that her state is going to lose one of its most valuable agricultural products. The ideal temperatures are 20s and night and 40s during the day, she said. When the temperatures don’t fall below freezing at night, the sap doesn’t run to the taps but to the top of trees, causing them to bloom. This happens every year, the trees have to bud eventually haha. So are we no longer going to have winters in NH? or Maple trees?
  14. It's a short blast but that's a real deal cold shot sat am on the gfs. -25c @850 to the south coast. -30s at the Canadian border...May moderate as we get closer but that's a pretty cold look