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  1. Yep. My uncle in Andover got smoked along with you guys. Quite the storm.
  2. Nobody better at pissing and moaning their way to 18".
  3. I saw a little graupel around 3-4pm yesterday
  4. Most of the weenie outer cape cwop stations are g70+ now, Truro tickled to 80 in the past half hour
  5. 0z nam looked a tad slower, ramps up the LLJ by 6z, but doesnt max it across SE MA til around 9z
  6. So this posted on a FB group from Pittsburg. Diamond Ridge, roughly 3000'
  7. I've read in some of the town history stuff here saying there were so many downed trees they just started putting them into Canabie Lake. There's been some salvage efforts over the years for pulling out some of the wood. We're also alot more forested now than '38.
  8. That's probably the busiest part of the lake, but winni is largely a disaster on the weekends. There's plenty of quiter areas, but for the most part the boat traffic is insane.
  9. I've been to champlain a few times, but really want to get to the St. Lawrence.
  10. Hydro Phil is trying. Make it stop.
  11. Looks like it cut right through ASH, granted this has some previous rain in the estimate
  12. Winding down. Close to 3". Best banding seemed to rotate in Rockingham Co, looks like we almost doubled the ASH/MHT totals
  13. Pounding in this band. 1.5-4.75"/hr on the Davis
  14. Of all places the McDonald's up in Lancaster had mask signs last weekend. I was on the back from Pittsburg and didn't even have one, but most people inside weren't wearing one.
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