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  1. It's been a rough 3+ years for NE MA and alot of SE NH. I moved into my house in 2016, the first 3 winters I averaged 75", in the 3 winters since 49.5". So, if this one's a clunker it could pull my 7 year avg below 60"... but I have rough data for 2013-2015 and those were well above normal (80-110") So, over the long run were still AN, but the short term regression is annoying, especially when it's been somewhat localized at times.
  2. Quite the gradient between exit 1 and exit 6 on 93. From <1" to ~6"
  3. Flipped to a fluctuating rasn mix based on intentisty. 33F, about 2"
  4. Ukie looked like it was heading somewhere near ack after 144h panel
  5. -6F high at the First CT Lake. Pretty solid even by their standards.
  6. Looks like it's snowing pretty good on the Pittsburg web cams, so it probably won't be too much longer
  7. I do like the cold is centered below 850 on the soundings. That should limit super deep mixing/moderation
  8. Nice, that's about what I was figuring. A little above average but not super fluff. I need to order a new stratus
  9. I'm just north of Methuen and I'm at about 5.5". Steady light snow still, decent little band just to the east
  10. 5", continues to snow pretty well. Better than radar would suggest
  11. It's not real high ratio stuff here either. We never got into the real good snowgrowth in that band. Purely a guess, but I'd probably say 12:1 type stuff. Probably end up around 5ish total
  12. You'd probably get similar to him that hrrr run, he may struggle a bit early on. It was still a good run for your area, but well see what the nam does
  13. Seems like 93 is basically shut down from exits 3 to 5
  14. Inching up slowly, 31F. Driveway is a disaster
  15. 18z nam is pretty aggressive with a flip to decent period of snow for southern NH and NE MA after about 10pm
  16. Still all ZR here at the moment. 30.5. Decent glaze with some saggage
  17. Getting closer. Pouring now, inched up 29.5
  18. HRRR is pretty nasty tomorrow, even close to the coast near the onset. 495 corridor may struggle to hit 32 for most of the day.
  19. Goal posts seem to widening, not narrowing. Pretty wild differences.
  20. In a great spot for this event and radio silence. It's probably temporary but the sleet line just got beat back on CC and its trying to flip back to snow
  21. Been struggling here with varying intensities of light snow. Drove a couple miles north into Derry, it's ripping and coated up.
  22. Yep. My uncle in Andover got smoked along with you guys. Quite the storm.
  23. Nobody better at pissing and moaning their way to 18".
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