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  1. I'm in that heavy band near Bridgeport..everything snow covered and still cranking
  2. Snowing pretty hard right now..everything covered..
  3. 27 and cloudy here in Sw ct..not sure what to expect today and tomorrow
  4. Yep..the last thing anyone wants is a cold and rainy April and may..bring on some nice weather if real snow is off the table
  5. Snow mixing back in with the sleet here
  6. Still snow here..but probably switching in minutes
  7. The 80's were " learning winters"...we learned how to survive with almost no snow...
  8. Yep..probably will be closed...if it's anything like here in trumbull, they close the schools when there are dark clouds it seems...way different than years ago for sure
  9. It was some Japanese model..thought it was definitely was not mainstream..may have been called something else back then
  10. Not saying you're wrong but i could swear the JMA was on it's own seeing that storm...maybe the euro had it ..lost it and got it back..not sure
  11. Not sure how much winteris left, but the birds are chirping and the sun feels really warm...i want a big blizzard like everyone else but if that aint gonna happen..then bring on some nice weather..
  12. Wasn't it the charlie brown theme for a while??
  13. I think the squall line weakened before it got here...a alot of wind with mod snow for a few minutes and thats it..just a dusting..but damn it got a lot colder quick