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  1. Snowing pretty good right now in trumbull..everything covered..32
  2. Good news for snow lovers on the board..planning on moving my snowthrower to the back corner of the garage this week for the summer ..which means it'll probably snow again this winter..
  3. I'm in that heavy band near Bridgeport..everything snow covered and still cranking
  4. 27 and cloudy here in Sw ct..not sure what to expect today and tomorrow
  5. Yep..the last thing anyone wants is a cold and rainy April and may..bring on some nice weather if real snow is off the table
  6. Still snow here..but probably switching in minutes
  7. The 80's were " learning winters"...we learned how to survive with almost no snow...
  8. Yep..probably will be closed...if it's anything like here in trumbull, they close the schools when there are dark clouds it seems...way different than years ago for sure
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