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  1. About the same here..extremely windy in trumbull Ct
  2. A nice jog east and pivot would be nice
  3. Heavy snow with winds picking up..around 5 in so far in sw. Ct
  4. I was sleeping during those bands but saw the result of it the next morning..34 inches..will be awake this time if it happens in my neck of the woods
  5. I remember the blizzard of 83..tons of thundernow..other than that, the 80's pretty much sucked if you liked snow in sw Ct
  6. I think hurricane force is over 74 mph..close
  7. It looked like it switched over a couple hours ago down there according to the traffic cams..
  8. Same here in trumbull..3 inches..keeps looking like it's switching over, but goes back to snow
  9. 29 and snowing hard..almost 3 inches on the ground..
  10. Snowing pretty good here in Trumbull
  11. Gotta watch the wind direction..N and N/E winds are good for snow
  12. I think we'll be back in some good snow rates soon..
  13. Easton..amazing how much of a difference it is one you cross the merritt...i leave my house and drive 6 minutes and it's 4 degrees colder once you cross 111
  14. 36 here in Trumbull (coastal ct)