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  1. Yeah I lived in the apartments in east side of Bedford for a few years before relocating to "west side" of town. Quite a few events where there's a sharp gradient in snow as you climb towards Memorial Primary School in center/west Bedford. I'm up at 500' of elevation but right up the road from me is over 700'. Cool spot to be in.
  2. 31" is nuts haha. I lived in Hollis at the time and had 11" or so, east side of town with no elevation. My house currently probably pulled 20-24" considering that measurement up the road from me.
  3. Yup I live right on the Goffstown line, less than 2 miles from South Uncanoonuc. Every bit of elevation you gain west of the Merrimack Valley seems to make a difference.
  4. As we all struggle through an absolute shithouse of a winter, figured I'd share some outdated pics of my yard from the snow event a few days ago (Before the changeover to pouring rain). I measured 7" on the deck but likely had closer to 8-10" prior to changing to rain. Not bad for Bedford, NH. Much less only a few miles down the road near Bedford center. Looks like southern NH is enjoying an elevation-driven winter so far. And to my knowledge, no one has been axed in that creepy white chair in the third image (Generous previous homeowner left it behind).
  5. Yeah Friday event is big for NW facing slopes, Monday event per GFS would be great for Wildcat. Ample cold weather to follow, could actually be a good start to ski season for once.
  6. Big event for the Greens and Whites especially NW facing slopes. Stowe and Jay Peak should jack. Good setup for Cannon too... unfortunately Wildcat may be sucking on exhaust.
  7. Could probably start a thread investigating and roasting all the Rockingham County slant stickers. Hillsborough County has the Nashua CWSU to consistently under measure by 50%.
  8. Can pretty much guarantee if Bedford pulls 18" there will be a rogue 30" slant report sourced in the deep woods of Windham.
  9. Three decades worth of experience weathering the most painful dryslots and "near misses" in the Merrimack Valley area. Cynical until I hit the 24-30" jackpot.
  10. Can only make it snow in Bedford. At 1500' in Randolph, probably don't need much help from me
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