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  1. Those are some nice looking cutters in the extended on the 6z GFS.
  2. We know when to fold ‘em. Let’s just limit the rain and maybe salvage some part of the weekend.
  3. Many may go 60+ days with just a pedestrian SWFE in the heart of winter to show for it. Regression depression.
  4. The locker room manager never even offered me a towel. So I don’t have one to toss.
  5. Looks like SNE closes the shades until 2/1 or later for our next chance.
  6. Probably over for even you outside some sloppy seconds? Better to ghost us now than lead us on until 36-48 hrs out.
  7. Well, coastal SNE lines up to punt on 4th and 3.
  8. Hopefully the Canadians and Brits are just hitting the sauce in despair following the Royal turmoil.
  9. It sounds like this was either a step towards a POS system or just a burp in the broader trend to move the ULL further S&E, lending more weight to more substantial solutions. Favored area remains the eastern slopes of the interior.
  10. Muthafukkas still high. BOS, BED, BVY at 6 ORH at 1+6 LWM at the 8