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  1. I saw that, but he’s been off air for a really long time now.
  2. Anyone know what happened to Pete Bouchard at NBC Boston? Matt Noyes is the new CM. Bouchard is MIA.
  3. I’m hearing all good reviews for HOD. It may be time to pony up the $14.99/mo for HBO.
  4. https://www.wcvb.com/amp/article/national-guard-activated-to-help-fight-briarwood-fire-burning-in-rockport-massachusetts/40929702 My parents hood.
  5. National Guard called in to assist with Rockport’s Woodland fire. We stein.
  6. Rockport’s Woodlands fire is up to 19 acres per the DCR guy. We burn.
  7. You’re all welcome. I take next week off and here comes the deluge.
  8. Sale out for the rest of the season. Fractured his wrist in a bike crash. What a joke that guy is. The worst kind of joke.
  9. Pouring. Sounds and looks great.
  10. Aftermath of this week’s earlier fire.
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