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  1. A brisk 52F here while it’s pushing 100F in OWD.
  2. I was at a conference in Orlando two weeks ago. At least 100 out of the 500 got it, fortunately most were mild. I know of one that was hospitalized, but stable.
  3. Sounds like the feds. Although 10 months would be record breaking.
  4. Tree House Brewery coming to Tewksbury.
  5. 46F with solar destruction. Breezy with a wind chill in the upper 30’s. Come on.
  6. Drove through a shower with cat paws earlier on 128 in Beverly. Best spring ever.
  7. @Supernovicedid predict a chilly summer in his doomsday forecast.
  8. Just got home from a work trip down in Florida. Night and day.
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