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  1. AEMATT Good reminder for all before the winter starts.
  2. Pretty good light show out of this one!
  3. Not a good look from some on here ganging up on @wxtrix or anyone else for that matter. Disagree with each other respectfully. Nobody has to prove their manhood on an internet weather forum. If you do, I feel sorry for you. I’ve been on this board (Easternwx before) since 2007. Some of the worst posting I’ve seen on this forum in 13 years in recent weeks. Looking forward to the winter discussions. Hopefully the toxic attitudes change for the better by then. I miss the days when the villain of the thread was @Dr. Dews when he’d be calling for rains to Maine and dews in a winter storm. Rant over.
  4. It was that bad here. The big early Dec storm dropped 5” after 80% rain to begin with as just inland was ripping. Finished the season with about 19”. Probably 5 or 6 days with snow cover. That’s horrific, even for the coast.
  5. Last year’s ratter was right up there with 01-02, 11-12. Might as well get another out of the way during the pandemic.
  6. Make everyone post a utility bill to prove their SNE residency? Lol
  7. Yikes. Maybe we should close the Banter thread now too?
  8. I spent 2 summers in NOVA. No thanks. Our warmest periods up here are like early fall periods down there.
  9. Class of 2012 over here. Is that where you work? One of the best kept campuses in New England IMO.