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  1. 100% agree. My attorney isn’t nuking the deal, just raising flags. If the condo docs were available, that would probably help a lot.
  2. I’m guessing the developer won’t get all units to pay cash...otherwise, he’s up Schitt’s Creek.
  3. The annual rent from the lessee developer to lessor is $10. Not sure I see the benefit?
  4. Any concern that the lessor could raise the lease payment for the land? What if this third party lessor goes belly up or gets this leased land tied up in litigation. Would this cloud my title and prevent me from selling? I will add that the condo docs are still not finalized...I have until next Friday to sign P&S, I will need a condition to be included for my unfettered personal satisfaction of the condo docs once finalized and received. Otherwise, I walk. I’m in phase one. Apparently, phase two will increase sales prices by $20k across the board.
  5. I know we have some real estate gurus here...seeking input. I’m looking into purchasing a condo in a new development (<15 units) that is still under construction. Today, I learned that the land will be leased to the developer in a 95 year Grounds Lease for a nominal sum. So, essentially, the developer (lessee) would be subletting to the unit owners. The lessor is a third party LLC. My attorney is concerned as it could cause resale problems down the road. My realtor isn’t so concerned. I know I’m probably leaving a lot of important details out, but on its face, does this seem like a situation to avoid?
  6. I find myself working more at home. No cutting out for long commutes or chatty co-workers.
  7. Alcohol thins the blood. I’d be more concerned for you if you didn’t have plans to drink lots of alcohol this weekend.
  8. What’s going on with India? Are they botching vaccine rollout or something? Was there a big holiday that sparked their current surge?
  9. Just started Schitts. Really good.
  10. I hope mask mandates eventually go away, but, in the future, I would love to see people mask up in public places when they know they’re sick, even if it’s just the common cold. Common courtesy. Ain’t gonna happen, but I can dream.
  11. I bet by June, barring any large scale changes, we’re seeing full capacity returning and limited or no masks. California will be the real catalyst, giving cover to other governors.
  12. Probably won’t be this nice on a Saturday again until sometime in June probably. What a day!
  13. I was only in the office 1 day per week pre-COVID. Traveled around 7-10 nights per month though.