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  1. Nah…that’s just how some upstate NYers park their cars after having a few cold ones at Applebees.
  2. 55 and a low January sun angle can feel pretty chilly.
  3. I had that in my mulch bed last week. I thought it was something more ominous, but glad to learn it’s harmless.
  4. Lots of 80F dew points showing up on the WU maps. I used to think that was only achievable in Thailand. Nope, not anymore.
  5. Don’t you mean down in S Weymouth? Right @Damage In Tolland?
  6. Just did 13.5 and still feel good. Top 10er today.
  7. Ha. I did the same with my last patch of snow…in January.
  8. Sweet. Another non-winter on tap. I’m beginning to forget what a real winter looks like at this point.
  9. I like the dry 80 degree Feb days we’ve had recently.
  10. 80F dew points becoming more common? We Thailand now.
  11. I was planning a long run today too, but woke up too late.
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