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  1. Not saying it’s the right mindset. Just saying that’s how I feel. And probably a lot of others do too. Right or wrong. We need to get this virus in check somehow.
  2. Speaking for myself, I’d avoid any ER with numbers spiking the way they are right now. I’d have to be in real bad shape before exposing myself like that. Most probably feel the same way.
  3. Dang. Already 90k new cases at 6:30pm. Hopefully the death lag doesn’t reveal itself and we’re just catching cases we would have missed before.
  4. Nice pics everyone. Nothing but white rain here.
  5. Every winter has its own unique personality. We'll get to judge this one early on.
  6. EURO is a metro west October trouncing.
  7. Yup. For the interior. For the coast, we still have a shot.
  8. The world needs its Debbie’s, Karen’s, and Nancy’s too you know. I’m out of the game here on the coast, but just inland looks good for a couple.
  9. And usually the predominant winter precipitation most years. At least in SNE, and especially in E SNE.
  10. I’ll take snow in the air. It’s October after all. I’ll take snow in the air in December for that matter.
  11. Prolific Dec snows and then we shut off?