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  1. Nearing 2000 deaths on the day on Worldometers. So sad.
  2. One morbid observation about these inflated numbers likely due in large part to weekend backlogs... Tomorrow’s likely 1000+ deaths will feel like a win.
  3. MA had a rough day. +1365 +96
  4. Not sure if this was discussed earlier. I think it’s a great idea. It may be tough to get Republicans on board though?
  5. I filled up 3/22. About 3/4 still and a guzzler.
  6. Strawberry? How progressive of you.
  7. Ew. What’s a viscous argument? Sounds sticky. (Just trying to lighten up the mood. Not trying to be the grammar/spelling police.)
  8. you're saying that the average MB store manager doesn't make more than Andrew Benintendi did in 2019?
  9. Encouraging news all around today it seems. Depending on how Norway and other countries do with reopening this month, maybe we're reopening a lot of nonessential services some time in May? Maybe a little later for hot spots?
  10. Maybe that’s the reason for the push to return professional sports? Placate and medicate the masses.
  11. I hope not. Half Italian over here. Maybe it’s because there are big smokers over there?
  12. Even after this, you’re allowed to skip the MIL kisses. Just say it’s for the good of humanity.
  13. That’s not good. Maybe they were erroneously cleared when they were still positive?
  14. If that’s the case, he sounds like an azz.
  15. Stocks surging in hopes the coronavirus is stabilizing. Have we seen the worst of the losses? There seems to again be a wide divide between Wall St. and Main St.