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  1. Coming in from the SE will likely have different impacts than a slingshot TS flung in from due south. It’s also not moving too quickly, so water will pile up and be pushed toward the coast. This could be a mess.
  2. Weenie in check. For now. I’ll be in PHX until Friday this week, so I’ll be able to see the late night runs come in real early.
  3. There definitely seems to be a mainstream OTS camp and western camp now on the models and ENS. Interest rising.
  4. Back to tracking the first frost. Maybe before Thanksgiving?
  5. Lots of saggage to Lee’s boob on the southwest flank.
  6. Locals call it an island. To get to Rockport/Gloucester, you have to cross a bridge.
  7. My parents are up in Rockport. They can take it on the chin too. Long Beach’s sea wall looks like it will crumble on a sunny day at this point.
  8. As someone that lives close to the water, I’m not liking the saggy lower left quadrant of Lee’s boob there.
  9. Surf will be wild anyway even if this ends up 700 miles offshore.
  10. Hopefully a little s/w isn’t all that is preventing us from seeing large impacts.
  11. We watch. The weenie in my wants to see a hit. The practical, logical being in me wants a miss. Anyway, I’ll be watching from PHX next week due to a work trip. Landing Friday morning 9/15, just in time for the show.
  12. I’m planning on reseeding soon…hopefully we get some good soaking rains out of it.
  13. I hear San Diego can barely handle 0.25” of rain. They look to get ten or more times that. It might be worth it to bail early. I’m heading out there for the first time Wednesday. I hope all the flight cancellations are worked out by then.
  14. Flying to SD next Wednesday morning. Hopefully everything is sorted out by then.
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