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  1. Morgan and Morgan? They seem to sponsor everything these days.
  2. Same. All the outrage and posts harping on COVID are coming from the folks telling us it’s no big deal. If it’s no big deal, stop posting about it 24/7. What am I missing?
  3. By care…I mean why all the outrage/excitement? (If the virus doesn’t directly impact your life)
  4. I get the newsworthiness, but not the outrage, especially from people around here. There are very few if any public mandates/restrictions here. It’s almost like some just revel in being outraged at the big mean gubmint. It gets old real fast.
  5. If this virus doesn’t impact you, why do you even care?
  6. I’m a bit confused. Why is there still so much consternation and frustration with COVID from some? Yes, it’s a topic on the news and for most that’s all it is. Life continues as normal for most. Workers are returning to offices. Fenway is packed for concerts. Restaurants are at capacity. We have members traveling internationally…right now. I get it. The virus sucks. But don’t let it consume your life…and this thread. Farmers Almanac came out with its winter forecast…front end winter on tap?
  7. I had the same experience. After a while, they offered the lower price and I declined, saying if you offered it right up front, you would have kept a customer. Canceled and never resubscribed.
  8. I’m still waiting for work to send me the link to attest to my vaccination status as a fed. Not a single email from anyone yet.
  9. Lindsey Graham just tested positive after exhibiting flu like symptoms yesterday. Just another high profile breakthrough case.
  10. My boss just confirmed wheels up this Sunday…back to traveling as usual. Meeting up with people from across the country, including Florida, Alabama, Missouri, and Arizona. Some may still be unvaccinated. What could go wrong? Anyway, with that, COVID is really over for me now, so long as nobody around me - myself included -doesn’t get it.
  11. Best season. Especially on a Friday or Saturday night with the fire pit going and some cold Sam Octoberfests.
  12. We’ll, that’s obviously not great news out of Israel.
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