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  1. Wished we lived there. S of the Pike = COC N of the Pike = Socked
  2. People with leaves still on the trees??
  3. He didn’t melt. He’s already resorting to reverse psychology.
  4. Same here on the coast. Unlikely but fun to see. I’ll miss whatever falls anyway.
  5. Fast flow, N stream dependent...I bet a congrats Atlantic City is more likely than congrats Mt. Mansfield.
  6. Looks more like a Thursday night deal.
  7. It’s happening. My incoming fight is scheduled to land at Logan at 1:40PM on Friday.
  8. And it begins. I’m flying into Logan in the early afternoon Friday the 8th. Perfect timing.
  9. Probably won’t have an idea until after 11/21. Just a hunch.
  10. So happy for the ignore user function. Looks like a typical October is transitioning into a typical November regime. We step down.
  11. Wires are so old school...above or below ground. If we’re going big, why can’t each home/apt or whatever harness and store its own energy. Granted, we’re probably a generation or two away and we need public policy changes/support, but let’s go big.
  12. Indoor temp was 61 when I left this morning. I’m hoping some sun breaks out to warm the house a few degrees because we’ll lose several tonight.