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  1. My old thermometer recorded -12F at my parents in Rockport last night. Pretty impressive. Now back to 40s/50s and rain until about Memorial Day.
  2. Don’t worry. The old man will see himself to the door at 0z.
  3. Interesting. Potentially warmest ever with no pig or substantial large scale pattern impetus, right? I mean nothing like 2011-2012. Bad luck or is this the new normal starting to rear its ugly head? I think the WC ridging being too far west screwed us over. Oh well, probably a little bad luck mixed with a changing climate.
  4. I enjoy big warmth in winter even more while tracking legit threats. There’s nothing like a day in the 60s, seeing folks enjoying the weather, but knowing there’s an imminent storm/cold.
  5. Please. We pray. Baseball tryouts by Presidents Day.
  6. She *may* walk away from this from a legal standpoint. Temporary insanity would be a valid defense. It sounds like her condition was well documented. She’ll never be able to walk away from this from a human standpoint. I feel awful for everyone.
  7. I got 0.0” in Rockport with that one. No thanks.
  8. 0.4” that sublimated before most even noticed?
  9. 0.5” new 11” on the season Nearing 1’ on the season
  10. If not 2/30, I’m sure we’ll score in Smarch.
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