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  1. Finished my run covered in little black flies. Time for a freeze to kill these little schitts.
  2. It is so nice outside right now. Getting attacked by bees as I eat my lunch though.
  3. Maybe that’s why he’s wearing gloves to hide the watch? I figured it was due to COVID, but maybe it’s more nefarious.
  4. I’m listening too. Tin foil hat solidly strapped on over here.
  5. Sox are finished. Good run. Went further than most thought. Postmortem will be interesting.
  6. They may even move them out of the pots and into the ground before the Christmas dews return.
  7. Not feeling Game 5. Bats silent and Sale will go off the rails at the drop of a hat.
  8. Flying on an E-175 Sunday. Definitely a dumpy regional jet…
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