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  1. Yeah. He’s decent. Really nice guy. I met him at a cookout once several years ago. He’s married to my sister’s best friend’s cousin.
  2. Now we’re definitely punting to February.
  3. Hopefully 1/26 works out. Otherwise, we punt to February.
  4. Yep. January 2012 was better snow wise.
  5. I would never be more disappointed with just 7.8”
  6. Tim Kelly was hinting at snow to the coast Tuesday night into Wednesday. Any credence to that?
  7. I read an article on a MSM’s webpage that we could be virtually COVID free by late June. I’d call that good news.
  8. I see that the UK just banned incoming flights from Brazil due to the Brazil variant. We need to vaccinate and quickly to avoid any consequential mutations.
  9. Fighter jets just flew by judging by the sound. First time I’ve heard them up here.
  10. 2/2/15 was great. I remember rushing home from Loon after the SB win to beat the storm because my windshield wiper fluid dispenser was on the fritz. Pulled into the driveway at first flakes sometime around 2-3AM.