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  1. Home Davis, 1.02", had a gust 34 mph,
  2. Ray, the last event you show 4.5", did you take you final measurement before the mix or when precip. ended? just curious ...
  3. Trying to catch up, GFS on board?
  4. So your thoughts Lakes Region South? or better to see CON south/SNE?
  5. Boy, with what's going on in the world, I would enjoy this.......
  6. Maybe this will make someone laugh through this rough time, my wife said, "I called Walgreens , they have napkins(paper) will you go and get some?", So I went in our basement to check where we store stuff and yes, we were out. Went to my Walgreens found two packages left, and saw one small box of Kleenex so I grabbed that too, no one at the register, they left a buzzer to press which I did with my elbow, girl came from out backroom were they do photos then her co-worker came up the isle , pissed off and said," someone stole the toilet paper that's in their rest room!
  7. Keeping politics out of this (we all have our own personal thought lol) common sense, a wake up call for all, rich or poor, CDC giving the best advice possible, it will effect us all, but again common sense will prevail
  8. 38F/ .27" so far, 2mph
  9. like her or not....tough cookie
  10. I'm long term i bought high, they are finally showing a profit, their solar end is growing rapidly, I'm a small investor. No dividend paid ,they are a growth stock for now , much better cash on hand(them...not I!) It was some play money, I could have dumped into other stocks I own, will see what happens........
  11. Unreal, you know I always leave my snow equipment on till April 1 or so, but a day like this, I'm so tempted to start removing everything and re-arrange the shop for Spring mode, but I will hold off.....
  12. Davis at home 72F, all windows open, "hey honey, nice job putting flannel sheets on "!