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  1. 2.02 inches since Saturday and early am, lol crabgrass out of control
  2. ASH dew point 53, what a ride that was.....
  3. My Vantage Vue recorded a high of 96F, as of 4pm, down to 94F.........For those that love this stuff enjoy!
  4. 512high

    Winter 2017-2018 Outook

    well done! look forward to your outlook this fall....................
  5. 512high

    Napril Fools? Pattern and Model Discussion . . .

    lol, so don't put away snow removal equipment till June? lol no complaints here...lol
  6. 512high

    March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    Well if this is the "last" one....lets do this! Then I'm done....we were going to remove all snow equipment next Monday....we watch
  7. 512high

    Snow bomb obs March 21

    Agreed!...........Now any chance for a near repeat for 2018-19? I know wayyyyyyyyy to early!
  8. 512high

    Please help me with a personal tragedy

    John, I have never met you or others on this site, there seems to be a lot of good members on here, I too will write a check, like WINTERWOLF, I'm not on any social media etc. PM me with their name, address, etc Your a good friend to these people, My wife and I do not have children, make sure you give your love ones an extra hug tonight, no matter what age they are, my deepest sympathy Philip
  9. 512high

    Snow bomb obs March 21

    ASH maybe 3/4" snowing hard 32F, slush forming on roads..........................
  10. so you thinking that cutoff is dipping more south from you?
  11. Jay, those are big shoes to fill ! hope you are right, what stress with these models
  12. 512high

    March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    Scott, I thought the EURO was closest, and the GFS was way off? What did I miss??
  13. 512high

    March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    Awesome! TY
  14. 512high

    March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    sorry this is just a boston/ se thing? or is it more nw?
  15. 512high

    March or BUST! - Pattern & Model Discussion

    I watched three TV mets at 6pm, basically saying the storm in a NO, 10% chance of getting us..........I know I would have said "still watching" for next week or something....anyways, I hope we get something so they can back pedal ! (lol most won't)