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  1. Enough of this crap, give me 55-60 for a high, 40s at night, swamp ass in October- no thanks
  2. Like I have said to Ray and others, thanks for taking the time and doing the research and sharing with all, I just hope its better then last season...
  3. don't start this crap! lol
  4. lol one could only hope! today temps perfect, no more 80 or 90 stuff for me
  5. Wasn't 1988-89 a bad winter in regards to no or low snowfall for New England?
  6. oh! so I still have a chance! (lol)
  7. lol, after this crappy summer, I should have been more specific as a "wish", Scott please don't piss on my parade as we head towards winter, I am prepared however, for a repeat or worse then last wi
  8. Who cares! If he gets one right I will be happy, I hoping and praying for a better winter, I just hope we can retain whatever snow we get and build from there and not be washed away.
  9. lol, not even a drop at my house in ASH(yet) got dark as a son of a gun, but nada
  10. Yup, and all last year I was excited with a possibility of a 1-3” event……lol
  11. what a year , and I has some serious drifts
  12. .60", best light show all summer! Now get this swamp ass air out of here!
  13. Please no premature snow till after thanksgiving, this early am was perfect!
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