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  1. yup preemeregent, perfect with rain in sight, gosh wasn't it last night at this time models showing good rain, then this am down the crapper, sounds like our past winter
  2. Their brain thinks warm temps, its summer! Any type of rain yes, people start to get outside in 60s-70s and think summer mode(lol)
  3. Scott, we need rain......I own a irrigation company, clients are telling me my lawn is dead! I need rain to buy me time!
  4. 21F at 530am, go sox !(lol)
  5. Ya, just don't loose your identification card showing info etc...... I wonder if you take a picture with cell phone ,if that would work etc. if traveling and they want to see proof
  6. 27 mph gust, temp 64/windchill 58, dew point 48 gosh I miss winter
  7. DEW'S neighbor? Same town lol
  8. Scott, Any wind issues with that front?
  9. impressed, I thought you would have been in the 50s all day, maybe ocean roads were, not sure if your inland, or near new castle
  10. (love that show what a classic)
  11. Getting my second Moderna Nashua South on Tuesday......
  12. Dam, if that right Ray's call a bust for me? I get a dusting if lucky, peeps south congrats...
  13. Ray, I think many will be surprised and didn't see this one coming if it holds through. I came home at noon today watching local TV(WMUR-ch9), there was no mention of snow, chance of s shower/light rain Thursday night , may end as few flurries Friday .....will see if TV mets jump on this, I just wish some ON-AIR mets, would say, "this is something we may have to watch" etc. Anyways, hope it all comes into play!