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  1. Good dumping passingly .18" temp down to 76/ breezy
  2. Really? I looked at the radar and I thought you had some good rain!
  3. Quite the light show to my south, 4K no power in my city, about 23K state wide so far. looks like I will end tonight with .77" , 25 mph gust, temp now 71/74
  4. dropped down to 75/ .22" so far and climbing.
  5. 87/72. I hoping this hold together as it approaches , getting very dark now.
  6. I was on a few calls earlier, I was looking at the radar, looks like you got clobbered!
  7. just about .45" over the last 24 hours, I will take that. As of 8 am today, 75/73.
  8. 78 overnight, dew 75 sprinkler/shower rolling through pavement wet
  9. I checked my Davis @ home, said a high of 93/ heat index 112 not sure how accurate etc. lol my pool temp is 88F...
  10. Home Davis showing 93/76 this is no longer "fun", gusty at times , was hoping for a storm or two, but I live in Nashua, NH seems to miss us along with snowstorms.
  11. What? Scooter knows better....., its only JULY! You, Tip, Omega(and others) maybe right, but things can change from now till then, I'm not looking for a blockbuster, but anything better then last winter would be fine with me. My total was about 31.5" in fact I think Ray got a tad more then that!
  12. Heard thunder so close, few drops, and misses Nashua like clockwork ! lmao
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