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  1. LOL, So we have Scott, Ray, Kevin, Will, Tip and many others and now questions about the the Groundhog! God help us !
  2. Its all good Ray, over 1.55" in ASH,48F , Just trying to find a nut to make this ground white, to make it feel like January 16th as a winter should be in my eyes............
  3. Well Ray did say, he would be shocked if we didn't get two events by the end of this month, and at least one warning event, lol, might be back like 30 pages of this thread.............i am with others, i will take whatever snow we can get, as i sit with over 1.18" at 43F on Jan. 16,
  4. .50 ASH, temp up 41F from 37 an hour ago, pouring, had a gust 22mph
  5. Sorry Wiz, I love most types of weather, but love snow.Each day goes by ...a minute or so the day is getting longer, then sun angle, granted its the 15th, but its going by. Your fun time is around the corner hopefully yours is better then our winter
  6. Pope say something! Help us!
  7. If we can't get a storm to produce by next weekend, shut this thread down! Gosh!!! we will have 200 pages of what ifs and could haves Congrats North country,
  8. You know Ray, You ,Scott are saying FEB looks serviceable , great! But crap, that's weeks out , we are all waiting for the "change in January " and I know, it got pushed back, It would be awesome if the next few weeks and beyond deliver, I just keep getting sucked back in, and then pissed off(lol) hope your right......
  9. I didn't want to tie up the January thread with more melts, since this is the Banter thread, so it goes. I have a feeling this is a repeat of 2019-2020 winter. Last season I had 11 events, that involved some snow removal/ice control. I am now at 4 events as of today, Oct. 30, 2020 we let it melt. Going back to my last season records I had 6 events Nov-Dec (2019), January 19, 2020 was the ONLY event for that month, then February we had only 2 events and last March 24, 2020, Gosh, maybe last season wasn't that bad !
  10. Think we will still pull off two warning events in the next 17 days Ray?
  11. you look like a real pro when the ball keeps going on the frozen ground, keep your head down
  12. probably oversize iphone! what snow!!
  13. Interesting, I keep track of storms for every year for salt replenishing etc, only event i had in Jan.2020 was about the 19th,(about 6" ASH) then Feb.2020(2/6 and 2/13) those events were about 2" each, last was March 24 or so with about 6" Ray, I hope we do better then that when the change ever comes..............
  14. Happy New Year Pope! Say Hi!! Its all good, look 100 pages of melts! lol Nothing Changed.........Chime in!
  15. Hope something comes through soon as we had to almost 100 pages of mostly melts!