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  1. Think/ be positive, keep us all updated.
  2. .98" yesterday, now 68F/dew point 65.....good times again.....NOT
  3. Nice to be back everyone......50F ASH
  4. 512high

    Countdown to Winter 2018 -2019

    Early? Are you thinking mid November?
  5. Well just got home, my davis weather station measured a total of 3.81", I have was afraid to look in the basement, but no water!(thank god)....
  6. im looking at the radar , seems to be lifting more north.....I really thought south of me was going to get the most out of this, maybe I was looking at a different model, however, some parts of northern NH dry, they need a drink too...
  7. 6am my davis collected 1.10" so far, some good bands came through......enough now.......come on dry air!
  8. 512high

    Hurricane Florence

    lol! really people??
  9. yes, an automatic response because of the "times"........
  10. 512high

    Hurricane Florence

    LMAO Seinfeld classic!
  11. 512high

    Countdown to Winter 2018 -2019

    Your last sentence the words "early ideas"......on another swamp *ss day, we want more "ideas"! Good write up .....
  12. 2.02 inches since Saturday and early am, lol crabgrass out of control
  13. ASH dew point 53, what a ride that was.....
  14. My Vantage Vue recorded a high of 96F, as of 4pm, down to 94F.........For those that love this stuff enjoy!
  15. 512high

    Winter 2017-2018 Outook

    well done! look forward to your outlook this fall....................