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  1. Hope it would produce, but highly unlikely for southern areas, hope I'm wrong...good luck !
  2. Well fix it Tip! Make it work!!(lol)
  3. Wait....was this for next week event? If so , I thought the "possible change" was to begin around the 28-29th?, I thought we were all on board for next event too warm anyways
  4. I swear he reads this site, then he tweets!
  5. I don't know you at all, sorry to hear. With that said job market is still very strong! You will bounce back.....
  6. I'm very patient , this late in the game ,I'm in it till the end, not going to join Dews..... I was hoping that the "change" was next mon-tues or at least starting too, it will be nice to see the sun, looking forward to wind and colder temps
  7. Real quiet...........get outside enjoy the sun..
  8. 34F, Heavy Rain, what ever snow pack is left should take a major hit after tonight and this week....
  9. What? Wasn't it going the right way less then 24 hrs ago? WTF
  10. Lol, way to put salt on a wound...........enjoy
  11. ASH at 630 am, down to 24F, had a gust 18 mph/windchill 19F
  12. At this stage, for those that love winter might as well play this season out till the end, I'm not joining Dews or Panic room, maybe we can score something more than a few inches....