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  1. Really? I just googled the name and it came up twitter etc...........if this is an inside joke ....whatever, just didn't know who HM was , no biggie
  2. Thanks Kevin , now and then I see others talking about him, HM, (I just googled him etc.) thank you
  3. Ray give yourself an A+, .........keep em coming....
  4. Didn't want tie up the thread for the upcoming event, with that said, next chance for anything in the pipeline or do we start a small relaxation then reload?
  5. Forgive me...density type for duration? fluff/cement? thanks ahead of time
  6. I think Tip left for thanksgiving break, not sure where........................
  7. You know what a great day to wake up to a positive vibe! First Happy Thanksgiving to all that are celebrating ., best to you and your families .I just don't want to see this potential OTS by late tonight!
  8. would love to see that, a long way to go till "game time".................
  9. I thought the relaxation long range was mid December ? or am I way off on this?
  10. can you move those amounts about 200-250 miles south!
  11. agreed, my first salting event for one parking lot, sun rising temp now 30f.....