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  1. snowing again , been sitting at 31F for two hours, untreated roads now greasy
  2. ORH, just getting caught about can you give an approx. amount of rain after change over? .10? .25? thanks
  3. I think just about 1 1/2" in Nashua,temp down to 28F starting to stick to the asphalt
  4. Way too early too cancel winter! Hold tight......................
  5. 6am, 18F....yesterday/last night winds brought back the leaves! dang it
  6. Great job! Even a novice can follow....lets saddle up for this season!
  7. 23F/wind chill 15F, wind still gusting to 21mph
  8. 57F/ wind 14mph.....feels good!
  9. 68F, wind 8mph, had a gust around 5pm 29mph, .45" since 6am, hvy rain now
  10. Gosh what great pictures........looked pasty/heavy?
  11. Hi Everyone, for us in the northeast, does our ocean temps play a roll ?
  12. so far 1.18" and climbing, well needed
  13. very impressive....just at .50 here, you had some good cells
  14. 5pm, Nashua @ .55", 74F
  15. shocked...73! what a shame, the old days of Chet,Natilie , etc