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  1. ,95" since midnight, windchill at times 39F, wind picking up
  2. Boy time stamp just as Tip said give or take....
  3. raindancewx, First thanks for taking the time to write that all up! Like Ray and others have given their outlooks and thoughtsI , I'm sure others appreciate all the work that goes into your outlook. Would like to see snow start early December into April.....I know, wishful thinking.........
  4. Holy crap! Thank god no one injured or killed, and so dry, instant fuel
  5. Gosh, these cells are moving! And I'm working on the NH seacoast today, there goes whatever hair i have left.....
  6. I will take anything from it, I woke up to almost a .25" this am, didn't see that coming last night, but that ground is hard, will be a lot of runoff if I get a lot at once, maybe good for filling up ponds, reservoirs
  7. 2nd half I thought was cooling down rapidly, pretty sure I read that somewhere....idk
  8. lets do it again...........please
  9. woodchuck/ground hog....also chipmunks is a possibility
  10. Ray, like many others have stated, look forward to your outlook and "first call/final call" etc enjoyable read...
  11. 1st windshield scrape...33F @ 530
  12. Question regarding naming storms.......I heard we are now on to the greek alphabet , why can't the start over just using different names for storms?
  13. Funny you mention that Scott, I decided this afternoon to test the old heating system , it worked (only two zones for the house) smell of dust and stuff on the baseboards etc. Then shutdown, told the wife layer up, not going on in September....
  14. TY my bad, yes Route 1A......lol all the surfers that line up from the "wall" (hampton, ocean blvd at around 18th st) and into Rye, will be surfing , unless like you mentioned heavy closures....would have liked the rain out of this....
  15. I am working along route 1 mon, tue,wed...North Hampton, Rye, Rye Beach, New Castle. With those swells at high tide, the usual "flooded" areas, I assume a lot of road closures?