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  1. One of the huge problems with the situation is trying to get the data. Leading economic indicators can give us a look at how healthy an economy or sectors were going into this. But it’s super hard trying to figure out how to price in the uncertainty. We all need current data at least to try to get a sense as to how much is being put on hold. Compiling and releasing data is probably pretty low on most organizations lists at the moment. We then look at lagging economic data but that doesn’t help anyone accurately predict now. It’ll help start to predict future weeks and quarters. It’s like looking at the sky now and saying “It’s dark but I think it’s going to rain for a while.” Central bank watching will take on a whole new intensity.
  2. I'm north of that area and have about 7.5". I'm betting that Hubbard Pond Road or near there in New Ipswich has got at least another inch.
  3. Thinking about the spread of COVID-19. I have a friend who has relatives in SW CT. One of her relatives commutes into NYC daily for work: train, etc. along with many people for the area. He now has COVID-19. Shortly before he received a confirmed diagnosis, he attended one of his children's sporting events at school, indoors. His wife now has it. Another relative from the same area is being told that she can't be tested but doesn't have the flu. Nonetheless, she's in her 70s and is ill enough to be in the hospital. Now just imagine this one family sample being played out over and over again. I get it that no one likes seeing their favorite activity cancelled or job interviews drying up (hello recession!) or income draining away but this is the reality that we have to deal with. Someone just trying to get to their job probably ended up infecting a whole bunch of people. At least social distancing is pretty easy in the small town I live in.
  4. We just got power back after 7 hours!
  5. We've had our power out for about 3.5 hours now. 25.2 with a small coating of snow over the ice.
  6. Thanks @ORH_wxman and @HIPPYVALLEY . I know that over time the amazing snow forecasts turn into meh events and city-scouring winds turn into a windy day. Seat of the pants estimating is one thing. I'm glad to hear that knowledgeable people suggest that some discounting happen. It's that perspective thing - ice can be fun and beautiful in old pictures and a gigantic pain when you're looking at a super busy end of the week.
  7. Having had 12 days without power in 2008, I'm really not liking those graphics. All joking aside, what are the realistic chances of that Pivotal Weather forecast coming true? I'm living at the bottom of a hill around 825'. Thank you!
  8. I'm good with the sleet-fest. It'll probably be warm enough to scrap off and move out of the way. The disconnect between the two maps mildly irks my "data should be well coordinated" self.
  9. The BOX map has the .25-.5" ice accretion continuing east to about Townsend, MA. Yet, just over the border, GYX has the same range only going through maybe Rindge, NH. For those of us who live relatively near the NH/MA border, it's a conundrum. Do we have a relatively mild case of icing? Again, like so many posters, I'm not rooting for a major ice storm. The great photos of the sun through the iced, bent over branches didn't balance out the twelve days without power.
  10. I have 8" of snow and it's snowing pretty hard out there. Note: this is not one of those snowboards, perfectly level in exactly the right spot type of measurements.It's 26.6 degrees too.
  11. If that GEM run were to verify.... New Ipswich isn't that far away from me.