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  1. Went for walk / hike in our area today and had some good light. There's not a lot of color here other than the maples in the swamp and even then it's not great.
  2. We picked so much today. There's a planter of swiss chard covered up and some plants got brought inside. Unfortunately, I forgot to pick some basil in the community garden and it's likely to freeze there.
  3. We've got our power back! Mind you, it was just after we refilled the generator. And it might be good that we refilled it; we just had a pretty good gust blow through.
  4. Eversource fail. Reporting my outage via phone and their site both fail. Such a simple thing for them to get right. Power outages and weather aren’t unexpected.
  5. I am envious. It's a place that I want to visit sometime. And the river looks idyllic too!
  6. Last I looked, the Maldives were open to American tourists again.
  7. I think ours is 800 feet deep.
  8. 46.6 now. The past few days have been wonderful . I would gladly give up growing real warm weather vegetables like tomatoes in favor of this all summer. If we had a bit more breeze to keep the bugs away, it would be ideal.
  9. Once, and only once, my kids decided that they needed to get out of the car for a bathroom break in the woods somewhere on Rt 9 in Maine after Bangor on our way to St. John. Those mosquitos were big!
  10. While this won't work for any pets, you can use a lint roller for a quick tick removal when you come in the door. It'll pick up some of the really little ones stuck to your pants. It doesn't remove the need for a tick check though. Also, deer and horse flies are summer staples here in southern NH. Not sure if they're quite so prevalent in your area.
  11. A friend who has a family member on the fire department said there was a tornado in Jaffrey.
  12. All the phones just went off with a Tornado Warning. Like a good weenie, I checked the radar, the warning text and then posted here.
  13. The state has put in some moderate restrictions at Monadnock so just be mindful of them. There are plenty of trails around North and South Pack. Please hike safely though. Miller State has the advantage that you can walk up the auto road.