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  1. I think ours is 800 feet deep.
  2. 46.6 now. The past few days have been wonderful . I would gladly give up growing real warm weather vegetables like tomatoes in favor of this all summer. If we had a bit more breeze to keep the bugs away, it would be ideal.
  3. Once, and only once, my kids decided that they needed to get out of the car for a bathroom break in the woods somewhere on Rt 9 in Maine after Bangor on our way to St. John. Those mosquitos were big!
  4. While this won't work for any pets, you can use a lint roller for a quick tick removal when you come in the door. It'll pick up some of the really little ones stuck to your pants. It doesn't remove the need for a tick check though. Also, deer and horse flies are summer staples here in southern NH. Not sure if they're quite so prevalent in your area.
  5. A friend who has a family member on the fire department said there was a tornado in Jaffrey.
  6. All the phones just went off with a Tornado Warning. Like a good weenie, I checked the radar, the warning text and then posted here.
  7. The state has put in some moderate restrictions at Monadnock so just be mindful of them. There are plenty of trails around North and South Pack. Please hike safely though. Miller State has the advantage that you can walk up the auto road.
  8. We have thunder rumbles now
  9. I'm north of that area and have about 7.5". I'm betting that Hubbard Pond Road or near there in New Ipswich has got at least another inch.
  10. We just got power back after 7 hours!
  11. We've had our power out for about 3.5 hours now. 25.2 with a small coating of snow over the ice.
  12. Thanks @ORH_wxman and @HIPPYVALLEY . I know that over time the amazing snow forecasts turn into meh events and city-scouring winds turn into a windy day. Seat of the pants estimating is one thing. I'm glad to hear that knowledgeable people suggest that some discounting happen. It's that perspective thing - ice can be fun and beautiful in old pictures and a gigantic pain when you're looking at a super busy end of the week.
  13. Having had 12 days without power in 2008, I'm really not liking those graphics. All joking aside, what are the realistic chances of that Pivotal Weather forecast coming true? I'm living at the bottom of a hill around 825'. Thank you!