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  1. Great beach day at Ft. Meyers Beach. Low 80s and sun.
  2. LR looks close to curtains. Enjoy NNE now while you can.
  3. Heck...despite the Dec snow, I’m still barely in double digit snow YTD. Sitting at a measly 17.8”. The longest stretch if you can call it that we’ve had with cover is probably the two days following the mid Jan event. Bare ground the rest of the time.
  4. Odds that we’ll see more pictures of Mao Zedong than actual snow pics in this thread?
  5. Here’s my northeast winter storm mao
  6. A holiday season KU is always enjoyable. We just missed out on that one here. About 5” at the tail end when it finally changed over.
  7. What a dung winter. We’re almost beyond this. 2.8” for Feb 4” for Jan Max temp: 70F (Jan 12th) Pretty good for peak winter climo.
  8. Sadly, March 2018 wasn’t all that memorable here on the immediate coast. We didn’t get the big snows just inland did. Ocean impacts were severe though...lots of damage from waves/surge. Unfortunately, we likely missed our window for big snows on the immediate coast as climo becomes much more harsh. This doesn’t mean we won’t or can’t get big snows to the coast in March, it just looks less likely.
  9. Sweet. We’ll get our block in time for Patriots Day.
  10. Nice but Delaney’s is better IMO.
  11. Great for Massholes vacationing up north this vacation week. North Conway live cam looks great. Wish I was up there.
  12. Traveling 2/23-28 and then 3/9-13, so really only two more weeks of this nonsense for me. Maybe we get something the first week of March?
  13. We boarded up the windows here on the coast. The winter that wasn’t. But hey, at least it’s winter.
  14. It was warranted. Lots of weenie despair clogging up the threads.
  15. One good KU and we’re near normal.