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  1. Are we on the verge of a 2008 type China induced global recession?
  2. He’s clutch. You would expect him to be hitting greater than .258 though.
  3. Threw some play money at LCID…finally some true completion for Tesla.
  4. Beach days and green foliage into December. Lock it up! Endless summer.
  5. Sale is out…this team can’t catch a break.
  6. Theft isn’t covered by insurance?
  7. Wow. That was even better than his first earlier in the game.
  8. Latitude > Elevation type season. We take.
  9. Long day at work. Nice to celebrate the long holiday weekend with an Octoberfest, feet up, on a fall like evening.
  10. Looks like we probably ended up with about 3.5” here. We await our annual fall tempest some time in October now.
  11. Used, like new! Ultra low miles, regular maintenance, and received deep cleaning just for you! Come test drive it today.
  12. Update to the parking brake squealing…nothing a little lube can’t fix (I hope). If the sound comes back, we’re replacing the rotor and parking brake actuator.
  13. I think he was focused on Monday’s severe.
  14. We’re on the first frost watch.
  15. Time to retire this thread. We move on…
  16. I hear a town called West Chesterfield in western MA is already past peak.
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