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  1. Sad. You’re correct. It was out of PWM.
  2. boat out of Gloucester went missing off Provincetown this morning. Four men missing. Coast Guard was searching earlier. Can’t imagine they can continue with these conditions.
  3. Ain’t going to snow in NYC this winter. Where have you been? Lol
  4. Glass half full thoughts. We sneak in a decent Dec with a significant event or two. Per your outlook, the pattern goes to crap during peak winter climo, which actually provides us more room for error. Therefore, we sneak an event of two in then. Thereafter, the pattern improves and potentially gets more blocky for the end of winter. Maybe we score a well timed MECS+ or three at that time. Sprinkle in a clipper or light event here and there and boom...decent winter after all. Retention issues aside. If I can get retention to last longer than 3 consecutive days...I’ll already beat out last “winter”. Spring arrives in full force by 3/25...tulips and daisies. We’re all lining up for our vaccine and posting up at the bar soon thereafter for a summer to remember. Credits roll and all is good in the world once again.
  5. P&C gets most suburbs down into the low 10’s tonight. Perhaps the coldest night of the season?
  6. I can’t imagine it would be a full lockdown like before. Probably limited to gyms, indoor dining, theaters...but that’s just pure speculation on my part.
  7. Rumors swirling from family texts that Baker is about to announce another 4-6 week shutdown.
  8. If you give her COVID from 40 feet away, going 20 mph on a bike, we’re all screwed anyway and might as well just throw in the towel. You’re in the right.
  9. We’re still in the running here...and in Greenfield!
  10. I was up there in early October. It felt like the general feeling was F it then. I guess the chickens have come home to roost and not just in NH. Country-wide.
  11. I guess no better season to endure a pig. We’ll try again next year once normality returns.
  12. We talking 2011-2012 style pig? Is the writing on the wall? Better to know now and not worry about it.
  13. Not this one. A 60 ft oak that was being scheduled to come down once the tree guy had availability. Missed the house and deck with razor precision.
  14. Up to 32k now. Big increase over the summer spike, which peaked around 18-19k very briefly.
  15. Worldometers just went from ~19k in serious condition to ~31k. Hopefully in error.
  16. I don’t see that. Worldometers currently shows 858.
  17. Right. A problematic fact that so many try to get by on so little.