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  1. Thanks for clearing that up. I thought something was wrong.
  2. Not a problem doing it. Logging in does give you much more control over your own records. It's not just Dave who adds details to events. Several people now do it and I think it's great. Filtering, sorting, and searching, is much better now, than it was in the past.
  3. I'm kind of wondering why you are not seeing the " suffix in the amount field. What page is this screenshot from?
  4. For those who have been wanting ranks for the totals, I have been trying like crazy to find a way make it happen. Today, I found a way, but at the moment, it only works behind the scenes, not on the front end. I have contacted the vendor for the plugin I use for these tables and I'm waiting for a reply. Based on what I can tell, it doesn't look too promising, unless they can do some sort of magic for me.
  5. You must mean 12/06. I didn't see that posted anywhere, but I'll get that in there.
  6. Unless we're missing something, I've got you at 22.1"
  7. If there are any SQL wizards here, the following is the query that gets the result for the home page table: SELECT user_names.user_name,,state.state,SUM(events_full.amount) AS total FROM user_names,city,state,events_full WHERE user_names.user_id=events_full.user_id AND city.city_id=events_full.city_id AND state.state_id=events_full.state_id AND events_full.season_id=13 AND amount > 0 Group By user_names.user_name
  8. I thought of that, and I'm sure it can be done, but it's not something I know how to do off the top of my head. I would love to know how, so I'm going to look into it.
  9. You can now add events or totals from 2006-07 onward. I will add the season pages for those years, and add my data, when I get to work. (I have events from 2007-08 until present) Also, I know there are some with event data that goes way back. If you want it added, but don't want to enter all the records, if you send me a spreadsheet in the following format, I can get it in quickly:
  10. Not a problem at all. I have data going back to 2007-08. I'll work on this a little later today and let you know when I'm done.
  11. Understood. It's not a big deal, really. The storm page was just something I thought I would add to give a quick, and neat indication of storm totals. Like you said, your season total is correct, and every entry in the All Records page remains as well. You're not confusing anything.
  12. On the Latest Storm page, because it was a 3 day event, I decided to combine multiple entries from the same people during this time period (Dec 1-3) to show totals from the entire event. I think it's cleaner this way. If you entered Dec 4 for an amount, as I have seen in some cases, when it may need to be Dec 3, these entries will not be part of the total.
  13. That would help! Sorry, I've been busy and forgot about that. I will send it to you shortly.