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  1. Not BAD! LOL We ended up with 23" (As reported locally)
  2. Sorry. I haven't been getting notifications for this site. I just sent you a PM, so you're all set. As far as entering events for members, as I have done in the past, I cannot commit to that as I'm focused on other things. At the end of the season, I have no problem entering season totals for members, which I'll do all at once. ( I can do this for any member who is NOT listed for PAST seasons as well) I will also enter all your events if you wish(again.....at the end of the season), but they would need to be neatly listed so that it would be foolproof for me to enter them all at once, without taking too much time. Happy New Year everyone.
  3. I just tried it and it worked for me. I have sent you a DM with your credentials.
  4. Hi guys. Everything should be all set for those of you who were in this last year. This year, I may not be updating totals/events for those who do not do it themselves. I'm just not sure how busy I'm going to be over the next few months. In this, and any cases where members were not on this table, and would like to be, for any season since 2010, let me know. I can add/update season totals anytime. If you are able to log in, simply go to Your Records, where you can add/edit/delete your own event records, for any season. If you need login credentials, (I register members manually so that I don't need anybody's email or anything) I'll need to know via PM. You can specify what you want for a password. On my to do list, is some site work I've had in mind for a while, like better storm records navigation/presentation, and other cool stuff that I'm able to do, but there's that time thing to deal with. Have a great season! New England Snow 2021-22
  5. Hi guys. Yes, I'm alive, just busy. Today, I did manage to get this season's table set up with initial entries for any member who was in this last year.(not live yet) I will finish up setting up for the season tomorrow morning, with a new thread, and how things may be a little different this year. See you in the morning.
  6. Also, I'll go through anything that was added here since my last update, later.
  7. I did that. You need to scroll up to see why. Next year, I will no longer be doing updates for others. I WILL enter final season results for people, but not events.
  8. Actually, I have been "pulling" what you have been putting in here under the name "The 4 Seasons", and for this season, they have been going in for North Haven. Is this correct? For those who do not update yourself, I have just updated everything. Let me know if there is anything wrong, or missing.
  9. I can't find the difference, but I have 37.3 for you. FYI
  10. I'm updating now and have noticed strange things myself. I will look into this.
  11. I will update later today. I'm currently without a PC at work due to a major breach of our network.
  12. Something is off here, and I have gone through the entire thread. If you want, as a few others here do, simply update your season total in this thread if you don't know event dates. (FYI...the only difference doing it this way, is your storm/event totals will not show up)
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