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  1. Good morning guys. I hope you all had a great summer. I am all set and ready to go for another season. This worked out great last year, with all the event entries, and I will continue doing it this way from now on. All I need to know now, is who is in for this season. Let me know here, or in PM. New England Snow
  2. Ah yes, this is SO familiar.
  3. Just starting now here.
  4. All set
  5. Near whiteout conditions here with howling winds. Only one big crack of thunder.
  6. Heavy snow here, now with thunder
  7. FYI, you have 27.4"
  8. It's been snowing very heavy here for a while now. Wind has really picked up too. About 4-5" currently.
  9. I will put you in there right now.
  10. 1/4" here so far. What's cool now is the ability to see the event (and all future events) unfold across the area in almost real time. (all it takes are regular updates throughout the day) See Here
  11. I just got things to where I want them to be for now. You should all be set to go. Let me know if you have any problems.
  12. You are still there, no worries. I'm finishing up things in bits pieces during the day today. Later this afternoon I will be switching things around on my end. That's when to see if all is well.
  13. Guys, in the very near future (probably tomorrow), there will be some changes in how this all works and I believe it is for the better. For those who now submit event amounts, that is all you have to do. The season table will automatically update. There are still quite a few who do not bother with event amounts and simply update the season total. For you, I will just put in one "event" (it will be noted) to represent your current total. That one "event" can be edited later (by me or you) and additions can be made (by me or you) to show all your events. Or, leave it as is if you want and just add event amounts going forward. It will reflect in the season table. It is up to you. There are also those who want their season total shown, but have me update it via posts in this thread. For you, just continue what you have been doing if you would rather not do any updates yourself. I have no problem with updating for you. I think you’ll find this is a much better way to do this. Most of you will see why if you haven’t already. I only wish I had the know how to do this years ago. Cheers-
  14. Sorry man. During this whole process, I kept mixing your old screen name with your newer one. It won't happen again. Fixed.