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  1. I don't know if I ever sent you your login info, so I just tried to send it via PM. That didn't work.
  2. Thank you sir. It should be ok now.
  3. You can now do some serious filtering on the Events Entries page. (narrow down events by member/season, for example) I have been fine tuning a bunch of stuff there this morning. If anybody has any problems, or questions, feel free to let me know.
  4. There is no reason to sign in, unless you are entering your own records. To do that, a member would need to go to the "Your Records" link, where they would see their records, and can add/edit/delete records. I add members manually. There is no way to register. If you want to be part of it, I need to know.
  5. J.Spin kicks off the 2019-20 season. A reminder for those who manage their totals: you need new login info for this new system, if you have not done so already. Let me know here, or by private message and I will send it to you. Looks like winter is going to start early this year.
  6. All set. I haven't done anything with this since the summer. This morning, I found I couldn't log in. For anybody who has login information, and who may have tried to login since the summer, and found it doesn't work, I have fixed it. Somehow, a table was dropped from the database. It should work now. For anybody who does not have login information, (last year's will no longer work in the new system) let me know and I will send it to you.
  7. You need new login info, which I just sent to you. (sorry about the delayed reply. Not getting notifications from here)
  8. Hi guys. It's early, but I'm in "testing" mode because I have ditched the old way of doing this, in favor of a more modern way. I would like to get any problems ironed out before the start of the season. Also, I add members manually. You do not need to register and I do not need your email address, even if you change your password. But you need to send me a PM to get initial login info. (if you haven't already) New England Snow
  9. Interesting. I updated it for you, as I usually do. The site is now ready for anybody to add/edit their own records. If anybody else needs to add/update, and you want to do it yourself, PM me for your login details. I'll add that during the process of getting all the data transferred to one table (instead of one for every season), I removed all commas and quotes from the Note field. So 2", for example, becomes 2. FYI. That can all be edited if you wish.
  10. Thanks guys. This is really going to make things easier for me. It's coming along pretty nicely!
  11. Got a new look coming up soon. Finally bringing all this to the 21st century. LOL Got a lot more to do though, but I'll get there. Preview....but that's all it is right now: New England Snow
  12. I'm glad you mentioned this. I remember reading that in his post when I set him up for this season. I also remember entering that location into my locations table. I never changed his location LOL Thanks man!
  13. I will get you in there at some point today.
  14. I sent you a DM explaining why your totals have not appeared. (I just noticed) You're all set now. If anybody else is missing, or whatever, let me know.