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  1. Also, I'll go through anything that was added here since my last update, later.
  2. I did that. You need to scroll up to see why. Next year, I will no longer be doing updates for others. I WILL enter final season results for people, but not events.
  3. Actually, I have been "pulling" what you have been putting in here under the name "The 4 Seasons", and for this season, they have been going in for North Haven. Is this correct? For those who do not update yourself, I have just updated everything. Let me know if there is anything wrong, or missing.
  4. I can't find the difference, but I have 37.3 for you. FYI
  5. I'm updating now and have noticed strange things myself. I will look into this.
  6. I will update later today. I'm currently without a PC at work due to a major breach of our network.
  7. Something is off here, and I have gone through the entire thread. If you want, as a few others here do, simply update your season total in this thread if you don't know event dates. (FYI...the only difference doing it this way, is your storm/event totals will not show up)
  8. I have updated everything I found that wasn't. If I missed anything, please let me know.
  9. Does this mean you want to be added? If so, that 40.25” on 12/17...was that from one event, or was that your season total to that point?
  10. Does this mean you want to be added? That's what this thread is for, but you have never mentioned whether or not you want to be added, and to keep up with it.
  11. That is sweet! I see I have some catching up to do here, and I will as soon as I can. I notice some posts in here, but I'm not sure to add them (as actual members on the list) or not. Last time I checked, there were some new names, and even totals for one storm, not the season. I'll go back and look at it all again when I update everything else, but it was getting confusing at first glance.
  12. I'm in Attleboro. I just went out and measured 6".
  13. I have added Sandwich to the locations list.
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