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  1. Maybe a chance for some to see flakes overnight? Could see a LE streamer making it into NW CT / Berkshires
  2. looks like some solid cells moving into Berkshire country right now
  3. 34.3 / 32 flakes mixing in over the past 5 mins!
  4. 38/34 cold light rain hoping to see some flakes later tn
  5. lol this was from the Jan 2016 near miss right?
  6. probably not but we can hope right? Thats like 3"-5" imby
  7. 12z op GFS has a legit cold shot at D7 also even though its a longshot, I'd keep an eye out on next Tue / Wed for a shot at first flakes
  8. honestly wasn't that bad for winds imby .. but just noticed that ~50 ft tree got snapped in half and landed maybe 30-40 ft from my backyard. Fully leaved which prob made a it a lot easier, but still super impressive for my pit of a location when it comes to wind.
  9. 3.84" total .. probably will end up with higher winds this afternoon than last night imby
  10. should make for a really fun nowcast since models aren't in the best agreement in regard to how to handle it
  11. oh for sure the last time mby had severe criteria wind was probably 5/98 .. literally need everything to line up perfectly for it to happen
  12. yeah pretty much - good reasons to be skeptical, especially well inland buuut I will say if we can get the remnants of Phillipe (or w/e we wanna call it) to come in more tucked / goes west of us, then it could be wild