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  1. nice KMTH 091753Z AUTO 06036G48KT 3SM RA BR FEW029 SCT075 OVC100 27/25 A2949 RMK AO2 PK WND 05050/1717 RAB1658 PRESFR SLP987 P0004 60022 T02720250 10289 20250 58031
  2. 12z Euro is probably the worst case scenario for them too
  3. have family riding it out in Sarasota, should be a fun time
  4. does anyone recall the last time there was an airmass similiar this early in september? Might be the earliest 37 degree low Imby in 15-20 years?
  5. 74/73, only 0.05" so far today easily the most brutal running conditions of the summer this evening
  6. you wouldn't rather run this evening with temps in the mid 50s compared to 75-80 if the bdcf didn't come through?
  7. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/capital-weather-gang/wp/2017/06/29/iran-city-soars-to-record-of-129-degrees-near-hottest-ever-reliably-measured-on-earth/?utm_term=.039cf6e4d4a2 Crazy to think its possible to have temps above 125 and dews in the low 70s i think Kevin would appreciate this: nice way to start you day with an 8 am ob of 100/91 and a HI of 150+ METAR OIZJ 280350Z 00000KT 4000 HZ SCT030 38/33 Q0995
  8. at least you didn't waste your time going for / getting a meteorology degree
  9. gusts to 48 at Kbed with that cell entering Boston now .. not bad
  10. just in time for the 40th anniversary
  11. looks like a potent vortmax moving through though despite the QPF output I wouldn't be that surprised to see flakes one more time .. of course any accumulation is a whole different animal. There have been some interesting looking Op GFS weenie runs the past couple days in the extended ( day 7+). Just for entertainment sake, there was a region wide snowstorm on the 0z GFS a couple nights back at the end of the run (for like 4/28). Who knows .. maybe we are due for a late spring snow? Seems like there is a pattern with years ending in 7 (notwithstanding 2007) .. 1967, 1977, 1987, 1997 .. Although its probably all moot and we end up with a cutoff low off shore with days of misery mist and onshore flow ..
  12. classic over achiever torch day before leaf-out
  13. 1.8" of sleet overnight .. will be lucky to get over 2" total meh
  14. yeah, we just hope the rgem has a clue .. cause the 0z NAM / GFS were certainly nowhere near as robust Hopefully the Euro doesn't disappoint in 30 mins..
  15. yup good point .. after daylights savings 6z = 2 am