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  1. don't forget to consider how high agl the radar beam is at that distance
  2. we aren't locking in the 12z CMC run?
  3. could be interesting to see what happens with 95L and how it may affect the modeling of that D6 deal
  4. sneaky (shallow) cold airmass behind this front .. looks to be coldest in the 900-925mb layer (SNE)
  5. line of storms about to go through Albany, impressive values on base velocity
  6. its getting to be that time! the (dry) weather has been near ideal this past month tho
  7. looks like we are 2-3 degrees ahead of last nights pace .. I think the colder sports locally are going to drop into the upper 20s
  8. I'm putting the O/U for OWD at 29 tonight gonna be a tough one for the gardens in metro west the next 2 nights