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  1. same person every time with the most over the top forecast discussions
  2. we pray this ticks SE, the reggie could use another couple weeks
  3. I'd say we are "due" for something like this ..
  4. 90% of that thread is an embarrassment, if you want good content / info twitter is the way to go
  5. KBOS sitting at 80, yet literally every WU station within a couple miles is 75-77 we toss
  6. 12z GFS def mutes the cool down next week and torches again D8 onwards, wouldn't shock me to see it play out like that tbh
  7. prob won't be enough to see a measurable impact, but there has been some ~VE4ish eruptions (Ulawun 2x, Raikoke ) over the past couple months that have injected SO2 into the stratosphere
  9. uncle has a cottage in Dennisport .. luckily (or unlucky) he wasn't there today but waiting to hear back from a renter. Hoping for some good pics!
  10. Fisher is a cool dude - through a mutual friend I got to meet and watch him do the weather segment on set couple years ago
  11. prob gonna happen very soon, offshore wind now