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  1. The Revs quick Flip Frozen Freakshow

    0.6" winding down now
  2. February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    pretty sure its just an uber weenie euro ensemble member
  3. The Revs quick Flip Frozen Freakshow

    38.3 / 28 sn/pl mix to start as steadier precip begins to move in
  4. The Revs quick Flip Frozen Freakshow

    39.8 / 25 we ping
  5. 72/59 this is nice by like May / June standards
  6. February is upon us - pattern change is in order

    agreed - def too early to punt that threat north of the pike for sure
  7. through the first 11 days of Feb, imby wx stats: avg high: 36.4 avg low: 17.7 total precip: 2.89" total snow: 3.2" ugh so much precip wasted on rain
  8. Super Soaker Sunday (& Monday)

    still at 34.4 while ORH has mixed out and is up to 46 .. shouldn't be long till I mix out too 2 day total of 1.28" of rain
  9. Super Soaker Sunday (& Monday)

    cold rain becoming a colder rain down from 41 at 12 pm to 37.6 currently
  10. Super Soaker Sunday (& Monday)

    can we lock this in? verbatim its a solid icing event imby
  11. Super Soaker Sunday (& Monday)

    nam arw has temps falling below 32 during the day on Sunday for a lot of C/E MA .. maybe overdone but something to watch for
  12. The Pope's 'And There You Have It" SWFE Feb 7 2018

    max of 32.3 around 7:30 .. now back down to 31.9
  13. The Pope's 'And There You Have It" SWFE Feb 7 2018

    this thread is a trip lol .. can't wait for verification flipped over to sleet at around 1:55 for about 10 mins before turning over to freezing rain imby, ended up with 1.9" of snow before the transition currently 26.6 / 25 and freezing rain
  14. Bonafide SWFE 2/7-8

    pretty easy call for mby - thinking 2"-4" before transitioning to sleet / freezing rain. Depending on how long precip stays sleet will determine whether its closer to 1/10" or 2/10" of ice . Id give it a 95% chance of staying sub freezing for the duration here. Can't wait for the posts tmrw afternoon where people are surprised at how cold the surface temps are in the interior (N/W of 95, NW RI, N CT)