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  1. Seriously .. this is still at D4-D5, its crazy to say anything definitive at this time range.
  2. IMO, watching how this interaction plays out will be pivotal
  3. In this case I think QPF is misleading .. 500/700 track was really good. If we kept this look, no doubt QPF would increase as we go forward IMO
  4. Just for ref when we compare this to 12/92 ..
  6. the SLP tucking in like that would be fine if it was doing so off ACY .. just can't have the ULL gaining latitude like that
  7. 500 trended deeper .. if only we can get this type of solution but displaced 50-75 mi south
  8. wish we were there KPSF 010204Z AUTO 29016G28KT 1/4SM +SN FG FEW004 OVC013 00/M02 A2954 RMK AO2 PK WND 28028/0201 P0001 T00001022
  9. boundary slipping S / SW a bit .. def making some headway around rt2 corridor passed thru KFIT about 40 mins ago
  10. yep just heard that one too .. absolutely pounding sleet
  11. maybe the MU 20s in SNH start oozing towards RT2 corridor later this afternoon / evening as we get pressure falls to the south? idk but I have been very surprised how well 2m temps have been modeled so far
  12. legit light snow and flakes during this lull in precip
  13. Not excited about the recent trends for around ORH .. hoping for sleet but very concerned about how much QPF could be in the form of freezing rain. That 850-700 mb warm layer is very deep and warm.