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  1. 2/7/03?
  2. its not a good model... but to be fair I would expect a lot of variability run to run at this time frame (D4-5). Depending on the timing/ interaction with the s/w dropping south out of Canada, could mean anything from OTS to a cutter or anything in-between. The northern stream s/w is also in the middle of the Pacific right now so I'm sure there will be plenty of run to-run changes over the next couple days. We all know deep down it will be a thread the needle type situation to get a 12z GFS esque scenario anyway
  3. I'm not sure about this .. the only legit events you could make a case for something like this happening are 1888 and 1978. Def a reason for a return rate nearing 100 years / event .. Off hand I really would like to toss those weenie 48"+ #s .. but the areal extent of the 30"-40"+ zone is crazy. Maybe everyone was measuring drifts? idk
  4. def had some flakes mix in by Brighton center over the past half hr
  5. same person every time with the most over the top forecast discussions
  6. we pray this ticks SE, the reggie could use another couple weeks
  7. I'd say we are "due" for something like this ..
  8. 90% of that thread is an embarrassment, if you want good content / info twitter is the way to go