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  1. ma blizzard

    Fall Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    pretty cool i guess .. there had been some events over the past summer where you had to pay an admission fee to be able to purchase in MA
  2. ma blizzard

    11/20 Storm Disco & Obs

    this event sucks .. too marginal and disjointed. I get it - we are lucky to be tracking multiple events this early, but its frustrating when its so close to something better.
  3. ma blizzard

    11/20 Storm Disco & Obs

    looping correlation coefficient is pretty entertaining or excruciating depending on perspective
  4. ma blizzard

    11/20 Storm Disco & Obs

    latest HRRR pretty bullish on 2"-4" band from ORH to LWM .. not sure I buy it but gotta watch for some good bands as this exits stage right
  5. ma blizzard

    11/20 Storm Disco & Obs

    just talked to my mom back in shrewsbury - seems like a rain/snow mix with no accum so far
  6. ma blizzard

    11/20 Storm Disco & Obs

    good luck up there! think I'll be lucky to see more than flakes around boston
  7. ma blizzard

    November discussion

    lets all agree to toss the 18z NAM .. similar run to 12z, maybe marginally better?
  8. ma blizzard

    November discussion

    I like this look for tuesday .. not too far away from another borderline warning event (4"-8") for some. Props to @jbenedet for being bullish on the potential a couple days ago like others have already said, really need that wave tmrw to push that boundary south. Toggling between GFS/EURO/NAM 12z runs looks like GFS/EURO are really close on where that boundary sets up. Def would be sweating this out along the pike / N CT .. thinking theres gonna be a very sharp gradient between T-1" and 4"+ somewhere close.
  9. ma blizzard

    Nov 15/16 First Weenie Obs

    call me a weenie but maybe a lil flash freeze potential tmrw am for NE MA? prob too marginal to be a big deal but could see temps dipping below freezing after the low passes
  10. ma blizzard

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    Any thoughts on how close to the coast will verify advisory (say 2"+) amounts? If the colder solutions pan out I would think a couple miles W of KBOS would be good for like 2"-4"? Seems like sn to ip flip timing is more of a factor on accumulations than rain vs. snow? Any input from those who ride the line in these situations is appreciated!
  11. ma blizzard

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    oh boy just moved out to Boston and already thinking of going back west for this event def sweating this out a little 48 hrs out .. not used to worrying about things like this, already missing climo
  12. ma blizzard

    Nov 15/16 regionwide event

    those snows maps
  13. ma blizzard

    Fall Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    44 mph gust at MIT - not bad https://www.wunderground.com/personal-weather-station/dashboard?ID=KMACAMBR9#history
  14. ma blizzard

    Is Tropical Storm Michael a threat to New England???????

    def anecdotal but seems like there has been a trend for Michael to pass closer then yesterday .. still gotta watch out for heavy rain threat IMHO - especially cape/islands and maybe as far NW as PVD to BOS?
  15. ma blizzard

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    12/03 locally was kinda meh .. long duration was cool but it felt like ORH area was in subsidence hell for most of Saturday IIRC. I think I ended up with ~12"