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  1. Is this something that will stick to pavement in the Boston/ Foxboro area.we have all our plows and sanders put away trying to decide what needs to be put back on if anything?
  2. Any chance this tics back to something like what the euro had this morning for south of the pike or is it likely just gonna stay with the current idea.
  3. What does this look like as far as flight cancellations? I’m supposed to be flying out of Miami on Sunday at 4 pm. Wondering if there’s a good chance of that being cancelled or not as I need to get back so I would have to possibly drive.
  4. It definitely helps a lot being able to ask on here. It’s always a tough call on what to plan on and tell everyone for storms like this and you guys help a lot.
  5. What’s this looking like for the Boston area/ south of Boston towards Foxboro. Will this need to be plowed or is it just a little snow that’s gonna get washed away right after
  6. What’s the approximate start and end times of this looking like
  7. Anything decent south of the pike or should i get the umbrella out
  8. How widespread are these squalls looking to be? Pretty good coverage of more hit or miss?
  9. What’s everyones thoughts on the pattern going forward? Any chance of a decent snow in sne anytime soon or do we seem to be stuck in this pattern? It would be nice to have something to track
  10. Yeah more like the Dedham/ Hyde park area. Also Sharon foxboro mansfield area.
  11. Havnt paid much attention to this one and am wondering if this has any potential to get snow in the Boston area? Have a few plow trucks that I need to fix and trying to decide if it’s worth me spending the whole weekend fixing them or if this is just gonna be more rain.
  12. Do you think this will accumulate on pavement or just wet pavement? Boston area down into Mansfield/Sharon?
  13. Ok thanks. These type of storms are always real tough with calling people in.
  14. First time posting but have been on here for years. Wondering what time this will change over to snow in the Hyde park Dedham area and if you guys think it’ll stick ? I plow parking lots wondering if we’re going to need to go out or not