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  1. But that guy in the ski thread thought Sugarbush was out to screw him.
  2. Can we get through an entire month of spring first?
  3. It had a pretty big impact up here. Vermont officials estimate 160K people drove to the state for Monday’s eclipse. We went up by KMPV to watch and there must have been 20 small planes lining the runway.
  4. Hell, if had been just a few days earlier it would have been obscured by heavy snow.
  5. I think that there was enough communication about what to expect for traffic that people were ready for it or at least resigned to dealing with it.
  6. This was the post eclipse traffic on 89 south between exits 7 and 6 at 7:30 on the 8th. It was crazy. I couldn't imagine sitting in that, I would go nuts.
  7. I went down to Montpelier around 7:30 and it was still pretty crowded. The restaurants seemed pretty busy. When I was done with my walk I went up the hill and circled down to Rt. 2 to avoid the traffic.
  8. Looks like last summer during the smoke show.
  9. This was around 7:30. When I got to the top of 3 Mile Hill the line of cars stretched as far I could see.
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