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  1. Don’t be so sad. You were begging for rain and 40’s all summer!
  2. Looks like OKPowdah (Sam) drew that up!
  3. Royal Melbourne is an Alistair McKenzie course and is truly one of the gems of the golf world. It seems to be playing brutally hard and fast this week. I wish o had a simulator close by to play in over the winter. The closest one to me is up in BTV and it’s pretty busy most of the time. I have a mental block with those things anyway. I play crappily enough as it is and the mats and screen just seem to enhance my crappiness.
  4. Looks like I spoke a bit soon. The US made a little bit of a comeback towards the end and are 6.5-3.5, which is the same 3 points they were down at the end of day 1. However at one point in the back 9 it looked like they could have lost all 5 points today. The most interesting President’s Cup in years.
  5. I dunno, I sorta like that look.
  6. Resurrecting this thread for the President’s Cup. Currently the US is getting whacked around by the Internationals. Not sure what to make of it. I don’t think Tiger made bad captain’s picks and he’s played well. They’re just getting it taken to them. I love the course though. I’ve watched the Australian Open a couple of times and love Royal Melbourne as a course. Playing those Sandbelt courses someday is definitely a bucket list item for me.
  7. Since you have already killed winter with your sled purchase, then obviously I should just go ahead and get a new one too. Might as well get it during an already killed winter rather than risk killing it myself next season! My wife will be thrilled when I tell I have to get a new one this year.
  8. Boy, you have just been a ray of sunshine lately!
  9. And there aren't enough people that get impacted.
  10. Nothing at all down here. I was expecting a little rain/mix.
  11. I upgraded to oxen several months ago.
  12. That snow machine even got over this way. It snowed for most of the morning and stayed cloudy just about all day. Not as much as you guys got but wintry appeal ruled the day.
  13. Had a very New Englandy evening. Went and bought my wife some new boots for Christmas and then went to the quintessential New England town of Hanover, NH for a Cornell/Dartmouth hockey game. Walking through the town to the rink with fresh snow and cold temps felt old timey New England holiday to me. Oh and for Will and OceanSt. who I believe are both Cornell alums, Dartmouth took down the #2 in the nation Cornell Big Red 2-1.
  14. Flow must be unblocked. Snowing here too. I don’t think it was forecast.