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  1. Sounds like I haven’t missed much being out of town this week. The home station was over 60° for a bit today but back down to 56° already. Sunny and 83° here in Moline.
  2. I’m out here for the annual International Snowmobile Congress. Deere is across the street from the conference center so I’ll probably go at some point.
  3. Does it make up for this crap on June 7th? 49° at 1:00 pm sort of sucks. I’m lucky (really?) to currently be in Moline, IL for a conference. It’s a pleasant 73° here.
  4. That's happened several times around here before green up in spring They don't get very big most of the time.
  5. Why? So you can just relive this same crap?
  6. Played 18 this morning, teeing off at 7:15. It was awful on holes that are exposed to the wind, 2 club difference on some. Low of 41° here
  7. No rain here after morning. I got 12 holes in starting at 6:30 this evening. Good weather for playing golf.
  8. Drought is over here. Apparently I got nearly 7” of rain yesterday. Surprising lack of flash flooding too.
  9. Stowe/Smuggs connector gondola.
  10. Weren’t they catching storms that seemed to hit the St.Lawrence Valley this year? I seem to remember Montreal getting in on some good stuff.
  11. You guys pitch in and I will move into @bwt3650's condo for the winter just to measure correctly. It's a sacrifice but I'm willing to do it for science. And if I have to go up some during the summer and see how things look at the golf course, I'm willing to make that sacrifice too.
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