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  1. I'm always late to the party.
  2. Nope, blue skies from Bolton Valley up through BTV at least this afternoon. Clear, rad cooling tonight even down here.
  3. He's a transplant from RI remember? We let him think he's a NNE'r but things like this make us reconsider.
  4. Same here in BTV. Been overcast at home all day. Oh yeah, a WWA has been issued for east of the Greens for 7:00 Sunday night through 11:00 Monday morning. Sleet and freezing rain.
  5. I nominate eyewall
  6. I-89 in Berlin, VT
  7. BTV predicting spring in the long term The general trend in temperatures is that we are finally truly coming out of winter as the airmasses are becoming more Pacific than Arctic. Thus we will see a generally warming trend that puts out temps near normal with highs in the 40s and lows in the 30s. With the exception of Monday night and temps in the mid to upper 30s overnight, the diurnal swings should be good for the maple sap runs. They've switched from ski weather to syrup weather.
  8. Happy World Meteorological Day! https://public.wmo.int/en/WorldMetDay2017
  9. KMPV was 29° at midnight, rose to 32° with the frontal passage and is now down to 7°. That is the definition of a cheap high.
  10. When you're up there for 10 days do you take side trips to other mountains or ski exclusively at SR?
  11. I know what your sayin doesn't really apply to me because I am way north of the Pike but opening early doesn't work at at our course. We can't afford to open very far ahead of schedule. We are member a owned, semi-private course and the last time we tried to open significantly early, 2012, it nearly broke us. We had to bring staff on a month early but we didn't bring in nearly enough revenue to cover the extra expenses. We always target April 15th but our average opening date is a week or so later.
  12. That's why my "new" one is a 2007! We had two sleds, a 2002 ZL550 and a 2002 660 two up that we needed to cart my son along. Now that he reached the age that he can ride his own sled, we gave him the ZL and I bought a Jag Z1 and then my wife decided that she couldn't stand driving the big tank so I sold that. She likes the one that I bought but wants a longer track so I am still looking around. I'm just glad that she likes to ride so we'll do what it takes to keep her happy without going broke.
  13. I had a 2000 Ski Doo liquid cooled 500 that liked to drink gas like it was going out of style. I bet I was lucky to get 7 or 8 mpg out of it, maybe 9 on good hard packed trails. The 2-up, 4 stroke non turbo Arctic Cat that I just sold was great on gas but was a tank to drive. My new non turbo 4 stroke Cat is awesome to drive but only gets 13-14 mpg. That may have something to do with the gas tank having a crack but I'm not sure it ever leaked that much. I did have a chance to take a 600 Etec for about 100 miles on a trip this year and loved it. I'm a cheap SOB though and those Etecs really hold their value. I also keep my sleds for a long time so I like the durability of a 4 stroke.
  14. I know, just kidding. It was just such a beautiful weekend I was just looking for an excuse to post a picture. Here is one from Sunday
  15. Marginal hmmmmm