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  1. I don't need that many HP. The non-turbo would be plenty for me. I think that's 90hp. My Jag has a 4 stroke 1100 and it works fine for me. The addition of a turbo packs a lot of stuff into a small space under the cowl.
  2. That big black trailer out front was tricked out with just about everything, as it should be for that amount of $$. I have a 12' hybrid that I like a lot but would like a 3-4 place one. That way my wife could ride more than just from home. I'm always sort of in the market for a sled upgrade. Never a brand new one but for a good deal if I think it makes sense. I'm kicking myself a little over the deal I missed out on in Epping. A dealer had a 2014 900 ACE with 5400 miles on it for $5K. Had just been serviced. I wasn't ready and didn't have a trailer with me to bring it home. I think that would have been a great option for me. Those ACE motors are bullet proof. My wife and son both have 600 ACEs that are great. Oh well, looks like I'm with my 2007 Arctic Cat for another year.
  3. I didn't even see any above that, only above the treeline on Mt. Washington. I think PF said the snowline was around 2500' on Mansfield so I was basing my hopes on that.
  4. I saw those lights. I don'y have a heated shield or else I would have bought one. I really liked the $20,000 trailer outside, pretty sure my wife wouldn't have appreciated the 2nd mortgage I would have had to take out to pay for it though. lol
  5. My shift started at 2:00 and went to closing. Too bad I missed you. I always like that show. It's just the right size for me. Not so big that you get overwhelmed but big enough to be interesting.
  6. Lol. Sounds like you’re still in Nashville!
  7. I was hoping to see some on the Kanc today but it was not to be. I think the top of that road is 2800’. It was mid 40’s up there. Mt. Washington was pretty well cloaked above tree line but that was the only snow we saw.
  8. Driving home through the Whites tomorrow afternoon. Hope I get some of the same views. May take the Kanc to see if I can get to snow.
  9. Drove through the Whites on Rt.2 on my way to Augusta, ME. Cold drizzle until we got to Gorham. Coldest temps were in Groton, VT, 38 on the car thermo. 40 through the Whites and 46 here in Augusta. Mountains were cloud topped so we didn’t see any snow up high.
  10. PF pointed that out a couple of days ago and touted DDH and RUT as places that do particularly well with downslope winds.
  11. When the gales if November come early........
  12. Must be fake pics. I heard all was lost for foliage in all of SNE.
  13. Congrats! VT honeymoon?