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  1. Thank you and to you too. We were 2001 as well. It was quite a time 3 weeks after 9/11 and worrying about all the travel some of our relatives were doing and the fact that we had plane tickets to England for our honeymoon.
  2. I know that many think of Columbus Day as usually the peak but I don't think that's always been true. We picked our wedding date 20 years ago, September 29th, because that always seemed closer to the regular peak, if there is such a thing. I'm not sure if there is any data that could really back this up, just my memories through the years.
  3. When I first became a homeowner I thought I was would be smart and reduce the number times I had to mow by mowing it really low. Well it burned out and was replaced by crabgrass and weeds.
  4. My lawn is basically a field that I keep cut.
  5. We've gone 32°, 27°, 27°, 26°, 28° for lows since last Friday. This rest of this week into the weekend looks like it will be textbook Indian Summer weather.
  6. Didn’t hotels get the go ahead to rent 100% of their room and bar seating can start up again, with space between seats?
  7. I think I have a picture of your subdivision
  8. I can't wait for the Masters and to see what the course looks like in a different season.
  9. Ice is too thin to get the shanties out yet.
  10. Burning the dust off the baseboard is like blowing the mice out of the snow guns at the ski areas. Just prepping for winter.
  11. Welcome to NNE. Nice area, a little further up 100 to Eden and you might have the snow prize.
  12. 41°/28° at MPV. The wind has finally gone calm. It was 40° on the car thermo.
  13. 54°/31° May turn on the heat for the first time tonight.