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  1. I see the bigger problem being the huge melt offs that seem to be bigger and more frequent. Notice I said seem, I don’t have any hard data close at hand to prove or disprove that thought. Also on the anecdotal level, deep cold seems less common. And yes, I know we still get some good cold from time to time but -30s don’t happen much anymore. Growing up, it wasn’t uncommon for Canaan, VT to be the coldest spot in the country at least a few times each winter. It may be that there isn’t an observer there anymore or the location has changed but it doesn’t feel the same.
  2. At least put a few grand into mini-splits. You’ll surely get that back when you sell.
  3. Also, my father in law grew up on a farm in that area and kept a hunting camp there. I guess we actually still have a share. Anyway, it’s a good location. I just saw a nice cabin listed in that area for $275k.
  4. Bueno, muy bueno. I don’t have numbers, only observation from snowmobiling in the area. Good average and good retention. Thinking of moving the vacation location north?
  5. I remember when she got arrested for beating up her the partner, Angel’s pitcher Chuck Finley.
  6. I tend to buy that type of stuff in bulk at BJ’s. I bought a vacuum sealer and freeze it in meal size packages. Like you, I shop the sales so I’ve noticed some increase but nothing overly big, except maybe bacon
  7. That’s strange because 80% ground beef is on sale for $1.99/lb at the Hannaford here.
  8. Think he’ll use you data in the divorce settlement negotiations?
  9. There’s something comforting about the flow of the seasons. As we move through the annual drought/install/dews talk. Like sand through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives.
  10. Hope they haven’t installed in England. Snow in May: Lake District skiers 'giddy' in unseasonal weather
  11. Vermont has a stated goal of trying to develop what are called downtown cores but that's not even enough for some. Recently a group in Montpelier fought against a new hotel and parking garage and the developers finally gave up. The same thing has happened with new housing. If you can't build in a city, where can you? I'd much rather see these things in area that already is developed rather than tearing up a hayfield.
  12. The tax rate is based upon the value of all the property in a town and the amount of money that needs to be raised to cover the budget. In VT, that is called the Grand List. So if there was $100 million in property value used to raise the budget of $1 million, the tax rate would be .01 on every dollar of assessed value. If the value of property is raised to $150 million then the tax rate to raise $1 million is lower, closer to .0067. So if your property value stayed the same, your taxes would go down. If your property value goes up minimally (and since I suck at math, I don't know what that percentage would be), your overall tax remains close to the same. If your property gains a large amount of value, it may go up. It sounds like the BTV assessor has an idea of where the break is. Of course the presumption is that the actual budget won't increase much year to year. My simple scenario also doesn't take into account different categories of property such as commercial vs. residential.
  13. They are going through it in Burlington right now and my town is doing a reappraisal now as well. As for the police and fire departments, because of the nature of most of the businesses in Stowe, I bet their activity is akin to a considerably larger town. If you think about how the day to day population grows with the influx of skiers and other tourists, it looks like a bigger town than 4400 residents.
  14. Unless it’s July.