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  1. Well that escalated quickly. White out conditions and the temp is down to 21°
  2. Front must be here. The wind is starting to roar. Still 25°
  3. Would be funny to see Kevin lose his bet to Ginx almost immediately.
  4. Yea, it’s a place called the Bunker Inn.
  5. I think he was talking about this picture.
  6. I remember the -38. I was busted for driving with a suspended license (the result of a youthful indiscretion a couple of years earlier) and had to get a ride to work with my boss. Since he also gave his wife and one of her colleagues a ride to National Life, I was forced to ride in the back of his pickup. It had a cap and he opened the sliding windows between the cab and the cap and gave me a blanket but I’ll never forget hearing the radio reports of the temps that morning and the -38 particularly stuck in my mind.
  7. I’ll be staying at the old Loring Air Base. It’s the winter meeting/ride of the northeast snowmobile associations. PA, NY, the New England states and the eastern Canadian provinces, except Quebec. Ride during the day and meetings at night starting Wednesday. I’m going up early to ride with a friend’s daughter and future son in law who bought a pre-cast concrete business in Presque Isle last year.
  8. That’s dryslot’s. I believe it’s a 2007.
  9. Heading to Caribou Sunday for the week.
  10. There was a Sasquatch movie that came out when I was 10 or 11 that scared me to death. It re-enacted supposed encounters. I used to go to the movies most Saturday afternoons and just remember not being able to sleep that night. Lol
  11. Yeah, that was me, I think. I’m definitely worried about a short season. It’s a curse, we get snow and things are good but I’m always worried about what comes later. I need to just enjoy the present first.
  12. Hopefully you punished him appropriately?
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