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  1. Couple of interesting pieces on snowmaking. I thought the one about the snow factory was particularly interesting. http://www.businessvermont.com/snow-guns-at-the-heart-of-ski-area-efficiency/ http://www.adirondackdailyenterprise.com/news/local-news/2016/12/orda-leases-snow-factory/
  2. I got that too and have wondered the same thing Lol
  3. Zeus coming back is the real tell tale sign.
  4. Can we expect to see a young intern named Weatherwiz soon?
  5. Really? It has been snowing around here since mid-morning. Not a lot of accumulation but my lawn is white.
  6. Up at Exit 7 in Berlin. It looks heavier on this pic than it is down here in town. Still a nice wintry scene though.
  7. Exit 7, I-89 in Berlin, VT
  8. I always think of you in relation to this one. We had been so dry this fall until those two storms and now the rivers are full, the cold has come.
  9. Similar to what we had a deer camp. We are really exposed to the northwest and the winds never died last night. Little dusting of snow overnight too. At home, a less favorable spot for wind, the low was 10F.
  10. I would take it too. I don’t have the same level of record keeping that you guys do (well, any record keeping at all if we’re being honest) but 81-82 is the one that I pattern all my dream winters on. Seemingly endless snowfall. A couple of 3”-6”ers a week and then a bigger one every 10 days or so, or so it seemed to my then 13 year old eyes. I don’t remember any really big warmups and the road that I lived on at the time, VT RT14 in Brookfield was closed due to snow slides. It was a great winter up here.
  11. 17º at KMPV this morning.
  12. It was a poor attempt at weenie humor or should I say humour.
  13. It’s seeems strange that there hasn’t been weather obs from the highest peak in the UK in over 110 years. I wonder if they got the fancy Davis or went cheap with an off the shelf Accurite from Amazon lol http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-41918646
  14. Yes! I'm at 44.1970° N!