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  1. They are correct, in the last week there haven't been a lot of real cool nights. A lot of brown has popped up.
  2. I guess I have been focused on the upcoming days of heat because I was a bit taken aback at the slight chill this morning.
  3. Would make our fundraising golf tournament that day sort of moot.
  4. 12 shots better than I did yesterday at Jay Peak. Three putts killed me. I think I had 12
  5. RIP
  6. Coincidentally Eyewall, I was playing golf at Jay Peak today. I was surprised at how far along the foliage is. 35-40%? Here is a pic from the iPhone.
  7. Charlotte? Powderfreak, JSpin and myself will be mushing sled dogs on the tundra while you and eyewall break out the Speedos and Ray Bans lol P.S. Welcome to VT though!
  8. Me too. Same reason.
  9. It was fu**ing horrendous up here.
  10. How their trees hold up to snow load though?
  11. Dish Network had just started carrying Weathernation when I switched to cable. I liked it. Too bad the cable company doesn't offer it.
  12. My brother in Thomas County Georgia, 50 miles from the coast is under a hurricane warning.
  13. Damn it, ninja'd with an answer before I could respond with more questions.
  14. Was wondering the same thing. What protocols apply in these cases? I can't imagine that Cuba would be overly thrilled with but then again, if we share the data with them, they are fine with it or is there an agreement?
  15. Oh? You have experience in this area? lol