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  1. Amarshall wants to bring the sexy back to temp reports.
  2. Justin Timberlake lol.
  3. Some damage in Addison County, VT http://www.wcax.com/story/35466401/sudden-storms-slam-our-region
  4. That was never in the cards for here so I'm in the sunny train. I did enjoy that May 23rd slushy accumulation a couple of years ago though.
  5. It is impressive from an anomaly perspective. But from my own sensibke, usable weather perspective, I'm rooting for 75F and sunny.
  6. November through March, this would make me jealous and a bit bitter, right now though, I'm fine with missing it.
  7. After the stretch we've had, it feels like 88f! It is nice though and will suck when we lose it for a while.
  8. I'm not a skier but I actually think about things like this, especially when I am snowmobiling through a particularly snowy area. The area of Groton State Forest in NE VT comes to mind. Not an area of great vertical but it has some and gets a lot of snow. Great retention too as there are quite a few NE facing aspects.
  9. Actually saw sun this morning and it felt good. Wonder when we'll see it again.
  10. I'm actually rooting for you to be somehow, miraculously correct.
  11. Apparently the drought last year helped with the tick issue. https://www.boston.com/news/local-news/2017/04/11/drought-was-tough-on-farmers-but-good-for-moose
  12. Slushy coating on the deck railings when I left home this morning. I am ready for sun and warm temps and wis Mother Nature would bank this for next winter.
  13. Even had some moderate snow roll through here between 6:30 & 7:00, enough for a brief slushy coating on the grill cover.
  14. At home waiting for the fence guy to come and give me an estimate and notice my thermometer dropped from 38F to 37F. This is why I say that when I retire, I'll leave Vermont from around March 15th to May 15th. That's the worst stretch of the year for me.
  15. You guys are probably right about the 74 mph in Wells. It just stuck out like a sore thumb, 20 mph higher than the other reports.