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  1. And the roads are crap getting there too.
  2. Lol, I was thinking the same thing
  3. I am assuming it's the same Dennis Curran. He owned a business in Essex, Brown's River Bindery, I think was the name.
  4. I knew his dad through my job. He had me as a guest at Burlington Country Club. He saw me hitting shots on the practice range, beautiful soft draws with my 9 iron so he got us in a money match with our playing partners. I choked so bad that he called the bet after 9 holes lol.
  5. This story made me think of the stalled, if that is what it should be called, development at the Balsams in NH. The ski expansion looks interesting.
  6. I've never even heard of Big Moose Mountain.
  7. It was difficult to measure after the squall. I ride through several 3’ drifts tonight. Pretty impressive for the small amount of snow.
  8. High of 29° here with light snow on and off all day. No real accumulation though but combined with the inch or two from the other night, its made things look much nicer. This warm up reminded me of January thaws before they became all out blow torches. Settled the pack and put a crust on it but didn’t come close to clearing my roof, yard or driveway.
  9. Yikes, I hope your pipes don’t freeze.
  10. Now that’s a picnic table pic PF has never caught to share with us.
  11. He’s probably complaining about the wind reports from the guy on Black Cat Island.
  12. You’re down in town right? I-89 between exit 5 and exit 6 has been pretty bad I heard. That section down through exit 3 is the worse for weather. It tops out at something like 1850’ just south of exit 5. Some of my scariest drives have come on that section of road.
  13. Pretty decent squall. Snow sideways, not quite white out but it’s plastering the windows. Down to 15°