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  1. mreaves

    Annual Cheers Gathering

    Why don't the CT folks hold their own?
  2. It started with me talking about watching a European soccer game in a snowstorm in Kiev
  3. Mourinho will park the bus and it will be up to Liverpool to break them down. United has enough talent so if the keep it close they can score at any time and snatch a point or all 3.
  4. Losing Gomez was a big blow and now Matip. It happened on the last play of the game, the announce commented on it. I have no real faith in Lovren but he has come up big in the past. Not having Van Dijk in the next UCL game may prove costly.
  5. Very happy with that result. Allison and Van Dijk have been huge additions.
  6. Watching Champions League football. Nice snowstorm in Kiev. Even soccer in the snow is fun to watch.
  7. mreaves

    December Discussion

    We actually got a little bit of an early start last week. We were asked to pack down our town bike path for a 5k race. We did about 15 miles.
  8. mreaves

    December Discussion

    They got the go ahead to start prepping this week.
  9. mreaves

    December Discussion

    Lol, my son has too. If you consider ours and the neighbor’s yard back country.
  10. mreaves

    December Discussion

    They open in Vermont on December 16th by law. That’s one day after the latest possible last day of hunting season.
  11. Did you see where the squirrel was? That's right, North Carolina. Did you see the storm they just got? Jerry's theory has been proven!
  12. mreaves

    December Discussion

    Jay looked into it, if I remember correctly. It just couldn’t fit with his schedule.
  13. I believe it. I'm not anti gambling at all but I am bad at it so I don't do it at any level higher than low stakes cards with friends.
  14. Or scrape for pennies to get enough gas for the ride home
  15. mreaves

    December Discussion

    Stop trying to steal our snow