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  1. Sort of going through that now with my son. He's a senior in high school. On one hand, I know there are kids that are ready to go ASAP and always figured my son would be like that too. On the other hand, I know he isn't ready. I lived at home until I was 24/25, I don't plan on kicking him out but I sort of wish he wanted to go. It's a weird place to be in.
  2. Got down to 41° here. Knew I should have closed the widows before going to bed woke up to 59° in the house. Had to turn the heat on for a bit.
  3. That homeland certainly isn’t Italy. https://matadornetwork.com/read/sauce-gravy-debate-italian-american/
  4. I think I’m joining a new club too. They have a range and usually a chipping area too. They rebuilt the 18th green this year so they’re using the chipping green as a temporary green. Hopefully I take advantage of the practice opportunity.
  5. 0-0 probably not the result you expected against Southampton. How was the game, from a neutral perspective though?
  6. We always charged $2 and the member got the money. Some cheap sob’s skanked out. At one time, the club insurance policy had hole in one coverage. $3000 per year. We would award people $300 in pro shop credit if made during regular play and $500 if made during a tournament.
  7. I’m generally in that 40-45 range too but usually at the home course where I know where I can miss lol. I saw Dave at Northfield the other day.
  8. I worked for an outfit that videoed weddings back when I was 19-20. Hell hath no fury like a bride. Adding crappy weather just amps it up.
  9. Nice. I’ve had one in my life. It was a crappy, skulled shot that if it hadn’t hit the pin and dropped straight down, would’ve gone 30 yards over the green. I didn’t even see it go in because the green is raised and you can’t see the surface from the tee.
  10. That's the difference here, no building inspector. It can get you in trouble if you hire the wrong guy. The guys I hire are pros though and follow code. I generally do that with electric. I can handle minor plumbing stuff. I've installed sinks, faucets, a garbage disposal and toilets myself. I wouldn't run new stuff waste pipes myself.
  11. That fall was a blur for me. Both my parents were in the hospital/hospice with cancer so I was back and forth between here and GA most of that fall. I do remember there wasn’t much snow in Jan/Feb/March 16.
  12. Not a lot of specialized building permits or restrictions up here. Some of the bigger towns like BTV have layers of code enforcement etc. but in towns like mine it’s mostly zoning on the town level. As long as I’m not expanding the footprint, I don’t need anything. None of the finishing in the basement, bathroom renos or kitchen reno required anything. As long as you stay within the setbacks for the zone you’re in and it’s an allowed use, all you need is a building permit which is $90. Now, there are state permits for some things like septic design. Storm water runoff is also regulated on the state level but I think that’s for developments etc. the state also has some strict land use/development laws for lots over 10 acres.
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