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  1. You’re on the Gulf of St. Lawrence side?
  2. I'm not sure where sensor 6 is located for my Ambient but it's pretty warm there.
  3. Yeah, I'm calling BS on this forecast Its currently
  4. Man, I live in a relative desert with only 2.40”
  5. We did. It was touch and go with rain on 89 and down the hill towards Northfield but it stopped by the time we teed of just after 4:00. I had .53” today, bringing me up to 2.40” since Sunday.
  6. If that happens, it may impact my decision to meet up with my brother in Panama City Beach at the end of October.
  7. I give it an hour and a half. I have a 4:00 tee time so it better be done by then!
  8. Ended up with 1.87". There has definitely been a pattern shift as rain has been a much more frequent occurrence lately.
  9. I’d like to see the leftover showers out of here by 3:30 so I get one of my last Tuesday after work golf nights of the season in.
  10. Only for western Washington and eastern Chittenden counties. Just saw one pop for part of Rutland county too.
  11. And just like that, a Flash Flood Warning for that area.
  12. I’m at 1.73” since yesterday so just outside the heaviest totals. The red/purple streak of heaviest totals lines up with what I drove through on 89 this morning. Flashers on and 45mph between Waterbury and Middlesex.
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