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  1. Prior to 2015 you probably would have been ok with this year's pack.
  2. Where was this? The Chic Chocs? The Laurentians?
  3. Yes, decent run for even this part of NNE, even though I don't cash in on upslope. One of the bad things about this hobby for me though, is always looking ahead to the next thing. Even though we have a nice snowpack and the snowmobile trails are good, I am already starting to worry about the warm-up this weekend and next week.
  4. About 4" at my place.
  5. Do you think right on the causeway would be cool? I bet the winds whip through there something wicked.
  6. Finally started snowing here. About an inch down.
  7. Yes I am a Mark too. I'm happy with nickles and dimes though now that we have a base established.
  8. It's started to snow here now. I'll be happy if we can squeeze out 3"-4". The trails are in good shape and I have Monday off so what can be bad about that?
  9. Not much happening here at all.
  10. Here is some New England skiing that doesn't get talked about much http://www.reformer.com/stories/harris-hill-ski-jump-set-to-mark-95th-year,498319?
  11. Well, this didn't amount to much. I figure I must have caught the only two flakes that fell overnight at my place. This event is a bust. I think I'm going to pack it in for the winter. (Is this how to "meh" it properly MPM and Lava Rock?)
  12. First flakes at 11:27 as I was letting the dog in.
  13. Think it can get to 100"?