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  1. The only issue I have is that I have to make the file size of my pictures smaller before I upload them.
  2. Lots o' backlash. http://www.denverpost.com/2017/07/16/photobucket-fee-hike/
  3. 81°/57° at KMPV. Brutal
  4. Don't let Scooter know, he will rage!
  5. Crap. Our golf course, or at least the Dog River that runs through it, didn't need that. Haven't heard anything bad yet though.
  6. It didn't start raining here in Montpelier until 2:30 or so, though colleagues in Waterbury were saying it looked like the windows were being sprayed with a fire hose before it hit here. It did get really dark and then when the raid started it got to the point where it looked like a nice snowstorm from a visibility standpoint, less than 1/2 mile vis at times. seems to have stopped for now.
  7. Where are you getting totals from?
  8. [DIT]I hope all of you are happy with this miserable weather that you all have been dreaming about and begging for[DIT]
  9. Played golf. It was actually pretty nice to walk without sweating. Other than being wet from rain earlier today, it was nearly perfect.
  10. You guys just don't understand the topography of the Tolland Massif. This is why its missing him!
  11. New drone or were you able to fix your old one?
  12. That 2024 one coming on April 8th will probably be shrouded by misery mist and thicknovercast. We will just think it's a bit darker than normal.
  13. Same here. Less tonight than last night.
  14. Nice. That is about the extent of my fireworks for this year. The 90lb dog turns into a lap dog at the sound of a firecracker going off so my evening was spent in the bedroom with the door and windows closed and the AC running to drown out the sound from the Thunder Road show down the street.