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  1. This is why I was surprised that masks weren't recommended for use, especially given the spread by asymptomatic carriers. Just the physical barrier of the mask would seem to reduce the travel of aerosol droplets.
  2. Thank you John, though I think I’m more of a George or Paul guy myself.
  3. Who are you talking to? I think the response to your particular situation was at least somewhat understanding.
  4. Where do we stand on masks? I know there was some discussion yesterday and the CDC still says they aren’t needed unless you’re sick but psychologically it seems to be a bit of comfort. I don’t have any but was wondering.
  5. SR shut off their cam too. Why not leave it on. I like to see how much snow is left. So it doesn’t attract people to skin and ski
  6. Makes it easy to isolate today.
  7. Lol. Since it’s being talked about so much lately, it has become a pet peeve.
  8. My wife and I just took a ride through Groton, Marshfield and Berlin. The roads weren’t as busy as usual, some cars at stores but lighter than normal. Not sure how I’d peg compliance here. Of course we were out too but had 0 contact with anyone else. There were cars parked at trailheads in Groton so it looks like people are getting out.
  9. Lol. That’s true. Not me but I’ve certainly heard that sentiment expressed plenty. I just want people to be thoughtful about their actions. If you go from one area to another, be smart about it. When you get there, get what you need smartly and apply the same restrictions to minimize contact with other people. Realize when you go to an area that may be your normal vacation spot that it’s not business as usual when you get there. You’re just moving the location of your isolation.
  10. Now, now, now. As weather enthusiasts we know models are always correct!
  11. My unit at the AGO settled a series of complaints against the company that owns that facility a few weeks ago.
  12. One of my favorite baseball stories ever.
  13. Many pharmacies have drive throughs here
  14. You've had to get gas? I filled up both cars on Thursday the 12th and still have more than 3/4 of tank in each.