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  1. Days and days of snow disco

    Now that is a high quality melt! Bravo!
  2. I feel for you. I’ve had that happen before. My wife actually surprised someone in my car one night when she let the dog out. I actually leave my car unlocked but make sure there is nothing of value in it. I’d rather not have someone smash the window in. Let them open it and find nothing.
  3. Dude, how long have you lived here? Ice jams happen pretty regularly. Some years are worse than others. Montpelier completely flooded in 1992. I’m not thinking this was the start of the world ending.
  4. January 12-14 Kitchen Sink Storm Discussion

    Below freezing here and whatever precipitation is falling seems frozen, though the wind makes it hard to tell.
  5. January 12-14 Kitchen Sink Storm Discussion

    So you can white knuckle it in ice! At least you’ll where you go off the road!
  6. Long lasting intense Cold for New England

    Ginx, is that you?
  7. NNE Winter Thread

    Yeah, I work in downtown Montpelier and was surprised that it stayed around 40-41 all day. My car thermo went from 40 when I got on 89 at exit 8 to 50 at exit 7 in Berlin. By the time I got to S. Barre it was back down to 41 and then back to 51 at my house at 1250’. I don’t think we lost as much snow as expected and there is still a sizable sheet of ice over a good part of my driveway.
  8. January 12-14 Kitchen Sink Storm Discussion

    Looks like the pictures you used to post!
  9. Nearing the 2nd half of Meteorological winter:

    That would go a long way towards easing the pain of this melt. Of course who wants to be in the bullseye this far out.
  10. NNE Winter Thread

    Was just coming in to post this. Accumulations pused NW a bit but upgraded to warning. Would like to see a bigger thump of snow (obviously) but covering up the ugliness will be nice.
  11. January 12-14 Kitchen Sink Storm Discussion

    Try having a 13 year old with a new snowmobile. No powder in sight. The yard looks like Rangeley on Snodeo weekend.
  12. January 12-14 Kitchen Sink Storm Discussion

    Fraud five alert!
  13. NNE Winter Thread

    I was up in Derby this afternoon and it was pouring snow. I estimated 4” when I was leaving around 5:00.
  14. Snow/icestorm Jan 8-9 Disco

    PF called it way up north. I was up on the border in Derby, VT today and it was absolutely pounding snow. Looked like they were close to 4” when I left around 5:00.