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  1. The old ways are comforting in these troubling times.
  2. The problem wasn't really with the amount of snow, it was with retention. That's my weather fetish. I'll take nickle and dime events all winter long, I just don't want to lose any of it along the way.
  3. Don't bring a SNE jinx up here! We had our own struggle this past winter.
  4. I leave my car unlocked and nothing of value in it. I’d rather have them be able to open it to rifle through instead of smashing a window.
  5. Wait till the kids are teenagers, the dogs will move up on the list. On a similar note, when we my brother and I would act up as teenagers, my mother would tell us she wished she had traded us for puppies when we were little. It took many years and having my own kid get to that age before I really understod her sentiment.
  6. I’ve noticed the corn has shot up considerably over the last week.
  7. And there is your severe season.
  8. Pretty much the same with me. Reed is the other current guy I don't like. I've never had an issue with Ian Poulter though many don't like him. Back in the day I never had a problem with Nick Faldo and like him as an announcer. I never cared for Vijay Singh either.
  9. I'd say character related. The thing is, there are tons of obnoxious jerks on the Tour. In fact, you could argue that you need to be pretty self -centered to make it there to begin with. It just seems like he is a notch above the the average jerk.
  10. I have started to dislike him more and more. I'm not sure why
  11. 1.64" over the last 3 days with over an inch coming yesterday. Pretty manky right now 66°/64°
  12. Had a real close lightning strike about 20 minutes ago. Heard a pop like a balloon popping immediately followed by a huge crash of thunder.