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  1. Temp dropped quicker than I was expecting. Went to the grocery store and the car was frozen up pretty good. Temp is 30°
  2. Like I said yesterday, it’s easy to quarantine at home in this stuff.
  3. I actually thought I saw a few gloppy rain drops on my windshield at 1250’. It was 38° at the time.
  4. Pretty easy day to stay quarantined.
  5. Pretty much rotted at 37°-38° here all day while the western side of the Greens has torched. 54° at DDH, 49° at RUT and 47° at BTV.
  6. Thanksgiving off to a roaring start. Decided to make an apple pie. I don't have a pie pan but we do have a glass tart pan. Between the shorter sides and my poor crimping of the top and bottom crusts, juice bubbled out all over the oven and completely smoked us out. Both smoke detectors going off, dog barking, range hood on high and all the windows open. Fun times!
  7. Have you been walkin’ the streets at night, just tryin to get it right?
  8. I always compared my parenting to my golf game, occasionally, I’m really on my game and break 80. Other days, it’s like my game has deserted me and I struggle to break 100. Most days it’s somewhere in between.
  9. That’s what I do. Their app is pretty good.
  10. They always want to bundle with phone but it wouldn’t save us any money. We just use cell phones over the wifi.
  11. I’ve always had an intense hatred for Spectrum, since way before they were called that. Having said that, their internet service has been pretty damn good. We have 3 of us online all day doing work and school, plus my son does a lot of gaming after he’s done with school and there have been very few issues. Of course for cable and internet it’s $170 a month and I hate that but I can lower that some more by getting rid of one of the boxes and DVR capabilities.
  12. Same with me and my wife. Oddly enough though our son loves all kinds of seafood. He’s like his grandparents in that respect.
  13. Same with maple syrup from VT. It just tastes better than the stuff from trees in other states and provinces.