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  1. I love how we are sort of in our own world in this thread. Everyone talking about expected snow in the other thread while we are discussing snow that we already have. I hope we get some action from the big storm but I'm a jackpot guy. I would be really bitter if I was staring at bare ground when those south of us got 2'+ though
  2. 1.5" 17.4° Pretty wintry looking with this powdery snow making everything look marshmallow soft
  3. BTV now -5.2° on the month and no real warm up in sight. That's pretty impressive. Across the lake, Plattsburgh is -6.5° Edit: Just looked at Saranac Lake, -5.2° Average temp 8.5°
  4. Looks like about 2”, which I was not expecting. I’ll measure in the morning. Of course it’s so fluffy I’ll probably lose some to sublimation overnight lol.
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