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  1. On the heels of the WGC and the one that Tiger is hosting at Riviera. A lot of these guys don’t do 3 in a row anymore.
  2. Is this the first time you’ve left Stowe during the ski season?! New ownership provides some new perks?
  3. I love me a good ginxy’s camera reference.
  4. I was out yesterday so I couldn't watch the tournament live. I was going to watch it on replay but as soon I heard he won I decided not to.
  5. One of these type days up north. Stolen from Facebook sled group lol
  6. I think the OP intended it to be his first call thread but it doesn't make much sense to create a new one for it, to me at least.
  7. Sort of what I figured. Models have been pretty consistent in wanting to give my area 6" or so. I'd sign up for that in a heart beat
  8. What's with the death hole in just north of the VT/NH/PQ border
  9. Whoa, whoa, whoa! I like the 12”-18” you predicted here. You best be locking it in like I asked!
  10. Interesting piece on NWS participation in the 1980 Winter Olympics.
  11. Between Roxbury and Braintree. Center of the state, 2 ridges east of the spine. You’re right, it is very dense.
  12. 18”-24” depending on which way the slope is facing. It’s a little lower than normal but not a heck of a lot.
  13. Me too! Of course I’m always in central VT.
  14. Read that. I’ve never cared for Reed and that just cements it.
  15. Nice. Perfect day for a ride. We had a good turnout for our annual poker run.
  16. That was sort of what I was thinking. The other thought I had was maybe there is a standard correlation. If there was, I’d think it would almost a 2-1 ratio anyway.
  17. Isn’t he also 1900’ higher than you? I think Mitch is close to 2200’ and your near the bottom of the CRV right?
  18. I can count on one hand how many times we've been below zero and this morning isn't one of them Colder than I thought it would be here. Car thermo read -8° when I left and bottomed out at -16° on the way into work. KMPV is at -14° and Island Pond checking in with a brisk -31°
  19. The putter reall let him down last week. At one point, I think I heard he missed 6 putts of less than 10'. You can't win doing that.
  20. I agreed with you at the time too, I was just messing around. The point being that, as you said, mediocre may have a negative connotation attached but it really is near average and that can still be good for winter lovers, especially up here.
  21. Near average snowfall but really warm, which has kept lack depth a bit lower than normal. It’s not awful but not great. Hate to agree with Dr. Dews but it has been mediocre to my way of thinking.
  22. That’s not what you were saying at -26 last week. I think we are ending right around 4” of dense stuff.