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  1. Why do you feel the need to hurt me like that?
  2. It might be nostalgia but that winter might be the best one in my memory. I lived in Brookfield, VT and was in 8th grade. It seemed like we would get 3”-6” twice a week and a 10”+ storm would punctuate it every other week. I swear, at one point we had close to 4’ on the ground. Snow slides closed VT State Rt. 14 that ran by my house. It was definitely a winter to remember.
  3. My PWS isn't in a great location for wind but it has recorded the highest gust in the 2 years I've had it, 17.4 mph. That qualifies as windy for me.
  4. Do we even have one guy that reaches VVD’s chin? Our team seems so small. I picture Van Dyke swatting threats away like Andre the Giant in the Princess Bride.
  5. How is that stuff? We bought some small bottles for stocking stuffers. Some might not make it to the stocking. I like that show too.
  6. Chris has posted in the golf thread on and off over the summer
  7. To be fair, it already has been with ummm, I mean for him.
  8. And that’s a shame with so little left to lose.
  9. I'm excited whenever you post here
  10. If you can do it, a newly married @TalcottWx can man up and tell his new wife what's what and have her tell her parents to move their party.
  11. Me and @dryslotafter seeing the magnitude of the block
  12. We came down to CON for Christmas shopping on the expectation of record high temps. I can’t wear my shorts, tank top and Tevas in 43° with gusty winds.
  13. Aww crap. We are headed down that way.
  14. This is America, I’ll eat an imperial shit ton thank you!
  15. At least up there they already have a ski area to start out with. It’s not huge but at least they don’t have to start from absolute scratch.
  16. Yeah, that’s what seemed odd to me too. That’s why I wondered about suicide. It doesn’t make much sense.
  17. My son and I actually trailered south and did a 70 mile ride before Christmas because I new what was coming. It was a mixed bag but was well worth it.
  18. Man that’s sucks. Who would let their kid go that unprepared? I wonder if suicide is possible?
  19. @dryslot @tamarackand any other hunters here. One of the guys at camp got this today. 8pts, 20” spread, 160lbs.
  20. 6.9° for the low. First single digits of the year.
  21. 6.9° for the low. First single digits of the year.
  22. Went to see Robert Cray tonight. Great show.
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