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  1. Yep, almost felt chilly playing golf tonight. Currently 61.7°/59.3°. Windows and doors flung open. Ceiling fans still on to get all that crappy air out and bring the pleasant air in.
  2. 77°/69.6° here. I keep checking to see when the more comfortable air will make it here. The wind is from the NW now.
  3. Hit 90.1° today. This is the second summer with my weather station and the first 90° reading. Also had .34 in about 15 minutes.
  4. I pretty much felt the same way yesterday after walking the front 9 at Green Mt. National down in Killington. It does feel cleansing in a way.
  5. Yesterday my station hit its high for the year, 89.6°. Still no 90, right MPM!
  6. I was in Killington for a conference this weekend. Meetings ended at 5:30 yesterday, a little later than I would have liked, but was still able to get 9 holes in at Green Mt. National. This is one of the top courses in the state and it’s a muni. The town built it in the late 90’s to help attract people in the summer. Pretty tough course in a beautiful setting. I think I shot a 48 or 49. I was going to add a picture but it was sideways
  7. 83°/53° for today's high/low Dew at 57°. Pretty much how August was meant to be.
  8. This is the area between my yard and a town picnic area. It’s full of milkweed. It makes a good border between me and the picnic area.
  9. Beautiful night broke out north of the border. In Montreal for MLS game.
  10. I think I've sat in pretty much the same seat, maybe a couple of rows back. You have to keep your head turned to the left to watch the batter. Sore neck at the end of the night.
  11. Yea, 60/57 here. Feels nice.
  12. So when I read that article, I thought it said $1.75 million, not $17.5 million. I thought it seemed like a pretty good deal for 240 acres and the house. I guess I should call and cancel my showing lol.
  13. @powderfreak or anyone who may be looking for a pad in Stowe. Check this place out. https://www.sevendaysvt.com/vermont/stowe-covered-bridge-with-amenities-hits-the-market/Content?oid=36079325
  14. It really is. The southern end to about 2/3 of way to the norther end are almost claustrophobic with Rt.5A clinging to the side of the mountain. The north end, where we were, is more open and is where most of the camps are as well as the town beach. It really is one of the must see places in VT.
  15. Beat the heat with a trip to the NEK today. Swimming in Willoughby followed by pizza at Parker Pie.
  16. I preemptively closed mine around 8:30 this morning but it’s a lot cloudier than I expected it to be. May have to open them. Currently 72°/68°
  17. I was thinking F until the Sox held them to 2 last inning.
  18. Better comparison might be 2m temps at this rate.
  19. Nogueria family compound? Can’t believe he would block the surveyor.
  20. Be careful, you’ll be chilly getting out of the water.
  21. Absolutely nothing here today. We are in the warned area but nothing yet
  22. My wife was up at a friend's place a mile or two away. When she came back home she asked me if it had rained here at all because it had briefly rained hard up there. True popcorn type showers.
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