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  1. Make sure you get a top of the line camcorder when you get a new one
  2. What are people's personal par scores? My home 9-hole course is a par 35. I consider my "personal" par to be bogey golf or 44. When I play really well, I can break 40 when I play decently it's between 40 and 45 and anything over that I consider to be a pretty crappy performance. Do others think of scoring in those terms? Am I just "settling" for bogey golf?
  3. I did the same thing in Maine once. The sent me a bill for $2 in the mail. When we drove west last year, I bought an EZPass transponder from a vending machine at a service center on the NY State Thruway. It was $25 but that money went into your account when you created it. It was accepted on all the toll roads we used for the rest of the trip. I still have the transponder and have both cars on the account so on the rare occasion we drive on a toll road, it's covered.
  4. More progress tonight. Shot a 41 (+6) with 2 brutal lipped out putts. I’m still not hitting my irons crisply but my driver was decent and I was chipping well. Most importantly, I won money for low gross in our Tuesday night group.
  5. It’s a good tip. Now if only I could find that type of accuracy and touch.
  6. Last summer we did the Black Hills and Yellowstone. I was thinking of doing Glacier this year but I am now considering flying to Calgary and doing Banff and Jasper.
  7. I think I started to figure a few things out last night. I think I was standing too erect. That meant just couldn’t make decent contact. Still a ways to go to feel decent about how I’m playing. It seems like I go through some variation of this every year. Play well a few weeks and then hit a wall where something goes wrong and I can’t play a decent round to save my life. Hopefully I’m getting back on track.
  8. Temps are comfortable here but apparently Sensor #6 on my weather station is located somewhere much warmer
  9. To be fair, hey don't like any American ownership.. My cousins over there are more into rugby and my mother grew up a ManU fan. I came to Liverpool the first year NBC started carrying the EPL. They had a preseason show featuring Liverpool sort of like Hard Knocks on HBO. I've liked them ever since but I don't come with the traditional fan baggage.
  10. As a fan, I'm pretty good with their ownership. 1st EPL title in 30 years, Champion's League title and 2 other UCL finals, FA Cup and League Cup this year. Could be worse.
  11. I wish I had been paying attention to the schedule. I might have made a trip over to watch a day. I've been to the PGA Tour stop in Hartford a few times and the smooth tempo is what always impressed me. I like watching that tournament on television and knowing the holes pretty well.
  12. They did and it has improved some but it still isn't very comfortable.
  13. The thing is, I enjoy baseball in person so much more than on television. I actually used to like going up to watch the Expos at Olympic Stadium. Pay $7 CDN for the cheapest upper deck seats and just walk down to better seats. The atmosphere was meh but it was comfortable enough and cheap. I saw Pedro strike out 14 against the Tigers in the first season of interleague play. It was a pitchers duel, Justin Thompson gave up 1 run on 5 hits, striking out 7. Great game
  14. Ironically, FSG has done a tremendous job expanding and improving Anfield, Liverpool's home stadium, while keeping the historic nature.
  15. .48" here. High of 88.8° yesterday, tops for the year so far.
  16. So, this will be controversial but Fenway pretty much sucks, unless you have the best seats. I was sitting down the first baseline about 20 rows up just past the dugout once and I realized that the way the seat was facing made me constantly keep my head turned to the left to see any pitching and most base running. Add to the fact that those old seats are back and ass breakers, it's just not a great fan experience a lot of the time. Heaven help you if you are tucked underneath the other seats during hot, humid weather, it's like a smelly sauna. I appreciate the history and significance of Fenway but there are better paces to watch a game.
  17. Very underrated area between 302 and the CT River.
  18. I have an Ambient WS-7078. It’s not top of the line but I don’t need that. It was easy to set up, has a good console and the app is decent. I have it tied to Wunderground too. I mounted it with shelving brackets on the corner of my deck using a piece of white shelving instead of a pole. I use the shelving as a snowboard. You can see it in the picture below.
  19. The moose decline is certainly related to the increase in ticks. Bears are a success story of protecting habitat combined with less hunting.
  20. Wait til they learn about locksmiths.
  21. I think you’re right but we also know that the BTV crew really focuses on the mountain weather here. The other thing is, unless it’s broadcast across all media, it’s like a needle in a haystack.
  22. That’s why I like to putt last in scrambles. Give me a couple of decent reads and I can mail it. On my own?
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