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  1. It really depends. Lyme disease is a tight cycle with nature. Currently our numbers in the tri-state for number of ticks infected is actually dropping steadily for Lyme while it is increasing to the north. We do have other diseases though that are increasing. However, Lyme is and will remain a serious threat. Ticks do not like extreme cold but snowless winters, and they don’t do well with warm winters either. They can’t fully enter diapause so end up burning through more lipid when they aren’t active.
  2. Some of those biting insects and arthropods keep some of us paid! But this season does have the markings for an above average tick season.
  3. This has been quite the impressive little cold snap. The winds were really sustained for quite some time. It would have been plenty cold for ski areas to pump out more snow, but in southern NY and southern New England the return on investment just isn't there this time of year. Vermont is doing quite well though. After last week's warmth though I got spoiled. If it isn't going to snow, let's get back to warmth!
  4. But they have that! The link I attached is that. But I think maybe you are talking about weather engineering? Like to be able to notably bring down the humidity across all of say NYC? One of the big limiters to that is the energy needed to do something like that.
  5. The scientists have created a device that sucks humidity out of the air and converts it to usable fresh water. It's called a dehumidifier and is available at retailers nationwide! You'd just need to add some minerals and what not to make the distilled water drinkable. There are also larger systems for water needs: http://www.drinkable-air.com/info.htm.
  6. I'd love it if we could keep the snow pack right to April 1st. My 2 year old is absolutely loving the snow. We are really giving serious thought about a move to Vermont. I do wish there was just a switch in April we could throw to summer mode.
  7. Keep the windows up next time. Best to keep the ice outside the car ;-)
  8. Funny snow storms are like the bedroom I guess. Yet we are always hopeful that round two delivers. I think we can get another 1-4 inches depending on the area and development.
  9. Now this is a beautiful storm. It is like living in a snow globe. Huge flakes and it is REALLY coming down.
  10. I really do want this to pan out. We lost a lot of snow depth this week. Would be cool to have another big snow. I am noticing that the colder temperatures seem to be moderating in the long range again.
  11. I’ve been really thinking a lot about a mountain house at some point in my life. Just love having snow cover. This storm would be a nice freshener for our snow pack.
  12. This storm really helped change the tune of this winter. Really nice snow for most of the day here in Tuckahoe. I wish the slop that we ended with could have still been powder, but beggars cannot be choosers. My wife even commented that I always seem happier in winter when there is snow on the ground. I said of course, it is bright and beautiful when there is snow.
  13. This is great! Ripping snow here. Although the sad thing is covid 'killed the snow day' since many can now work remotely. Even so, I will take some time off to get outside and play in the snow with my 2 year old who is beyond excited.
  14. I like events like that that are truly historic but the damage it did was crazy. I was in CT for that one. But in talking more of the nuisance snows. Big storms are always fun. But I would much rather be bundled up with snow right now then walking in a lighter jacket with wet and warm conditions today. I absolutely hate this type of weather.
  15. I know we have and I hate it. It is worthless snow after March 15th, just melts fast and makes you think of shoulda, coulda, woulda. And if we get a big one after then I am even more angry because we could have had it when we could actually use it. I don't know what to tell you, I love snow storms, but the whole point of snow to me is to ski, play with my son, or just hike in the snow. Sure tracking is fun, but what's the point if you don't actually enjoy snow? If it snows over night and melts the next morning, did it even snow? I get many will disagree with that, but it's how I feel. I'd much rather have weekly 2-4 inches with minimal melting than one massive storm that melts in 2-5 days. Although I do enjoy a rare massive storm.