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  1. JustinRP37

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    It was an epic storm and as much as I loved it, I could do without the power grid going down for a month. Because of that storm, I lost one year of my PhD research, but luckily it was in the beginning of my research. Happy to report I am done with that now though. It was an awesome storm. I drove from Tuckahoe, NY to Avon, CT just as it was starting. It was incredible to literally hear the trees just imploding from the weight.
  2. JustinRP37

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    Let’s get the leaves off the trees before hoping for snow. Leaves still pretty green here in the NYC metro. The Halloween storm was so impactful partly because of the leaves on the trees. And let’s not forget that that after that storm the rest of winter sucked.
  3. Why does anyone want MORE rain up here? I'll take frost covered pumpkins in the morning with sunshine all day giving way to a DRY 60s.
  4. Agree. I want to know where it has been 'dry'. When I go for my runs, I have not seen totally try pavement in quite sometime. It is unbelievably damp out even on our 'dry' days. I don't think we have gone more than 72 hours without some rain in quite some time.
  5. JustinRP37

    Meteorological Fall 2018 Banter

    No ocean or Great Lake to tap into for moisture. Their cold is a ‘dry’ cold lol.
  6. But we have been setting many a record high low temperature this 'fall'.
  7. JustinRP37

    Coldtober model and pattern disco

    Ditto! Some many leaks this year springing up. Both my office and home. Let us all catch up and let us get some vitamin D with the sun! It looks like we will get that drier weather!
  8. We definitely didn’t have snowcover in much of the area from mid-January through February. In fact we were busy in the lab dealing with ticks that were out!
  9. JustinRP37

    September Models and Pattern: The March to Fall

    One thing I am worried about is how averages always seem to win out. With so many locations having near record precipitation, when do we fall back into a dry period? There could be a good chance that we flip to cold and dry. We will see...
  10. JustinRP37

    September Models and Pattern: The March to Fall

    But we are still getting the heat... Last night set a record high low at LGA. This time of 80s are still well above normal, but people always forget to look at the low temperatures too. Average daily temperatures have been running above normal pretty much all month with a few breaks. A string of average high temperatures does not mean the pattern is average if your low temperatures are well above average.
  11. Yeah if it could just go ahead and stop raining for a bit that would be nice. Our COOP building had never had as many leaks as this year with how hard and wind driven the rain has been. It is literally finding all the crevices to enter the building. Can't wait to move within a year to a bigger place (hopefully without any leaks because this is ridiculous).
  12. I guess you know I'm sleep deprived haha. Snowless summer haha. I know some people would love a snowy summer on here. I need sleep.
  13. Yeah one thing I noticed this year is Long Island was much sunnier than just inland. I had to go to the field station a bunch further upstate and going from the city, I was amazed how different the days were. I would look at beach webcams and what not and it would be clear on the south shore and cloudy upstate. Just impressive dynamics really this summer with those dews.
  14. Thanks! Yeah looking at the cloud cover data it has been pretty impressive for awhile. Hopefully we don’t flip to dry and snowless for summer, but we will see. Even though I do not think I will be able to get out skiing this year (just welcomed my son into the world), I do love a nice bluebird winter day with great snow cover.
  15. Born and raised here... This summer was not typical of this area, sorry to say. Quick look at hours of dews above 70 and cloud cover for the summer will quickly show you this was not a “typical” summer. And as Bluewave pointed out 117 days of measurable precipitation and counting for #1.