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  1. That was a crazy storm here in Tuckahoe. Definitely had some big pingers off the windows. Very hard for a bit there with the hail and lots of lightning.
  2. Why does the patrol car not have AC? Just show up Reno 911 style. Short shorts.
  3. JustinRP37

    July pattern(s) and discussion

    Well it certainly looks bad. It is basically the same as someone saying, "yeah at some point the heat is going to break and it is jacket time". I mean I have people asking me what the winter is going to look like. I said winter? Did we just skip a season there? I mean it is feeling more and more true that fall and spring aren't defined seasons anymore. Winter just bleeds into spring until you wake up one day and say oh... time for AC. The time between heat going off and AC going on is definitely shrinking. Then in the fall summer bleeds into mid fall. I can't tell you how many "fall" weddings I have gone to in the past few years that have been warmer and more humid than my August 6th wedding date.
  4. So is half the winter over on January 10th? Asking for a friend.
  5. You can tell a less than 6 minute difference?
  6. Wow, imagine that. 113 and not in the desert. Pretty sure none of their pools have the metal ladder handles wrapped in heat resistant insulation that you find in and around the Phoenix metro at hotels. Don't want to touch those metal handles! Might have crispy human fingers for lunch.
  7. JustinRP37

    June 2019 Discussion

    Good to hear. I only brought it up because they salted so much this winter that I'm seeing quite a bit of stressed trees near roads. I have a colleague that works on freshwater ecosystems and all the salt is really causing problems now. I work with ticks though and sadly salt isn't impacting them.
  8. JustinRP37

    June 2019 Discussion

    If there are early colors showing up now it is because the tree is stressed and/or dying. Not a good sign and not one to make you think of fall.
  9. JustinRP37

    June 2019 Discussion

    Get a big group to jump in at the same time. Problem solved! Used to love overflowing the pool 'back in the day'.
  10. This weekend makes me really want to move to San Diego. It is epically spectacular outside. Having the windows open all weekend with a strong breeze has been just amazing. Humidity returns soon, but this has been nice. Now if only the pool water would warm up quickly.
  11. JustinRP37

    June 2019 Discussion

    Yeah regarding the is 88 hot. I think it very much depends on the dew point. Last week felt downright uncomfortable yet we did not reach 80, but just to the north of NYC here, it was god-awful. This weekend is warm, but these 40s and 50s dew points feel so great. Also, they do a great job lowering the tick risk as the little bastards have to stay hydrated so they do not quest as high or as long. This is a very interesting year because our numbers have not been great, but it seems like the ones that we are getting have a higher chance of being infected than normal. As my PhD advisor said when I was working in his lab, 'one can study ticks for their life and still feel like they know nothing when they retire'. That certainly is the truth, and probably also the way many meteorologists feel too.
  12. It is pretty amazing. Nearly everyone has been mentioning it too now. To me it, as I am looking for a career change, it is just one less reason to keep this area high on the list of places I want to remain.
  13. Anyone have cloud statistics ready available? I have yet to find anyone including the NWS that keeps records for cloud cover etc. Looking at the data available though this has been an excessively cloudy spring.
  14. Central Park recorded 22 days with light rain in April with 11 of those being steady rain and 8 of them being heavy rain. Central Park recorded fog on 16 days. There were 4.55 inches of precipitation recorded. So far this May we have recorded 5.87 inches of rain with 21 days of at least fog or mist being reported. It has been mild (mainly helped by high low temperatures), but we have really been unable to string together any nice days. The ground is saturated. It would be nice to be able to dry out just a bit.
  15. Starting to have a feeling we may not experience true summer before mid-June. Hopefully we start warming up and drying out some soon. I just have to keep reminding myself we are almost out of spring, the worst season of the year.