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  1. Sorry but it really goes to show you how lacking our education system is in the sciences. They don't teach weather like they used to. I remember have discussions in grade school about the different types of precipitation.
  2. Do you know if they are blacklegged ticks or dog ticks?
  3. It seems like each spring now we get stuck in backdoor purgatory and I am struggling to find a reasonable explanation. Very odd spring patterns lately around here. Will be very interesting to see how ticks are this spring/summer once we can get back to our routine sampling (if we can get to that sampling). Usually after winters like this they are much lower in our experience.
  4. I read this as 4 inches in Margaritaville and got very concerned. But at least it is 5 o'clock somewhere.
  5. If ever there was a year to have high humidity, heat, and clear skies, this would be it. Viral droplets do not spread efficiently in humidity and sunshine will help kill them off. It isn't a huge reduction in R0 but ANY reduction in R0 is a good thing.
  6. Why is spring always so miserable?? The models continue to show well-below average temperatures. The past couple of years have been sad, too warm for winter sports in the area and then springs are a washout. The poor weather dependent businesses. At least this year they aren't missing much because of COVID-19.
  7. Yeah, but even in our best of springs, it is still very gloomy for April. I tend to always try to take a vacation at least in March to sunshine. Few years ago for our baby moon we had an awesome trip to San Diego, Palm Springs, and Phoenix for 10 days. Oh to go back to those days. Seriously though was looking for jobs out that way before the coronavirus struck, need a change of scenery.
  8. God if I could avoid March 15-May15th every year I'd be one happy person. Love winter, love summer, tolerate fall, but absolutely hate spring in the northeast.
  9. Take a look at the temperature profiles. White rain if that.
  10. I know a lot of people would love snow, but honestly, any snow would be about the last thing we need right now. Let's not hope and wish for snow. We do not need anyone wasting time plowing snow and salting walkways. Our buildings maintenance team is stressed to the max making sure door knobs, elevator buttons, mailboxes, hallways, etc are all disinfected regularly. The last thing they or anyone else needs is to have to add in 'snow removal' to their duties. The growing season has also begun across much of the subform, so we are firmly in spring mode and if ever there was a year to wish for boring weather for awhile, this is it.
  11. No but I do remember being able to buy toilet paper on past St. Patrick’s Days and fresh meat.
  12. In this area it is primarily the blacklegged tick. Dog ticks do not transmit Lyme. There has been one study that seemed to indicate Lyme spirochetes know sexual fluid, but that isn’t the primary mode of infection.
  13. You are both correct. The blacklegged tick (deer tick) loves our more typical climate. The likes of which New Hampshire area saw this year. They like it cold but not overly cold with at least an inch of snowpack for a good chunk of winter. That allows them to remain in diapause and really slow their metabolism down. Flip side if you get REALLY cold with no snow cover (think negatives in Fahrenheit) and dry, they can also die off. Problem is you usually have a snow pack when the really cold air comes. It is one reason we might see the distribution we see them in. Years like this will definitely lead to lower numbers, but always remember the tick that gave you Lyme disease is the tick you did not find!
  14. Looks like a few ski areas are throwing in the towel after today. What a garbage southern NY/New England ski season. Really feel for the local hills. Hopefully northern NY/New England can still have a decent spring.