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  1. The dew point is 56 degrees with 49% humidity. This is nothing.
  2. Last year literally set the record for dew points.
  3. The vest and long pants are a big thing thing, but the biggest problem is the extreme heat and humidity brings out the crazies making you that much more busy!
  4. JustinRP37

    March, 2019

    The very late-October sun angle began in mid-February yes. Key word being very late. But that doesn't miraculously end winter. There is a lag in temperatures, hence why our lowest averages are in mid/late January and not mid/late December even though 'sun angle' is increasing. Same with summer maximums being highest in mid/late July. None of this is correct. You are not even calculating it correctly. You are arguing about it yet the link provided above has a fairly accurate representation of how you calculate it. We are approaching the vernal equinox (March 20). By definition the sun angle on that date matches the autumnal equinox (September 23rd). So heading into the spring equinox you are subtracting days from the winter solstice if you want to get the fall equivalent. So no we cannot have a sun angle of late August by the end of March, a mere few days after the sun angle is equal to September 23rd. I do lecture on this in my ecology class at the university.
  5. JustinRP37

    March, 2019

    Early to mid March would be like early to mid October sun angle... this is the week where we finally get to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of dark. First day of spring is March 20 and first day of autumn is September 23rd. By definition those are the days with the same sun angle.
  6. As for not sticking to the pavement for a long time, we did have quite a bit of sunlight yesterday as well. I was amazed driving to Jersey at how nice the weather was earlier in the day. This time of year, that sun can really warm up those dark surfaces. Still absolutely gorgeous to look at outside now.
  7. It is coming down quite nicely still here in southern Westchester, but road crews are keeping up. If you like snow be sure to get outside and enjoy it falling! It might be the last big one of the year! I hope not but once you get to this time of year you never know.
  8. I think places would have been fine with a delay, especially in the metro area, but the snow is really coming down now. Too bad we couldn’t slow this storm down and have it go all day tomorrow now that so many places have closed. Would have been nice to get our season’s worth of snow in this one.
  9. JustinRP37

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    With that being said now we will get a 30 incher. Just like it didn't snow when I actually built in snow days to my syllabus for the year.
  10. JustinRP37

    March 3rd-4th Shellacking threat

    Well when you don't build snow days into the syllabus past March, you are bound to get slammed. I think tonight into tomorrow is looking great and I think we will get much closer to hitting our average snowfall for the year. However, I hope this does not change the narrative of this winter because 95% of it still sucked for our area. I am glad that we are finally cashing in, but I hate how fast March storms melt, even when it is cold. BTW what is going on with the complaining?!
  11. JustinRP37

    Meteorological Winter 2018 Banter

    Who is Tony? I’m relatively new here.
  12. JustinRP37

    March, 2019

    I am very excited for the third straight morning with snow. Why couldn’t we have had this more throughout this winter? This is by far the best pattern we have had all winter. I do like the potential. Still looking good to get to 60-70% of our average snowfall by the end of the winter, and possibly close to average.
  13. Why would they disagree? The sun angle is literally what drives our seasons... smh. There isn't much direct sun to begin with in most of Alaska, but yes even there the dreaded sun angle gives them 'summer'.
  14. The sun angle is not bs. It does affect snowfall and snow cover in a big way. You can have tempers below freezing in early April, yet the snowpack can sublimate much more easily. Sure you can get a lot of accumulations, but if those storms happened during the solar minimal period of the year, you would have much great impact. By the time you get to April, it really has to snow hard to get it to stick to dark surfaces. It does not mean it cannot accumulate though. If the storm was even overnight, all the better, but it will still melt quickly. So yes it can snow in March, April, and even May if the pattern is right, but sun angle does affect it big time.
  15. Of course the city makes the sun angle a bigger problem. It is all concrete and blacktop. This is the time of year where even when it is cold a black jacket will feel much warmer because of the strengthening sun. Once you exit the solar minimum you notice it pretty quickly. Also why how in the fall it can be so much cooler in the northern burbs.