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  1. I guess you know I'm sleep deprived haha. Snowless summer haha. I know some people would love a snowy summer on here. I need sleep.
  2. Yeah one thing I noticed this year is Long Island was much sunnier than just inland. I had to go to the field station a bunch further upstate and going from the city, I was amazed how different the days were. I would look at beach webcams and what not and it would be clear on the south shore and cloudy upstate. Just impressive dynamics really this summer with those dews.
  3. Thanks! Yeah looking at the cloud cover data it has been pretty impressive for awhile. Hopefully we don’t flip to dry and snowless for summer, but we will see. Even though I do not think I will be able to get out skiing this year (just welcomed my son into the world), I do love a nice bluebird winter day with great snow cover.
  4. Born and raised here... This summer was not typical of this area, sorry to say. Quick look at hours of dews above 70 and cloud cover for the summer will quickly show you this was not a “typical” summer. And as Bluewave pointed out 117 days of measurable precipitation and counting for #1.
  5. I'm hoping that we can finally string together a dry week with much more sun after today. The constant cloudiness is really starting to weigh on people I have noticed. No wonder so many people are vitamin D deficient here haha!
  6. JustinRP37

    Fall Banter, Observation and General Discussion 2018

    We back!! Withdrawals are over!
  7. Withdrawals are over the site is back!!!
  8. They say patterns can be hard to break. Well this whole rain on the weekends pattern has been one of the most stubborn patterns I can ever remember. I am hoping that fall gives us some nicer weekends. And I swear to God if ANYONE says we could use some rain after a dry week or two... After all those fall leaves are supposed to make a nice crunching sound when you step on them, not turn to a soggy mess!
  9. JustinRP37

    September Models and Pattern: The March to Fall

    Here in the NYC region this drier air is taking its sweet time on arriving. Dew point this morning was still above 70 degrees. Down to 69 now, but you know it has been rough when you think 70 DP feels better. However, it looks like Monday we return to 70+DP.
  10. JustinRP37

    September Models and Pattern: The March to Fall

    I remember some old school Windows reinstalls could take that long. Where the hell did I put that 3.5 inch floppy disk now?
  11. JustinRP37

    September Models and Pattern: The March to Fall

    I'm one of those... Unless the ski resorts are open. Otherwise a 12 incher is fun while it happens, but I want to use that snow! If I see 12 inches followed by 50s then I get sad thinking about how fun it would be to ski that powder.
  12. According to the USGS the Mid-Atlantic Region is all of Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, along with parts of NJ, NY, and North Carolina that drain into the Delaware and Chesapeake Bays, and the Albemarie and Pamlico Sounds. The tri-state area verbatim is not part of the Mid-Atlantic as it do not drain into any of those. Thus, our area is the northeast.
  13. A lot of it does have to do with man-made GW. So far the oceans have been able to absorb much of the increased warming, etc. Also, the oceans have been taking in quite a bit of CO2. All of which plays some semblance to the increased warming. Sure it is not all global warming, some of it has to do with the expanding urban footprint, etc. Also, some is cyclical. How much? That is debatable. After spending my career thus far earning a PhD and studying blacklegged ticks and Lyme Disease, I can tell you the tick isn’t moving north and up mountains because of human migration, but rather the climates are opening up to them. Regarding the whole GW debate, one thing that always boggles my mind is how people think we have a minimal impact on the planet. There are 7.6 billion humans on the planet, all of whole use heat to cook, heat homes, energy for AC, energy for transportation etc. even the worlds poorest burn to cook. That has to have some effect. But in the flip side the development of fossil fuels would not have allowed us to reach 7.6 billion people. However, now it is up to us to figure out how we can be good stewards to our home planet. Science has been a miracle.
  14. Do tell for those of us at the pool with our 39 week pregnant wives...
  15. In early August I told some of my weather buddies the long range still looked hot and humid, I remember them saying no no around the middle of the month the heat would be gone. Now they are trying to tell me it will be snowing early this year. I just do not see it. This month as a whole still looks like it will wind up being +1.5 to +3F to me. And that +1.5F might be too conservative. I don't mind the warmth in the fall, but I do start to mind it around Christmas. I like it to turn cold and snowy (at least cold) in early December in so that the ski areas can march towards 100% by Christmas. Last year was a late start for many ski areas and overall it was still a fairly tough season despite the AN snow. Why? Late January and most of February torched and that was prime snow sports time. Once March rolls around even if there are perfect conditions, people just do no go skiing or boarding at much.