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  1. I moved up to Patterson, NY last week and thankfully we have central air. A bit afraid of the first power bill. I figured I’ll get the best of both worlds up here. An okay commute to the city, snow in the winter (close to Thunder Ridge), lots of lakes to swim in, and beautiful falls! It has been very hot this week up here.
  2. Please pick up some Michelbobs ribs across the street from the Naples airport. The best ribs ever outside of Texas.
  3. Exactly. Usually that second week in February for me when I start thinking about time running out to get some quality skiing in. Usually that second week in August we can start counting down to the end of swimming season.
  4. You are joking right? Yesterday was the longest day length of the year! It won't be truly noticeable until August. July 8th is the first date we start losing more than one minute of daylight a day. Once we get into the second week of August and sunset is before 8 is when people start to truly notice it.
  5. The most amazing story of this summer so far is the near absolute absence of high dew points. This just doesn't feel like our usual summers so far. Granted there is a long way to go, but so far this season just 'feels' different.
  6. Of course! It is April 25th! It’s not too hot, not too cold. All you need is a light jacket!
  7. The air is most definitely cleaner now. Even with more cars on the road, emissions standards are much more strict today than they were back then. Same with water. At least rivers are no longer catching on fire… But even on a beautiful day, you couldn’t see the top of the Empire State Building back in the 60s. I wasn’t alive back then, but have studied this stuff as I have to teach it. The sound is also much cleaner. The pollen issue though is worse and getting worse. We have to stop planting these non-native plants.
  8. Ice cold run off from Greenland's ice sheets. this could play an important role in destabilizing the climate of Europe by affecting the Gulf Stream.
  9. Lots of local ski areas are calling it a season today after the lifts stop spinning. Overall the local ski season got off to a late start and a somewhat earlier ending. The snow was pretty great throughout the season though although there were a couple of slush days, especially this past week. Let’s hope that next fall the cold air can get in here around Thanksgiving to allow for earlier snow making.
  10. So much this. It is odd because my relatives in Ohio all think we are like upstate, meanwhile downstate is warmer than most for Ohio. Parts of upstate get far more snow than even some of the snowier mountains of New England. New York is a pretty awesome state geographically. Especially this time of year. There are plenty of days it can be very warm downstate, meanwhile the ski areas in the Adirondacks have plenty of snow. Killington's snowiest month in VT is actually March! Winter is definitely not over for the mountains. Killington will likely be skiing into mid-May once again. Most of the mountains will probably make mid-April. Lots to do around the area. It is just an odd perspective so many have in the metro that we can't easily get out of town.
  11. From just north of Albany to northern New England, March is typically the snowiest month. We too have had some epic Marches in souther New York/New England. What I am seeing on the models shows a fairly typical March from what I can tell. Anyone with a season ski pass to Killington or an Epic pass should have some great weekends this month.
  12. Well it is March… March and April are the two most unpredictable weather months and often the gloomiest.
  13. The models were not that bad. This was what I expected for a large chunk of the area. And Snowman was certainly not correct either. Lots of local ski areas reported 5+ inches before a change to sleet. It looks like winter in southern and northern Westchester this morning. Stop the bickering. This has been a decent winter so far. (Outside of December)
  14. Why’d I get weenied for literally saying what guidance is? Hear me out if you hate winter move… plenty of areas don’t get winter. If you hate summer move further north, still plenty of areas.
  15. Looks good for 2-4 in Westchester with a shift to alert and freezing rain. Don’t know why it is all doom and gloom in here. Ski areas look like they will get some natural and also be able to fire up the guns to prolong the season a few more weeks.
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