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  1. Come to think of it you are right. Especially when calling for double digit snows. In fact I don't often see more than 8 inches. Most of the time it's 3-5. Must be something about the geography over here. I seem to be either too west, too north, or too south.
  2. I'm not taking any of them too seriously at this point. They seem to be wrong as much as they're right.
  3. Maybe we should have some type of fantasy snow storm league using clown maps that only come to fruition in our fantasies.....
  4. weatherpruf

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    It' sunny here and kinda nice out.
  5. weatherpruf

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    In my part of the coastal plain we don't do well when the Monmouth Cty coast and LI do well. Just inland from Raritan Bay and the Arthur Kill. we usually get less for some reason. Once in awhile we jackpot. Jan 2016 and Boxing Day were examples, as was late Jan 2011. And I get nothing but criticism from folks in those areas telling me I'm getting lots of snow when i can look out my window and see what is happening in real time for myself.
  6. I am just hoping for an odd 3-6 incher or two. I really doubt we are seeing much more than that, if that. Totally unscientific, but it won't surprise me if the pattern ahead begins to unravel. I don't think it will surprise anyone really. But we did get the Feb 2006 blizzard ( which of course underperformed in my region but was still big ) and Jan 2016 during pretty lousy patterns.
  7. The last March storm delivered as did the April Monday event for us. But yeah, we missed all the others, the worst being the 4 inches we got when 2 feet were predicted. Again. I get heat on here in every March because I dismiss most of the events because truly big storms are just really rare in march around here. But we can get 4-8 inchers.
  8. Not so fast. I've seen an unfavorable pattern lock in for years at a time. That's the reality. I hope not, but it has happened. 97-2001. 84-87. 87-93.
  9. weatherpruf

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    Won't need to worry about hear attacks or shoulder issues down here. I'd worry more about driving into standing water...
  10. weatherpruf

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    All that. And the marauding deer, plus the bears. My son tells me rutgers is studying bobcats up there. Had no idea we had bobcats in NJ.
  11. weatherpruf

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    I didn't figure you were actually in the sticks, I know that some areas even in NJ are like that; but I have family in the sticks and this is a problem, they have to cart their own garbage to the town dump. What a pain in the neck. That's why I don't live in places like that. But even here in NJ places in Hunterdon County have well water and when there is a drought or power outage they are SOL.
  12. weatherpruf

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    Oh yes it's a problem for sure. But so is arsenic in well water, and wells here may have stuff in them from who knows what was dumped when.
  13. weatherpruf

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    Sorry to hear that. That's one reason I won't live in the sticks. I want municipal water supply and sewerage, no septic tanks, no wells. And someone to pick up the garbage.
  14. weatherpruf

    January 19-20th Winter Storm Threat

    All rain here with the usual standing puddles but no real ice thanks be to god and now I’m gong to plan my garden and turn my thoughts to hopefully an early and dry spring. Even the ducks are sick of the rain!