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  1. The 17 year ciccadas finished off 3 large old oak trees and a plum tree IMBY. They survived a few years but the damage was done.
  2. And yet the seasons and limits for black sea bass get shorter and shorter....when I was a kid it was colder and there were plenty of these around; they would stay inshore til well into November. People were more focused on winter and summer flounder then, so didn't pay much attention to them. The red hake, known locally as ling, was so plentiful we'd shake them off the hook so the captain wouldn't stay on them. I actually do not see much change for either species in that graph. Fishing stocks are so depleted now it is hard to draw firm conclusions, though it makes sense that we should be seeing warm water species more frequently. However, most of them are quite depleted as well. The southern puffer is a fish that has made an appearance in local waters, and unlike the edible blowfish, it's poisonous.
  3. Hey folks, been busy awhile but check in from time to time. Looks like everyone is still ok, which is nice to see in these times. Can't help but notice how cold it is out this October, I'm often still running the AC but this year will need the heat early. I don't think this means much as far as the upcoming winter, but for once I am hoping for a milder and less snowy winter than normal, as I think we are going to have enough to deal with in the upcoming months; I'm not looking forward to lots of snow making things worse. Just a thought, stay safe all.
  4. Right near Perth Amboy, just had a wicked gust.....rain eased up. Hoping this follows all the recent snowstorms and precip falls mostly east or west of me....still gotta deal with the winds ; just wishful nonscientific spitballing here....not a fan of storms like this.
  5. WHen should the rain stop.... so I. can get the generator cranking if needed ( not comfortable with the thing running in the rain with a tapr over it ) and still praying I won't need it....
  6. Ny Bight? That would be offshore ( and better for us, meaning we don't want all that wind ) but Im not sure thats what you meant.....
  7. Right in your backyard here bud....daughter is supposed to have a Chem lab quiz at 5....told her to email the professor we may have no power.. all classes are online. This guy's a one those persnicketty types, admin already had a talk with him....
  8. Ocean and southern Momnouth under tornado warning according to news 12....when will the tornado danger pass for the region? I'm not even thinking about the power right now....this is a quick mover right?
  9. Yes it confusing for some of us. No time for humor right now. Don't expect to have power all day and no radio in the house. May all have to. move to basement.
  10. They are trying to spite the Russians, not really us.