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  1. My poor son has to drive into the Bronx fromNJ tomorrow; it took him 2 hours last week. Tuesday it took me over 2 hours to get from NJ to Manhattan. And then he has to go from Trenton to Queens by train tuesday.
  2. It's pretty quiet here right now, thank goodness, but the backyard is a pond. I'm a little puzzled though, as to why people would be disappointed that we didn't have a biblical flood. I can sort of understand the allure of big snows; snow transforms the landscape and could look amazing. But too much rain offers nothing; already we are stuck in the house like it's winter when many of us would rather be fishing or hiking or taking in a live ballgame or anything other than sitting in the house, which is what many of us will be doing until April once mid Oct rolls around. We've lost a lot of the remaining nice weather except for a couple days during the week when a lot of folks are chained to a desk. In short, this weather absolutely sucks, and if I'm getting this right, doesn't look to improve much soon.....
  3. Well I'm more of a soccer fan, but I think it's a good day to start packing up the summer clothes. And watching fishing videos online.....
  4. It was very light at Menlo early.. I was able to do most of my walk outside. By 10 am it was raining steady and that wind, while not gale force here, has got to be horrendous offshore.
  5. Same. Thank God I had a rental on Messalonskee in Maine this summer and the fishing was top notch. Didn't need a boat.But even the last trip there it poured like a tropical storm, week before Labor Day. Cold and wet and horrible fishing. had to cut the trip short because my daughter was in the ER; 7 hour drive. Never figured out what was wrong with her, they think it was a kidney stone.
  6. Heh...the race. The surf will still be quite hazardous. It is already.
  7. I don't even bother with fluke. We were trying to get out for porgies, and they had closed the season til Aug 1st because the draggers are depleting them ( as they have done to fluke, winter flounder, whiting, and so on ) so of course shut the recreational fishery down, and the weather started turning to crap not long after. That species will move when storms keep rolling through. Hopefully some stripers will come in after the storm. Of course, new restrictions on them too, but I have bonus tags. We used to catch fluke right off Perth Amboy on the old Sea Pigeon. RIP Capt Marty Haines....they did a touching send off for him in NY harbor. You want fluke now,you have to go all the way to the old Ambrose tower grounds. Gets mighty nasty out there....
  8. Especially mariners. It has been a dreadful Sept. Again. Long swells, rough surf, strong tides. Then we start with nor'easters. You try to explain this to regulators who close fishing seasons til Oct and Nov and they ignore you. We are talking about throwing in the towel already.
  9. Not just that, but as a mariner I can tell you these constant disturbances, even the smaller ones offshore, really have changed things for us. We try to tell the regulators that closing fishing seasons in summer and opening them in the fall is not working for us, but they don't listen. Today we were set to go to Breezy Point from Sayreville NJ but had to cancel when the pea soup rolled in with 70% chance of thunderstorms on SE winds, plus an ongoing swell that is reaching inshore. I can take a little rain, but lightning and hail on a small boat far from home port ( a few miles is far when you're on a small craft and lightning is striking all around you while you get tossed about like The Minnow ) isn't my idea of fun. Plus, it is really uncomfortable out. I miss the cooler days of late Aug and Sept. Pea soup, thick fog and humidity and absurd temps make me want to hit the road for Maine....
  10. I was hoping to get in some fishing off Breezy point...should I be concerned, since others are asking.....
  11. I had to use my inhaler after walking this morning.
  12. Even far away they can be a problem. Seems there is an ocean swell for most of September these days, then we start getting Noreasters. Back when we had fish in the bay it didn't matter, but with most of the remaining fisheries at sea it really shuts things down, as we keep trying to tell the fisheries managers, opening seasons in Oct and Nov mean nothing as no one is fishing by then. There is nothing that will make your stomach churn more than a gentle rolling swell from an offshore storm. Nothing.
  13. I remember it well; was fluke fishing off Staten Island at the time. Back when you could actually catch something there. IIRC it was the dredge holes off South Beach.
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