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  1. Problem is ski, it's not warm or nice enough for the other activities I enjoy, and not cold enough for winter activities. I am starting to think at in SC or GA I can fish all winter in the lakes, no issues with coastal storms throwing up a violent sea and so on. Never thought I'd be in that camp, but I'm starting to feel that way. And no watching for snow either, since it is a rare occurence....
  2. Nov 1990 was very warm, we may have gotten there if anyone cares to look it up
  3. That's a pretty substantial sea right in the harbor...jeez.
  4. I know, it has been extremely depressing and has cost the sport fishing industry probably in the millions. But at least you guys are getting something out of it; this kind of disruption for this long is really unusual. Mother nature doing her thing again.....
  5. Pretty much par for the course around here....only my area manages to miss by being too far east sometimes too. Not a big fan of rain or wind so don't care, and just wish this system would go away already. I was outside with a contractor today and my hands got cold like it was late Nov....
  6. Just west of Raritan Bay here, did not see much heavy rain at all. If this had been snow it would have been another instance where I wasn't seeing much but people here would be telling me I'm wrong....
  7. You had some breaks in between....this has been relentless.
  8. Tell it to the captains who are spending most of the prime fall fishing season tied to the dock due to horrid winds.....sunny dry and calm is one thing, repeated 20-30 out of the south and northeast, rain or no, is ruining the whole season. Hope we don't have this pattern in the winter, where the precip avoids us.
  9. It's a nightmare for anglers and boaters, especially if you get seasick. Was off Breezy Point a few weeks ago and got the dry heaves, despite taking medication. One thing our fisheries regulators fail to understand is that anglers can't always get to the fish. We may only get a few days here and there where conditions are favorable. And then we are expected to throw all the fish back for....what? Conservation? No, these very fish are caught by commercial netters anyway. It's why I do more lake fishing these days. As for this one, it will send the fish packing for offshore early. We will be stuck fishing inshore for striped bass ( which are again declining ) that we won't be able to keep anyway. ( I actually don't keep them, or even fish much for them ).
  10. The seas are dreadful with 10-15 foot rollers being forecast and gale force east winds. Can't remember such a run of bad conditions this time of year.
  11. I'll wait for December thanks. Still waiting for the seas to calm down....waiting...waiting....thoughts turning to retirement.
  12. Been nothing but swells on the ocean punctuated by rough seas; can't get out to the fish. of course the weather will cool and the fish will move out of range now. For the first time, thinking about moving south and living near a lake. Winter really is too long here, even if it doesn't always seem that way.
  13. Great. Then it will disappear in December and not return again til April.....
  14. ALways a little sad to see the seasons change, but I prefer the fall weather to summer. The long wet, cold winters are starting to wear on me; it doesn't snow enough in my parts to make winter sports possible, and isn't warm enough for things like fishing. Never thought I'd say it, but am looking to retire where the fishing season is longer.
  15. Nothing but some light drizzle here. And that's only intermittent; not enough to keep the streets wet.