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  1. FL is a depressing place, for a lot of reasons, though the fishing is will run into lots of people there who came from snowy climates and never want to see cold weather or snow again, not even on a postcard.....
  2. C'mon're an experienced law enforcement officer now, no?....all ya gotta do is call up Buffalo, Rochester or Syracuse, and see if they need an experienced hand....I guarantee you a lot more snow and cold. After 25 years of that, I also am willing to bet you will retire to a sunny climate. Seriously, I like a good snow storm, but what they get up there wears on a person. You can try Portland, ME too, nice town, more snow, but maritime influences. Heck, Albany would probably be enough for you. Do it while you are young enough. Because the city and its environs are never gonna be consistent snow magnets.
  3. Looked good on my car.....was gone before lunch. But I got to use the snow brush.....around an inch on the car. Nothing on the streets....
  4. Official forecasts wobbled a bit in the area, but none had more than 1-3, and by this morning were calling for an inch or less. SHows we can't zero in during these kinds of events til they are on top of us. At least we are seeing some snow; some Decembers have been warm enough for tomato seedlings to pop up...
  5. Did get an inch or so on cars; had to clean them off. Back to rain now. Very typical late 80's kinda storm. Still, any snows in Dec usually bode well for us, but I don't know if piddly events count. This will probably put me in the range of around 4 for Dec so far, give or take a half inch.
  6. Looks to be done here. Hardly worth noticing; what fell will be gone by noon. Next.
  7. Light snow here, about 1/3 on cars, major roads nothing. Pretty much a nothingburger out here.
  8. Ok Ant, I'll bite. Is this going to be a winter of nickel and dime events? We'll take it I guess.
  9. Yep I remember patrolling the parking lot at Sunshine biscuits ( remember them ? ) and . listening to the ominous forecast; snow sleet and freezing rain, and a certain radio blowhard was going on about how that proved there was no global warming...even back then. That storm was vicious despite the lower totals here, as a few inches of frozen crust sat up the 10 inches of snow, making removal extremely difficult.
  10. March 2001 was worse, almost nothing fell. In Jan 2015 we got 4-8. Just a regular snowstorm, not the apocalypse predicted ( and called off here long before the pros )
  11. Not exactly nickel and dimed....there were two mini blizzards in Feb that were great storms, all snow and cold. No mixing IIRC.
  12. Yes but they were smaller and a little more vicious than usual.....lots of ice and severe sleet along with snow and rain. Imagine 4-5 inches of sleet infused with rain, that's how the last storm of 94 in March played out.
  13. Yeah we didn't see the second one down here, but that first one was the biggest I saw in my life at the time, I was 15.....wouldn't see one like that again til 83, and not again til 96. They were rare events.
  14. Feb 2003, Feb,. 2006,Dec 2010, Jan 2011, Jan 2016....more times than the 70's. 80's and 90's it does happen even in my local snow addition, we had near misses in Jan 2015 and Feb 2013 and March 2017 and 2018...
  15. I remember a Thanksgiving storm when I was a kid.....wonder if that one happened in the metro as well? Also remember one on the road to Indiana around the same time...