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  1. Let's hope not. There is nothing redeeming about hurricanes. They equal death and destruction. Full stop.
  2. Meh, a lot of people have left here. You should have seen some of the characters that used to show up; an energy trader who would scream at people, and threatened another poster with being his footstool for 250 k a year, which got a few great responses here, another poster Mulen would just jump in with some hilarious observation then disappear, then there was Pamela who I guess was trans and moved to Montana or someplace. We had a chemist from Merck who meticulously measured snowfall in CNJ, and others who I'm sure I left out. There's not been much winter weather to really discuss for the last two years.
  3. Really, winter does suck for most people; after 31 years in the mental health field, I can tell you many people suffer from depression in winter, simply because it is winter. It's called Seasonal Affective Disorder ( SAD ). People will sometimes even get it in spring or summer if the weather is cloudy and rainy for extended periods. OTOH, many people find the brightness of snow to lift up their spirits some.
  4. Doesn't matter to the haters. They don't care about any of that. It disrupts the commute in NJ. It costs money to plow and salt. No one here cares about winter sports. The only people I know that ski other than what I read here are all people over 60. Both of them. Same for fishing, really. We are becoming a nation of couch potatoes who can't handle some flurries on the streets. Might as well work from home.
  5. They will always counter with the dangers of ice and snow and how much economic disruption they cause due to lost time at work and school. In short, we would all be better off without winter weather. This is the narrative, and it is one that everyone but folks like us agrees with.Virtually everyone I know is happy with this winter's weather ( well they think it could be warmer ) and even the few flurries yesterday was met with disgust among everyone I talked to. There's a reason people are flocking to the Sunbelt and not Syracuse or St.Paul. But, give it time, we're getting there. We'll see more winters like this. Frankly, I like the snow, but could do without the bitter cold. But I recognize not having it is an ominous sign.
  6. I was at a large university hospital today getting a check up and when the flurries stopped people were like thank GOD. It just amazes me how much people hate winter and snow around here. It's like the only reason they are here is for their jobs. Once retired they head south.
  7. Well it was their only big hit....they were a "supergroup" made up of former bands that most American kids weren't even that familiar with by 1981....the 80's were truly a decade of terrible music.
  8. It looks like we are going to go without any snow this year. Did we really have more in 2020? I don't remember anything falling, but that year is hazy for obvious reasons.
  9. it was a beautiful day. i made a couple bucks returning abandoned stroller rentals at the local mall.....got a little workout during my walk.
  10. Saw pussy willows in the mall parking lot blooming already.
  11. I grew up playing it but I can't watch it. I simply don't have the attention span. The reason I like soccer is because it flows with minimal interruptions and then the game is done in two 45 min halves ( except in finals and playoffs ). A tied baseball game can go on for hours. Like I said, it's not the fault of the sport, I just can't get into it. There was a reason it got booted from the Olympics; for the expense there just wasn't enough interest. There was some hope the baseball World Classic would help the game, but the tournament has largely been a failure in terms of interest, even right here in this country; I'll be watching because the US will play Colombia ( parts of Colombia play baseball ), my wife's country ( played them in soccer Saturday night, not a great game, 0-0, but an exhibition is not a good barometer, and neither the US or Colombia, which is an elite team, sent their top players ). I've had students over the years who just loved sports and didn't much care what was on as long as something was being played. That wasn't me. My favorite sport was angling, and you just can't watch that on tv ( well, people apparently do these days ). I have the same issue with NFL really; the ball is only really in play for a short period of time for the entire game, like 7-11 minutes, the rest is starting and stopping. Plus, in American sports you don't get to see players collapse in pain, then get up a second later and score a goal after a miraculous recovery.....but I recognize people love baseball and its part of the American psyche ( though I think it now takes a back seat to NFL and Basketball ) but that has been the history of the game; it has waxed and waned over the decades, with the low point during the 94 strike, then later with the steroid scandals. When a colleague wanted to send a baseball cap to a friend's kid in Europe, she was going to send a Mets cap, I said Heavens no, it has to be Yankees or Red Sox.....
  12. I kinda dislike American sports too, but I recognize that's my failure to appreciate them, not the fault of the sports themselves. I like soccer and it's not an American sport ( well it is now, but not when I started watching ) but that doesn't mean I think its better than other sports. People tend to enjoy what they grow up with; you can learn a lot about a society by knowing their sports history. For example, Venezuela became a baseball country because American oil companies introduced the game there. British influence in Brazil and Argentina introduced soccer, which took off in the rest of South America. Cricket was introduced by the British as well, but failed to gain a foothold in North or South America ( Guyana being an exception ) but did make it in the West Indies, in fact its the 2nd biggest sport on the planet. Good luck trying to figure it out. Then there is Rugby, likely the 3rd most popular sport. Places like Australia and New Zealand developed their own sports, and Americans introduced baseball and later basketball to a lot of other countries. i don't care for basketball because really, you have to be almost superhuman to be world class; it is not a sport for normal sized humans ( though yes, there are some exceptions, but I remember a coach once saying, give me a tall player, I'll make them into a basketball player, which has irritated non athletic tall people to no end...). There's also ice hockey, and net ball ( played by mostly women in Europe due to a misinterpretation of basketball rules when it was introduced ) and field hockey, badminton ( yes, I kid you not ). And guess what? I really enjoy figure skating. I think the stuff the skaters are able to do is mind blowing. And then, for most of my life, I didn't pay attention to any sports at all. The super bowl or world series could be going on and I couldn't even tell you who was playing, in fact just yesterday my wife asked when the super bowl was, and I said I don't know, maybe in a few weeks ( so we could plan a party menu LOL for my BIL).
  13. I guess you guys don't watch much soccer; PKs given now with VAR because the ball bounced up from the turf and hit the player's arm in the box.....and in soccer one PK can decide the whole game ( the infamous 1990 final between West Germany and Argentina ). We watch the super bowl mainly for the commercials, we aren't big NFL fans but will watch at times. Will be pulling for the Eagles simply because Philly lost both the Series and MLS Cup last year and that's just too much for one city to bear.
  14. At this point I wasn't getting excited over 2 inches anyway. Snow still OTG up in ME though, but only about 5 inches or so.
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