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  1. it is the worst allergy season I have ever had.....and it started extremely early. Pollen counts in NJ are HIGH. I'm on THREE different, no FOUR allergy medicines.
  2. That storm produced nada in my area. Didn't know it hit Ocean county at all; but a ride north from here into union co and I saw snow OTG. April7 2003 did produce here, and famously April 82; and April 1 2018. But, I am confident and would bet the farm we are done for this year.
  3. Almost anyone can make that prediction in March around here and be correct. It's the outlier you have to be on guard for in March....even early April.
  4. That 98 storm was only a bare dusting in my area...
  5. "It was one of those March nights when winter seems to resume its sway and disperses its last storms and snowfalls with a vengeance..." Tolstoy, War and Peace.....
  6. Yep. I remember reading a memoir by a woman whose husband moved them all to Maine. She had to drive up with the kids in April from MD, and she rain into a snowstorm in ME; she writes that she didn't know it at the time, but April is still a winter month in upper ME. She left the guy. In NYC and points southeast, snows above 10 inches are not common in March. But then, they really weren't that common at any time in years past; someone posted here, an 8 inch storm in the mid-70's and the traffic report in the city, like 8 inches was a really big deal. Prior to 1978, it was!
  7. I can't remember the last time March wasn't a mess, even if temps were mild, it was wet and rainy.
  8. Didn't get the 4/96 one here, though areas just a few miles away from me did. April 82 remains the gold standard.
  9. March storms usually find a way to not work out in my region. Even in 2018, only one of them delivered here. Seen it happen, but never really anything impressive. 3-6 of wet stuff ( more like 2-4 ) is the usual event. with a few exceptions over the last few decades. I get harped on here every March after a decent winter ( or just when it looks like a big one will hit ) and only one time, March 2018, the last storm, did I see a decent storm. But it is what it is, and even the 93 superstorm was a bit of a letdown here with all the mixing; if not for the icy coating, it would have just been a decent 10 inch storm. So a decent 3-6 event here is all bonus, and I don't expect much more in March. And the rare 3-6 in April is always a bonus, even if gone in a day....
  10. Probably done with major snow; pattern the last decade has been a few weeks of snow then done. Never know with March, but the window for big snows for my area is closing. Can always gets an early April event, but by then whatever falls won't last more than a day. Let's hope for a decent spring, haven't seen one of those in years.
  11. Didn't need the blower today at 1.75 before the flip to rain, but slipped bad during the last storm giving myself a whiplash. Ugh.
  12. South winds at 5 mph....kills the snow for miles inland of the coast. Further west and north can hold out longer.
  13. My neighbors are already whining about the snow. People really just hate winter around here. I mean, what do they expect it to do here? Stay in the 70's?
  14. Okay spoke too soon; as soon as I wrote it was dumping it eased up...
  15. Gotta say it is dumping here; coming straight down.