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  1. Yeah, a lot of damage to my garden. These are the kinds of winds I only see after a tropical storm has passed through. It has that kind of feel. Was not expecting this and it's early in the season so a number of plants weren't strong enough to tolerate it.
  2. it can't end soon enough. My grass is done, and my arm weary from watering the garden five times a day.
  3. Yeah, spent 12 hours on the water yesterday with not one keeper fish of any species. What the hell is wrong with our fisheries....all the bass are too big to keep, all the sea bass too small, all the fluke too small, and there are no porgies anywhere but the Sound, which I guess we are going to have to make run to; long way from Sayreville ramp......but no longer than running all the way to the donut, the Rocks, the Mud buoy, the Farms.....and at least the Sound is sheltered. Never been up through that way, gotta run the East river through Hell gate and on past City Island. Great weather though, except that SW wind kicked our asses offshore yesterday. Came into Raritan Bay, it was gorgeous, bunker splashing all over, threw out some stretch plugs and nada. oh, and NJ will close porgy fishing this summer. Won't matter, there aren't any around.
  4. Lost a couple leaf lettuce plants, a cauliflower and basil last night. Wasn't ready. Lettuce, despite being a cooler weather crop, is mostly water, so if it's cold, forget it. Supposed to water them the day before a frost, wasn't expecting ice on the windows today. I mean, it's freakin late April.
  5. We had a few events. Maybe next year things will turn around. Other than the freakish warmth, this was pretty much an 80s type winter. Time to plan the garden, change the fishing lines, sharpen the hooks.
  6. was 93 an El Nino? we had some piddly events then a bigger one in Feb, followed by the superstorm in Mid March.
  7. I was the only maniac at the mall today...me and the janitors. But couldn't start up the snow blower at 6 am. Let the neighbors sleep, plus it is illegal.....got some nice pictures around Menlo. Plows having an easier time with this storm. They actually struggled with the ice a few weeks back, they closed the upper decks for a week til it melted. Going to fire up the big blower today.....10-11 inches ....
  8. Just picked my daughter up from work. She said dad its like a foot. I said no way, strapped on my waterproof short boots, went out, snow went right over them. Time to get the pack boots out.....and still snowing. Biggest snow since 2022..
  9. I'm surprised. Last I checked this was south and struggling. Remember Henry Morgusity; " It wants to snow there..." very unscientific....but who knows?
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