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  1. They are trying to spite the Russians, not really us.
  2. I think you have a better chance than that, depending on your age.....
  3. We have a tick borne disease researcher right here, Justin, who found that ticks do worse in winters like this if I read him correctly.
  4. Thanks for the kind words. Some people have a naturally slow heart rate. I'm betting you are a pretty calm individual. i have a friend like that, all his life his heart rate has been like yours; doctors were always amazed by it, thought for sure he exercised. Nope. He smoked a lot of pot though. Don't know if that helps. But he is very calm. Doesn't fly off the handle easily. I wouldn't run any marathons right now if I were you,though, not with all this going on. Probably a number of them will be canceled. I do miss my running days, but I do love my daily walks. Stop and smell the roses. I Get lots of wildlife shots in the woods while hiking too.
  5. I just heard Anthony Fauci say 12-18 months at best...
  6. What do you do to combat the constant hunger pangs the obese feel? Because if you don't have them you don't know what I mean. Go to an OA meeting and listen to the folks there. They won't mind if you do.
  7. When I was a runner, I could consume an entire pizza and not gain weight. And I did. But I was also 20.
  8. I used to run 7 miles a day. Then I developed a muscular disorder. Studies also show running is not a good long term exercise for people. Injuries, deep breathing of urban air ( the whole area; go offshore and you can see the smog enveloping the area; that haze you see in summer is smog )and an inability to stick with it for life. Walking is far better. Not everyone loses much weight from exercise either. Younger people do, but not always. In fact, some obese people have excellent lipid profiles and blood labs. Did you know Asians develop type 2 diabetes without being overweigt? There is much we have learned, and the answers are not simple. If you drink a can of coke, you would have to ride a bike for 2 hours to burn it off. Most everyone eats more calories than they can burn. I wish you the best and wish I could join you on the roads and trails for a run, but I cannot. haven't been able to for 30 years. Watch your knees and ankles and give yourself days off to recover. But you know this.
  9. I'm a cancer survivor. We get tired of people blaming us for the illness. Go down to Memorial and walk around. You will see plenty of people who were struck ill who were in good health a year before. Marathon runners, cyclists, hikers, body builders. And everyone's immune system declines with age. You cannot exercise that away. There are few firmly established causes of cancer: sunlight, smoking, asbestos, and radiation. And no, all medical experts don't agree. You may be able to reduce risk, sure. But you will not eliminate it. if you really want to know about mortality, ask an insurance expert. By the way, exercising a lot is not advised. Moderate exercise is best. 30 minutes of walking briskly 3 times a week. I'd highly recommend the book Secrets of the Eating Lab, by a social psychologist who has spent decades studying obesity.
  10. Need? It's not something they can control very well. If they could, no one would be overweight. i am glad you lost weight ( though you were not close to obese to begin with, unless you are not very tall or female ) but you stand a 94% chance of gaining it all back and then some. And l have nothing but praise for your success. It's also much harder to lose weight once you reach middle age. I'd say keep up the good work. It is not easy, as you know.
  11. Excited? Not really. Ready for spring? Yes.
  12. Yes,yes, let's blame the patient! That'll solve it!