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  1. I have been there on Memorial Day and been able to swim in a lake ( albeit a bit cold ) and I have been there when it was downright frigid.....2012 or 13 was like that, and in snowed in upstate NYC IIRC, or somewhere up there...
  2. It is impervious to Roundup, which I wouldn't use anyway until they sort out the cancer stuff.
  3. The stems can be used like rhubarb.
  4. I think I remember one in 1982....I still had hair and was wearing a Members Only jacket....
  5. One other fun fact, it's actually edible and not bad from what I have read.
  6. It talks back, tells you it hates you, you're a loser, and then asks for a 20$?
  7. It's attraction to bees is actually cited as a good thing. It was so thick along the Bronx River that homeless camps were able to exist in them unseen from the outside. They are considering bringing in a natural predator from Japan, but the concern is that it might also attack other plants.
  8. If you get a backhoe and remove down to about 10 feet you might be ok.....
  9. Worst summer ever. But it came after a blockbuster winter at least, one of the greats. But summer? Couldn't even go for a swim, water was too cold.
  10. Speaking of weeds, the cold hasn't bothered the knotweed, the invasive plant from Japan, which makes kudzu look quaint.....it nearly took over the Bronx River area. In the UK they won't even issue you a mortgage if the stuff is found in your yard. Have you seen it? You bet. Go down to any local stream, you'll see the banks covered with it. The roots can be the extent of a football field; they can grow up through foundations. Like something outta Dr. Who....
  11. Rutgers did a lot to develop tomatoes too, and developed a super asparagus.
  12. Fall can be really nice....sunny days with full foliage colors, the water temps are warm for fishing, and it isn't hot.
  13. Tomatoes, despite being tropical plants, can really take a hit and bounce back. I've chopped them in half and they've grown back. But eggplants and peppers are finished. Might as well replant once the soil dries out.
  14. Folks I usually only pop in during winter here, which is appropo as it might as well be winter.....I can't remember so much cold in May as we've had the last few years. Decades ago I could have most of my garden going by now, but the last few years? If you plant summer crops ( Mother's Day was traditionally the safe time ) they are going to die or be in such shock they won't fully recover. Plus, all the rain is disgusting. Question, are these the climactic conditions we needed in winter? Canceled a fishing trip this weekend.....brrrr...