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  1. I’ve gone there. Don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from them though. The trees I’ve planted I purchased at Briggs Nursery in North Attleboro.
  2. Front yard was edged and mulched while we were on vacation. Had the shrubs in front of the house yanked out. Long overdo for a makeover. Ready for plantings in the fall. Just need to come up with ideas for more color year round.
  3. Rt 107 has been the way we travel to and from Bridgton. Pretty cool to see video of it .
  4. Went up thru Evans Notch yesterday and stopped in Hastings where there is a bridge across the Cold River. Beautiful drive.
  5. Made the decision to leave this afternoon.
  6. If you can just provide the daily statistics, updates relative to the science and not provide political commentary or personal opinions about what’s occurring around the country and elsewhere, I’m fine with having some Covid information posted in here.
  7. Glad your all getting the high heat up in NNE. I’ve doing just fine with 3 90F days since June 1st. we soaked up in Bridgton. Thinking we may pack up and leave later but will see how day evolves.
  8. LOL. 0.05” at TAN and a 25 mph gust around 11pm. Meanwhile up here in ME IZG grabbing 3/4” of rain.
  9. Then I see shit like this. People will see this and think we’re gonna get a major storm locally and we’ll be lucky to see gusts 1/3 of that and maybe 1/3-1/2” of rain.
  10. I thought LF was going to be W LI up into W CT? Looks like it’ll end up about maybe 15mi East of Philly. Then it’s going 20mi west of NYC and west of the Hudson.
  11. This is definitely going to be one of those hit or miss systems wrt rains. Tropical downpours for some, nothing for others.
  12. Yeah, this is the worst AM by far this week here. Just sticking to everything. 70/70 when I got up at 6.