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  1. It was on the local news this AM. That’s how I know them.
  2. That’s nice. I know of someone who took it and it had no effect whatsoever. Fighting for their life.
  3. 18 people at Nursing Home up the street have tested positive. 13 residents and 5 workers.
  4. Lawn clean up completed. Mowed it and fertilized as well.
  5. Read the fine print. The deaths are including the weekend.
  6. It’s all about where you live. Most African Americans live in urban areas and that’s where the virus impacts are greatest.
  7. Hint : This is a weather forum, and I’m not impartial when I see morons, idiots and dolts. Faux News is the clear winner for those 3 categories.
  8. Solid work @RUNNAWAYICEBERG. That should trigger a few. Fox FauxNews leading the charge for idiots, morons, and dolts nationwide who love Der Fuhrer Drupmf and all his lemmings.
  9. With a far larger population, it’s only natural that there will be many more deaths.
  10. Geez, my lawn has never looked like that. No time to work on it myself and not enough disposable income to get an irrigation system and have someone come to do all the maintenance.