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  1. Yeah, AGW is real
  2. I don't expect any measurable snow till at least mid-december where I am.
  3. Got up to 63F predawn, down to low 50s now with the winds ripping. Gusting mid/upper 30s.
  4. Yup, singlecut and finback are great
  5. I can't do it. The wait alone would kill me. The 2 times I've gone to Trillium, I've waited a total of 5 min to get beer.
  6. Ball-bustin' ya. I like the 90min. Sours are hit or miss but when executed perfectly, they can be some of the best brews out there. Just downed a couple Trillium Motueka Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale Ale.
  7. Barrel-aged beers rock.
  8. College days. Was like $8.99 for a 12-pack.
  9. The 90min is so 5 yeas ago. Much better stuff to be had. Boomsauce is ok, a bit on the sweet side.
  10. I like that I have the potential to receive my seasonal total in 1-2 storms. Leaves the rest of the season to do other things.
  11. As of Nov 1st, yes. Mar 1st he's moving to HFD/BDL.
  12. I don't think there is 100' variation in elevation within a 20' radius of TAN. lol. no orographic enhancement here. all thermal gradient.
  13. I average around 40", Brett's a few inches more on the other side of town.