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  1. Not guarantee that a track like that would be snow this season.
  2. Social Mediarologist OMFG! I love this one. @Damage In Tolland should change usernames
  3. So around average to date?
  4. How much snow had fallen in Boston up til that Jan 20th storm?
  5. No pack to lose here. We're good.
  6. Feb 1978 occurred in a WInter of crap. Just sayin'
  7. I think a new storm threat thread is in order.
  8. AK needs the cold and snow to help with all the fires they’ve had.
  9. Can no longer say "I'm not dead yet!"
  10. Hey, at least this will clean my car and wash away all the road salt.
  11. Admit it, you were concerned more about suppression rather then the SLP tracking over your fanny.
  12. Can we get some low-topped convection with this in CT.
  13. To me it was all about when it dove south. Had this done all this 150mi E, we'd all be buried.