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  1. This initial setup blows. Relying on convective blobs to materialize over this area is about as riveting as watching paint dry. 18z NAMs show like 1/10" to 1/4".
  2. It's comparatively MEH here to other areas. A little over 1". I'm on the Canadian Train for day 10 rains. 2.70" will make ma happy.
  3. Covid outbreak in the Titans organization. 3 players and 5 staff infected. Operations have been shut down.
  4. Wake me up when Oct 2005 walks thru the door.
  5. How's about only 3.5" since July 1st? Can you best that?
  6. CocoRaHS. That 1" not even showing up. Nothing even remotely close to that yesterday in the area.
  7. 12z GFS back to screwgie in eastern areas
  8. Some of these hi-res models are advertising some heavier rains in eastern areas. see if that can can out.
  9. That's what we were thinking. Not a high risk hiking area for sure.
  10. Someone was found on Pleasant Mountain the other day. Kind of surprised by this. If you're in good health, all you need to do is walk down hill and you'll hit either a road or water since it's completely surrounded.
  11. A few plants and trees may very well be after all said and done. Whopping 0.74" of rain MTD.