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  1. Had to jump in. https://brightonresort.com/conditions 699" at Brighton Resort. https://www.alta.com/weather 681" at Alta They are on opposite sides of the same ridge line. Mammoth bows to these folks, unless there is somewhere else with more right now. TTYL. Spring is here. Crocuses blooming. Tree peepers were loud this AM. Red Buds on my Maples.
  2. It may snow, it may not snow, I don't care. People way too emotionally invested over something they can't control.
  3. My initial thought is this this is going to go apeshit is a short span of time from heavy rain to heavy snow as the low bombs out and occludes. For the eastern folks the wide right hook is what you want to see. GFS is doing that.
  4. I'm supposed to be in Northborough for 630am on Tuesday and Beverly for 1030am. Me thinks those are not happening.
  5. My dream is the storm disappears. I have no thoughts, I just looked at my first model run NAM 30 min ago. WTF...
  6. We Damage Inc. It's mid-march and this "Winter" has shown modeling at day 6-7 is a farce. I'm out. Peace.
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