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  1. Should change his name to FV3inTolland
  2. This reminded me to pull up yesterdays departure. Pulled off a -19.4F. So close, so close.
  4. Go find when your historical daily high/lows match with today's. For me that is mid January, a full 2 months from now. Today is going to be like a -20F for departure, if not more.
  5. That's my daily high/low for today, not the entire month.
  6. Winter? Hmm, last I checked the calendar said Nov 13th. My normal high is 54F and normal low is 33F. Today's low and high temps are typical of Mid January #s.
  7. This has little to do with radiating. This is straight up arctic plunge.
  8. My sentiments exactly. wtf. This is straight up mid-winter cold and winter wolf is mehing this
  9. This deserves all the buns this forum can muster