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  1. I do, but not sure why it's Offline https://www.wunderground.com/dashboard/pws/KMAEASTT8
  2. https://www.weatherlink.com/map/shared/yfuKGjoDL05rzqclOcbmpfOFcV6F9DSW
  3. You were not 100% sure, just like me. Scooter basket only 1/2 full.
  4. We Davis. Solar panel is facing just N of due East. All the other crap will be gone once Patio is installed on opposite side of pool.
  5. Who is "we". I was just skeptical yesterday AM looking at modeling. Honestly expected 1/3 of what I got.
  6. 1.34" Over 8" now MTD (8.45") 3mo in a row now with greater than 8"
  7. That looks closer to @butterfish55 's location. TBlizz is N of 495 by about a 1/2 mile.
  8. 68/65 on my Davis I just got my siting pole set up, I will be mounting the ISS to it tomorrow. Anemometer siting will have to wait until contractor is done in the area where I want to mount.
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