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  1. Good luck on your winter snow. I’m on to spring.
  2. It’s the only cold only snow snow crowd. Making up my own acronyms.
  3. Only if it doesn’t fit the OCOTH or OSOTH crowd.
  4. 45.7F. Other than the wind, can't complain about this at all.
  5. So it's been a stressful 10 days. Our dog (toy poodle) was not feeling well Sunday, a week ago, so we brought him to emergency vet care and it was determined that he had a mass on his spleen. Their recommendation was to have it removed but they were not able to provide aftercare due to being Covid short staffed. They referred us to Tufts Veterinary in Walpole, so we brought him there last Monday AM and they performed the surgery Monday evening. It was determined thru the surgery that his spleen had in fact ruptured and had we not brought him in when we did, he would likely have bled out. They removed the spleen and mass and sent it off for pathology. They gave us the stats that 75-80% of these cases come back malignant with 3-6mo life expectancy after. My mind had been a wreck this past week waiting on the results and they just came back negative. My heart is filled with so much joy and happiness. I could not imagine losing him so soon in life. He's only 6-1/2 yrs old. To hear he should have no complications and live a normal life if the greatest gift.
  6. We've been waiting for a month for epicosity pattern to lock in.
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