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  1. Antecedent looks good too with the confluence over the Northeast.
  2. Time to head to the yonder hinterlands where there be dragons to catch your snow fix.
  3. Nice look but it's getting shredded
  4. Yeah, I can get you a link to my primary jobs webpage to look through. Most of the stuff I do on the side is renovations/additions with a few new homes.
  5. You're going to have to start looking so you have an idea how much homes cost now. Zillow is great for house searing as you can circle a geographical area you want to search for homes in. All those towns along 128, you are looking at 600k+ for just about everything available or it'll need a ton of work. My guess is the 495 belt will be in your price range but the Westboro and Southboro areas are expensive due to Dell/EMC and other corporations having headquarters in the area. Area south of that where Will is are still relatively affordable too if you want some snow or you can look down my way in the Bridgewater area.
  6. We have one developer who is working on getting a development going in Bellingham. Think its still a year plus out as it's going through the approval stages. We have another developer who's got a development going in Ayer, They've already taken a bunch of reservations. Not too many developments going on inside the 495 belt that I would consider starter homes. Most of our new construction homes are north of $600k now.
  7. vis down to 1.25mi at EWB. Moderate snow there. vis 2.5mi at TAN
  8. 'tis snowing at home per cams
  9. Haven't even had a high in the 20s or low in the single digits this season.
  10. Please tell me you’ve all seen/heard of Impractical Jokers. That was me impersonating 40/70 telling everyone to “suck it”