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  1. Checking in to say hi to everyone. I'm alive and doing well. I've been extremely busy with my 2 full time jobs, so my time here is limited. I'll be around when time is right.
  2. I'm here. Tired of the BS/drama from the same few posters, so I'll keep my thoughts and observations to myself and the ASEMATT crew via text Just over 9" btw (9.1") and 46.25" on the season. Well above to date and above seasonal avg of ~40".
  3. 1st below reading on my Davis this AM. -1.7F.
  4. They can have all the snow now. I’m good for the year now. Melt it away too.
  5. Put enough salt on the roads? My god, our road is still snow covered.
  6. 3hr cleanup. Surprisingly light/fluffy to blow around compared to the storms I'm normally dealing with. Measured 20-22" settled. Impressive amount of snow out there. Drifts 3-4' around. Did the driveway and path around the house to access the patio/basement and oil supply.
  7. Add the stall component and we would have had an all-timer.
  8. ratios in that band had to be pretty high 16:1/18:1. It was piling up fast once the winds subsided a little around 1.
  9. Jan 2005 still tops at my house. This #2 or 3. Jan 2015 is there as well.
  10. Dammit, nailed Whitman within 1/2" and less than 1.5" from winning.
  11. Top 3 storm since I’ve lived in the area since 2003.
  12. I’ve been onboard the burial for days here. Gotta be ~24”
  13. Starting to wane here relative to the insanity that's been falling.
  14. Will, it's unreal. Been years since I've seen it pile up like this. Now that the winds died down it's piling up like crazy. Gotta be close to 24" now.
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