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  1. Pivotal Weather does not look this at all.
  2. Little bit less but it looked virtually identical to 12z. Noise.
  3. Mid-season? You may want to check you calendar.
  4. Agree on the latter. It's really only the best way to convey impact,
  5. i don't think anyone has any level of confidence that it's going to snow or not with this one.
  6. Seriously, what does that tweet have anything to do with New England?
  7. 09z SREF Plumes are all around 2" S of I-90 and 1" N of there.
  8. Rock out with the 12z NAM out Westerners.
  9. Not even snow banks left. 1.70" of rain. Wet month. 3.27" with more today.
  10. Native American Swamps stealing all the 's snow.