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  1. Some light snow in the air. Not sure it’ll amount to much with surface temps here. Gonna need some good rates to over come I feel.
  2. I wish Pivotal had an easier way to toggle between runs like TT has. It's slower and cumbersome on Pivotal.
  3. Call me selfish bit the 12z run was better here. 18z run cut it all output by more than 1/2.
  4. Y'all seeing something I'm not? The 18z NAM looks pedestrian compared to the 12z run.
  5. Shame on you for buying any model output beyond 2-3 days.
  6. Depends upon how much further N this can come. If it does, inland would do better away from any marine influences.
  7. 119" imby that all fell in the span of 2 months. My seasonal average is ~40"
  8. Well will people learn that Winter doesn't start till AFTER Christmas.
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