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  1. Just found out my niece lost lost 2 classmate/friends of hers in an accident yesterday in Colchester. Unfortunate but preventable. https://www.wfsb.com/news/two-westconn-lacrosse-players-dead-another-injured-in-colchester-crash/article_e3f9a8d2-335d-11ec-9a3b-f789ced5aa39.html
  2. Ineedsnow spamming posts left and right over the last day. It's just an Autumn Noreaster, we'll do just fine. Looking to get 1.51" to crack 5"
  3. Bring on the rains. It's been a drier stretch for last 2-1/2 weeks.
  4. Made some of my 1st turns skiing there when I was 5. They used to had a t-bar across the street from base lodge. Did majority of my teenage skiing there. Was great when Shawnee bought them in the late 80s and added lights. Used to from 4-10 and shred the mountain top to bottom because it was virtually empty.
  5. Why you no toast by NA offerings? Athletic Brewing is pretty damn good. You would not know it's NA from flavor, not bland at all.
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