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  1. Thank you so much for the link. Exactly what I need. That's funny about the random 2". Was there actually any liquid in the gauge in the morning?
  2. I'm not sure the final low, I leave for work at 3am and my thermometer is back by my garden shed, so I don't walk right by it as I leave in the morning and I drive an older vehicle with no thermometer built in lol. I need to invest in a digital station for more accuracy. I have noticed I have gotten frosts before where the higher and lower elevations around me did not. I'm set-up basically like you described as a bowl, but a 3 sided bowl. West, east and north are higher up and due south is lower elevation. The trees are also cleared out around the house so that may help some.
  3. Yes it was a nice evening. It was calm and clear here like you said. The hills directly behind my house top out around 1800 so maybe that helps with my cooling. I am about 500' lower than them.
  4. I'm at 42° at 10:30 according to my thermometer. Can easily see your breath
  5. Cool, I need to invest in one of those sometime soon.
  6. Beautiful in our area as well, my thermometer is reading 48 at 9 pm. I can smell a fire outside. Can you see your home station online?
  7. I agree that rain is cooling things. I drove in the rain from Burlington all the way home to West Topsham today, must have been right in the rain cell. Temperature was bouncing between 75 and 68 the entire way, coolest in Orange on 302. The warmest I saw was at gardeners supply in burlington before the rain came through. When the rain let up here earlier the temperature went back up but the clouds hung around rest of the day which was nice.
  8. Down to 64 now, highest I saw here was around 80. Rain with thunder in the early afternoon dropped it from 78 to 68.
  9. Was 33 when I left for work at 3am, will never know if I got to 32 or not lol
  10. 64 now at 8:30, not sure of the high. Got swarmed by black flies while weed whacking
  11. Had a pretty steady light to about moderate rain for a couple hours today. Some thunder and lightning, I'd say just under 1/4" precipitation
  12. Above is a quick shot my wife sent of hail today. Can't make it any longer cause of size restraints. The front of the grass there is where the dog continually goes the bathroom so that is why it's all messed up. Nice and green everywhere else lol
  13. since I got home at 3 it has been snowing, not accumulating much but still some snow on the ground from yesterday.
  14. I've got between 3 and 4 on the ground and it was still snowing pretty good when I left the house at 3 this morning
  15. Dusting on the ground, lightly coming down now and windy
  16. Flurries here at the moment, can't tell how much total has fallen these last couple of days due to the wind. Is about 4 inches fresh in some spots and just an inch in others. My outdoor thermometer is at 0.
  17. nothing falling the last couple of hours but snowed most of the morning, white out conditions at times.
  18. Got a little bit coming down again
  19. Looks like an inch overnight here
  20. Party is over. Cars are covered up with fresh white.
  21. I just happened to step outside, happened to be looking to my northwest and that thing flew by and fizzled out. I didn't hear any explosion but it was bright as hell. Just dumb luck timing on my part but cool to see.