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  1. depending on deform Is fun when trends are East . So not much wiggle room for This to shift East as the East shifts also incorporate more of a initial East push off NC before depending on more of a due north correction and also starts the precip later for many as their won’t be so much of that initial push of moisture for Will or Scott, how much more can the models keep dragging that southern stream ...are we at the point where it is A played out trend or it can still be the main reason for future East tickling
  2. Oooo there shall be a hellacious death band The melt o meter potential with this system given its potential and where many of us stand (year to date in snowfall ) is at a few standard deviations from the norm
  3. Crypto crushing it Thor nodes, power nodes , nodes up the wazoo been watching this storm more today . I don’t take much stock in The nam at 84, but that was gonna be a Delmarva to NJ burial I would watch to see Euro and real models have this blow its load E of Delmarva in next 36-48 hours , But either way we gonna snow
  4. Fair enough , and to be honest I hadn’t looked at it that closely at all, other than just looking at angle of approach and saying Doesn’t seem like much wiggle room . I’m hoping it hits surprised I have a 1/2 inch new now , looks nice
  5. Right but when they miss they often produce something ...usually a warning event . This has hit or full miss and the track seems well easy to whiff So I’d say much lower odds than usual
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