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  1. Euro looked like weak sauce a 1006 low farting up the coast , let’s tighten up Crazy uncle Ukie was preferred planning on Newport this weekend , maybe swept out from the rocks at the Sachuest point wildlife preserve
  2. Let’s get some big rains ..some big gusts , and some big swells left over for Saturday in RI beaches Hoping this winds up enough
  3. Lock it ? Great day currently . versatile day for walk or pool or beach . last COC for a bit , scooter is excited
  4. This year ...maybe they got 10”, year before about 25 rain storms . Sounds like death for a snow lover . I’ll have to check it out in the summer thou .
  5. The swells will bring me there , 100%
  6. I would plan for beach only when the weather is within a forecastable range scooter supposedly loves hot weather and def wants very warm , so how many days is Hyannis and Chatham top 80 compared to Winni i would imagine mid July to mid Aug feature many foggy times on cape w high dews compared to inland lakes ..that’s all
  7. It was worse had a few different friends in cape . One in Barnstable area , another over in Harwich and also Truro not as bad as Maine coast weather was not not that warm at all If I was booking a family trip far in advance of accurate weather forecasting , I’d probably look more closely into a nice lake spot w cool water toys and amenities for everone bc the weather will likely have (much more likelihood of higher temps for summer activities ) , W out onshore flow And low clouds fog and temps around 70
  8. Seems about 80 here in Milton 3 ponds . Ez breezy
  9. Hrrr has no storms for SNE thru 0z what a 24 hr fail from yesterday’s Taunton disco cap related ?!
  10. X 1000 that is known the reasons for it being shut down are like everything else in this world ...politically correct lip service so some aren’t offended If the MA crew wasn’t in the thread , it would be alive and open today . That’s a fact . I only got in it a couple times in last few days as I had been gone for months . It’s such a delicate topic with people of differing viewpoints and emotions evolved but we had it going for months until a cancer or two arrived. A spade is a spade . Off to the lake , jet skis and well ya more BBQ Hope EVERYONE enjoys the day . I meant that .
  11. Looks like Fauci shut down the economic thread as well . Is this a joke . Seriously