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  1. It’s just the never ending emotional marketing to getting a “college degree” any degree ( , a mind is a terrible Thing to waste blah blah , parents become pressured to pass that general advice on . That debt is someone’s else’s asset on a big balance sheet.
  2. Ohhh pfff , you never saw a snowflake you didn’t like
  3. The shit coins can go 10x in a week ETH already tripled this year so I personally am not interested , it’s obviously way More legit and it will likely be a top crypto overall but that doesn’t mean it’s going to translate Into profits now . It could also easily keep chugging to 6K in 4 weeks
  4. Shiba Inu? Good work on Doge Doesnt matter if your in BTC or Cumrocket Crypto gains are gains and if your trading the huge profits are just as real You’ve got massive profit potential that can’t be duplicated in stock market (outside of options) When these tiny market cap crypto’s Launch and can see Tremendous inflows that jacks their price up 10,000% .
  5. Coolest May in a while coming up for some stations
  6. GFS looks like Mayburary Continues till end of may Like the sub 546 thickness region wide and 540 over Cape May 27
  7. It’s a ugly chart . But this wasn’t coming back for a while after the Feb hyper valuation growth stock bubble Popped You got in at a heck of a entry price !
  8. Cathy “really likes the market going forward “ lol , what else would she say . Seed money for ARKK was from that nutty archegos guy
  9. Has a realtor ever thought a market making them money was going to head down . She may be right but certainly biased .
  10. Looks like last chance here for market (for short term prospects ) last Thursday SP low was 4145 , we are just a hair above Which could set up a technical bounce on positive divergence unless we go below that
  11. Worst case would be restricting withdrawals as ARKK could tailspin down As outflows accelerate Let’s see what hedge funds levered up and long (that were already silently bleeding ) go belly up if the market weakness continues
  12. TSLA down another 6% already today TSLA can fall to 400 and nobody can say there valuation is cheap there . FAANG stocks also going on sale , GOOG, AMZN, FB . Those are stocks to own for generations , have reasonable valuations and dips are buying opps. APPL is going to fall decent as well . Data shows Hedge funds were biggest net sellers of stocks for 3 straight weeks (and saw biggest outflows since 2008, institutions were net sellers for several straight weeks, and good ole retail was there to buy the dip in April . This time I don’t see enough volume from buyers (sell in May and go away ) for a snap back . Thou who knows what goes on .
  13. stocks shakey today and tonite ARKK tanking , TSLA looks to be taking it on chin
  14. I realized I have turned into tip with some of my posts lengths