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  1. Those gusts and damage photos on Cape Ann and Cape cod are very impressive. Relatively wide spread hurricane force gusts for outer cape and Even eastern cape Ann to lesser degree
  2. Awesome storm for Eastern areas was pumped bedford mass gusted to 55 woke up 215 to no power ... beautiful
  3. Block island gusting to 75 knots at midnight this run
  4. This storm will be a beast for the areas that take the brunt of the wind that should have been clear for about 4 days
  5. I like the sounding for 15z at Peru mass on 18z nam Just saying the south west side of the mid level low could surprise between 10z and 17z
  6. This wrapped up to far west, the further east solutions had more snow in Catskills , Vermont and or northerMaine I would be watching elevations above 2K in New York for Surprises Around day break
  7. So does the Ukmet, Gfs and CMC so interesting and consensus
  8. Nam gives southern greens several inches over to Mitch at 2.4K
  9. I say this with 100% certainty the average person is down right moronic when it comes to interpreting a weather forecast /map or anything conveyed by a meteorologist. At work where I’m a trainer I call the people out bc they all kno I’m a crazed weather fanatic. I’ll quiz them like they are children on what they think they got from the weather report and often they say “ooo well I saw a raindrop on the frdiay of next week so that means it’s gonna rain all day , they are always wrong “ Then I will literally say or is it possible you just have no idea how to interpret or understand or put effort into understanding what they are really saying ...blank stares...then I laugh and make them do milf squats and encourage them to message me personally for a real.. forecast