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  1. Great weather . I’m damn tan by now
  2. https://www.cpc.ncep.noaa.gov/products/predictions/814day/index.php
  3. Back on Mainland today , grill and pool
  4. Haven’t seen a traffic light or gas station so far . Gotta be a couple somewhere
  5. 75-76 in Nantucket every day it seems glad I wasn’t home for the low 90’s if only the ocean water wasn’t 63F
  6. Can someone name a Recent June with lower dew points than we just had . seems like total hours over 70F degree dees were one of lowest I can recall
  7. Another beauty . Went to Surfside beach. 76 and Sunny , then winds went onshore @330pm. People on beach were watching what looked to be a seals head about 100 feet offshore for 15 mins as it bobbed side shore , life Guard paddles out goes to grab it , people hold their breath and it’s freakin ball . Lol
  8. Nice weather on Step Beach Nantucket this afternoon. Went out to sand bar and tossed the ball around . Now to give all the kids melatonin or “allergy” meds Before 8pm
  9. I’m leaving tomorrow to join my gf and her family (dad/ brother / sister in law etc) On Nantucket . 3 kids Will be there that are 9 years old . If the weather was rain I would have faked a positive Covid test There is nothing like a wet and cool summer vaca stuck w children In house, I assume that’s why ppl drink
  10. Just saw your messenger dm, sent couple back . Definitely some nice towns in that area you are looking . Was surprised Avon next door had a 70k per capital income
  11. Forget get price for the moment , please say that is just west of CT river valley . One town to the left has like 8-900’ elevation, tell me you got the Pants on Enough that you can get the 500’ added elevation available within a few Mile distance
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