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  1. I think the reality is people like you already know that the news cycle determines someone’s awareness to a large degree , most others have busy enough lives that they don’t conduct research projects on what storylines aren’t getting the fair amount of play. The fear appeal w Corona has been the dominant Delivery (game plan) . It’s effective and often used as part of changing behaviors and sometimes the best choice in my opinion . That was evident from the start, it was a novel virus so some W awareness of how info is dispensed via media ..gave the benefit of doubt That for our safety there was a hefty dosage of “playing it safe rather than Sorry” which has side effects like depression, suicide , relapse , financial ruin .those effects were not really highlighted lol . Thou the last side effect was heavily dependent on wether you were in leisure sector and could work from home . *People basically cheered accordingly to how they would be effected . Fauci was over the top with his delivery in late spring thru summer and the goal was always to err on designing the message to encourage people to change their behavior in favor of staying in , which as a side effect of the delivery and its non stop media push (along w Scrolling death toll ) gave many otherwise intelligent folks anxiety disorders bc they literally followed every word of warning (which was always going to be delivered in a Trump’d up ..fear mongering way so as to reach some of the more blasé members of society when it comes so changing behavior for safety, it’s not a Easy message to deliver and something had to be done , quickly . The result is there was a lack of much news dispensed that got folks to question the severity of the side effects from the virus , namely the forced financial Ruin of small business, the driving of more minorities into a wider wealth inequality in the year (of the woke , but only woke to media news cycle Warriors) And to the dramatic increase in global poverty and homelessness and hunger . Those things can’t get much play bc then too many folks would push back on the lockdowns and or curfews and especially suggestions for our safety . The biggest failure was the unnecessary economic hardships millions have faced since August when enhanced unemployment ran out and PPP loans stopped . The fact nothing has been passed since then is the single biggest contributor to the unnecessary suffering of small business and folks forced out of jobs In particular industries and now thrown into poverty . That is Where the United States actually stands out now with regard to being different from the developed world Regarding handling the virus and replacing lost incomes . However , Most would be naive to not understand that the motivation of the lockdowns is not just related to safety And science ..there is always those who won’t let a crisis go to waste if they can influence policy do want to follow the money . I would argue it’s common sense that Big business ( E commerce and essential multi nationals ) have influence and you better believe they were screaming to lockdown all their competition for “people’s safety”..never mind these same companies issued B.S shallow P.R statements about inequality (bc if they didn’t they calculated they would lose money ) , but then they championed lockdowns that crushed small business and sectors of employment that were overly represented by minorities . This was basically a virus that laid out the failings of and vulnerabilities of society and to some degree congress , and amplified the unnecessarily suffering , not to mention the pain from over 200,000 deaths . It is very easy to complain and act like different approaches should be taken, I just know the forced poverty should have been alleviated and we will find out how dark the winter will be on Dec 26..when 12 million people on pandemic unemployment are completely cut off unless pandemic unemployment is extended (it was extended 90+ weeks post 9/11) Yes there is some fraud there , but at least 75% represents folks (many with children) Who will be pushed below the poverty line unnecessarily and if only people cared enough , and maybe Athletes and Hollywood actually cared (Sad that is where Gen X takes their cues) , enough American people would protest this and force Washington’s hand into not waiting .
  3. Astrazeneca F'd up With their trial and dosing. Gotta run another trial. Moderna vaccine and Novovax are up 15-25% today on that news.
  4. My cousin was at Stowe for opening day, was even Interviewed on Channel 5, No icy death ribbons with the N greens Natural snow making machine on blast Wednesday.
  5. We’ve probably had enuf helpings of Winter wolf passive aggressive posts for the day
  6. Your like a chick w baggage . Can’t let the snow and hope in, for fear of the pig returning and breaking your heart .
  7. Nice little event Can U check and see how much is at that plot at 1900” in eden , VT Lol
  8. In the upslope spots of N VT you just have such a lower variance . Can’t really do worse than 150” at 2K from Nov to end of April
  9. Brady not a big fan of meeting opposing QB at mid field after a loss ...
  10. i deleted that post before your response because as i sorted thru it...your point above is correct and instead of edit my post and make it longer i just hit delete before you responded. Yes ICU ages and Deaths can always be compared thru the waves so yes they are definitely up from the summer. They aren't near the spring levels (ICU USE or deaths ) but obviously up and that's no shock because the testing methods over the summer can be related to current positives cases numbers (even if testing has still increased some) . If you track the current positive case numbers among 70-79 year old AND 80 plus that unfortunately will give folks a great idea when deaths will or wont spike a couple weeks later much more so than general hospitalizations but i understand we can't over whelm the hospitals so that general hospital data is important for its own reasons. I don''t see a tremendous correlation with young people numbers rising first and passing it to older folks...i don't believe the spread takes that much time across age groups but maybe i'm missing something . Whitinsville WX basically articulated what i was trying to say but better.