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  1. Put some gas in the tank , Have an excuse ready and make sure to be back for Final 4
  2. Seems like you will definitely see more severe potential in your new spot , maybe even some chasing if it lines up with your free time . Hudson valley seems like a nice spot in some set ups to camp out ..with some edibles ..laptop ..I could see you out there
  3. The fail rate seems high but I think as usual western areas are still in the game , and eastern areas never really were
  4. Wildcat checking in with 3” new and a East leading 210”. Not sure if that is base or summit
  5. This could basically be a sticky for the entire severe weather “season”
  6. Cape is Often chilly into mid May, April is just asking to be bent over with SW winds over cold water
  7. The best part of SNE climo is the areas near the coast that tend to get skunked on snow , usually get the most misery mist . See , it all evens out . Mid afternoon should be nice to get out for a bit for most .
  8. Snowing above 1k in S NH / N mass seasonal gradient dejavu take #20
  9. Many in NNE are above average , as well as as elevations in CNE record gradient into S SNE (and SNE CP in general)
  10. Only the most impressive in recorded history there ...800” inches ho hum
  11. It’s Sierra cement , I would imaging wildlife in Utah May have a harder time but I would guess they have adapted to this a long time ago
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