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  1. The last kick in the nads will likely be late March and April when we have benchmark tracks and 38 sheet rain
  2. This should just Cap off the NH kids vacation week
  3. No not even close it just atrophies, disappears and if you eat worse at the time you stop lifting well then that’s why you “turn” to Jello , or because when many stop exercising with weights (that hour of exercise that burnt 4-500 Calories) is now 400-500 calories that you are now storing - if you are sitting on your butt Muscle has never turned into fat or vice versa so if someone lifted heavily and then stopped and did cardio for like 2-3 years w zero lifting they would look like Rev ...”lean”
  4. That is a truly pathetic performance for a model
  5. I could def buy a favorable 5-6 day period seems like most people get hooked on the wish of some “flip” that sticks
  6. And you were right , it’s just semantics and the knee jerk of maybe losing another “good “ look and the step down process we like to mute into “ok”. Hopefully the trough out west goes away edit thou I haven’t looked at anything , after being on the board and reading the posts from Mets , one really doesn’t have to
  7. Just keeping snowing up north and I’ll keep firing up the Corsica
  8. Right down the street by Cathedral ledge looked like more than 8” but I didn’t measure
  9. Is this shutting off any hour now ? looks like Over 7” on table closer to 8 or so is my unofficial guess