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  1. Which are we more likely to run into on Worcester Saturday .
  2. What are your thoughts , you have been quiet as a field mouse . You confident in a good pattern upcoming sir
  3. Yes you may have had a pretty excellent initial outlook but after sipping some board enthusiasm per model runs that transitioned things earlier I’m sure you altered that based on the info at hand . Now that info has gone back to support your initial ideas more . That is my take , wrong ? On the whole you were less enthusiastic about the 8-15’th period than many here were (and That simply is clear if anyone has the courage to read the first 5 pages of this thread .
  4. What’s going on with the crypto FTX scandal is one the most blatant openly biased and “paid for /protected “ behavior of a CEO whose company took billions of customer dollars and is being protected by many , it’s honestly a good case study if you aren’t emotionally hooked to a party too to be willing to find fault in them (**bc you worry admitting that will weaken your side against the party you dislike) which you can’t stomach . For the benefit of your kids and everyone , People need to stop having 2’nd grade level processing about “their candidates “ when someone for either side of the aisle is this blatantly paid for , you need to do better and stop worry it will “hurt your party” to see the embarrassing nature of this ( I was never invested ) but SBF is very connected if you didn’t know and his media coverage has mostly mirrored that to the point or without hyperbole being embarrassing . And for the record as most know I think both parties are chalk full of professional liars who say what folks want to hear and believe to secure a vote and further their careers .
  5. Bob you never bought into the period up to the 14’th or so looking good , what do you think of the 15-20’th at this time range if anything (and I realize u were talking about for SE mass )
  6. Thanks for that post will . Are you concerned that temps have been steadily moderating as forecasts get near 10 days , meaning any continuation of moderating shifts would make this less favorable for inland areas , or no more than normal
  7. Scott can you comment on the 0z eps , blue waves Negative assessment of 11-15 period (linked on first post this page) and how it may differ for SNE , weenies are wondering if crow is to be served or wether things look good , Shaky or whether we simply wait to see if 12eps mirrors 0z before adjusting potentially
  8. Not many posts this morning , must be a busy am commute @Damage In Tolland, does that sound accurate
  9. Lol I was just copy and pasting that myself . So He says we torched into even la la land is what he’s saying . Now the EPS could flip again on ENS but the idea for the last week is for things to warm up on guidance as they get inside 10 days . That would lead to very above normal temp departures For the month . My guess Thou is interior northern New England (mountains) could still cash in if that played out . Also from 6-15 look about plus 3 or so for SNE so not a crazy above normal but the trend has been going the wrong way for a week . But know you will see posts about hour EPS sucks and 10-15 days is la la land which it is .
  10. Just start one 3 weeks early on Xmas grinch system , it would be quite hilarious
  11. Ya for Exteme NE mass it would be a small miracle for it to somehow flip to snow and get advisory or better . We all know I’ll drive the Corsica to 2k in hillbilly township
  12. Chilly 25 in Bedford Ma. I need a snow gun
  13. Cmc had a little compromise on that system or an extension of some moisture wrapping in toward interior E CT over toward Foxboro to the tune of a few inches (I realize it won’t happen like that but I was at least encouraged the model had a airmass that supported snow there ) Gfs turned what initially look to me like a no chance (cutter) 17’th storm into a late sort of transfer / coastal hugger that buried ski resorts in la la land
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