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  1. We got some kind of crap confluence from the north Tommorrow or no (For N SNE ?)
  2. These days . Always a shot let’s drop a 30” and end the year like the pats ended second half in Atlanta Super Bowl
  3. Like a drunken blind cosmic dildo bottle spin- where will that inv trough show up
  4. Well at least SW Ct may see some snow sat am and NNE gets upslope . I imagine Ray doing impression of M Douglas - falling down
  5. What a fn joke of a period i waited for Steiner for feb 15-23?
  6. Got a nice dose of snow last nite , don’t care to measure and my guess isn’t worth crap but it was heavy for a little bit . when is our next potential in my area if someone could just fill me in there
  7. January averaged above to normal there just looking at the NOAA jan Temp color anomaly map so I can’t see it being close to the the coldest coldest and snowiest doesn’t usually go together in a cold pattern- winter wonderland land , I would guess coldest is also usually drier
  8. You are funny some times I think on purpose can you respond to Will’s post just bc sometimes Mets seem to have some sort of code to agree with each other more than random “weenie” Posters Will was jabbing back at Forky’s assertion mild troll post about winters being dismembered by cc by remind him what folks said in 2015 2015 “the west coast warm blob isn’t going to magically cool 2024 “the tropical warm pool won’t disappear magically lets ask you to respond with both Mets previous ideas in mind this is more to See where you stand and your level or confidence . I.E we are unlikely to see as much Sustained winters ( of the beginning of this generation ) and the last two are likely to repeat often with regard to the PAC . I’m not judging I’m looking to get your real take and confidence level
  9. And this passes the smell test for most of the educated in the area bc they don’t understand the nuances of forecasting , intellectual sell outs
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