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  1. The cute thing about the most frequently cited unemployment rate and the workforce participation rate is that if you are unemployed for more than 6 months they stop counting you as “unemployed “. Ya lol... you are no longer counted as being in the workforce after 6 months unemployed (it’s ASSUMED you stopped looking for work hahaha) so it’s extremely hard to keep the unemployment rate high for long ...bc if millions of unemployed can’t find jobs after 6 months ..we just won’t count em. Which is why we had a wonderful recovery after 2009 recession but for some peculiar reason the work force participation rate fell significantly..cute . This sudden stop is gonna blow the freakin doors off unemployment % records bc everyone is losing jobs within a month of each other
  2. Rangeley lakes pounding snows Saddleback destroyer?
  3. Snowing at Sunday River mid mountain
  4. Those banks with huge derivative exposure are in big trouble again , gotta believe Mr. Mnuchin knows this well. Hasn’t been mentioned but his record prior to Treasury as the CEO of one West Bank was “spotty” to say the least. Anyhow Mnuchin is nothing new and not the real issue at this time .. Those AIG “like “companies about to become destabilizing corpses maybe an issue
  5. Ding Then a sprinkle of everything else where you can’t work from home malls , and most retail employees , construction . Unprecedented and unparalleled in a developed world and its going on in several countries 25-30 Annualized drop in GDP 2’nd Q seems like a moderate guess You know it’s bigger than anything bc we have 1200$ checks on the way (there will be more of em announced ) and a whopping 600$ extra every week for everyone collecting unemployment. Impressed I’m wondering what more they can do to ensure their is a fairly decent private sector by the time we are restarting.
  6. I will and I liked their ice age piece last week regarding this and I will certainly read “How the pandemic will end “
  7. What were some of your plays I have been going in and out of JNUG and TVIX , need a relaxed temperament with a liking of volatility for those lol
  8. Yes , the owner of Market oracle links a wide variety. . John Mauldin who I linked is well read and known as level headed and certainly not an alarmist . The point is ..the unemployment is gonna be 30% and the longer it takes to return to work the less of an economy left to revive .
  9. Also this three day stock rally may have lulled some to sleep...I don’t see how there is not a bigger leg down from here I’ve said it since...the beginning . This slowdown (is a sudden stop) this is a depression and the steepest Ever and we need to restart as many jobs as possible because the longer the stop the less of a economy will return .
  10. The unemployment insurance “on steroids “ is trying to add 600$ to everyone approved for unemployment ( 600 additional across the board ) every week ! So, if you live in Florida ..and you are capped at 288$ Per week You would see 888$ per week , in Mass. if you are capped at 700$ now you could see 1300$ weekly total. Crazy.
  11. I was impressed w the Feds Announcement and how bluntly they stated they will buy everything and as much as needed seems like unemployment benefits are going to be straight juiced to the max as well as any stimulus checks imagine how long the line of private industries begging for a bailout is as the fed is about to open up its.m coffers...given how most every company in the S&P 500 engineered higher share prices and thus higher annual compensation for its executives thru humongous buy backs .. .I wonder if the big sticking point now is those influential companies vocalizing their displeasure that companies taking part is this bailout won’t be able to buy back stocks or offer dividends for the duration of “help” plus a year . Won’t be shocked if this provision develops a few loopholes wide enough to placate to executives objections .
  12. Had 6.4 prior to flip before midnight (that was a nice compacted total given the 1/2-3/4 inch sleet before that 930 change Over to pounding snow
  13. One thing FED actions did yesterday was it lowered the historic volatility and helped the stability of the system which is huge VIX index fell premarket when FED action was taken and the key was even thou stocks fell significantly lower during the day * volatility continued to lower * bc the fed backstopped the stability of functional markets (bc that was at risk ) ...
  14. Went in large on JNUG yesterday am. 3.80 sold 55% at 4.40 , held other 45% thru end of day dive now 5.30 edit sold half of remaking at 5.90