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  1. Good chance that Boston bouy is gonna jump to 12-13 foot @15 second swell or so by midnite . That swell angle is not blocked . 4am high tide is gonna leave a mark in E mass.
  2. Boston Harbor is rocking . Tremendous difference between 20 foot swell @ 16 seconds and 12 foot wave height combined from a 9 foot swell @12 second and and some local chop but there are some very large swells in the mix for that bouy . If this could have backed up another 12 hours I would have been nude for a week .
  3. 21.3 feet @ 16 seconds just SE of MVY last hours . Knew it was gonna jump huge around dark but that is insane . Holy geezus. That’s max I’ve seen here . Too bad this peaks from 9pm-3am.
  4. Nahant was awesome . After high tide w tons of splash over and solid swells(nothing crazy-it’s sort of a bay) I went down to end of town (down by 40 steps) and walked a path out to a elevated point rocks /cliff Holy . fukkin wow. Swell is building fast and severely focused in that deep water spot. Got rocked by a rogue’ish wave. 15-20 foot face
  5. I’m heading to Nahant . Hoping things jack up against the sea wall for 4pm high tide Only thing I don’t like about Good Harbor is the drive , I do wonder if it’s rather shallow and subject to closing out. Waves should increase noticeably around 4pm I like being as Close to the breaking swell as possible , so I love jetty’s , points etc (where I’m elevated but they aren’t breaking 1/4 mile out from me)
  6. What beach you at Swell is still relatively modest on bouys Waiting for the jump and then I’m heading out . Hopefully it arrives before dark. for Ne mass I look at Jeffrey’s Ledge bouy still tame at 5ft @ 11-12 seconds bouy just S of ACk is 12 feet @13 seconds
  7. Heading to Ruggles in Morning , should have some cool footage . As Steve would say “Full moon goon “ tides at 1130am at peak swell there. [email protected] on block island Bouy now
  8. Good Swell in Newport today . Up to 5-10 min lulls in between some sets but some well over head high sets every hour or so w a lot of power at Ruggles. Some sets were just so much larger than others, w approximately 10 foot faces easily on one set.
  9. Yup, That difference that saves N.S is what increased the storms time in Eastern areas Swell window .
  10. One last thing The Swell Energy Metric is off the Charts for Eastern Areas on Tuesday (3700) Kilo Joules Coast Guard Beach (Eastham) is highest i've found at 5300 Kilo Joules) Tues P.m
  11. There is already a heavy Surf Advisory in Effect. First Teddy Swell just hit bouy 50 Miles SE of Nantucket. Had 4.3 @ 13.8 From ESE at 1pm. There looks to be a fading ENE swell still in water.