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  1. Rain storm Looks to be on shaky ground . Been watering last few days
  2. This weather is plain dangerous if you work outside In direct sunlight . My friend who does tree work got moderate heat exhaustion last week . These guys drink 12 bottles of water by 130pm and still got chills , puked and could barely stay awake to get home to take a cold bath 97 ASH H.I 106
  3. Oo pool and umbrella are game changers 100%
  4. Good call . NNE will be significantly better
  5. If you like today’s weather and your outside please bang your head into a wall repeatedly into you come to your senses
  6. Should be toasty for my 2pm softball game
  7. SW Burlington Ma hit hard . Been a while since I seen it rain that hard
  8. Looking at weenie snow condos lately . You can get one at Hunter a 2/2 (Katskill mountain club for 120 ) plus approx 500 tax, fees and Hoa Monthly . Saw one went in Bolton valley at 2100’ (2bed / 2 bath) for like 90 -100 grand (full ownership , not “fractional” in 2020 , that Is snow heaven and rental income would pay that off In 3 years even with paying a fee to hotel
  9. Under at his hood ... thought mid to upper 3’s with a hill up road Mile or two at 600’
  10. NE kingdom 60’s . What a difference across the area .
  11. Tropics look dead thru mid August horizon
  12. Beauty today . 82 Nashua . “Feels” like 82 as well . We take
  13. What is the swell source , curious . Haven’t looked
  14. Great movie I see my phone app has consecutive 96’s end of next week . Hoping the tropics wake up by August 10-15, not that there is anything to really track or will be
  15. Let’s juice up the atmosphere for some red echoes
  16. Just a quick note that C19 is just raging right now . 17 of 71 members at my work are out and we haven’t ever seen numbers close to this , but now a big change / lessening of collecting and reporting cases officially compared to earlier in year lol. Not a fear or drama post at all. It’s primarily just a big inconvenience.
  17. Ya it was certainly not windy till the top. The parking at 2600’ had a breeze but inconsistent with SW exposure but the short climb to 3k offered a nice reward at the top . Was impressed at the lack of humidity NW of concord ,Nh
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