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  1. Gotta like that low position at 12z Friday on Nam. 100 Miles SE of ACK ...deepening...and heading N ready to do a loopidy loop
  2. 9 in a row. Wow. I haven't watched a pitch and wrote them off early. Yikes
  3. Whineminster at 1280' is gonna be interesting. What a spot for ORH county
  4. N orh and Monads seem to have beefed up a tad. The towns like Marlow, Stoddard, Washington near 2K in Monads have some wiggle room ...where as 1K in N orh County still will probably play victim to the clowns to a degree.. i.e 4-6 instead of 10". It looks so close
  5. N of PIKE and W of i-90 is looking sneaky
  6. What would you do for a lil Tickle south.
  7. That was a bigger culture at the country club in Boca Raton, Florida where i worked for 8 years. 50 F and Cloudy.
  8. Poor Phin. Relegated to watching (on his cam) like a Cuck
  9. looking forward to the 0z update of the SPC HREF weenie maps
  10. can anyone post anything from 18z Euro
  11. Who has the best JuJu.....Hubbdave? I would like Blizzy to Maybe the pope can seek salvation
  12. It's only a short drive to Weenie hill from your ORH spot.
  13. I have no idea i wasn't on this thread last nite. In the past he has seemed insightful. I have personally taken it as a sign of confidence that a covid researcher has found herself willing to be in our small gym since last fall. Everyone is completely masked, there can't be more than 4 members in studio per hour, 6 feet part etc etc and the studio is meticulous about cleaning but either way. Two of the 60 or so members are in the Covid Vaccine research field which has been sort of exciting to talk about. Anyway....snow.
  14. I'm good for 2 milfs...4 ...would require a couple cialis and a hitachi or 2 Hoping euro goes later capture
  15. Is this related to a later capture (trend?)
  16. I figured this may add a pinch of interesting info regarding the JnJ Vaccine issue So, I was training a lady last nite who works for BioNTech and i've spoken to her many times during this past year (picked her Brain on Covid vaccine topics) . She has been in the field of vaccine research for decades. I asked her particularly about the JnJ situation. She said that it was not a major surprise to her that the JnJ vaccine has a few issues related to blood cots. She mentioned that the JnJ Vaccine used the Adenovirus vector Techology (just like Astrazeneca) and that there was a indication in Phase 1 that this delivery method could increase odds of blood clots. She said Women on Birth Control are more prone to clots and that this appears to be exasperated by the adenorvirus delivery route and she speculated that JNJ will be resumed in a few weeks for use by Men who don't bear much clot risk and that they just needed more data for FDA to weigh Risk/Reward for other groups (women/ women not on birth control, etc). Anyway my talks with her are always interesting and wanted to share.
  17. nam looked like dynamics went a bit ENE as Totals cut back in Berks but 7H looks a tad west (at least at 0z Saturday)
  18. seems like these little things need to be watched for trends?