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  1. Snowing @ Hunter Mtn
  2. That looks juicy , esp for S and Central Greens and Wildcat
  3. That is asinine that someone cant visit a dying loved one in hospital, this is America in 2020-2021.
  4. High stakes out from N catskills toward N Berks High stakes probably everywhere outside of the Loaf
  5. That map is such a weenie map . I am looking forward to see this one unfold, big thump of precip looks to slam W MA / S VT early am . Hope the mountains can score but that warm tongue at 775 is tickling . At least someone will score , there is snow to track and weekend football
  6. Lol. I'll Take it . I need to see some snow! I may just park at 2400' Near Mt. Washington Cog railway listen to music and see if i can get stuck.
  7. Ya Mean is about half that. You had me thinking this was a huge bomb lol
  8. i didn't realize you had 1100' elevation. Are you looking at 3-6"
  9. . Fauci has spoken about a Cutoff of 34 revolutions on the test and anything else lacking the viral load to transmit but Fauci is also hell bent on overpreparing for our safety , so more revolutions leads to higher numbers ..which leads to over preparing and not the public letting its guard down if there was some policy change that led to 15%? less daily positives. Everyone in the world is wearing a mask . Everyone is about to be vaccinated and likely need a vaccine passport. We are over preparing as a plan. So what are monetary reasons to change the plan...and vice versa.
  10. Was looking to chase this storm in NNE somewhere and dang near every hotel is sold out lol
  11. I’m sure it was touted as “The biggest and best Reserve batch ever“
  12. The production and manufacturing for JnJ is backed by two months anyway you slice and dice it
  13. Don’t want folks to let guard down ?..those changes would lead to a significant decrease in daily positives . That may seem silly to folks but I don’t think it is . They are already having folks with Covid fatigue and the vaccine launch is huge. Seems like 2 giant flags against making any changes in testing policy that wound lead to a drop in daily positive case reports if goal is to have folks masking more and getting almost all vaccinated.
  14. That’s the thing , if it was highs in Low 20’s this would be dreadful . But daily highs have been near 40, nights in mid 20’s and just comfortable being outside assuming you have a jacket . Not bad
  15. I do agree with you about being too hard on are right there it's just disappointing . I disagree about it being best guess re; the was most optimistic time line given ALL goes well which was unrealistic. There was a Stat article which suggested this about 2 months ago.
  16. I keep convincing myself that Fauci was just obfuscating and using that number to poo poo the Results instead of just embarrass Oxford and Highlight /mention the REAL reason the results were disappointing and how they fiddled and diddled with the numbers and dosages to show something “good”. Bc otherwise , nobody is gonna have 95% effficacy Regarding JnJ and some likely good results (as long as Facui doesn’t think 75-85% is not good enough lol ) I just was reading it will be April until they get shots in people’s arms I realized production was messed up, but I didn’t realize how royally messed up it is, how don’t you have at least some vaccine prepared should this be green lighted in less than a month . They were suppose to have 60 million dosages out by End of April . They are two months behind that at least. What in the helll is wrong with these companies or was the original time frame just that much of a incompetent lie ?
  17. I wish there was a NNE hotel at 4.5K like down in Snowshoe Wv
  18. No shock that we sell off early today Casino royale
  19. Phin , just remember those words from your Mr. Miyagi next time your on a snow rage